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California Attorney General Rob Bonta and Gov. Gavin Newsom(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
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By Rob Morse

I confess this bothers me. So much for being an objective chronicler of the facts, but a majority of Democrat Attorneys General told the court that you need to be disarmed. Once again, they said it’s vitally important that the state disarm honest citizens who obey the law.

Let me underscore that so there’s no misunderstanding. Government elites demand the right to put you and your family at greater risk. This bothers me a lot because law-abiding gun owners save so many lives. These hoplophobic Democrats are ivory tower elitists who don’t live in our world.

In every state, we know which citizens applied for and were given a permit to carry a personal firearm in public. We’ve studied them, and these concealed carriers are the most law-abiding group that sociologists can identify. No one is less violent and more law-abiding no matter where you looked.

That said, the Democrats AGs told the court that these honest citizens need to be barred from most public places. “Sensitive” places. They also need to be barred from all private places unless they receive advanced permission to enter. That would be comically absurd, except the results are written in the blood of innocent victims.

You and your neighbors use personal firearms to legally defend yourselves over 7-thousand times a day. Time after time, night after night, you defend yourselves and stop criminals from assaulting, raping, and murdering. You had to do that because you were the first person at the scene of the attack.

Stopping those crimes has made all of us safer, even those who don’t carry a gun. Honest gun owners prevented tens of thousands of murders, hundreds of thousands of sexual assaults, and millions of robberies and aggravated assaults every year. You’ve done that year after year. You’ve stopped far more crimes than the police do. When you were allowed to, you’ve even stopped most mass murders last year. Despite your immense competence and virtue, anti-gun Democrats want to see you and your neighbors disarmed.

As I said, that bothers me as I suspect it bothers you, too. More good people get hurt when they’re disarmed. Like you, I wish that criminals would stop attacking innocent victims, but criminals don’t care what we want. That’s why good guys still have to defend themselves.

There may be a few places where the state is providing such strict security that it’s justified in disarming honest citizens. For example, the defendant is disarmed when he is being held in a court of law. Visitors are disarmed in the courthouse for the safety of the defendant. The government disarms them and assumes responsibility for protecting and defending them. Except for those few places, the government has expressly stated that we are on our own virtually everywhere else.

The world is full of broken political promises. We’re told that our children were safe in schools because we had gun control laws to disarm the killers. That was a lie, and mass-murderers deliberately hunt our kids in “gun-free” zones.

We were told that law enforcement officers would protect our students at school. Sometimes they did, and sometimes the officers never even tried. We were told that criminals would never attack our churches, our synagogues, our mosques, or our temples because those are designated “gun-free” zones. The government has never taken the blame when those sites were attacked. Instead, Democrats blamed you when it happened and wanted you disarmed.

We have over 23,000 firearms regulations on the books today. Disarming the good guys with the guns clearly works for Democrat elites. They have their personal security details. Their children have armed guards protecting them. They care far more about their own protection than they do about yours. They demand the right of the government to put you, your children, and your neighbors at greater risk. It’s evil for them to demand that our kids go undefended simply so they can feel better.

Think about that for a minute. Gun-hating Democrat elites don’t walk through the mall or down the street late at night unprotected. You and your family do that, sometimes by choice, and sometimes by necessity. Looking across the US, about one-in-12 adults go legally armed in public today. I thank you for protecting yourselves everywhere you can. That has made all of us safer despite what the Democrat elites say.

What are the Democrat Attorneys’ General and Democrat-appointed judges really telling us when they demand that you be disarmed? They’re telling us about the rarified world in which they live. Places where they feel perfectly safe while violence increases in big blue cities from coast to coast. The evidence is clear that they really don’t know very much about making us safer and don’t really care.

Take a look to see if the laws the anti-gun Democrat elites pass for us actually affect them. Listen for their lies the next time they talk about disarming you. Because you can bet they’ve ensured their own safety while making sure you’re at the mercy of armed criminals.


This article originally appeared at Slow Facts Blog and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. That’s leftist/lib/dems for ya- “One rule for thee, another for ME”… and it applies down the line, not just regarding firearms.

  2. True this. DEMONcRATs Don’t care about the American people, only about consolidating their power.

        • It does seem that way, doesn’t it? The problem is, republicans think for themselves which makes it difficult to agree on everything and what’s most important to one may be least important to others. They fight for their priorities to the exclusion of all else. The DemonicRats group think, they use the same words and phrases for everything and, those few who are capable of having thoughts, suppress them in order to remain part of the group. They have a huge communications network set up to send the words/phrases of the day to their group.

          It is unfortunate that the most intelligent then come off as the least organized and the least capable of governing.

    • Consolidating power only has one end. As someone who has ancestor’s that escaped multiple unrelated genocides, and has been watching the ramping rhetoric from the left about one camp or another, combined with their lust for disarming law abiding citizens, it’s only becoming more clear that “they” (royal/elite they) have plans that an armed populace would stand in the way of. Stack deep, not for yourself, but for compatriots, there is no way you’d shoot 15k boolits without catching one on the two way range, but we all have friends in need, indeed.

  3. I am a supporter of West Virginia Attorney General and now Gubernatorial Candidate, Patrick Morrissey, who brought you no less than the West Virginia vs EPA decision more or less single handedly. He is one of the most 2A Attorney’s General in the US. I know him well enough that I get invited to his regional briefings. At one of these he was talking about Constitutional Carry and apparently every violent crime report in the state crosses his desk. He stated that there was no change in violent crime after Constitutional Carry went into effect. Before this date Sheriff issued shall issue permits were wide spread, so the deterrence of an armed populace was already baked into the numbers.

  4. “Anti-Gun Democrats’ Luxury Beliefs are Getting People Killed”

    That’s fine, as long as the ‘elect’ themselves aren’t the ones getting killed.

    Even then, you have to break a few eggs to make that tasty ‘progressive’ omelette they just know is right around the corner, if only they can exterminate us so they can win the elections to institute the police state they want… 🙁

  5. I think we are long past the point where any objective look could see the overwhelming majority of gun laws as being for the protection of the citizens.

    • The permit thing is simple, really – apply for the permit, if you are still alive after the 1 year waiting period, you obviously did not a need a gun. Permit denied.


      • That may have been sarcasm but depending on your judge and/or county it was the effective truth for many.

      • OR you are ded DEAD and this no longer need a gun. I remember well the story of a woman whose dirtbag “husband” she divorced, then he got a mite testy over the whole thing (obsessive control/power freak, by my read) so she then got a court restraining order. SURE that chunk of pricey paper would certainly”keep her safe”. She also begged da gummit for a Mother May I Card to carry a gun…. but during the long wait cause the state don’t care and don’t have to, her rotten ex salked her and killed her. Thus the state became right.. she really DID no lnger need the protection of a gun.

        MY opinion is that anyone applying for a court restraining/no-contact order is instantly eligible for and must immediately be granted upon simple request thatMother May I Card. Same day, go outand buy one. She has demonstrated, and the court has concurred, she NEEDS that means of protection.

        No piece of paper ever has protected anyone from any form of deliberate harm.
        One could build a solid case for the principle that the target of such a restrining order should be simly locked up, but that is too harsh. Many of those orders are standard boilerplate as part of the stack of papers cranked out by the divorce attorneys, a new fee being due upon the creation of each new piece of paper. To lock him up just cause SHE doesn’t trust him isn’t right either.

  6. Their ilk created this despotic cesspool and they want us to marinate in it. About what became of the Roman Empire. How many times a day am I supposed to think about the Roman Empire? lol.

    • Bread and circus, goth inclusion……….yeah on enough lists at the moment going to stop there.

  7. These two clowns are now going to oversee Vallejo PD. I wonder how many cops will leave and how fast the crime rate in Vallejo will rise.

  8. As always, the Democrats and anti gun folks want people dependent, defenseless, and disarmed. Always the claim of public safety or somehow needed for public health etc. What they want are obedient serfs and slaves beholden to the political and corporate elites.

    • You know, here in AL it was not one in 12 people carrying outside the home, with a shall issue concealed carry permit, but estimated to be one in 10 and that was BEFORE Constitutional carry went into effect last January. I would imagine that number is much higher now. I hope so.

  9. Some Millionaires live on my block, in a beach city. Our main street is permanently blocked off to cater to bicycles and pedestrian shoppers. Leftists have a strangle hold on making laws and policies. Break those, and you are persecuted by the California Leftist legal system. (sarc, but not sarc). Sub Major Felony Crimes AGAINST honest citizens are seemingly unimportant. “Street People” sleep in hotels where we cannot afford to stay ourselves. And we pay their bills. There is absolutely no recourse, just more and more insane taxation to pay for this Wonderland of Harry Potter like wishfulthink.
    We pay so much for gasoline, food and Govt. services that we have no choice but to move. Is this the raging success that honest and fair Govt has promised? Who are the so-called “Citizens” who are served? I don’t know a single one.
    If my performance at my job was a tenth as bad as our “Lawmaker’s” , I would get the gas chamber…

    • What you described is a feature, not a flaw of the system. You are being ground down via the millstones of taxation, penalties, inflation and class warfare where the elitist douches are using the poor against you. GTFO, and move to a free state, I’m working towards the same end from PRoNJ.

  10. I just mentioned it on another thread on this site:

    Beware that a significant number of the Ruling Class derive sadistic “pleasure” in causing chaos, suffering, and death for the masses.

    Note that these members of the Ruling Class pursue that evil objective apart from consolidating wealth and power which are not necessarily related at all to causing chaos, suffering, and death.

    Causing chaos, suffering, and death frequently costs great sums of political capital and money. In other words the “end game” of said despicable members of the Ruling Class is not amassing more wealth and power in and of itself. Rather, the “end game” of said despicable members of the Ruling Class is amassing more wealth and power which they will spend to cause the greatest amount of chaos, suffering, and death–an ever so subtle difference.

    • I think there’s definitely a kind of ego trip there. Any ordinary schmuck can get good policy implemented. It takes a real player with real power to implement bad policy and get away with it.

      • DaveL,

        That may be the case, although not related to what I was thinking.

        Look at it this way:
        The overwhelming majority of the upper echelon of the Ruling Class did not get there by being nice, virtuous, generous, and charitable. And at that elite level, they cycle through all the obvious stuff (almost all of which is well beyond reach of the Working Class) for “entertainment” or “satisfaction”. Of course none of that worldly stuff is deeply satisfying. Having exhausted toys and adventures and still wanting more, they turn to the evil “pleasure” of pushing people’s lives into a Hellish existence.

        Compare that to an abusive scumbag husband. Early on he gets his “satisfaction” from verbal abuse. After a while that is not sufficient so he escalates to physical threats, which, after a while escalate to physical abuse. After a while that is not sufficient so he escalates to degrading his wife by demanding that she let men and women effectively rape her.

        The point is, such people have to keep escalating to get “thrills”. The upper echelon of the Ruling Class thus escalate until they are directing people’s lives into a Hellish existence.

  11. I for one will not be broken hearted if it turns out that Biden has imported hoards of terrorists. Their primary targets will be large cities. The vast majority of their victims will be Democrats. The terrorists will also target Federal law enforcement who have been repurposed to terrorize conservative Americans. As much as I might sympathize with Israelis, I have nothing but contempt for most Jewish Americans who have been unrelenting in their efforts to demonize White, Anglo, Saxon Protestant gun owners.

    • He hasn’t imported terrorists, he’s imported his army. Millions of fighting age single young men have been permitted into the country and they are now being offered citizenship for service. They have no affinity for the nation or it’s people and will slaughter anyone he commands them to. By the 2024 elections he will have a formidable force.

      Conspiracy theory? We’ll see….

      • Oh, now there is an interesting angle on the whole open border fiasco.

        It certainly passes the smell test in terms of foreigners being much more willing to use deadly force on citizens (to enforce bogus policy) in exchange for citizenship and monthly pay. (One would hope that fellow countrymen would be extremely reluctant to use deadly force on citizens to enforce bogus policy.)

        • The known issue with US citizens in the military is that a certain number of them will fight against the government in a civil war as they have families and roots here. The demonicRats have found a way to overcome that problem under the guise of lending a helping hand to the downtrodden.

      • I have been seeing the military age single men coming over the border in terrifying numbers for about 3 years. Any war with China, or Iran,or Russia will be fought right here on U.S. soil. The Chinese had Pacific Coast ports given to them with no supervision by our govt. allowing arms depots here on our own soil. The Cartels, and gangs like MS-13 also have large presence in the U.S.A. Just lay back and enjoy your Bud Light!

        • “The Chinese had Pacific Coast ports given to them with no supervision by our govt. allowing arms depots here on our own soil.”

          Got any links or reference materials for your claims? Also, Bud Light sounds more your style.

    • Time after time, night after night, you defend yourselves and stop criminals from assaulting, raping, and murdering.

      But what about those poor misunderstood assaulters, rapists, and murderers? Those people have a right to pursue the things that make THEM happy and if it inconveniences the law abiding citizen that’s too bad… That criminal probably came from a broken home (or doesn’t know who his/her/its daddy is), dropped out of school in the 5th grade, got addicted to drugs, was sexually abused as a child, locked in a closet while momma entertained a different “Uncle” every night, can’t get a job and he/she/it feels that they are entitled to your stuff, your body, your life so, just try to look at it from their perspective…

    • The terrorists will also target Federal law enforcement

      Why would they do that, the Feds are doing the prep work for them just like the Israeli government did when it disarmed the citizenry…

  12. Noisome is an anti-gun zealot who will never back down from any anti-gun proposal. He and his minions have been attempting to shut down gun shows at any state-owned venues and as many gun stores as possible with massively expensive security requirements, have succeeded in eliminating most table-top FFLs as of January 1, are trying to make obtaining a CCW as expensive and difficult as possible while paying lip service to Bruen (eliminating good cause but reinforcing the required demonstration of “good moral character” with three character references at least one of whom is the significant other if applicable), and expanding the gun free zones so broadly (as in NYS) such that it is hardly worth having a CCW since a carrier will undoubtedly violate the restrictions or be forced to leave firearms inside vehicles most of the time. Bonta is a schemer and a liar, bent on carrying out the Emperor’s orders.

  13. RE: “That was a lie, and mass-murderers deliberately hunt our kids in “gun-free” zones.”

    Now thanks to demoCrap it’s open season on defenseless children in “Sensitive Places.” Rest assured hypocrite Gun Control democRat politicians will have their armed security in sensitive places, etc.

  14. The Supreme Court on Monday allowed the Biden administration to continue regulating so-called ghost guns – untraceable homemade weapons – as firearms under federal law.

    The court’s brief order grants the Justice Department’s request to wipe away a lower court order and allow the regulations to remain in effect while a legal challenge brought by firearm manufacturers continues to play out in the lower courts.

    There were no noted dissents to the order

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