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Do ya like to carry a wheel gun from time to time? Not a snubby, but maybe something bigger with a little more panache? Well we have good news for you, Bunky. Crossbreed’s just announced they’re making four new holsters for the venerable Smith Model 10. Some guns never go out of style and there’s no reason not to carry one of your faves. Press release after the jump . . .

CrossBreed® Holsters now offers several different Outside the Waistband and Modular Holsters for the S&W K Frame Model 10 (38 special only) including the SnapSlide, SuperSlide, MaxSlide and the MaxOhai Modular Holsters.

These holsters combine a premium leather backer and a handcrafted kydex pocket, made specific for the firearm that covers the trigger guard, to ensure your firearm is safe and secure when holstered. The OWB holsters are designed to pull your firearm up close to your body, laying flat against your body to allow concealment even under a light garment.

Visit to see their full line up of holsters, magazine carriers and handmade leather belts.

CrossBreed® Holsters has gained national recognition as a maker of the best and most functional concealment holsters available on the market today. Each holster is still handcrafted to ensure your firearm is safe and secure while carrying. Combined with the best customer service in the industry, CrossBreed® Holsters is the company you can count on for all of your Conceal & Carry needs.


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  1. Naturally, they come out with a spiffy new holster for my favorite handgun and I live in an area where I better not holster up and step outside. Sigh.

  2. my thoughts are, will this fit the model 15 and 19, which are also K frames?
    like to carry both of those models

  3. The immortal Smith & Wesson Model 10, fka the Smith & Wesson Military & Police. It’s a great revolver, and CrossBreed makes a great holster, but carrying the Model 10 IWB with the barrel scratching my ass doesn’t seem comfy or cozy.

      • The fact that it is OWB makes that gigantic sweat shield seem a bit odd. Picture that sticking up above your pants, but not very snug to your body. Looks like you could get your thumb behind it when you go to draw.

  4. I can not believe CrossBreed produced something that freak’n ugly…did anyone tell them that it pays to have the holster cover the muzzle…wtf.

    • CrossBreed holsters are first rate, but nobody ever called them pretty. Pretty ugly, maybe, but not pretty.

  5. Is their publicity video gonna feature Herbert from St. Louis circa 1942 concealed carrying to defend against the Gerry’s and “The Jap”? What the hell? Is an IWB for the Brown Bess next?

  6. I like to carry a nostalgic model 19 on Sundays, for formal occasions, and at barbecues.

  7. Why would they make a holster that has a large amount of the gun’s steel, the far end of the barrel, riding on and digging into your leg unprotected?
    Or maybe they just inadvertently put the plastic thing on upside-down. Still goofy.

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