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Mr. Jason Morrison from Cleveland, TN carries a very good, albeit not perfect solution to a lunatic roaming around shooting people randomly in today’s Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day.

Jason calls it his “Updated 2019 Carry” but either way, he does a nice job.

He has a Ruger LCR in .357 with night sights on it.  Frankly, night sights should be on everyone’s carry piece for a host of reasons.  Not the least of which is that most defensive encounters take place in low-light or no-light environments.  Funny how bad guys prefer darkness in which to ply their trade!

Does your carry gun have night sights?

How about your home defense long gun?  After all, that AR-15 you have under the bed will likely be used in low-light conditions.  And from teaching carbine rifle with a low-light component, I’ve seen first hand how poorly people without night sight equipped long guns do poorly.  Of course, if you have  an optic, you’re golden.  At least until it quits for whatever reason.

Note the four rounds in his Speed Strip and their configuration.   This allows faster reloads.  Yes, it’s only four rounds, but four rounds sooner beats five rounds later.

It looks as though Mr. Morrison also appreciates a fine cigar now and then with his combo lighter/cutter.  Nice!

What is the glaring omission from Mr. VP Manufacturing’s pockets?

A flashlight!










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    • From the factory some of the 135gr Hornady snub nose round wouldn’t be that bad I’d think for .357 mag ammo. It’s severely downloaded however. Recoil is minimal in my K-frames and I don’t own a “J” sized .357 yet. I wouldn’t want to shoot 4 boxes in an LCR or airweight in a session, but I still wouldn’t be afraid of shooting up a box in a session. I also tend to load my model 38 up pretty hot but it has a set of Hogue Bantam Grips that help immensely with recoil yet aren’t any longer than the stock grips were.

  1. Most people I know use their phone.

    I can’t imagine trying to shoot while holding a cell phone as illumination. Crazy.

  2. I’m very intrigued by his speed strip. Spaced out for easier reloading. Only 4 loaded though. I’m guessing he deemed that last round to take too long and not be worth it? I kinda like his thinking.

  3. Do night sights illuminate the target in low/no-light environments? No.

    My 43 has a front night sight (Talo edition) but in darkness I can only see the front sight.

    Unless i have a light…. then i can see the front and rear sight.

    Funny thing…..I can also see standard sights when using a light to illuminate potential targets.

    I bought the Talo Glock 43 because I liked the big orange dot and u notch rear sight. It forms a good sight picture and the rear doesnt obscure the front sight as withmstandard Glock sights.

    Night sights are a placebo for most people IMO. I will take a light and standard sights any day over night sights.

    On that speed strip reload…….I see that space a lot.

    Folks always say they can grip it better for a reload. That’s true for the 1st two rounds but then you have to fiddle with it to load the next two rounds. After evaluating with a timer, I found it made little difference.

    I might suggest getting an 8 round strip and loading 5 rounds if you want something more to hold onto.

    • And if you want 5 rounds sooner…..Its called a 5 Star speed loader.

      I can’t make the HKS loaders (plastic) work with the LCR.

      I have not tried the new Aluminum HKS speed loader.

      • You have to modify the grip to allow the HKS speedloader to align with the cylinder…I had the same issue with my Taurus M605 Poly, once the grip was modified, reloads are quick and easy…

        • I’ll just keep the HKS for my Jframes. They work fine with them.

          The 5 star is great for the LCR and requires a backward twist compared to the HKS.

          I figured you could hog off the side a little and make the HKS work with LCR.

          I’ll keep that in mind.

  4. I need more money. I’ve decided for the dig attacks cyclist scenario that’s bound to happen again. A revolver shooting snake loads would probably be the ticket. I’ve got a Super BlackkHawk with ten inch barrel. That’s impressive but not very practical. A .357/.38 with 4 inch barrel would be about perfecrt or a derringer. Any old pos would work.. The fckn cops took my ,38 derringer when I got arrested for concealed firearm before this state went constitutional carry. You know it’s bad enuff them boys steal our dead guys, bit they steal our gunms too. I stabbed ithat one dog with my field knife but I don’t wanna do that again. IfvD.Z. was a nice guy he’d start a go fund me and you all could chip in and get me a P O.S. gunm so I wouldn’t get bit. Pistols Protect Possums,

  5. My first carry guns was a Charter Arms .38 snubby… And, I never carried a reload; I was a thriller seeker.

    Now, I have been carrying a G19, with no reload…. still living life on the edge.

  6. Honest question,
    With night sights in low light you can pick up your front sight but are you certain the of your target?
    I always figure a good flashlight would eliminate the need for night sights though I do have them on my Sig.

    • The possible self defense scenarios are limitless, so the more illumination, both sights and target, the better. In one of many scenarios, your front sight (and you) may in the dark/shadow when your target is illuminated. Let’s say you are in the dark at night beside your idling car with your headlights on, and a perp is coming toward you , fully lit up in the headlights whereas you are in relative darkness. Your eyes are focused on him and your pupils are adjusted for that bright area, which might render standard sights useless. Or something goes bump on the night at home and you are in a dark room aiming at a perp coming down a lit hallway. I prefer to have tritium even if there is a slim chance I will ever need it.


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