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  1. Nice rebuttal video. One question I have is can someone pull and post the links to all the studies. Having the data on hand would be helpful.

    • The thought crossed my mind to ask if there was any opinion of “Young Armenians” to balance this guy’s BS.

    • You guys are so quick to attack the man rather than what he says. Personal attack about extraneous past offenses which have nothing to do with what he’s saying about guns, that’s your game.

  2. Of course “The Young Turks” are going to spew disarmament agitprop. I expect no less from a group taking their namesake from the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide.

  3. Welp, there’s another subscription for me. Man, I am discovering so many awesome YouTube channels nowadays. Shame it comes about in this manner.

  4. Typical commie libtard. Its ALWAYS the liberals. Not meaning to anger the few gun luvin libs, of course (but the numbers dont lie).

    • How dare he use facts and cite sources! He should argue like a liberal and use scary words and emotions.

    • right. LOL

      you obviously missed the other videos about economics too.

      he does a good job in deconstructing the propaganda and bullshit so rife with progressives.

      how about this? you breakdown his deconstruction or have a nice tall glass. of course, you will undoubtedly remain nice and silent, attacking the refutation without any evidence presented yourself.

      • You are too kind and classy in your use of the word “progressives” in describing these insane gun grabbers……so I shall be unkind…..and use the term “libtards”. They just cant see that they are the ones (along with all US citizens) who will be losing some of their power and liberty to entities that they themselves seem to despise (military and law enforcement).

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