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A West Virginia lawman with the handle Machnuone shares his “9mm SubCompact EDC” pocket dump.  Courtesy of Everyday Carry.

He has about everything you would expect of someone who knows what they’re doing and has acknowledged that evil does exist in the world.

Machnuone writes of his stuff:

Today’s EDC. S&W M&P9 Shield 2.0, 8+1 in the chamber. Extra 8 round magazine. Loaded with Federal HST 147gr +P. BladeTech Klipt AIWB Holster. Concealment Express mag carrier. Magpul Daka Wallet and Magpul Explorer shades(love these things). Streamlight ProTac 2L. Benchmade Casbah auto and Benchmade SOCP dagger, which doesn’t always come along, but did today. HK style key chain and as always, a decent blue pen. Cheers.

Does Magpul make anything that’s junk?  I haven’t found it yet.  Like 5.11, all their stuff is solid.  And for most stuff, it’s affordable too.   It seems Machnuone approves of the Magpul Explorer shades (I didn’t know such a thing even existed!)  Clearly he likes the Magpul DAKA Essentials wallet.  Must be for folks who don’t carry so much cash.

He carries a S&W Shield in 9mm with a spare magazine.  (Good).  He carries a blade and a stiletto (double plus good).  They’re Benchmade, so you know he paid a pretty penny for them so the good folks at Benchmade can grind up guns in their spare time.  At the same time Benchmade doesn’t make junk either.

Then there’s the Streamlight Protac 2L, which is a nice light at an affordable price that won’t leave you sobbing hysterically if you lose it as you might with a $200 SureFire.  (Or a retired FBI friend of mine who lost a $400 Sure Fire his son bought him.  He found it a year later… in his gun safe!)

And a decent blue pen” he writes.  I’m guessing his favorite color is blue.  But being a cop, can you blame him?

By the way, have you ever found something you thought you lost in your gun safe?  Lord knows I have.  I thought I lost a Glock 26 in a custom IWB holster.  Problem was it was buried under a bunch of other pistols in holsters!  Whew!  Don’t tell my wife.

Check out all of this West Virginia lawman’s gear at Everyday Carry.

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  1. The 2.0 shield is too skinny in my hand. Great to conceal but I can’t get a decent grip on it. So I passed on it.

  2. Okie dokie, we’ve seen LEO stuff here before. Just to be fair yah all ought to have a Mexican Drug Smugglers EDC once in awhile, maybe Gangbangers EDC would work. They’d be more likely to pic their firegunms I reckon.

  3. Solid offering. I don’t know how I would use a stiletto like that in a fight so I wouldn’t carry one, but it at least looks interesting. Would make a fine letter opener.

    • Bit pricey for a letter opener.

      The SOCP is pretty specialized and has a technique specific to it but it’s a damn fine stabbin’ tool if that’s what you need. It’s designed to be carried in MOLLE/PALS webbing between your mag pouches, preferably along the vertical center line of your body, so that some asshole who’s a enemy sympathizer can’t take your knife off you and stab you with it but the ring allows you to get it out quickly, not drop it, maintain a positive grip while using it and stab someone with it.

      That was, for a time, the number one way we were losing troops to a blade. They were wearing their knife in a regular sheath and an unarmed person who was in training for the ANA or ISF would come up, grab the soldier or Marine’s own knife and stab them with it. The SOCP is designed primarily to eliminate that other person’s ability to get your knife.

      • Interesting point and probably why a lot of police agencies do not allow patrol to run around with fixed blades on their gear.

        I’m a fan of knowing how to use what you carry… and very few people know how to knife fight.

        • I can’t speak to the way police run their gear or why their policies on things are the way they are.

          I can tell you that the SOCP does what it was designed to do; basically disappear between your mag pouches on a plate carrier.

          The trade off is that you get virtually no utility out of the knife. It’s basically a stabbing tool only. It’s got a wicked sharp point and a double edge that runs back about an inch back from the tip on each side of the blade. The rest of the blade is false edges.

          It doesn’t cut things very well and it doesn’t slash at people very well even though it kinda adds a razor blade to your right or left cross… but it’s concealable and in a reverse (“ice pick”) grip it stabs the ever-living-fuck out of things. Plus your hand is not going to slide forward onto the blade if you stick it in someone else’s magazine/armor plate/bone and it’s unlikely to get stuck that way either since your index finger is through that ring. Like any karambit style knife with that style of retention however it does have some risks to your finger like getting broken or degloved if the knife gets yanked away from you forcefully. Tradeoffs are the hallmark of knives like this. Very good at one thing while pretty shitty at the rest of things.

  4. Chase Card, Chase Manhattan are gun haters! Not surprised that none of you caught it. Probably because you all live in your mommies basement.

    • Chase is one of the few banks that aren’t trying to regulate guns. I’ve bought at least four firearms in the last year on my Chase Freedom card alone. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


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