Youtube capture via Oklahoma City Police.
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An Oklahoma Department of Corrections escapee reportedly beat a homeless man over the head with a baseball bat before he met his match in an Oklahoma City police officer. When Kirk Dustin Shields charged the cop with a crowbar or pipe, the cop initially ran for his life to create some distance. In doing so, he gave himself some time to implement a successful counter-attack.

In the end, Officer Brandon Lee deployed his GLOCK and fired to stop his attacker. Watch the dramatic scene play out on bodycam footage (NSFW language):

OkcFox has the story:

Body cam footage shows an officer-involved shooting of a Department of Corrections escapee.

On Jan. 30, 2019 at 6:07 p.m., Officer Brandon Lee arrived at West Park Place and Linn Avenue. He observed the suspect, Kirk Dustin Shields, in front of 2608 West Park Place, who had a crowbar-type object in his hand. The suspect ran to the east, and Officer Lee pursued him.

The suspect turned, faced the officer and charged the officer. Officer Lee used his taser on the suspect, but this did not stop the suspect’s pursuit.

Officer Lee discharged his firearm and struck the suspect.

An earlier story from January has more background on the incident, and the violent nature of the offender who attacked Officer Lee. From News Oklahoma:

An escaped Oklahoma Department of Corrections inmate shot by a police officer Wednesday night in northwest Oklahoma City had attacked a homeless man with a baseball bat, police reported.

Kirk Dustin Shields, 38, who walked away from the Carver Transitional Center halfway house earlier in the day, was shot by officer Brandon Lee about 6 p.m.

Lee had responded to a report of a man looking into houses in the 2600 block of W Park Place. Lee found Shields holding a tire tool in his hand, said police Capt. Bo Mathews.

Shields ran from Lee, and Lee followed him until Shields turned and charged, Mathews said. Lee then fired a Taser but it did not stop him, and Lee fired his gun and hit Shields. Shields was taken to a hospital where he was treated for a wound that was not life-threatening, police said.

Shortly after Shields was shot, Earl Wayne Alexander, 33, a homeless man, walked up to officers at the scene. Alexander was bleeding from the head when he told officers that Shields had attacked him with a baseball bat near N May and W Park Place, Mathews said.

Alexander was taken to OU Medical Center where he was in fair condition Thursday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Shields has past convictions on larceny, burglary and eluding police, court records show.

Cop or civilian: if someone charges after you with a knife or blunt force instrument, the first order of business is to create distance if possible and/or put obstacles between you and the bad guy. Even if you have a weapon in hand. Distance and/or obstacles give(s) you time and time gives you options.

Some may say, “If you have your pistol in hand, why do you need to retreat to create distance?” Simple.  Handgun rounds don’t put people down like in Hollywood.  Even if you administer a fatal wound on the bad guy, he may need some time to bleed out.  In that time, if he busts your melon open with his crowbar before he realizes his goose is cooked (or because he realizes his goose is cooked), that’s not a win for the home team.

Once more, handguns don’t deliver reliable, instant stops.   Here’s one of my favorite (NSFW because of language) Clint Smith videos on the topic of terminal ballistics.


“Shotguns, at the right range with the right load, will physically remove a chunk of (stuff) off your opponent and throw that (stuff) on the floor.  And you’ll have to get someone to come in and clean the (stuff) up with a shovel.”

Officer Brandon Lee performed in a textbook manner, turning and running after his TASER failed to stop the aggressor. That few seconds he bought by running allowed him opportunity to draw and engage with his sidearm, stopping the threat before the threat stopped him.

Well done, sir.

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  1. Xerxes would be so proud. Worked then, works now, for sure will work tomorrow. If you don’t get the reference, it’s OK, little of any value to the individual is taught in the Masters’ Schools. Look it up. It’s good tactics and a good read. -30-

    • “I wonder how many of his 7 rounds connected?”

      Look at the end of the video where the cop is cuffing him.

      Look at the weird, ‘rubbery’ way the arm is moving as the cop was twisting his arm around his back?

      That arm is *broken*. This I know because that’s the way my ankle was moving after it got crushed a few months back. And I was hollering the same way when they moved it on me loading me on the stretcher. Hurts like a mother-fvcker….

      At least 1 round likely connected to his arm.

      • Yeah. I figured the arm got popped and the taser cartridge was pulsing. (kill it)

        Didnt see any oozy torso hits, but that really doesn’t mean much. He could have had several hits, I just kinda doubt it.

      • Weird. Clearly broken, as you said, but I don’t hear him saying, “f* k, dude, I can’t roll over because my arm is broke”.

        Maybe too cranked up on crystal?

    • I was thinking the same thing. Where did all those rounds go??? If he got hit by all those rounds, I don’t think he would be screaming at the cop. Anything else have any holes in it??

  2. Clint Smith is an asshole.

    He is also the best firearms trainer in the world in my opinion.

    Love the video. Both of them. Especially the one with the wounded convict screaming like the bitch he is.

  3. Never ceases to amaze me that so many violent bastards turn into whiny little crybullies when they get a dose of what they’d willingly dish out to anybody else.

    • I’m not any more fond of law enforcement than I am of any other state agency, but if I’d shoot someone’s ass for doing it to me, I’d never begrudge an officer for doing the same.

      Picking up a crowbar and charging at someone who you know has the means to shoot you is the stupid game, and eating lead is the stupid prize. This dumbshit had it coming.

    • What never ceases to amaze me is why so many violent bastards think that an order from a police officer is a multiple choice question…

  4. No sympathy is due that idiot. He had an easy gig in a halfway house, a transition facility for going back into normal life. He blew that by walking away. Then he beat up a homeless guy. Then he charged after a cop who had tried to go easy on him with a less than lethal weapon.

    Yup, dumbass earned those bullet holes and maybe a broken arm too? Kinda’ looked like the right arm was not moving naturally when they cuffed it.

    He’s lucky to be alive.

  5. See. This right here is why police need to practice behavior modification techniques such as kicking this worthless piece of shit in the balls. Retroactive kicks to the stomach and head should not only be allowed, they should be encouraged, at least until someone with a club gets there. Ass hole will think twice about sneaking out of jail again! That bad ass ought to be ashamed of himself, talking to policemen that way. And, where were the police dogs? I don’t care how well police dogs are trained, they need to stay current in biting techniques.

    • There is an inherent problem with kicking/stomping skulls into the ground. Don’t get me wrong, I do like doing that but since this person is under the jurisdiction of the state, they are responsible for medical care and as such, causing brain and other damage while certainly fun and encouraged, could result in costly medical care for both the inmate and the person doing the kicking as it’s tough on toes.
      I would suggest that laws should be altered so that any corporal punishment such as kicks, stomps or skull punts are not covered medically nor is any medical care provided. In other words, you get your skull caved in, you”re on your own, so behave yourself.

      • Wow. No morals, ethics or any other rational justification. No philosophical underpinning at all. Fuck justice, do ‘roids and get vengeance. ‘Cause that’s a plan for a well ordered society!

        I bet you like Bernie’s “Medicare for All” plan too, huh?

        • @strych Yeah, no shit, right? Let’s encourage government agents unjustifiably beating on American citizens in the name of justice. What could possibly go wrong? I’ve always maintained that if the police are to exist in this country, then they should only be allowed to operate under an extremely narrow and strict set of conditions. This shooting naturally falls within those conditions.

  6. The way the guy was speaking after he got shot, with improper pronouns galore (KILL IT!! for example), suggests to me that he has some mental illness issues or was high out of his mind on something hardcore like crank or angle dust.

      • I thought that too at first but the other pronoun usages he throws out are as if he’s talking to the cop in busted English or he’s talking to another party who isn’t there.

        Also some of the curses he toss out seem as though they’re directed at a 3rd party that isn’t present rather than the taser or the cop.

        I found his entire speech and most of his speech patterns quite odd for a normal person and more in line with the schizophrenics or some of the methheads I’ve interacted with.

        Of course there’s always the option that everything is directed at the cop and the taser and he’s just not talking correctly because he’s getting tasered repeatedly and has also been shot. I’m not sure I’d be using the King’s at that point either.

  7. To Officer from Criminal Defense Attorney…….. Why did you have to shoot my client 6 times?
    To Criminal Defense Attorney from Officer…..I ran out of ammunition.

  8. I believe the convict was hit once. It does look like his right arm was damaged.

    Scootin’ & shootin’, I think Officer Lee did great.

    • EMTs generally don’t roll in until the scene is secure and the police say it’s safe. There have been times where cops wounded in a gunfight have just been thrown in the back of squad cars and taken to a hospital that way because it wasn’t safe enough to bring paramedics in.

      • Same thing in combat neutralize or at least suppress the enemy before calling out aid and litter teams

        • Joe, in this case there probably wasn’t time to have medics standing by. The department I retired from has medics assigned to the SWAT teams, so any incident already had them on scene. It was fairly easy as the medics were also city firefighters.

    • Usually, LEO’s won’t call for medical response until they have the scene controlled and squared away.

      • Sort of. They don’t wait to call until the scene is safe.
        EMS is called as soon as possible but they will stage just outside of the threat area. Once the threat is over they come in. If it’s an ongoing threat victims will be transported from the scene to the staging area to be treated and transported to the hospital. It’s extremely rare for the police to transport a victim but it can happen in cases where weather or situations create a response time that’s too slow for the type of emergency. I saw a case on TV where the police transported a victim because it occurred on the edge of two counties EMS and they were busy debating who’s area it was. That’s extremely rare and I hope the victim sued. Every case I’ve ever seen on borders had both EMS services responding and working together, which is the norm.

        I’ve been on both sides as a former LEO and firefighter/EMT.

  9. Ended well. That said, the video shows why when chasing a suspect of unknown threat, you better not round a corner alone holding your taser. Could have ended very badly. Where I work the rule is that if you are chasing someone and lose visual contact, you stop until you get another officer for cover. The idea is to avoid this very situation where the bad guy hides around a corner and ambushes you.

    The right solution to a bad guy charging at you with a tire iron when you’re alone is lead.

    • Tasers are way over rated. Unless the suspect is wearing little clothing, they generally don’t work. More of a PR tool than anything else.

  10. Article says “cop or civilian”. I wish you people would quit the extra special bullshit of calling cops not civilians. Government rules for special government agents.

    • Oh get a life, it’s just easier than saying “non-cop”. I’ve heard EMTs, firefighters, and plumbers(!) call people not in their line of work ‘civilians.’

    • Webster’s defines a civilian as someone who is not an active duty member of the military, a police officer, or a fire fighter.

  11. Well, thank GOD it wasn’t someone resisting a “RED FLAG order!” Just some “Pro-Police/Bad Guy/ Shootout Porn” for the Police Groupies! Thankfully, it wasn’t another “Red FLAG/Surrender NOW/ Pro-Statist message/How I came to love Big Brother” article!

  12. Not sure when his backup was dispatched, but it was just over 2 minutes from shots fired to when assistance arrived. Why I carry.

  13. Happy Easter!
    I don’t believe the officer had much choice, but to move backwards. Typical scenario, that happens a lot. Transition houses are are very difficult to operate and there could have been several reasons for his running away from it, other than the sarcasm noted. The suspect clearly had his arm paralyzed and didn’t appear to be in his right mind, as noted, probably from shock or drugs, but I’m glad the officer didn’t take any of that for granted. Pretty clean actual police work this time done well, although, I would have switched positions after putting him down. Someone mentioned drugs, I’m willing to bet that was one of the factors involved too, as he was in full panic anxiety mode to attack an officer or any armed individual for that matter, I’ve had this situation many times in the past. He was not balanced. Glad that he was stopped before he could have caused anymore mayhem. I didn’t see any punching or skull kicking that was brought up, but I’ve seen it many times before. Generally, unprofessional and unacceptable, but untrained officers do naturally to deescalate. 1976-77 in Chugiak Alaska, one evening my mother took my little brother and I to the high school “The Mustangs” to get us involved in some sports or something, as my dad was Navy and worked for Standard Oil and was never home, so she was “smart” to keep us boys busy. Anyhoot, we were offered several things new to us, so we took swimming, wrestling and I added a martial arts class to it. Immediately, I leaned towards Judo, as it was very similar to wrestling and I learned pressure points and other things later on in life that were worth their weight in gold. I sincerely encourage any young males that are involved in a behavioral setting or law enforcement/etc to find a quality martial arts instructor or study on your own if you cannot get someone to spar or train you and learn how to handle violent individuals physically, as well as deescalation skills to keep from being hurt and needlessly hurting others. If you enjoy swapping haymakers to the head with people? Then there’s something clearly wrong with your ideology. Even in weight training, they generally teach you to breathe out when exerting and in when not, at a pace, no hold your breath and grunt hernia, blood vessel bursting crap. You will become more empowered and more calm, if your taught by a proper instructor and have good temperament. Temperament can be taught too, but sometimes you either have it or you don’t, plain and simple. I despise cage fighting and don’t consider it even close to true martial arts and was disappointed to see certain martial art celebrities embrace this thug mentality, which is the equivalent of pit bull fighting rings. Some men have wised up and stepped away from it. This is not a sport or a way to manhood. It is fighting, that’s all. It’s a plague on today’s youth and should be frowned upon by parents. I’ve also seen moronic high school coaches even invite these fighters to wrestling clinics and glorify this crap to our boys, who promptly imitate it on the mat and lose total focus on one of the toughest most technical sports there is, Roman Greco style wrestling. Learning skills improve yourself and your life will impress you in many ways and in aiding you on the job from getting hurt and taking someone down when they have locked horns with you or you have several officers having a great deal of trouble taking down a very pissed off individual like we’ve seen so many times. No need for choke holds, unless it’s a life or death scenario. That punching and kicking, especially after they are in custody, this only shows how professional you are or are not, etc. K9 was mentioned, I am old school when it comes to dogs/K9 as well.
    In law enf, drugs, tracking, bombs and along those line are perfectly acceptable to me.
    I especially love hounds, but have had several types of work dogs. I don’t believe that putting an animal in serious harms way or teaching them to attack humans on command is right at all. An animal, especially a dog, will protect you just on instinct.
    They didn’t ask for the police job, they were chosen and trained for it by “us”. Sending a beautiful GSD or what have you into a hail of bullets from both sides is pure stupidity and not necessary. Then, being upset at the suspect and charging them with killing a police officer? Nope, not going to swallow that one, sorry.
    We’re better than that, people!
    Be empowered – Be safe & God Bless

  14. “”stay down 8itch, reach for that bar again and I’m gonna put another couple in ya”

    Why did you shoot my client seven time, ‘so I would not have to kill him’.

  15. Will I still be able to open carry my crowbar and ballpeen? There would be less crime you know if everybody was allowed to carry a crowbar and ball peen hammer. They are powerful and their looks alone can intimidate a highly trained officer of the law. Just saying, look what happened with the claw hammer act of 77. Sorry I thought I was at truth about tools. My bad.

    • True story.. In the early seventies, us older boys were building go carts out of wood one day and this ones kids little brother wanted in on the action, so his older brother gives him a claw hammer, a board and some nails to pound into it to keep him busy, right?
      Well, the boy is hitting his fingers a lot trying to hold nails, so he starts baby tapping them in just enough to stand them up, he’s sitting with his legs spread mind you and with all his might, he then he starts taking pick ax type swings from behind his head at the nail. After a half a dozen swings, all the sudden we hear this horrifying little boy scream and we look over and he’s sitting there with the claw part of the hammer stuck in the top rear part of his head all on its own while he’s waving his arms flailing about yelling for his mother to come to his rescue, lmao! He stands up and off to the ER little curly red haired Scotty went with his mama and a claw hammer stuck to his skull.
      No kidding fellas..
      I forgot about that one, thanks for bringing it back!

        • lol
          Noted earlier as happening in the early seventies.
          I’m guessing 73-74. Probably one of thee premier cases that bolstered the act of 77. Saving countless skull injuries of individuals exposed to open carry claw hammers, etc. Yes yes.

  16. Shame the officer didn’t land a shot to the nose and take this guy out of society. Would have been less of a tax burden for the rest of us.


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