It May Not Be Pretty, But it Runs and Runs and Runs

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  1. I think Liz lives in my area. Her hair is the same color, she changes it up though for the holidays. For Christmas its a silverish color with hints of blue and red and green, for Halloween its that orange’ish color in the pic, for the fourth of July is red and white and blue. In between holidays is some other color. She also owns many guns, her favorite (I think, ’cause she seems to always bring it to the range with her along with others but shoots this one a lot) is an AK-47 platform rifle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her with what could be called a ‘normal’ or ‘common’ hair color.

  2. There was an Anime series about a witch who rode a PTRS anti-tank rifle and would down airplanes with it. The name escapes me at this time.

    • You’re thinking of “Izetta, the Last Witch.” Great series. And the PTRS-41 was only in about one episode; the rest of the series she rode a customized Lahti L-39 instead.

    • Oh WoW man, The Hillary Limited Edition Swimsuit Collection, fcknA the October outfit will blow your mind.
      My oh my
      Pumpkin pie

  3. The headline said something about it not being pretty, but it runs and runs and runs. Sounds like someone is comparing AKs to ARs, again. Of course, if you appreciate the AK platform, it becomes more attractive with the Valmet and the Galil. Form follows function. I have a few rifles. Of
    A few different types. My Galil ARM, and gear, would be the last to go. I might not be able to hump it very far anymore. But I do have a strapping young son who can. He’s about 20′ away. His idea of fun at the range is an afternoon with his 8mm K98k, one of his 1903s, or his most recent, an LE SMLE. Mint. Again. He prefers to shoot mil spec off hand. What can I say? He received a package a couple of days ago. John was excited. It was two GI 1903 firing pins and an extractor for same. He was equally excited when his stripper clips arrived for his Finnish Mosin. Understand. We live in Florida. We do not have a basement. So, he doesn’t live down there. Anna Beth is a hot little red head. A very good cook also. The jambalaya last weekend, with cornbread, was outstanding. Rider/Shooter, that diatribe was for you. I think might have been five. in case you’re still keeping count. John is a very good boy. Of course, we have a few ARs and plastic pistols to balance things out. Oh, and just to completely piss you off. I continue to give away Randall knives to my friends. And talk about it.

    • Ha! Fair enough ๐Ÿ˜€. I smiled when yer handle rolled up on an AK related thing (because ARs of course). Like death and taxes. Are you still leaving again?

  4. Leaving? Geographically, I’m flying to Boston for a few days. Well, I expect a night or two at Bill’s place in Sharon, MA. Most the time will be at his place in NH. Nancy will be in Europe on business for the duration. I expect Bill and I will spend about a week looking at a mountain and a lake with a good cigar and bouborn in hand. A steak scorching on some coals. Oh! A fire! Always the fire. Possum and were talking about it a few minutes ago. I sent him a pic of the view. If you mean leaving this site? I’ve said I would and have temporarily. But, I’m retired. I try to stay busy, but sometimes I’m bored. I find it amusing to twist a thorn in the side of those that don’t even understand it’s being done to them. ๐Ÿ˜†

    • Well say hi to Bill, Sharon, Nancy, John, Paul, Randy, Bob, Sue and Ringo for me. I feel like I know them all now that we have begun to even know who they are. Boston would surely suck hugely but I would like to ride through NH. I live right beside a lake. A large lake. With only 300 people around it and only one of them even being within sight. Under a mountain. Two mountains, actually. Three firepits just in my backyard, never mind the many dozens I’ve built in the hundreds of thousands of sq miles of unpopulated forests and mountains all around me where I/we (I won’t bore you with all their names) spend much of my/our time and shoot my/our guns, including my only “plastic” rifle, an A2 H-Bar. Great rifle by the way, you should try shooting one some day as it sounds like possibly you have zero experience with them? A thorn in my side? You? Don’t elevate yourself above (often) being a pretentious ass. Not an assh0le, you understand (a separate and distinct thing), just an ass. And me, not understand what you state you are “doing to me”? Pfft. That’s not even a good effort, GF, and here I at least gave you credit for being an order of magnitude more smarterer than my pal wally beverly the third. Gee, maybe I was wrong a second time… Cheers from myself and the 14yr old Ballvenie I’m currently enjoying and please do give my regards and respect to possum in his next extra-ttag, highly privileged and personally favored communication with you. Was it at least a pre-dot Model 1?

      • Wow! Rider, maybe you should deflate your own ego before you worry about others. I mean, I never mentioned you when I referenced “twist a thorn in the in the side”. Yet, you conclude its all about you. “Pfft”? Really? How eloquent. Did you remember to wipe your chin after? Let’s assume it is all about you. If so, for such a heavy handed attempt, it certainly seemed to touch a nerve. On a more serious note, I think the next time you visit your physician you should discuss your cognitive abilities. I think your reading comprehension may be slipping. Let me expound. I’ll be happy to pass on regards to everyone, except you should understand, Sharon, MA is a township. Also, I won’t see Nancy. I expect she’s somewhere over the Atlantic this morning bound for Madrid. That’s a city in Spain. Not a person. (Sorry. That was a cheap shot.) Anyway, back to my concern. First, congratulations on your A2 HBAR. However, you question my experience with the platform. If followed my comments as closely as you say you should remember that I have an A2 HBAR in one my safes now. The Delta Elite variant. I finally got around to shooting it. It did ok. No malfunctions, but I only put a couple of hundred rounds through it. That’s nothing, so you can’t call it real workout. Anyway, if can recall, when questioned why I don’t share the love affair with the AR platform that so many do, I’ve said I was issued an AR professionally from 1979 to 2014 when I retired. I think that might qualify as a modicum of experience with the weapon. As a young soldier at Ft. Benning the first time I pulled the trigger on that M16A1 it malfunctioned. And the next time. And the next time. And… Not exactly a confidence builder. The company armorer couldn’t make it work. I qualified by hand cycling for every round. It became awkward when it was time to qualify auto-rifle. Back to that A2 HBAR. I’ll never understand why Colt put that POS scope on the Delta Elite. I mean, they put a Leupold EER on the Python Hunter. I’ll do something about that soon enough, but I have bigger fish to fry now. Finally, on the reading comprehension thing. The title of the above article didn’t mention any firearms. I was the one who introduced the AK/AR thing into the conversation. It runs and runs and runs. Well that made me think of things that don’t run. I thought I was making a light joke. Looks like a twisted a thorn in…wait, I’m incapable of doing that to someone of your cerebral abilities. Well, sounds like you live in a nice place. I grew up in the least populated county in Florida. I’d be surprised if there’s 10,000 people there today. Now, if you really want to talk about things I can be reached at 850-694-9405. I’d suggest a text first as I don’t answer unknown numbers.

        • Gadsen, how, possibly, could I have taken your comment, after addressing part of it expressly to me, any other way? Yes, I know your history (I mean really dude, how could I not?) so maybe it’s your reading comprehension that is lacking and yes, I know your giving back a (deserved) dig to me (my long reply sounded more abrasive than I actually meant it to be) but don’t presume on my cerebral capacity; that as I said places you squarely in the camp of other under achievers right along with beverly the third. Nor can you claim any of your AR talk is you twisting a thorn as your statements regarding the rifle are the original catalyst of my eyebrow raising and eye rolling, which has been reinforced by most everything else you put out there. All I ever stated was that you often come across as a pretentious ass, which you do. That deserves calling out when it becomes a repeating theme. And thanks but I’ll decline your generous yet pretentious in its own way offer of telling you that youre a pretentious ass over the phone. You were (unsurprisingly) a cop, so why would I ever trust you with my number? See how that works? Make yer bed, lay in it kinda thing.

      • Buy a burner. Go to Wal-Mart, or wherever. Don’t park in the parking lot. Wear a baseball cap, sunglasses and nondescript clothing. No logos. Pay cash. Even a meth head can figure that out. Yeah, I was a cop. I just gave everyone on TTAG my real PX. Not just you. Again, let a few p.s.i. out of your ego. Now, either call me and have a conversation, or sit down, shut up and leave me the the fuck alone. Otherwise, I think you a coward and no longer worthy of my consideration. Do you understand me? Is that plain enough English for you?

  5. These comic strips spell everything out but what makes humor is leaving the gaps open for people’s brains to connect the dots and reach the conclusion. Just like a joke is never funny if you have to explain it.

  6. now that all the bugs have been worked out with the 7.62×39 in the ar platform
    there really is no need for the ak anymore
    except to have one on hand to train with maybe
    the 7.62×39 round was is and always will be the best thing about the ak
    it takes at least $1000 to get an ak in 7.62×39 with the same level of functionality as a $500 ar in 7.62×39

    • wrong. I’ve got 2 a yugo and chicom both from the mid 80s. don’t have $300 in either one.
      they both run until I run out of ammo or just get bored. put about 2400 rds through the chi in one day back when crates of surplus ammo cost less than $100 and nib sks cost $70

    • Semiauto AKs will do a mag dump twice as fast (or more) as a semiauto AR.
      More Fun or those with the money to burn on ammo.

    • Three words
      Long Stroke Piston

      It is the AR15 that is behind and has catching up to do. Isn’t it funny how outside of the AR15 there are no other firearms adopted into military service in the last 80 years that used a direct impingement action? Russian AK ammo is cheap and inconsistent which makes direct impingement a terrible idea to be used with the cartridge. Just for fun the Russians are building recoil free AK rifles with counter balancing bolts. It is the AR15 that is dated.

  7. TTAG, what the Hell is up with all the Pop-ups? Didn’t used to make commenting a pain in the A$$, but now it’s downright annoying. Currently, there’s some fecking Pastrami Ad that covers the whole page, and I have to wait for the fecker to run its course before I can continue my comments.
    About ready to unsubscribe over that crap.

    Bad enough we have to tolerate Dacian, Alfred, Miner or the Token Totalitarians (as I call them), but now we have to tolerate some stupid fecking ad totally unrelated to anything about guns.
    Please let marketing know they’re screwing the pooch with the Pop-Ups.

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