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Drayton Collingwood from Houston, Texas send in his Summer EDC for consideration and comment.

He builds it on a SIG P320 in .40 S&W.  He does not disclose his method of carry for us though.  Probably not Mexican, but who knows!

In addition to the gun, he’s got one of those Benchmade Griptillian folders.  These surely seem pretty popular among people submitting their stuff to Everyday Carry.

For a light, he has a Streamlight Stylus.  Not the brightest, but for some folks, it works well for them.

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  1. A Foe-tay. Dont see as many of those these days.

    Looks like good kit if he has a holster and doesnt carry at low ready.

    And…its a Stylus Pro…not a Stylus. The Stylus is a pen light. Just sayin…..

  2. It must be pointed out that this poor man is putting his very LIFE at risk, carrying a .40 S&W-chambered firearm, which everyone KNOWS has no more ballistic energy than a .22 CB cap, is FAR inferior to the near-mythical .355 Luger Rimless Magnum (9mmx19 to the uninformed) in every way, shape, or form, and is, oddly, at the same time almost completely unmanageable due to its tremendous and abrupt recoil, flash, and blast, which exceeds any other cartridge with the same amount of powder and weight of bullet, the firing of which causes palpitations and swooning in maiden ladies, and sterility in adult men.

    He should immediately repair himself to his friendly gun dealer and exchange the beast, at a loss of necessary, for something chambered in the only possible pistol cartridge of any use, the .355 LRM.

    At least, that’s what I’ve read here, so it MUST be true.

  3. love Sig .40, been carrying the 229 since 2002….great pistol, very accurate, awesome handling. don’t know how to post an EDC but wouldn’t mind. I am a minimalist, but carry enough I believe.

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