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US Army Command Sergeant Major John (retired) sends this “Summer Carry” from Everyday Carry.

Just grabbing the photo, the first thing I thought was this guy is far too organized.  But then again, attaining a CSM rating in the US Army’s enlisted ranks makes him pretty squared away.  My life runs far more chaotic, but just the orderly nature of John’s stuff on display makes me ill with envy.  Maybe that’s what retired life is like.

He says it’s “just the essentials” and he’s right.  SIG P365 9mm pistol (great choice!) and a spare mag loaded with hollow points.  But his essentials are all pretty nice, with the exception of the $10 Made in China flashlight.  I think I bought the same model years ago and was disappointed with it.  Someone should send him the Olight mini-baton!

Meanwhile, he has the Tumi bifold Wallet, the Bulova Lunar Pilot Watch, the Kershaw Skyline blade.  Nice, nice and nice.

I bet he only carries a couple of keys on his keyring, too.






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  1. Basic, sensible, not overly flashy, effective. Drop the watch and this is very similar to my EDC. Good stuff CSM.

  2. Surefire.

    Streamlight has a few GOOD weaponlights and some handhelds, BUT Streamlight IS the standard of excellence.

    Accept NO substitute with YOUR life in the balance.

    I’ll take MY G43, as well.

  3. Interesting. When I served any firearm needed to be in married quarters or unit arms room I wonder if he is retired .

      • When I was on active duty this applied to everyone except officers in officer’s quarters. Senior enlisted I’m not sure about considering I’ve never seen E-7 and above live in the barracks. This of course isn’t to say that some regardless of rank had firearms in the barracks, but it doesn’t mean it was allowed per regs. As stated arms room for barracks living or base or off post housing for firearms possession. At least for the Army anyway.

  4. He should just preemptively surrender his gear incase his state passes red flag confiscation orders. Better safe than sorry ammiright, John? Pffff

    • John “mr and mrs America, turn em all in!” Boch recommends a white flag should be carried along with your gun, to make it easier to surrender it Incase of confrontation.

    • I’ve been told the opposite while I was carrying a big wad of keys. I always thought that it meant I was going to be the schmuck they called when something didn’t go right and they needed access to something. So yeah, high enough to be trusted, but low enough to be bothered at all hours.

      • Perhaps “important” is the wrong word for me to use there. After all, janitors (who have all the keys) are plenty important.

        But the higher up a hierarchy you go, the less keys you need. That’s what you pay janitors for, right? Plus, electronic door locks and such.

      • You dont need keys when your driver/pilot drives. You don’t need a house key when your butler opens the door for you.
        Only the peasants need to lock things.

  5. With all this organization, you would think he would have a holster or two for his carry piece. Include those holsters so we can all learn!!

    Other than that I’m a big fan of simple set-ups. This is solid.

    • Something I honestly did not expect to see someone say on here.

      Thank you
      Happy Easter

      • Easter? Bloody ‘ell! Why wasn’t I told? Easter comes around and nobody thinks to let me in on it? So I’ve nised the whole goddam thing!

        You’d think somebody woulda’ said something….

        Maybe if I hit the supermarket early on the way to work I can buy me some half price chocolate bunnies and those Cadbury Creme Eggs or mebbe’ some Peeps…..

        • Peeps you can get year-round at Dollar General and similar stores.

          Damned things would survive a nuclear war. I always wonder why they never made the Fallout series, I mean, aside from all that copyright stuff.

          But seriously, Bethesda could get around that the way Ubisoft does, with advertising contracts. Like the later updates for the first game The Division 2 has Sig, 5.11 and some other brand name stuff in it. So did Ghost Recon: Wildlands

  6. One of the more realistic and functional dumps I’ve seen here.
    My compliments Sergeant Major.

  7. Maybe if he had a bigger tray, he’d show the holster, mag carrier, keys and sunglasses? You can’t go wrong with the flashlight tail switch; easy to use under any circumstance.

    • I always enjoy these dumps more with holsters, and keyrings. You can keep the glasses out of it though, we all know they are Oakley SI 😉

  8. Attainment of CSM is NOT just based on being squared away……like a general they ARE political beasts.
    Glad to see [ I guess ] that with ALL his military experience he see’s the need for self defense with firearms.

  9. Sargent’s Major dump, *DAMN*,,even that’s orderly, I’m jealous.

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