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With just a few days notice, some Peoria residents put together a “Back the Blue” rally on Saturday.  Americans are familiar with the age-old figure of speech, “Will it play in Peoria?” This event played well in America’s heartland and it went off without a hitch.

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It took place in the city where a few days before, a couple of 13-year-olds had their lemonade stand robbed by a couple of future particle physicists. It also happened in the same city where local police officers then came out to support the two lemonade stand entrepreneurs.

Even with the short notice, over one hundred people participating and the turnout made a lot of people happy. Sheila Traut spearheaded the event and covered all the bases.

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The group marched from Liberty Park to the Peoria Police Department headquarters for some speeches and then on to the Peoria County courthouse before returning to Liberty Park. Some speakers were better than others — the business owners and immigrants beat the politicians hands down. And the bagpipes proved a nice touch.

Frankly, I was a little reticent about bringing the wife and babies, but kudos to the organizers. They had security for the event covered. Because I notice these things.

Very early on, the organizers spoke with the orange t-shirt clad security team. In the background on the parking structure, you can see not everyone approved of the rally. Image by Boch.

About 20 men and women in orange t-shirts did a great job on the perimeter of the group. Walking with a baby stroller, we brought up the rear and always had at least three orange shirts behind us watching our six.

It made me feel a lot better as I know other rallies to support the police have been targeted by troublemakers, including the one in Rockford a couple of weeks before. There, a number of violent fascists were arrested and police applied copious amounts of glorious pepper spray with the more unruly, violent thugs.

But even before the Peoria rally, Black Lives Matter folks hung a sheet expressing support for “Back the Black.”  It kept everyone alert for trouble, no doubt.

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When the march stopped at police HQ, the security team formed a double-layer protective ring around the Back the Blue participants. Obviously, they had communications and professionalism. Their presence was a smart move on the part of organizers.

Sadly, only a couple of other families brought youngsters, which suggests other parents opted to leave the kids at home out of concern for their safety, which is a shame.

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Image by Boch

Consider coming out to show support for rallies near you. Today’s police officers need to know that today’s cop-bashers don’t represent the majority of people.

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    • It must be sort of lonely, sitting around in Mom’s basement, with nothing better to do than stalk/troll a commenter on a fairly obscure internet site. Do you ever wish your life had more meaning,;that you were actually accomplishing something of value? What with Covid and all, it can be tough to get out and interact with real humans, but I hope you can successfully do so. It seems this isolation is really affecting you.

    • “Man I can’t wait to see how many times ‘Goof….PR’ comments on this article!!!”

      I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’ll take a WAG and say at least *2*.

      3 to 5, depending on how un-hinged my widdle troll gets… 😉

    • What happens when the police are ORDERED to disarm the populace?

      Gonna wave that flag then?

      Remember the hurricane Katrina events.

  1. Some more positive news today :

    “CNN Poll: Biden’s Lead On Trump Tumbles By 10 Points After Two Months Of Rioting”

    “CNN’s last survey, conducted in early June when riots had largely been confined to Minneapolis, had Biden ahead by 14 points. Now he leads by just 4.

    “Biden leads President Donald Trump by just four points nationally — 50 percent to 46 percent — and by even less across 15 battleground states that will determine who wins the electoral college,” reports Breitbart.”

    • Mondel, Dukakis were properly defeated. Obiden/ Ohairass deserve no votes directly or indirectly…Thr latter applies to politically inept clowns like enuf.

      • I’m ok with predictions of a Biden win, it motivates red voters.

        People want law and order. Books by Bernstein note it is the foundation of a decent economy. The BLM warlords overplayed their hand.

        • Not “law and order” so much as “rule of law”. Plenty of Third World despots have maintained law and order while their country’s economies were tanking. Investors need reassurance that their gains won’t be consumed by Leviathan or the businesses they’re backing won’t be destroyed by sanctioned rioting mobs. The absolute surefire path to defeating these leftist/statist/progressive/communist scum is getting our economy open and growing (even if that means wearing a stupid scrap of t-shirt over your pie hole) and one of the the keys to economic growth in our bastardized pseudo free market is even and consistent application of sound laws/regulations.

          Hanging a few dozen of the rioters (and their backers) wouldn’t hurt – but that’s simply too good to ever happen.

        • Agree with John Bryan who posted ahead of me. The “law and order” ticket is just too fascist for me. Sounds too much like “alles en ordnung!” Rule of law, though, is a Good Thing™.

        • Optimistic E. I’m ok with a Biden win prediction, also. It helped the Hillary defeat. I’ll bet lots of democrats stayed home “knowing” she would win. Those riots and looting are not helping their side. Although my sister-in-law says those riots are all Trump’s fault, (and the virus, and tornadoes and hurricanes and earthquakes and fleas & ticks).

  2. I really do hope the cop hating Libertarians, utopians, atheists, get their wish. Because the destruction of Seattle, Minneapolis, now Chicago and New York, is all teaching the rest of the country. What it’s like when the Utopians get their way.

    People say the tree of Liberty from time to time needs to be watered with the blood of patriots.

    I personally have never believed that Patriots needed to die to make this happen. Just the Tyrant mayor’s, the Tyrant city council members, the local government controllers. Their blood will water the tree of Liberty.

    A famous guy once said “people can sleep safely in their beds at night. Because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf, when necessary. Or some words to that effect.

    • I grew up in a time when those “Rough Men” were next door neighbors. People didn’t rely on law enforcement to handle the problem types. The Police were few and far between. Once dealt with the problem types either learned to be better citizens or moved on.

      • “Street justice” has always kept the neighborhood safe. That is why I could as a kid (8 years old) be out all day. Riding my bike all over the city. Sacramento California in the 1970’s. And be home by the time the sun went down. It was armed patrols of civilians carrying long guns. That finally forced the “East Area Rapist” to move away. And find his victims elsewhere in the state. Later called the “Golden State Killer”. Before being forced out of Sacramento county he had raped over 35 women and killed at a least 13 people.

        I still support the open carry of long guns.

        • Well I support open carry of all firearms as a constitutional right. The 2 Amendment is my carry permit. It’s yours too. We need more people who will stand up to the thugs and say no.
          I will not hit first, but if you don’t want to die, or get hurt, don’t hit me outside the dojo or boxing ring.

    • I looked up that quote and found out the earliest use of the exact quote was in 1993 by Washington Times columnist Richard Grenier, who was summing up George Orwell’s views on the military’s role in protecting a country’s population.

      Robert A. Heinlein, however, did write the following (in his book Beyond This Horizon:)
      “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

      • Insults and jokes are for the indoors of a comedy club. Insulting someone and refusing to apologize usually resulted in a Duel. We were a much more polite society with everyone having guns. And with the civilian population having more and better guns than the government. We where all much safer as well.

        Thank for the tip. I will check out more of Robert A. Heinlein. His Starship Troopers is great!

    • “I personally have never believed that Patriots needed to die to make this happen. Just the Tyrant mayor’s, the Tyrant city council members, the local government controllers. Their blood will water the tree of Liberty.”

      “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”

      (Patton)… 😉

        • When patriots are threatened they will do it. But they won’t place themselves at risk, for anyone who can but refuses to defend themselves.
          Which means the people (Liberals) in Seattle need to step up to the plate.

  3. Chris, that was Heinlein or Orwell. I don’t remember which. I generally enjoyed the support of my community, which is predominantly African American, when I worked the road. From what I hear from the guys it’s still pretty much the same. I wish they would defund/eliminate LE. Give them a taste of what they think they want. One other thing. What happened to all the cop haters on this site? They seem to have gone silent since they found themselves on the side of the left.

    • I also have noticed the cop haters going silent as well. Perhaps my saying that the rioters need to be shot dead, is now really starting to bother them. Because cops have rules. And people like me don’t. So when the cops are defunded and disappear. You will have people like me to deal with.

      I like the police. Yes, I have encountered a few “bad apples”. But I don’t want my cop friends hurt. I want the bad guys arrested and hurt if necessary to stop them. From hurting other innocent people.

      Its not just a police problem. DA’s are refusing to prosecute the rioters. So all levels of the state, city, and local government, are refusing to protect innocent life and property. The mob is a weapon. And the mob is well armed.
      I trust any armed defender before I trust any member of the mob.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      I was thinking it so now you have compelled me to say it.

      I personally have a “love/hate” feeling toward police. I love and enthusiastically support police that find and arrest thieves, thugs, rapists, and murderers. And I despise police who will jack me up for righteously exercising my rights.

      For example my neighbor across the street has dangerous dogs that have attacked people and dogs on multiple occasions. It is only by some unknown miracle that no human or pet has been seriously injured or killed. And I have video proof of those multiple events. Yet my state basically says we cannot do anything about those dogs until they kill or almost kill a person (or maybe another person’s dog). That standard is absolute bullshit and everyone knows it. The right thing to do: one of us neighbors or the police kill those damn dogs now that the owner and the dogs themselves have established that they are a huge threat to the community. Guess what? The police refuse to do anything about those dogs. (I have called the county deputy animal control officer so many times that I am literally on a first name basis and I don’t have to report the address any more.) And if I or one of my neighbors go kill those dogs, the police WILL arrest us for FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY. That is NOT okay and that does not compel support for police.

      Of course we could list millions of examples of police jacking people up for the “crime” of having effective self-defense tools (carrying a firearm openly/concealed without a license). Neither is that okay and neither does that compel support for police.

      It is this other aspect of police — their willful support/enforcement of laws that are obviously unjust and violate inalienable rights — that I and so many others despise.

      That is why I support — to some extent — the defund the police movement. When police stop willfully enforcing unjust laws that violate our fundamental inalienable rights, I will again support them in their core mission of finding and arresting thieves, thugs, rapists, and murderers. Until then, I am quite content to handle things myself. Hence my recent comments for police to get out of my way so that I can take care of business myself.

      • It’s not the police, it’s the legislature.
        The law needs to be protective of the law-abiding citizens. Not just the people who have enough money to jput some money in a politician’s back pockets. That is usually how laws get past
        We have too many lawyers in the legislature. The only thing they are interested in is how the laws they pass will affect their bottom line in the lawyer business. We need a constitutional amendment baring lawyers from being in the legislature. Because they are always going to have a conflict of interest, between the public interest and their pocketbook.

  4. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, June 27th, 2017/Letters To The Editor

    Violence escalates against police force

    Andrew Haut’s June 25, “Good job done on crime news articles” came from a resident of Lassen County, Calif., (Susanville). Andrew mentions in his letter about “fatal attacks” on law enforcement. According to the “Support Your Local Police” section in the July 2017 John Birch Society Bulletin, “violence against police escalated to record numbers in 2016,” an increase of 54 percent over 2015. In my own Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, Herald and News letter, “Law enforcement a tough profession,” I alluded to the demands, danger and stress of those in law enforcement. This letter remains archived in this newspaper.

    Again, I publicly endorse the “Support Your Local Police Campaign” of The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisc. Learn more by by accessing Three online videos appear, including: “What’s Happening to Our Local Police?” “Local Police vs. National Police,” and “Police Under Fire.” Additional sources for our law enforcement officers exist and include: “Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation, Inc. “ at, and a Dec. 20 article titled, “Officers Need Your Prayer” via

    The Christian Community/Body of Christ (including Catholics) can likewise be in intercessory prayer for our law enforcement. The Bible states:

    “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, For kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” — 1 Timothy 2:1,2.

    James A. Farmer, Merrill

    Merrill, Oregon in Klamath County. Long Live The State of Jefferson!

    • As former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover pointed out, the John Birch Society is an example of a “right wing extremist” organization that does NOT deal in facts.

      Furthermore, sensible gun control is NOT a left vs right issue.

      For a detailed discussion of the massive errors in the personal opinions of, and the profound historical ignorance of, James Farmer and the Birch Society, see the 2006 article by Dr. Saul Cornell entitled “An Eighteenth Century Second Amendment in a Twenty-First Century World”.

      J. EDGAR HOOVER IN September 1967 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin:

      “I have publicly stated my view for many years that better control of firearms is not only desirable, but also necessary to public welfare…I think mail-order firearm purchases should be banned, interstate transportation of firearms controlled, and local registration of weapons required and enforced. The primary thrust against this serious problem must be from the local level, but Federal assistance must strongly complement State gun legislation…There is no doubt in my mind that the easy accessibility of firearms is responsible for many killings, both impulse and premeditated. The statistics are grim and realistic. Strong measures must be taken, and promptly, to protect the public.”

      As J. Edgar Hoover observed during 1968 testimony:

      “United States citizens possess untold millions of pistols, rifles and shotguns. The ease with which firearms may be procured in the United States is a significant factor in the growth of crime and violence. Firearms have been readily obtainable through mail-order houses and across-the-counter for both the honest citizens and criminally inclined persons…The mounting number of violent crimes committed with firearms and the tragic events of the last few months are mute testimony to the urgent need for more stringent and more effective gun controls to help prevent further violence…I will reiterate my long-standing position that tough, comprehensive, uniform gun-control legislation is imperative for the public’s safety. Although the passage of laws containing restrictions of weapons and the licensing of their owners would be somewhat of a chore, there can be no valid objection, since automobiles, airplanes, motorcycles, motor boats and even dogs have long been subject to registration and/or licensing. The benefits to the safety and welfare of all our citizens would tremendously outweigh any disadvantages or inconveniences.”

      Hoover press conference 11/18/64 as reported in New York Times, 11/19/64, page 28:
      “I think strong laws should be passed restricting the sale of guns, but when you try you run head on into collision with the National Rifle Association.”

      • i wish motorcycles were enumerated in the piece.
        this was all before gun control was proven ineffective.
        also, he wore girls panties, jus’ sayin’.

        • Your comment is not credible. Even historians who are among Hoover’s greatest critics have pointed out that all the stories about Hoover’s sexuality are false and most of those stories originated with Mob-related figures who wanted to discredit Hoover. In some cases, the Soviet Union amplified those falsehoods through disinformation campaigns against the FBI — for obvious reasons.

  5. Peoria County went for HRC by 3% over Trump. Let that sink in a minute. Now look at the videos again, this may not be a solid D in November.

    10 Counties in Illinois went for HRC. Illinois has 102 Counties. Those 10 are more metro, and while Trump will probably not win Illinois overall, I think he picks up 2% in Illinois this time around. Especially if the Ds keep getting in trouble in Illinois from the Feds.

    • It doesn’t matter. Illinois does what Crook county (Chicago) wants. Typical example of a tail wagging the dog.

  6. If the democrats lose either the presidency or Congress it will be because of people having had enough of this nonsense.

    Make no mistake, there’s a reason Biden picked Harris who has been derided by the far left for “putting blacks in jail.” He wants to try and head off the claims that his administration would be soft on crime.

    To be fair, antifa does not represent the mainstream dem party. But to be more fair, the dem’s utter failure to recognize the dishonest nature of BLM’s narrative means that it’s their fault if people decide to vote against them because they’re tired of being afraid to drive to work through a city or worried about their business being looted.

    • The ‘mainstream’ democrat party owns the antifa. And now the antifa owns them. You’re too much of a leftist to see the truth. antifa was fed. watered and nurtured in blue areas to have a loyal group of brownshirts. The problem that biden, bernie, hillary, aoc and the rest have is that they’re about to get eaten by their out of control young.

      After Trump is re-elected the antifa and their like will be on a rampage in those blue areas. Trump will have to crush them, with the blessings of their creators. You’ll see biden and that lot silently backing Trumps actions to save themselves.

      • First things first, OK?

        We have to foil the full-court press to steal the election by the Leftists.

        My prediction :

        If Trump is leading at midnight on election night, the Leftists will show up with newly-found ballot boxes stuffed full of Leftist votes…

        • I’m with S9 on this one. To steal a national election will take more talent than the dems have and will be obvious to even the most retarded of the public. We agree on that much.

          In addition I believe such a move by the dems would result in a military response in favor of Trump.

          The most likely scenario is the dnc has already seen their defeat in 2020. Thus we have the biden/harris ticket. Two throwaway candidates.

        • “If Trump is leading at midnight on election night, the Leftists will show up with newly-found ballot boxes stuffed full of Leftist votes…”

          This may happen but as some of us with lesser informed minds “learned” in 2016, it’ll only work if there is no Electoral College. That is what needs to be protected at all costs. Such completely democrat tactics can work in state elections (B-1 Bob and Al Franken come to mind without even thinking about it) but until POTUS is elected by a nationwide popular vote it’s pretty difficult to stuff the box. Not that the left won’t keep trying. This is why some real national voter security measures must be adopted after Trump and the slightly more conservative/traditional republicrats gain the Presidency and control of both houses in November, 2020.

          If you don’t think it can happen, get off your asses and out of your basements and go convince your neighbors to go convince their neighbors to vote and preserve the Union.

          Posting cynical opinions around here and elsewhere do nothing positive, other than, perhaps, to make some of the posters “feel better” being able to say “I told you so” after they sit back, do little or nothing, and watch a slow train wreck that they “wish” wasn’t happening. Unless your firends and neighbors absolutely can’t stand you, a personal, intelligent dialogue between 2 people is often much more useful and convincing than some democrat or republican TV ad or mob rule.

      • I’ve always thought that George Soros breast-fed Antifa from his own man-boobs. They are more his tool, than the D party’s tools. Dems and Antifa are like best buds, though.

        • I think Antifa and the democratic party use each other. Neither one cares if the other does well or not if they get their goals.

          But it’s like holding a tiger by a tail. A problem not unheard of regarding extremist political fringes.

      • I’m not a leftist for recognizing that Trump represents exactly the threat to the republic that certain people on ‘the right’ thought Obama did. But neither Obama, nor Bush, nor Clinton, nor the previous Bush ever made so much as a noise that they were interested in rejecting an election.

        I’m just not a cultist. But to cultists, anything that isn’t blind obedience to their messiah is heresy.

        • In other comments you have admitted to being on the left. As for rejecting an election. There has been an ongoing attempt by your side to unseat a legally elected president by means of what amounts to a coup.

          Any wonder that he has questions about this upcoming election?

  7. Idiots supporting the very people that do not uphold the constitution we will be coming For your guns! And before any of you people say that there are good cops that uphold the Constitution, show me one that will not arrest somebody that has a full auto that is not registered by the gods at the atf

    • I don’t really disagree…my local 5-O are cowards. Complete puzzies on May 31this year and October 31 last year. I ain’t marching for ’em…or taking my little KID’S along for a possible attack!!!

    • “And before any of you people say that there are good cops that uphold the Constitution, show me one that will not arrest somebody that has a full auto that is not registered by the gods at the atf”

      Unless I missed it, police are only around to enforce laws that they did not create. They are not some legislative or judicial body in the US, not like the “cops” in banana republics and other dictatorships. Some of “us” don’t realize how fortunate we are that American police are not of that type, even in cities where they’ve been ordered to sit on their hands as thugs take over the streets.

      If you do not like certain laws that are in place, get off your butt and organize a detail that will grow and rescind such laws. That’s what is done in a civilized society. Convince others that certain laws are un-Constitutional. Poining fingers with comments like yours and others does absolutely nothing to change things and any idiot who thinks dead or no cops would make things better is far beyond the delusional stage. Seriously. Seek some help.

      • Who said anything about dead or absent cop’s? My local keystone cop’s suck. Period…they’re afraid to intervene in anything requiring courage. I’m on my own. Oh and commenting a day later is pathetic. Get help loser😏

        • So- Do you think it’s the cops or those above them who hire and fire? Plenty of big talking posters around here would likely shut their traps and keep their hands in their pockets if they knew they were going to be fired, lose their pension and be blackballed from ever being hired again elsewhere.

          As per “Who said anything about dead or absent cop’s?”, isn’t that pretty much the goal of those rioters in the large cities and the defund movement? Were you missing the chants in the streets of Fergusson and Baltimore?

  8. Good for you Peoria. Our small city has held an annual festival as a fundraiser for the local K9 program, for several years now. We volunteer, and I noticed that this year’s event appeared to be the best attended yet, in spite of all the crap going on. Perhaps the tide is turning.

    • What they report now is not important. The Polls are suspect. What they report on election night is what is important and will set the tone for the next few days. See when they call the results and if they are not satisfied with the results wait for speculation of voter intimidation, Russian interference and the host of other conspiracies.

      • I will buy some imported German Festbier and sit back to watch the returns. Can’t wait to see all the long faces like I did in 2016. The media polls are oversampled Democratic-skewed BS.
        On Trump’s Inauguration Day one of my boys marched with his cadet drill team in the parade. My wife got it on film and I laughed. Now he’s an Army 2LT.
        I’d like to send a second prospective officer to another Trump parade and laugh about that, too.

  9. You will not be able to force a truck driver or a trucking company, to make deliveries to any city who vote to defund their police department. The hijacking of trucks is a very real threat in the country. And it always has been.
    The “concrete Jungle” is coming to a city near you. I look forward to “bread riots”. Because they will be the ones who always voted to get “free stuff” from the government. The three L’s will always refuse the government use of overwhelming extreme violence to stop a mob of rioters.

    Its doesn’t matter how many the mob kills, rapes, and destroys private property. The three L’s will always prefer the mob over government. In fact they can’t bring themselves to call it a riot. They call them “protesters”.

    Because if you called them rioters, you’d have to call in the police to stop them. That’s why you will never see the three L’s in their publications call them riots. They are “protests”. They would never call them “a mob of tyrants” destroying a city.

    A mob of tyrants controlled by tyrants at city hall. Or who look the other way. And let it happen.

    The US Is Very Divided, Could Bread RIOTS Be Coming?? video 16 minutes long

  10. I’d like to support the police with better training, better recruiting and dismissing officers who have shown by their misconduct that they shouldn’t be trusted with a badge. The first two are possible. Until a citizen gets killed, the latter is not possible while police unions are in power. Disband them.

    As for the “Defund” movement, I’m all for defunding the police in certain areas so cities can burn to the ground without opposition. Just call it urban renewal and move on.

  11. 100 people ?

    We just had 8,000 plus show up, for a back the blue ride and rally , in a rural county of Upstate NY

  12. Rioter are slowly meeting the people who do not have time for the rioters privilege.
    The roiter right/privilege, because they are the SJW.
    These people work hard, love life & just want to be left alone to live free.
    These people will not woke or lay down for rioters.

  13. The slobbering boot licking on this thread is remarkable, considering our boys in blue would slaughter every last one of you without hesitation or legal justification, and would falsify the holy hell out of the police report to cover it up. Huh.

    That Maurice Clemmons sure was a hell of a shot, wasn’t he?

    • These deplorables pretend to be about liberty and guns, but really they’re fixated with violence and tribalism. The popo use violence and enforce social order, so the basket-dwellers are cop groupies. They delude themselves that they have a separate peace with authority, but lol.

        • More conservative than the “ban bump stocks” Orange Clown God. You can’t claim to be a conservative while polishing the knobs of every one of the Almighty State’s armed enforcers.

          You know, the ones who wear camouflage while standing in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven.

  14. It’s not a shame to leave the kids at home… it’s fucking smart. Don’t be like these assholes on the other side. Do not involve your children in this mess. The sad reality is on this side exists boot lickers, and on the other side exists anarchists. Not involving your children might be the smartest turnout for medium grounded people of the future. It’s irresponsible. If you want to involve your children, organize a cookout at a park and leave the politics out of it. We have all seen the BLM kids holding signs saying ‘fuck the police’, so the opposite side is no different. Police do not exist to protect us. They are for the most part, decent people, doing a job, yes. But praising everything they do? Negligent. It’s no different than BLM making martyrs out of criminals. You should be teaching your kids how to support criminal deterrent, but also knowing the difference of being manipulated into waving your rights and the sad reality of laws mostly punishing the “law abiding”. When they are the right age for these political conversations of course… and if you ask netflix… that age is 5.

  15. The ones calling for defunding Police, should be embracing them. Police are the only thing keeping them from us. They can make all the laws they want, we will not comply. Cops will not be coming for your guns, they are severely outgunned and will not give up there lives for for a policy decision.

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