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Some guy by the name of JBoch submitted a photo of the ten pounds(!) of stuff he carries titled “What I Carry Everyday” over at Everyday Carry.

“What I Carry Everyday?”  How original, right?

That JBoch guy wrote this of his menagerie of stuff:

I carry about 10 pounds of stuff. Start with a 5.11 Tactical nylon belt (or Wilderness Instructor belt, Size 34), Glock 19 and two reloads. I have the Bladetech Phantom or Nano holsters (I have both, like them equally well) for a Glock 17, which works great for the G17, G19 and G26 guns, depending on what I’m carrying. Two spare magazines. I use the flashlight the most of all the gear. Well aside from the phone and keys. Ruger LCPII for the backup/weapon retention tool in a DeSantis Superfly rig. Tactical pen, big Lone Wolf folder honed to a wicked sharpness thanks to a knife-smith buddy that’s solely used for self-defense, two backup flashlights (because I’m not as religious about charging batteries as I should be) and a utility knife for opening boxes and other mundane cutting. Routine fire-starting and emergency fire-starting gear, along with a keyring multi-tool. Missing: I ran out of breath strips.

Thank the Lord for 5.11 cargo pants.  Or now, “dad pants” now that I have a brand new pair of twin boys.  Yeah, spare diapers, baby wipes, burp cloths and even a pacifier or two have been known to find their way into my cargo pockets of late.  But not for this photo.

Probably the newest addition for EDC is the Uzi-style Tactical Pen.  This particular one I got as the emcee of the HOOAH Deer Hunt for Heroes Annual Golf Outing Fundraising Dinner last year.  I and the veterans who participated all got one of these and I love it.  It writes great, even upside down, and it doesn’t bend or break in my pocket.

When someone needs a pen and you hand them this thing, they just hold it and take in the heft.  “Nice pen!” inevitably follows.  It’s also big enough that it doesn’t make it into the washing machine by mistake.

The Samsonite Business Card wallet also doubles as a throwaway wallet for armed robbers.  Whether or not I ambush them with a GLOCK 19 magazine full of behavioral modification as they bend over to pick it up after I “drop” it by mistake will depend on circumstances.  With two spare magazines in pouches (a Galco and a Bladetech) I have the flexibility to show greater charity in giving when it comes to ballistic therapy.

Used to carry a Karambit after taking Steve Tarani’s knife class, primarily for firearm retention, but the Ruger LCPII deploys flawlessly from my support side everytime.  Unlike the Karambit.  Also unlike the Karambit, I don’t have to be within arm’s length.  And more importantly, I can share the little Ruger with a second person who doesn’t have a gun and that becomes a big force multiplier for the good guys.

The big blade, the Lone Wolf Harsey T1 is awesome.  A gift from a knife-loving Guns Save Life member before I became more of a knife lover myself close to 20 years ago.  It’s a personal defense tool sharpened to near-scalpel sharpness and doesn’t get used 99.99999% of the time and I’ve carried it for close to 15 years now and it’s going strong.  Even unopened, it makes a fine impact weapon.  The little Gerber Mini Paraframe, another gift, works perfectly for packages and utility hacking.

As I’ve written before, I carry a couple of spare lights, primarily because I’m lousy at charging the Lithium Ion batteries religiously.

While I still carry an EagleTac G25C2, when it buys the farm, I’m going with an Olight.  EagleTac’s customer service sucks bigtime – as in they have a lifetime warranty but you have to send it to Taiwan or China for service.  I’ve done that once with about five of their products a couple years ago and only three remain functional.





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  1. Now watch everyone who gives John compliments on his two guns, three flashlights, multiple knives, multiple wallets, and fire starting supplies be the same people who mock other carries as “tacticool” for including one gun, one knife, one flashlight, and a lighter…

      • Doesn’t bother me if they guy wants to carry 100lbs of crap Every day…but a “drop wallet” and 3 (THREE!) flashlights?! I don’t understand it. IMO there is being prepared and there is living in a fantasy world. Whatever dude- carry on and you’ll have the last laugh when the light sensitive zombies descend.

  2. Like him, I carry two keyrings. Haven’t locked myself out of my car for 30 plus years.

    • If only they made these magnetic boxes that you could attach to a hidden spot under your vehicle…

      • Uh, not when there are guns inside. And it’s not like bad guys don’t know to look in those common places…

        • If your key is in a ‘common spot’, then you should relocate it. Also, they make these things called kill switches that only cost about $10 and 15 min of work. Installed one on every vehicle I have ever owned. In the event the ‘bad guy’ somehow saw me crawl halfway under my truck and pinpointed the location I hide the key in, they would still have to locate the kill switch, which they won’t. Habit to hit it every time I get out of the truck. You can even change an existing button you never use to one, to be hidden in plain sight.

      • When I was an LEO, I cannot tell you how many aggravated motor vehicle thefts and trespasses to motor vehicles I took from people with the hidden key “hidden so well it should have been impossible for them to find!”

        Often, they just committed the trespass, took everything in the vehicle (including the spare house key and garage door clicker) while it was parked out in front of the house. Well, when they didn’t change out their locks and garage codes quick enough, or notice that only the garage door clicker and are keys were missing, we are back out there again taking the 2nd degree burglary.

        I know, I know, you’ve hidden it better than everyone else…

    • I always keep a spare in my wallet, and used it many times. I haven’t been locked out in 15 years, I keep a spare house key under the Dr Sholls insert of my boot to.

      • Cheers to Ford for keeping that keypad on the driver-side door; saved my butt a few times.

    • Honestly, I’ve seen it go both ways as some folks age.

      Some (the smart ones) pare it down for minimalism (in what they carry, and at home), and some start accumulating crap at an accelerated pace…

      • Or they end up with some problem that causes them to carry a bunch of extra shit that they hate toting around but have no choice.

        My neighbor EDC’s a cane which I doubt he thinks is cool. He does that because his prosthetic leg isn’t perfect and he lost his real leg to a drunk driver.

        Compare my old EDC to my new one. You think I like carting around all that extra shit? Fuck no I don’t. But I can’t deny that the inconvenience is better than being blind, on dialysis and with no feet 20 years from now.

        • That’s medical reasons and not the same in my opinion. Not the same as the possibility of nicking an artery and bleeding out unless carrying a tourniquet. Honestly I could sit and what if shit to the point I’m carrying everything including the kitchen sink. I’m too old and too broke down from my previous years for that crap.

        • The point Happily, is that in a lot of cases (though not necessarily this one) people say “That’s the ton of shit and stupid” but don’t really know the reason behind what’s being carried and therefore really can’t say “It’s stupid”.

          It might be medical or work related or have something to do with something else. Bikers often EDC a hammer. There’s pretty solid reasoning behind that… if you’re a biker.

          • While I don’t disagree wholly, I just think at some point we do what we can and let the natural course of things take the wheel. If you are doing the bidding for other people then yes carry everything they will give you and you can handle. Usually in those cases the people you end up doing the bidding for are sending you places they or you don’t really want to go. Also in those cases two is one one is none mentality is a good rule to have. The more the better as it were. Day to day life though I dictate where I go and why for the most part and I make special preparations for the rare occasion outside of that. I have to carry a rescue inhaler for asthma I’ve never had before in my life. That is not EDC, that is because I kinda enjoy breathing. Yes I ride and fortunately have never needed a hammer.

        • My friends rode w/ hammers.
          I preferred two halves of single (split) red brick, each w/ Velcro glued on one side.
          Then attached them to the opposite Velcro glued onto a custom plate I made that affixed to the handle bar clamps.
          A chucker’s gotta chuck…

        • I don’t deny that some people probably go overboard, way, way, way overboard. And some of the stuff on the EDC site is probably bullshit too.

          However, without knowing who the people are and what their circumstances are, I don’t think it’s really very intelligent to judge what they do. Effectively we’re seeing the answer but we don’t know the question so we have no idea how they arrived at that answer. There are an infinite number of ways they could have done so. Some may be flat out wrong, but again, we can’t even begin to judge that unless we know the question(s) that are being answered. Even after that, there’s personal preference that comes into play.

          • Can’t argue any of that. Especially the personal preference bit. We all have them and should be entitled to them.

  3. No. Just no. The inside of my 4runner bears a resemblance to that ‘pocket’ dump.

    If you fall into a lake/river/pool/bathtub/hot tub with all that you’ll never make it out alive.

    • Likewise, my car is my big pocket. Knife in door and flashlight and pen. Extra glasses, file, maps, compass in glove compartment. In trunk: blanket, 1st aid box, another flashlight, water bottles, work gloves, wipes, I want to be hands free when I walk. I can’t hide much on my body in the summer. Belly band carry, neck knife is about it. Are there any other girls on this site? What do you carry?

  4. …”The Samsonite Business Card wallet also doubles as a throwaway wallet for armed robbers…”

    Good! and I though I was pretty alone in keeping a money clip in front pocket with a $10 showing. Carrying such might buy you some time or present options.

    • My ‘wallet’ contains like four bucks in singles and some expired cards for the mugger, and my money is folded around my driver’s license and stashed somewhere else besides my pants pockets…

  5. Reasons to carry this much :

    1. To disguise his girlish figure.
    2. To maintain his girlish figure

    34 w with all that crap your barely scraping a 30 inch waist. Unless I completely misread your thread.

    • Yeah, cause being fat as fuck is what all the cool kids are doing these days. OK, actually they are, but that’s not the point.

      Medical science also show’s it’s extremely healthy to be obese. It increases your longevity and greatly reduces your medical bills in the last decade or two of life. Speaking of which, it’s entirely in line with “personal responsibility” because driving up your Medicare costs by $500,000-$1million and expecting other people to pay them is totally responsible.

      Also, being fat is what all the hot girls like. They spend all that time at the gym to get fit as fuck so some giant sack of Crisco can pound the shit out of them with his 5 incher that’s actually only 2″ because his gut shortens his stroke. Girls love that shit.

      • Who cares what she like, it satisfies me. If she likes it then that’s just a bonus. Fortunately I’m married and don’t have to worry about those things anymore. Not that I did in the first place. 😂

      • Possums skinny. Stroke? Some walk up and stick it in, I stick it in and walk up. ;>}

      • Shows how much you’ve been out in the world. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a supremely hot woman marry some average schlub with a dad gut I could buy another 15 lbs. of gear to photo-op for my hipster friends on gun threads. Colorado, even, though it does barely count (I knew a girl from Appalachia who moved to Colorado and came back laughing to get married, saying, lol, “It’s full of Lulu Lemon men.” That’s the best description I have ever heard.) If you think it’s supreme fitness women are seeking in men (some even turn their noses up at it, which I am willing to bet you know well), you have a lot to learn in this life.

      • Why do folks ALWAYS assume fat people make others pay for their medical expenses? FYI, there are a lot of fat people with decent medical insurance.

  6. That’s a lot of stuff, the new cross shoulder chest murse is gradually growing in popularity which isn’t a bad thing. Still telegraphs your carrying but honestly in Texas no one cares.

  7. Might as well carry around a physical therapist in your pocket because with all that shit your back would probably give out before 40

    And if you happen to fall down you’ll puncture a kidney

    • I am over 50, partially disabled, and I train (teach & receive) with all this… well unless it’s force on force.

      Keeps me in shape. Well that, Krav Maga and LA Fitness. If you see me in Indy, you can double check what I carry. 🙂

      • I don’t believe you really carry that and I don’t believe any of what you’ve posted.

        You come off as a dangerous sociopath and you make the rest of us look as unhinged and as fantastical as you wish your life was.

  8. Comparatively that is about the amount of stuff I went to two different war zones with. My EDC currently consists of S&W M&P Shield with a spare magazine (in the substandard 9mm of all calibers), Spyderco Tuff pocket knife, Surefire 6P LED, wallet, phone and keys. The funny thing is people say I’m paranoid.

    • Happily, nothing paranoid about it. Handgun, reload, knife, light. About all you are likely to need. Well, holster, etc. Carry about the same myself.

      • The holster and belt are the only thing I left out besides clothing I think. To that end, I usually carry a Crossbreed Super Tuck (mini version for the Shield), 5.11 1.75″ Operator belt, 5.11 Stryke pants (or same in shorts in the summer), Danner Ft Lewis insulated boots (or same uninsulated or Merrells in the summer), shirts usually consist of very simple t-shirts or polos. Like you though, even to include clothes I don’t carry that much crap. 5.11 Stryke pants are nice because I don’t have to carry a mag pouch or flashlight carrier. They have two pockets inside the cargo pockets that work great for those purposes.

  9. So… the author is the carrier.

    Dude… I have 2 children. One is 8, one is 3 and a newborn on the way due in August. I have NEVER carried this much crap in my life, let alone that much baby crap in my pockets. Even for an all day event with a stroller I have never carried that much crap.

    I am all for preparedness, but this is ridiculous. Keep it in a bag, truck, bag in the truck, baby carrier, etc etc.. There is no possible way you can maneuver with this much crap on you, especially with the size of some of it.

    • One could argue that having children, especially 3, is way more hobbling and a burden than carrying 10lbs of gear with you everyday. He can also stop carrying the gear if/when he wants.

      • I stopped carrying my daughter when she could walk. If she becomes unable to walk for some unfortunate reason, then I’ll carry her again because she is my daughter. The good news is I don’t carry very much now so the extra weight won’t be a huge burden because she is my daughter after all. Plus I won’t have to carry less to carry her.

  10. Two guns and spare mags are cool by me. But hell yes all those keys and flashlights and piles of stuff does seem over the top.

    When keys get to be that many I go to a belt hanger. Used to be so many in my work I had them on one of those re-winder thingamajigs on the belt.

    The DeSantis Superfly holster should look like his third wallet, not like a holster. It has a flap which would normally change the imprint of the gun and holster into looking like a wallet. The flap uses Velcro, to change the holster to left or right front pocket. I don’t get the point of using the Superfly with the flap removed, there are cheaper holsters out there for that approach. In fact, DeSantis makes those too.

    I’ve carried lots of stuff but in a pack in the truck. Or more than one pack in the truck, back when I was younger and doing things that actually kept all that gear in use regularly.

  11. This may be the most mall ninja EDC I have ever seen. I would bet my entire retirement account that this gets “EDC’d” about as frequently as Catelyn Jenner has her period.

    • This is sorta a nutty amount of stuff but it’s nowhere near the most mall ninja you’ll see here if you’re watching out. Sometimes you’ll see people literally carrying batons as their ‘edc.’

  12. I personally for my EDC carry a CZ p10c. In a Winthrop holster iwb with an extra clip 15 round and stremmlight protac 2l-x flashlight in an owb hoslter for concealment I also carry a Spyderco endrua and case knife I. Also carry a Mico stremmlight on my keychain along with a Spyderco knife on my keychain. And of course my Zippo and a normal lighter but that is my EDC.

  13. That’s a lot of crap to surrender to the police during your red flag protective raid. You might want to consider carrying the deed to your house on you as well. Ya know, just in case capitulating isn’t enough. Pfff.

    • Bahahaha no shit right. The police evidence room will be very happy as laugh their way to the bank after they auction off all that shit.

  14. You’re that gear-queer that everybody can hear coming from 50m because all your crap jingling together

  15. That’s a lot of cool stuff, that black handled knife looks wicked. I recently met a female of the human species. Another rape victim, she is now armed with a Glock, tazer and pepper apray,acquired a 120# German Shepherd, lifts weights and study’s martial arts. “Never again.” ,,,,,,Now if I could just get her to grow a tail and pose with a menacing grimace and a terrible sound

  16. I think I carry a lot of crap, and in looking at this haul, I reckon I’m carrying literally half as much.

  17. Two guns and a ton of ammo. Multiple knives and lights. Not a stitch of medical gear. If you’re going to carry that much, at least make some of it things you might actually use… and why does this menagerie seem to have all of its paint in tact?

    I would love to hear about the scenario in which a private citizen is legally justified in ripping through 52 rounds and then transitions to a backup pistol.

    And if you are so paranoid about weapon retention that you’re carrying a “retention pistol” then maybe you should should take a time out and learn to grapple…

  18. At my age I would need my old carpenter belt w/boss suspenders to carry that much. And I am an old not fat white guy. As for disablity, a fully fused lumbar and a 4 level C-spine fusion. That makes my back hurt just to look at. To each his own.

  19. At least this is just his EDC. Imagine what he carries in his “EDC backpack”! Probably a minigun with two thousand rounds…with a grenade launcher attached and a bandoleer of grenades plus his armor carrier.

    Most people carry WAY too much “EDC”. The guy on the Corporal’s Corner Youtube channel recommends carrying around 15 pounds of stuff in his backpack because what happens if you come home and find your home is destroyed, so you have to live out of the backpack. I find that simply paranoid (even here in San Francisco where the Big One might actually do it.) Sure, a fire could destroy your home but you’re NOT going to be living out of a backpack in that situation IF you have a goddamn bank account with money in it that you did NOT spend on stuff in your backpack. If the emergency situation is big enough you can’t get to the bank, you’re probably screwed anyway as is everyone else.

    Anyone carrying more than about five pounds of EDC on his person (most of which is the gun which is two pounds right there plus what the spare mags weigh) is carrying too much. Anyone carrying more than five or ten pounds in a backpack is carrying too much (not counting the laptop which is six or seven pounds but if you need it you need it.)

    If you have a car, all this is irrelevant since you can put most of your real emergency gear in it. How likely is it that you’re going to be far away from your car when the emergency destroys it? I say zero chance.

  20. I will say that I’m glad we live in a free country. Everyone can carry as much, or as little, as they see fit.

    The idea that I need enough gear to transition from a primary weapon to a back-up (or a reload) and then to a bladed weapon and finally to a tactical pen is one that I simply can’t get behind. No way I’m going to carry all that shit. A gun and a knife are all I “need.” It’s all I want.

    In the rare cases where I’ve got to be in a rough area I do modify what I’m carrying, but that wouldn’t be an EDC, now would it?

  21. Nobody ever walked away from a lethal encounter muttering, “dammit, I had too much stuff”. -30-

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