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Obviously, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. As CBS points out, the Navy is officially supporting pro-SEAL projects in Tinsel Town. They’re justifying “loaning” hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer assets to producers using the Top Gun defense (i.e, we’re creating recruiting films). The Army has released its own videogames to that very end. Perhaps Electronic Arts and their pet SEALS forgot to clear the Medal of Honor: Warfighter project with the appropriate credit mongers higher-up in the military food chain. Or maybe it’s a head fake; the alleged punishment is marketing FUD designed to make the game seem more realistic—so realistic the Navy will have to kill you if you play it. Either way, it’s a game people. It’s just a game.

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  1. “disclosing classified material and unauthorized use of official command gear” No big deal there, right? Active military must follow the rules just like every other service member. You get caught you get punished, simple as that. I don’t know how the SEALs are up for getting so much press anyways; part of the job is clandestine. Ask a Delta operator, oh right you won’t know who he is.

    • Back in the late 80’s when I was Lieutenant in the 82d Airborne you could ALWAYS tell who the Delta guys were. That was back before ATMs so you had to stand in a line at the PX on payday to cash a check at the PX (with your Social Security Number on it…we all got so tired of writing our SSN that we had it printed on our checks…but that’s a different story). If the guy in front of you in line at the PX looked like Jesus with a gym membership and had an E7 Active Duty ID Card, you knew he was Delta.

  2. Yeah said Seals were probably punished by working in the galley for a day!
    I will buy it anyways, actually we have it on order as a Christmas gift. No one stated exactly why, and honestly if they had done something that wrong they would have been charged with something.

  3. This game is one of the worst rated games of 2012. The beta sucked; nobody liked this game. Don’t waste your time.

  4. Played the beta and I bought the retail – as far as FPS go, it’s an enjoyable game, but like most FPS games these days, opinions can be divided. Some people hated the single player campaign, I thought it was engaging, if messy narrative, about American special operations in a modern age of state-less terrorists. The online multiplayer is competent (the 2-man fire team system is nice), but like any FPS these days, your enjoyment of the online part is heavily dependent on having friends to play with and a good internet connection.

    I wonder what the accusation of leaking classified info is about? Maybe it’s the upcoming “free expansion” that is a re-creation of the Osama bin Laden raid in Pakistan?

    EA / Medal of Honor has also released a number of videos associated with the game, including interviews with current/former SEALs. Their faces are always blurred and voices are distorted for privacy/security reasons, of course.

  5. I don’t have a problem with this IF they really did give up classified information. I’ve had a security clearance for almost 30 years, a Top Secret clearance for more than 15. Every time I’ve been read on to something classified I’ve signed a statement saying I wouldn’t disclose it, if I did I was subject to imprisonment. They knew better.

    I do wish that other people in the executive branch were similarly punished for disclosing classified information to improve the electoral chances of their bosses.

  6. Marketing ploy for a game that was universally called mediocre by game reviewers. For people who are usually paid for good reviews to be calling your game crap, you know there’s a problem.

  7. I saw FPS Russia in a commercial for this or CoD. It was all real people just massacaring eachother and leveling a city, it cuts to him and he says something stupid then BAM! It was a video game commercial!

    Anyways how do you discapline a SEAL? Isnt their indoctrine training basicaly hell? Also if this isnt just a marketing gig why would anyone in the SEALs risk their career over a stupid video game? Once I started picking up real guns, I put the controler down perminantly.

  8. Wait, we criticize the guy who writes the book on violating op-sec and now say that for these guys is no big deal? We should at least be consistent…


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