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As the gun control industry cranks-up the anti-gun agit prop machine, the gun rights community is learning who’s their friend and who ain’t. Dick’s Sporting Goods? Nope. Cheaper Than Dirt? Maybe, maybe not. And now we have a whole roster of celebrities who’ve thrown their weight behind Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Will you remember this ad the next time you’re headed to the cinema? Will you boycott cinemas with a “gun-free” policy? How has the post-Sandy Hook environment affected the way you spend your money?

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  1. Trust me, I’m taking names and making my list of people, organizations, and politicians that I won’t support or do business with again. These anti-freedom folk thought that because all the initial comments on the internet were anti-gun that the whole world was with them. Just turns out most were refraining from comment out of respect for the dead. The tide of comments and support has quickly changed and now everyone is walking back their original comments. Well too late, time to sink these treasonous anti-freedom sissies.

  2. Robert, would you please publish a list of these wacko’s? Since I don’t pay too much attention to the celebrity morons, I didn’t recognize 90% of those losers.

  3. I will avoid Dick’s whenever possible in the future, which might be difficult sometimes. I will also avoid Cheaper Than Dirt, as well, but that will be easy. I’ve only ordered from them a couple times, because it’s not hard to find a better price with just a few minutes research.

  4. Is there a list of names with these celebrities?I can’t identify them all, but I won’t support anyone with my dollar who is willing to stand behind disarmament of the American people.

    • OK, so I got about 80% of them. I could probably get more if I took more time. It’s actually pretty hard to pull out all the names one after another like that. Your brain starts to get confused. Maybe someone else can fill in the rest.

      :00 Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Paul Rudd, Michelle Williams, Beyonce, Amy Poehler, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Garner, Jon Hamm
      :10 Carla Gugino, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Rashida Jones, Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, unknown
      :20 John Legend, Olivia Munn, unknown, unknown, Ellen DeGeneres, unknown, Julianne Moore, unknown
      :30 unknown, Hillary Swank, unknown, John Slattery, Nick Offerman & Megan Mullaly, Jeremy Renner, Selena Gomez
      :40 unknown, Chris Rock, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Courteney Cox, Christina Applegate
      :50 unknown, Zooey Deschanel, Steve Carell, unknown, unknown, unknown
      1:00 Jennifer Aniston, Debra Messing, unknown, Chelsea Handler, Max Greenfield, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jon Hamm
      1:10 Peter Dinklage, Brooke Shields, Chris Rock, unknown, Joel McHale, Kristen Bell, Conan O’Brien

  5. I haven’t seen any stores with a “no guns” policy in MA, but if I did I’d take my business elsewhere. Cheaper than Dirt is Lower than Dirt in my book. D!ck’s can s^ck mine. Boycotting celebrities? You mean like no more ogling of Scarlett Johansson? You must be utterly mad. I have principles, but that’s where I draw the line.

  6. “Demand a plan” — “armed guardians” in schools.

    “Enough” — No more guaranteed psycho-safe gun free school zones, with helpless victims as targets. Repeal the GFSZA now.

    • No, that would be against the 1st Amendment, and those people wouldn’t want to go against their constitutional rights would they?

      Oh wait.

      Hypocritical douchebags.

  7. I’m boycotting Fox Sports until they fire Whitlock. No Autozone, Cheaper Than Dirt either. Also, I will be boycotting a local store called Griggs as they price gouged PMags. Any place that has a no guns sign also permanently loses my business.

  8. I have a plan:

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America. Protect it and use it, or loose it.

    And, no more of my money/labor/time will go to anyone in that video.

    Nous Defions

  9. as an American and as a human being I am going to hold to my Bible my family and I will protect them with my guns.
    and I will boycott, DICKs, and CTD.

  10. Hasn’t there been a plan since December 15, 1791? “The right to bear arms…. Shall not be infringed.”

    Let those who want to be armed be able to protect themselves, and those who don’t can wait for the police to arrive while they’re being murdered. No more Criminal Protection Zones. I guarantee that with that one action, coupled with constitutional carry, you would see real decrease in gun violence.

    • That’s why the anti-freedom people will fight it. They would have to admit that they are wrong. For narcissists and sycophants that doesn’t come easy or at all.

      How much do you want to bet every one of those celebrities has armed protection (carrying magazines with more than 10 rounds)? The elites want to disarm YOU, they have their own set of rules.

  11. How many more? How many more idiots are there out there who believe disarming yourself makes you safer from armed criminals and lunatics?

  12. Enough of the BS, they make their big money by glorifying violence and the person that wrote the Turner Diaries where they felt timothy mcveigh got his idea to blow up a building. He got off on first amendment grounds ok I get we have rights to free speach and so on I accept it then why the hell can they not see we have a second amendment right also that does not dependant on criminal activity using firearms to further their criminal enterprise. Its all or nothing we can not pick and choose which rights they will allow and whick ones they will not. Its all or nothing and I’m not giving any of my right’s up.

  13. It never fails to amaze me that these “stars” mistake celebrity for influence. “Whoa! I’m famous, so I need to say my thing and people will take it like it was from the burning bush! After all I’m a big deal and gosh darn it, people like me.”

    Just shut up. This is simply the cause de jour. Next month they’ll go back to advocating saving the vegan baby seals or whatever.

    • Millions and millions of regular people follow every step these celebs make, look at every photo ever taken of them, and yes, listen to what they say because they, too, want to be “cool,” just like their pop idols. People like that cannot think for themselves, and to them celebrities have a certain higher status in society, thus whatever they say must be right. Sad but true.

  14. I opt out of all the Celebrity Endorsements and adulation and wish companies would lower their costs rather than pay someone to try and influence me to buy something based on their looks, or their last make believe character. Went to buy some .22’s the other day and the only bulk box they had in stock was one with the picture of some Cajun who is on some semi-reality tv show shooting alligators in a swamp….I know this because I asked a clerk who this guy was and why the box of ammo was more expensive than comparable quantities without his picture. Now he is more than entitled to try and make a living, however, I will spend my dollars on a plain box without his picture and which costs several dollars less….that goes for Zombie stuff too.
    Maybe if Ronald Reagan was still advertising Chesterfields I would pick up a pack, but other than that, I can’t think of when a celebrity’s opinion on a product or a political idea meant anything to me. And who is Scarlett Johansonn? I honestly don’t know.
    I will defend any Celebrity’s right to have an opinion and to state it, but I refuse to listen to it….Could absolutely care less what they have to say.

    • As a Californian, Reagan is permanently on my NO list for his anti-gun actions while governor of this state, specifically signing the Mulford Act and his comments supporting it.

  15. Not much point in boycotting Century Theatres in the Bay Area, as much as I’d like to for their no-firearms policy. They’re effectively a monopoly for convenient movie viewing, and (sob) it is basically impossible to get a license to carry in Alameda County until CalGuns wins quite a few more lawsuits.

    I’m of the opinion that only organized boycotts do any good. It is rare when there are enough disgruntled individual activists to cause a measurable statistical change in sales. Note that CTD’s high profile idiocy may effectively result in an organized boycott even without an advocacy organization promoting same.

    • To be fair, having a No Guns policy here in Alameda County is redundant. Only law enforcement and a select few others can carry legally.

  16. “Will you boycott cinemas with a “gun free “policy?”
    Hell, I’ve avoided every place with a gun free policy possible since 1995.
    The only time I go anywhere with a “gun free ” policy is when I have no choice.
    Since 1995:
    I’ve been called to jury duty three (3) times.
    Every year I have to go to the tax office six (6) times to get vehicle tags and once to pay property taxes.
    Twice I’ve had to go to the DMV to renew my DL.
    In addition there is church and visiting friends / family in the hospital.
    I believe that’s it.
    I don’t spend a penny in any establisment with a sign on the door telling me they don’t want my business.

  17. my list includes and is not limited too the actors/ actresses/music performers that voted democrat this time around…I won’t spend a dime for any movie or concert they are in…..

  18. The video has comments disabled, just like the Brady Campaign videos.

    Funny story, huh? No logical argument. Just pandering to others’ emotions and allowing no chance for rebuttal.

    Typical libtard attitude.

  19. I have practiced strategic boycott since I graduated college and became politically involved. I wear Wranglers. Levi’s haven’t covered my butt since I joined NRA in ’79. I boycott movies by the outspoken Hollywood libs, and just today drove 12 miles out of my way to avoid getting a sporting goods giftcard from Dick’s. I do the best I can when I can,but of course strict consistency isn’t always possible. Sometimes the kids just gotta go to Disney.
    For instance, you might want to reexamine your choice of Christian/Jewish house of worship according to this article:http//www.nytimes.com2012/12/20/us/religious-leaders-push-congregants-on-gun-contr…

    • the jewish calls for gun control are horrifically ironic to say the least.

      cowards. all of them.

      talk about not learning your lesson.

  20. We’re just adding to the you tube hit count. That translates to all the morons lots of “support” for the video.
    I stopped half way though because I really don’t care about their opinions.
    In the Christmas Spirit…. What happened right after Jesus was born?
    Matthew 2:16-18 Herod went out and killed all the male children under the age of 2 in the area.
    Evil is always around us……pray, stay armed and protect those you love.

  21. Hollywood has not got a penny from me in over 10 years. I don’t go to the movies, I don’t buy dvd’s, hell I don’t even subscribe to HBO or Showtime. I watch everything for free thanks to the Internet. It’s my little way of giving them the middle finger.

    • +1
      “Hollywood has not got a penny from me in over 10 years.” And yet you are still able to lead a fulfilling life. If all Gun Owners stayed home from the movies and turned off the tv for a week, didn’t download mp3s online for a week, perhaps those in charge would understand how many of us there are. Remember how many people showed up to support Chic-Filet. There is a silent majority and they are beginning to awaken.

      • my point exactly.

        I remember getting ridiculed on here for having a “holier than thou” attitude because I do not have cable or watch TV.

        you pretty much summed up why I dont.

        Its a funny thing, when you are actually living a meaningful live, you dont feel the need to watch somebody else live theirs

        • That may have been me, and it may not have been true for you. It was not my intention to offend. Nevertheless, it’s true that whenever the subject of TV comes up, there’s almost invariably someone who doesn’t watch, and acts as if it makes them somehow better or smarter than the rest of us. As I said, that may not be true for you.

          It’s like the saying, “How do you know if someone’s run a marathon? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.”

          Happy Appropriate Holiday of your choice!

  22. The NY Daily News. They’ve gone absolutely apesh&t with extreme liberal editorials…so much so that most, if not all, of their gun, Newtown, and gun control articles have zero resemblance to reporting whatsoever. They bare doing little more than stoking the hate and misinformation campaigns against law abiding gun owners.

  23. I’m not normally a big boycott type, but I tend to give my business to people who support things I do. I assume that with the exception of Tom Selleck, Gary Sinise, and Chuck Norris, Holly Weird types don’t have the same values I do. That’s why the last the two movies I’ve seen are Atlas Shrugged and 2016 Obama’s America. I go to Academy instead of Dicks because other than golf stuff, Academy has a better selection at better prices. I don’t do business with Cheaper Than Dirt because Lucky Gunner has better prices and better service.

    I haven’t bought a Springsteen record since Nebraska, not because he’s a lefty, but because that’s when he started to suck. The Dixie Chicks I didn’t like enough to support after they showed their true colors. James McMurtry is a left wing loon, but I love his music, so I look at it as I’m not going to deny myself the enjoyment of listening to it because I don’t like his politics. (Besides, we live in the same Congressional District so I’m pretty confident our votes cancel out.)

  24. Not one thin dime, not so much as an internet hit, to the news organizations that have made themselves domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution. The same with their collaborators in industry.

    Funny thing, too; I’m still better informed than those who frequent the so-called MSM.

  25. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion so boycotting a performer, artist or writer is childish. I still would love to have lunch with Joyce Carol Oates. Needless to say there are some on that list the I would enjoy “desert” with as well.

    I will boycott CTD because they didn’t back any segment of firearms community. I have deleted their bookmark. I have mixed feelings about Dick’s. Their customer base is much larger than the firearms community so I can understand their reaction. They could get boycotted by either part of their customer base so they have walk a thin line between hostile groups. I think we should cut them some slack.

  26. I don’t support hollywood because they don’t support me. I don’t have cable or a satellite dish. I have about a thousand DVD’s. I buy my DVD’s at stores like Rasputins in their used sections. That way nobody in hollywood makes a penny off me.

    In the last 8 years I have been to the theater once. I got a gift card and used it to see the new “True Grit”.

    As for pro sports. My wife will never have to complain of being a sports widow, I will not waste my time or money watching a bunch of steroid monsters getting paid the big bucks to play games we played at school recess as a kid.

  27. Wow, so Beyonce marries a felon who hangs out with the POTUS? I am shocked the NBA allowed him to have any interest in a professional sports team.

    Let the church say, Amen . . . . .

    or how about this tidbit?!100311-music-jay-z-court-trial

    and has anyone checked the background of any of these “stars” to make sure they are or have all been good little boys and girls?

  28. Sure am boycotting and have been for years:

    Daniel Craig the new James Bond, Matt Damon aka Jason Borne, Madonna (easy to do), the Banking Industry (I use credit unions), those Matt in FL wrote about, and more. Oh yeah and big fatt Rosie O’Donnel.

  29. Kinda local, but I’m boycotting KSL, a TV/radio station. They have the biggest Classifieds section in the state, and they chose to take down all firearms ads from their Classifieds because they were sooooo “concerned” about easy access to guns. So I won’t be using their website, app, or getting any news or programming from their TV or radio station until they change their minds. Until then (and possibly after then too) I’ll be using Utah Gun Exchange.

  30. Since first becoming interested in this gun thing about 6 months ago, I quickly discovered that it’s almost impossible to browse firearms-related sites at Caribou Coffee. Starbucks? No problems at all. Caribou has the better brew but it’s been all Starbucks for me.

    Unfortunately, in NC you can’t take a gun into any movie theater so kinda up a creek for that aside from watching at home. No more D-ick’s for sure though.

  31. Easier to make a list of hollyweird stars who are PRO gun (but then you dont want to hurt the careers of those who are agnostic on the issue, either).

  32. the first tem seconds has amanda peet star of whole ten yards not jennifer garner star of alias ….jenny is later in the vid.

    • Dammit! That was literally the only one I was “questionable” on. All the rest I was sure of. Should have left her as unknown.

      Sorry, Amanda.

  33. Most of those celebs weren’t much of a surprise to me. I was disappointed to see Jeremy Renner in that clip. He makes violent movies like Bourne Legacy but then wants to take away my ability to stop violence. Glad I didn’t bother to see it, and I won’t be now.

  34. Boycotting these celebrities may do some good, but I don’t think they’ll see or feel it as a big enough negative, that a few gun forums having threads that encourage a boycott.

    My suggestion while the letters and phone calls are being made to congressman and senators alike, would be to flood/contact the agents (or managers) of these celeb’s. I’d let them know and make them realize that millions are coming out of their pockets (the agents and the celeb’s) by the same celeb’s that are making these emotionally uneducated public statements.

    If the agents realized how big of a hit they and the celeb’s will take (especially when the agent has multiple clients), then we may gain an ally on the inside.

    It may also be worth mentioning when contacting these agents. That these same celeb’s that have bodyguards will be viewed as very hypocritical and out of touch with the very same judgements their trying to pass on to their fans and soon to be ex-fans.

    There are lots of celeb’s but fewer agents to concentrate an effort on and overwhelm, saturate and bombard. Any thoughts?

  35. Last week I saw a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ad with Jennifer Anniston on cable TV: St Jude Thanks and Giving – “Wishes”
    On Friday I decided I would go to the bank on Monday Dec. 24 and donate $500.00 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. On Saturday when I saw the so-called PSA for “Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence” and Jennifer Anniston in it…Well, sorry St. Jude no donation from yours truly. Your decision to have a spokesperson who used their position to support a political agenda that is complete opposite of mine cost you. Yes, I really was going to donate at least $500.00 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and was going to donate more money later on. I know I am only 1 person, but we must put pressure on charity organizations. We must inform them we will not donate money to their worthy cause(s) if they use a spokesperson who is bent on using their celebrity status for political agendas. I know I will be vilified for not helping out these unique little children. Too bad Jennifer Anniston didn’t think about the possibility of losing donations before doing this PSA even if it is only 1 person.

    • Hi EAC,
      St. Jude is one of the charities I support.
      As of today I think I will continue to support them.
      First to my knowledge St. Jude has not made any statement in support of gun control.
      Secound I have no reason to believe they were or are aware of Aniston’s position.
      Third and most important, I believe the work they do is important. Important enough to transcend politics. When you support St. Jude you’re not supporting a business, you’re supporting critically ill children and their families whose politics are unknown to you. Many of whom may have no other place to get help. I’m sure many are in favor of gun control and many are opposed and many (most) are on the fence. But we can’t pick which patient (child ) we want to support (nor do I want to) so we can either support all or refuse support to all.
      I can’t remove my support of an institution whose purpose is to care for ill children regardless of their ability to pay, simply because I disagree with a spokesperson who is trying to raise funds which will allow them to continue to do so. I believe (hope) Aniston has probably donated her time and I really can’t blame St. Jude for accepting the support of anyone who can help raise funds because of a political statement they have no control over and have shown no support of. Also while I happen to disagree with Aniston on the subject of gun control, I agree with her on the subject of St. Jude. So if I pull my support I will not only be hurting critically ill children and their families but also, in a way, I will be hurting myself.

      • You may have missed my point. Yes, non-political charities like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a truly noble & worthy organization for seriously ill children. However, St. Jude & other charities should look hard at who is speaking for them. For example having Captain Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger, the Pilot who safely landed the disabled U.S. Airways jetliner on the Hudson River…GREAT. Capt. “Sully” has not used hero status resulting in fame to publicly espouse any form of a political agenda. Ms. Aniston, et al, could phone or write or email her politicians like the rest of us. Sometimes there are unintended consequences for others when celebs use their status to push through a politically driven agenda. What would happen everyone of us told a charity we were withholding donations due to the politics their spokesperson(s) were publicly – virally espousing? Perhaps Ms. Aniston, and the other celebs, will take note of this. I hope so.

  36. It would be interesting to find out how many of these A, B, C, and D list celebrities have armed bodyguards. Rosie O’Donnell, one of the most rabid anti 2nd amendment types sure got called on that one. It would be great to see someone asking all of them them, on camera, if they will swear that they do not currently employ, nor will they ever employ an armed bodyguard.


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