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“Societies have to think about how they’re going to approach the problem [of protecting populations from criminals and terrorists],” [former Interpol Secretary General Ronald] Noble told ABC News. “One is to say we want an armed citizenry; you can see the reason for that. Another is to say the enclaves are so secure that in order to get into the soft target you’re going to have to pass through extraordinary security.”

“You have to ask yourself, ‘Is an armed citizenry more necessary now than it was in the past with an evolving threat of terrorism?’ This is something that has to be discussed,” Noble added.

Israel is making a choice now after Hamas terrorists penetrated the “extraordinary security” around Gaza with explosives, boats, and paragliders. With that barrier penetrated, too many Israelis proved to be soft targets for assailants who butchered their way through communities.

Ukraine made similar choices after Russia invaded at the beginning of 2022, putting many civilians on the front lines in their own homes.

“We will give weapons to anyone who wants to defend the country,” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced. “Be ready to support Ukraine in the squares of our cities.”

Ukrainians anticipated that necessity, flocking to arm themselves in the days before Russian troops crossed the border.

“Gun shops have sold out of some weapons, such as AR-10 and AR-15 assault rifles,” The Guardian reported the day before war began. “With a state of emergency set to be unveiled, the country’s parliament approved a draft law that gives Ukrainians permission to carry firearms,” the story added. “Previously they were forbidden from leaving home with lethal weapons.”

Polling later found that 58 percent of Ukrainians supported wider civilian gun ownership. Before his death early this year in a helicopter crash, then-Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky planned further efforts to meet that demand.

“Certainly, for protection of their homes, civilians should be allowed to use arms,” Monastyrsky said.

— J.D. Tuccille in Israel Eases Guns Restrictions Amidst Security Failures

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  1. Shouldn’t? It didn’t. Most still ain’t armed there. Our government still hates that we are.

  2. During a war the first thing a military should do is disarm the citezens. Never know who’s the good guy and who’s got a bomb in their shoe.

  3. This article title of course is:

    “It Shouldn’t Take a Massacre or Invasion to Convince Governments of the Benefits of an Armed Populace”

    That depends on who governments want to benefit.

    Pro tip: History makes it crystal clear that governments almost always operate to benefit the Ruling Class, even if that happens at the expense of the Working Class. Thus, governments will almost universally suppress the Natural and God-ordained right of the Working Class to keep and bear arms for righteous self-defense.

    And please note that a “benefit” which the Ruling Class often seeks is facilitating chaos and death in the Working Class quite literally for evil amusement.

    • Expanding ever so briefly on my comment above:

      When has the Ruling Class ever lost anything significant in any “massacre” or even war?

      It is rare, indeed, when the Ruling Class lose. Rather, it is the Working Class who ALWAYS lose.

      • I seem to recall a period in France where the ruling class lost a lot…mostly above the shoulders.

        • It all depends on the resolve of those working to end the grip of the ruling class. Something the Founding Patriots understood all to well and our society has yet to learn.

      • WW1 did a very effective job of reducing the ranks of Britains upper and ruling classes. Was even more effective for France too.

  4. Israel made it’s choice and now they have paid for it with the lives of their children.
    Our founders wisely choose armed freedom for us.
    Every terrible implement of the soldier is the birthright of an American” Tench Coxe Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.
    We must use and preserve it.

    • Really?
      Have you seen what’s going on with our borders? Remember 911 or Pearl Harbor?

      The Democrats wage war against the American population on a regular basis.

      • You don’t know the definition of war…. Take some time to learn before you come to the big boy table!

        • Phillip,

          In addition to Prndll’s comment, war takes on many forms.

          While the “kinetic” variety involving guns, bullets, artillery, warships, explody-things, and aircraft are what many people immediately think of when you mention “war”, that word can also refer to cyber-attacks, financial attacks, infrastructure attacks, and on and on.

        • Hmm newer name and/or infrequent poster, makes leading/demonstrably false statement, gets testy when called out……… well guess it’s astrotroll season again.

        • AR15’s are not assault rifles.
          Men cannot get pregnant.
          Anything can be an assault weapon.
          ‘gun violence’ is a meaningless term intended to provoke fear.
          RedFlag laws are unconstitutional.
          1+1=2 is not an opinion.
          “follow the science” is only demanded by people not interested in science.
          My right to own and carry guns is on the same level as my right to free speech.
          Jan6 was not an insurrection. Pelosi calling it that does not make it so.

          How about we start there?

  5. Be prepared.

    The US thinks it is so safe . . . but we have several cartels warring just south of our border, and it sometimes spills over onto US soil. If one or more cartel leader decided that they wanted to take control of areas of the US, they could send thousands of well armed thugs into the US at any time.

    Forget the cartels – mid-east terrorists could easily launch an attack similar to what we saw in Israel. “It would be suicide”, you say? Well, it appears that the attack in Israel was a suicide mission, but they found thousands of takers.

    It can happen here. Repeat after me: It can happen here!

    • Paul,

      Unfortunately, I think you are spot-on and dead-nuts correct.

      This is a reminder that I should re-evaluate my readiness for an instantaneous engagement of the nasty variety with multiple terrorist attackers.

  6. Can’t let a crisis go to waist,,, where have I heard that before? sq. The left was pissed when Rudy cleaned up N.Y..

      • well, when you consider that Biden’s ‘open border’ lets them just walk into the country its a safe bet now that the FBI warning includes those ‘special interest’ (e.g. ties to, or on watch list for, terrorism).

        • That so called ‘watch list’ has on it regular every day citizens who’s license plates were recorded at gun shows, those that buy more than one firearm at a time, and anyone that supports Trump.

          The FBI operates at the behest of high ranking Democrats. If they are apprehending (not necessarily detaining) criminals at the border, it’s just for show so the Dems can say they are doing something. Otherwise it’s all about removing any barrier than might slow down illegal entry.

          FOX news has already shown they can’t be trusted to provide the truth either.

        • “FOX news has already shown they can’t be trusted to provide the truth either.”

          Maybe not on some things, but they do bring out some points the other media outlets won’t mention

    • Four ‘special interest’ Iranians here illegally apprehended at southern border in Texas.

  7. MeanWhile, The M–assachusetts Demo-Authoritarian controlled State Government is currently busy trying to take away a MA Residents 2nd Amendment Rights! State DemoNUTs are trying to steamroll Anti-2nd @ Legislation through the State House ….

    • Well of course do you know how many issues spread out over half a dozen circuit courts are pending decisions that may make such legislation difficult? Anything specific for this go around I am looking for background checks for reloading components for my infringement bingo card.

    • I’m here in MA too. 4420 will never fly, nor will its new and improved version. And even if it did, compliance would be near zero and Defunded police would have neither the time nor inclination to enforce it.

  8. Biden admin sent $30M in ‘Covid Relief’ to Palestinian relief group accused of harboring Hamas terrorists.

  9. The state has no reason to support defense of the citizenry at any level.

    The state is incentivized to fail. Failure begets calls for more wealth transfers, more state controls, more state powers and ever fewer individual liberties.

    The state has nothing to gain by citizens defending themselves or citizens being defended by the state.

    • Shire-man,

      Correct. The priority of real-world governments is government and/or the Ruling Class, not the populace.

  10. From the looks of marching supporters bet your bottom dollar somewhere some deranged hamas excuse making pos in the USA is about to blow a gasket.

  11. Sadly this is applicable to so much these days:

    “It Shouldn’t Take a [insert disaster of choice] to Convince Governments of the Benefits of [logic/reason]”

  12. I guess it is the Governments themselves that are autocratic that are the primary proponents of strict gun control because THEY want to dominate the people in their Country. Those who are genuinely concerned about protecting their citizens would realize that things like open borders, defunding law enforcement, liberal policies regarding the arrest and release of criminals etc. are the train ride to anarchy. How many videos do you have to watch of people walking into stores and stealing because they now know they can. This leftist mentality is beyond comprehension and is a sign of sever mental illness in large segments of populations around the world. Who does something like Hamas and then expects people to feel sorry for them or their citizens when they have been totally irresponsible. Go figure.

  13. Israel and Ukraine are poor examples, in both cases the Government only ceded because itself, the Government, was under threat. This proves, yet again, that they dont care about you, they only care about themselves. This means that once the foreign threat ends, the armed populace becomes the threat. The USA and its unique 2A recognized that the Government is the threat and the armed populace, left in its natural state, is its check and balance.

  14. If there is an invasion I’m hoping those advocating for disarmament are the first and only victims. It’s only righteous they should suffer that fate.

  15. Guns do not defend the public against govt. run amok or lunatic politicians. Unfortunately. The only thing that stops it is public transparency, civic involvement and public awareness and recalls that remove politicians who want to overstep their bounds and take people’s rights away.

    The problem in America is that we have horrible media that tells hypestories for a living, and and apathetic public that gave up on the system a long time ago because it got bought and and sold to special interests. Special interests do not care about your rights, they care about getting your money. And control. They like to have control. Its a control thing. Hence all the surveilly stuff. Armed citizens are inconvenient to that apparatus, but still no real obstacle if the apparatus really gets rolling…The MIC wins every election.

  16. News flash — The governments that don’t want their citizens to have guns don’t really care about the citizens’ safety. They care about THEIR safety. Dictatorship 101 — Take the guns. Control the people. That is why we have a Second Amendment. ‘We the People’ will use those guns to keep it and our other Constitutional rights.

  17. Exactly. The corrupt Palestinian Authority forced us in the West Bank to give up our weapons as part of the so-called “peace process”.

    Gaza kept its guns, and they have the means to defend themselves. I live in Dubai now, and I’ve sent probably 20 guns to family in Gaza. Civilian firearm ownership is a human right.

    I know this blog is run by j3ws, and Boomer-Americans consume j00-run media; and hence are indifferent to the suffering of the Palestinian people. My American friend here watches Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, and PragerU; and reads this blog. I know, I know. But here in Gaza, we support the right to keep and bear arms. We support Americans and their 2A. The point of the 2A is oppose tyranny. We in Palestine have lived under tyranny by an oppressive Israeli government that treats us like non-humans. We know normal Americans now live under tyranny- with all the @bortions and tr@nsgender children and crime and riots and Bidenomics. White Americans are prevented from getting jobs and getting educations. Your country is flooded with indigenous people from Latin America.

    We, the Palestinian diaspora send love to Americans in their struggle against the z10nist 0ccupation Government. We support the 2A.

    Love from Dubai, UAE. Love from the Palestinian diaspora.

    • You have at least two allies here. miner49er and dacian. You guys should get along famously. You all 3 hates you some jooz.

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