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Even after the Israel/Gaza truce agreement, it seems terrorists aren’t resting on their laurels. Or waiting for more rockets to arrive from Iran. Apparently the other night while Yael Matzpun and her children were sleeping in their home in Sde Avraham, someone thought they’d try and pull off an Itamar rerun. Unbeknownst to the masked man seeking the pleasures of 72 virgins, Yael knows how to handle herself . . .


“Suddenly I saw a terrorist in a kefiyyeh [head scarf] standing opposite me,” she told Maariv. “I decided that if I didn’t fight, he would murder me and my four children, there would be a massacre like in Itamar, where the Fogels and three of their children were murdered in their home.”

The terrorist turned on the light and said something in Arabic, she recalled. He had a knife in one hand and a metal pipe in the other. Suddenly he lunged at Yael, stabbing her in the face and shoulder.

What the terrorist did not know is that Yael is an athlete trained in Krav Maga, Israeli military hand-to-hand combat. She used her skills to drive him back and into the bathroom, and locked him in. At the same time, she pushed her young children to safety.

After escaping through a bathroom window, IDF forces sent the failed terrorist to Jannah after a foot chase when he ducked out the bathroom window.

For those who don’t know, Sde Avraham is a small community in southern Israel. It’s not within any territory that is remotely in dispute. Still, you have to wonder why Matzpun wasn’t armed.

As it stands, Israel is one of the most heavily armed societies in the world. Is Israel looking at changing its laws regarding who can own a firearm and free up the restrictions a bit?

Admittedly if you have the ability to own, you also carry. There are restrictions on the types of firearms an individual can own, but one would think they’d almost demand that all citizens be armed, or at least have the right to.

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  1. The crux of the problem is that Israel inherited their gun laws from the British,and those old colonial gun laws have aged like vinegar ever since 1948.

  2. Africa, India and the middle east were corrupted and polluted by thier European colonizers.

    I must agree whole heartedly with ST.

  3. I think to most Arabs and Muslims all of Israel is ‘disputed’ land. Israeli gun laws are heavily controlled. The average Israeli citizen cannot own guns without being in a State approved category.

    • of course, Europe and US just took half their land and gave it to the jews to make the state Israel, since they felt bad about WW2. US would be pretty pissed if Norway gave away half your land to the Sami people of northern Scandinavia, since they y’know, felt bad about mistreating them and trying to eradicate their culture.

      Emphasis on felt bad.

      • The US and its WW2 European allies did not of course commit the Holocaust though arguments can be made about how IBM was involved and the general European cultural attitude indirectly contributed to it. For those unaware IBM machines and support were used by the Nazis to organize and facilitate the processing to the camps. Modern Western Civilization finally realized that it went too far in its anti-Semitic brutality.

        Israel is the homeland of the Jews. After what has occurred historically to the Jews for thousands of years in Arab Muslim and European Christian countries I have no moral problem with the tiny parcel of land known as Israel being created and neither in the land they captured in 1967 being settled.

        I’m not going to bother responding further to this comment.

        • lol what great guys we are! put them in a dot of land in the desert sandwiched by the craziest countries the world has seen. and then we put a bright red target on there back.
          i have no problem with what goes on over there…. mostly because i dont care. they just need to stop taking my tax money and trying to drag us to do there fighting for them especially after continually kicking the hornets nest over there.

      • There were 100’s of thousands of Jews in Israel for decades prior to 1948. After the atrocities of the holocaust, the Jewish state of Israel was finally recognized. It is a fallacy to assume that all the land that is the current Israel was snatched away from Arabs. Most was already owed by Jews that had been there for generations.

        • Actually a study of “Palistinian Jews and Islamic Jews” using DNA showed them to be brothers. The Islamiscist are just complaining about all the other Jews that came to Palistine. I frequented a Palistinian owned dry cleaners who were Asirian Christians from the West Bank. Weird seeing pictures of the Madonna with Arabic inscriptions.

      • FYI: My family was living in what is now Israel in the mid-1800’s, well before most of the Arabs settled there. However, if you are open to it we can set a new trend. Howz about every country on the planet giving back all land they wrenched free from peoples there previously or via conquest? Let’s not just limit it to ‘The Jews’. What would become of our map, not to mention Canada, Australia, etc? I’m sure if I Wiki’d it, I’d come up with maybe 100 countries needing smaller, revised maps.

        • Agreed. The Islamic Palistinians don’t own the land any more than the Jewish Palistinians do, except that the Jewish Palistinians were there before Christ and Islam didn’t start until 1400 years later when Mohommed arrived.

        • TimT, a good number to remember for the rise of Islam is around 700AD, not 1400.

          For a lot of the history of the Muslim world Islam was tolerant of the Jewish faith and in some time periods a lot more tolerant than Christians were. Ferdinand and Isabella kicked ALL the Jews out of Spain in 1492, a lot of them ended up in Caliphate lands and were welcomed.

          The problem we’re dealing with now is the result of the rise of a particularly intolerant strain of Islam fueled by petrodollars, you can imagine the effects on Christianity if a lode of some magical energy source was discovered under the grounds of Westboro Baptist Church and they used their new massive wealth to spread their “gospel” into the Christian world.

  4. During my time there, if you were in the army you had a gun, if you were a teacher you had a gun, on a kibbutz you had a gun, in the territories you had a gun.
    I agree though there are a lot of restrictions and I wish it would become more like the US in a way, despite the issues we have here.

  5. “Admittedly if you have the ability to own, you also carry.”

    Not in most countries of Europe, you don’t. Unfortunately.

  6. One would think that with the general virulence of Arab attitudes towards the Jewish state in general and Jews in particular, Israel would find it in their nations interest to ensure that ALL its (Jewish?) citizens have access to defensive weapons ALL the time…
    But then we touch on the quandary (IMO) that is besetting the state of Israel – not every Israeli is a Jew. I think the problem lies in the government distrust of the intentions of their “other” citizens. But it would look pretty bad for their image if they said “Hey we trust THESE people because they go to a temple and not a mosque on the Sabbath…”

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