Missouri Governor Mike Parson
Missouri Governor Mike Parson (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)
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Missouri is perceived by some to have some of the most lax gun laws in the country. Gov. Mike Parson said more mental health resources are needed, not more gun laws. 

“It’s just really unfortunate that everyone wants to go to the political point of the guns when you have a tragedy like this,” Parson said. …

“Bad people doing bad things are going to find ways to do those things,” Parson said. “You can make all the guns illegal that you want, but the bottom line is someone is going to go get one, and they’re not law-abiding citizens anyhow.” …

“It’s just unfortunate,” Parson said. “It’s a terrible, tragic event. I don’t even if the politics of it is going to solve anything at this point.” …

“When you go into some of the cities with the strictest gun laws, they have the highest homicide rates in the United States, so you know that’s not the answer,” Parson said. “Trying to regulate guns, that doesn’t work, we know that. That’s the political argument and again, if you’re someone that’s mentally unstable, you don’t know what that reaction is going to be. You can pass all the laws you want for that, but if they aren’t abiding by the law, it’s not going to make any difference.”

— Emily Manley in Parson Says More Mental Health Resources Needed Following Deadly School Shooting, Not Gun Laws

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    • Maybe we wouldn’t have such a mental health crisis if Reagan and a Republican congress hadn’t repealed the MHSA. Now suddenly, politicians want to throw money at mental health. They were fine not funding mental health resources to save money, and now we’re dealing with the results. Police have to deal with the criminally insane every day. People who can’t figure out their gender are twerking in front of your children and grandchildren. Veterans have to use privately funded mental health initiatives to keep themselves from committing suicide. Republicans are largely responsible for this problem, and Democrats want to “fix” it the wrong way. I guess 42 years later is a great time to admit your mistakes.

      • But then how would Nancy Pelosi’s husband find gay male prostitutes to stick things up his butt at 2:00 in the morning?

        Have you no compassion, sir?

      • sorry but it’s not the federal government’s responsibility for that.
        it’s a state and local issue.
        why do people like you keep wanting to grow the size of government knowing it’s not the federal government’s job you cry like a baby when the feds do all sorts of stupidity ??

      • The closing of mental health facilities started in this county with Hop Louie vs (Whomever was the director of mental health in CA at the time). The Public Defender in this county considered the Hop Louie decision by the CA Supremes to be the pinnacle of his career. I wonder what he would think of what has come about as a result of the Hop Louie case? Following the Hop Louie decision the legislature introduced the Lanterman, Petris, Short Act. The LPS Act was what cshifted the state mental health care from state funded facilities to county facilities. Lanterman was a state senator and a repugniant. Nick Petris and Al Short were stalwart dimokrauts. Lanterman shepherded the bill through the CA senate and Petris and Short did the dirty work in the assembly. Reagan signed the bill but it had overwhelming support in both houses and vetoing the bill would have been a useless act because it was mandated that something be done about involuntary commitments to state mental health hospitals. I was a court reporter during that time and part of our duties was to record the mentally ill hearings. Commitment could only be done on the order of a superior court judge and the person being committed had to be represented by a lawyer. I reported many of those hearings and in all those hearings I only reported one where I thought the process had been distorted by the family of the patient. It is a long story but in the end the judge ruled that if he committed everyone who bought an automobile without obvious financial ability, the state would not be able to build facilities fast enough and he ruled the man was not mentally ill within the meaning of the law and he was ordered released.

        The dimokrauts sold the LPS Act to their constituents on the basis that Jack Nicholson would not be tortured by Nurse Rachet anymore that the folks who marched to a different drummer would be free to follow their drummer. The repugnikans sold it to their constituents on the basis that millions of dollars would be saved by closing the snake pit hospitals. They failed to mention that the cost of mental health care would be dropped on the counties. I don’t know how many readers of this diatribe have ever visited a CA mental health hospital. I only have experience with the one in our county which was set in a quiet rural setting with well kept buildings in there Spanish architecture style. I am sure there were some facilities in metro areas like LA that were old and in ill repair but I lived across a large field from Patton State in Highland CA and visited Cam State on occasion for hearings for folks who couldn’t be moved. They were both pleasant facilities. Sure there were locked facilities. They had some very dangerous folks in those locked facilities. You can see the results today when those dangerous folks are running around on our streets. Closing the hospitals was supposed to save money. It was expensive to have folks housed in mental hospitals. However today, many of the folks who would be housed in mental hospitals are housed in PRISONS. Let me tell you, it is quite a bit more expensive to house folks in prison than it is to house them in a mental hospital. It always ticks me off when some dimokraut wants to blame Reagan for the closure of mental hospitals. It was both the dimokrauts and the repugnicants who jointly closed those facilities and it was ultra liberal appellate courts who decided that the mentally ill should not be confined for treatment if they didn’t want to be so treated. Reagan signed the legislation put before him but it was bi-party legislation that had the ball rolling started by the Supreemes, both federal and state.

  1. What will solve much of it is putting criminals behind bars and keeping them there all while getting some kind of control over the border issues as it relates to our growing drug problem. But at the very least, we need our elected officials to start taking our law seriously hand promoting the general welfare. They refuse to keep the piece and it’s all going into the mix and making everyone crazy on all sides. We would be able to minimize these issues if we had leaders that actually did their jobs instead of having so much loyalty to the woke, progressive, destruction of anti-American dark money.

    We don’t need more mental health resources half as much as we need to just be pro-American and actually start caring again as a society.

    • “We don’t need more mental health resources”

      That’s crazy talk right there. Everyone knows that Democrats, especially progressive Democrats, all need mental health resources!! That’s exactly why this country is in such a mess. We’ve neglected to put electrodes into Democrat’s heads, capable of delivering 60,000 volts of direct current sanity.

      • So true bestie. It’s crazy how everything is fake because of liberals and everyone has perfect mental health except liberals. Why all would be a utopia if it was for fake false flag hoax’s all the time and crazy liberals it’s like nothing is real and reality cannot be trusted at any cost. Honestly I trust the plan and object to my tax dollars being used for mental health care.

    • I think it’s clear that the “drug problem” is 2-pronged:
      1) – prohibition of “drugs” creates a contraband industry. We learned nothing from alcohol Prohibition.
      2) – some of these substances we call “drugs” (with a pejorative intonation) are proving to be therapeutic for mental illnesses.

      Gradually, America is awakening to these two realities. The war on Pot has been a disaster that a growing number of states are abandoning. Pot remains a Federal Schedule I Controlled Substance – absolutely forbidden – while some states AUTHORIZE medical use and others recreational use. When will this realization dawn on us as a nation with respect to OTHER substances?

      When will we realize that the risks and rewards of each “substance” must be judged on the individual merits and threats of each substance individually? Why is THC-9 absolutely forbidden while THC-8 is explicitly authorized by Congress under a “Farm” bill? Isn’t this nuts?

      The psychiatric profession is rapidly acknowledging the promise of several substances beyond Pot, among them: ketamine; MDMA; and, psilocybin.

      Ketamine is a Schedule III Controlled Substance prescribed off-label for depression, anxiety, PTSD/CPTSD, and suicidal ideation. It’s expensive because of the regulatory overhead (the drug is cheap). It’s hard to find a psychiatrist willing to prescribe it at-home. Yet it works; about 60% of the time. Double the efficacy of traditional anti-depressants.

      MDMA is clearing the second Phase III FDA-authorized clinical trial. It’s proving effective 60% of the time in treatment-resistant PTSD cases. It will be approved in 2023 or 2024, unless the FDA drags its feet beyond the obvious. FDA regulations will price it ($14,000) beyond the reach of the poor. Medicine for the elites; suffering for the poor.

      Psilocybin is beginning FDA Clinical Trials at Johns Hopkins. The foregone conclusion is that it will show strong efficacy for depression.

      Oregon is legalizing psilocybin and its lead is being followed by several major municipalities. We are beginning to see a repeat of Pot Nullification. Federal Prohibition with State Nullification.

      When will physicians be able to prescribe these taboo medicines to help ameliorate the mental health crisis that underlies some significant portion of crime?

      When will Americans gradually awaken to the fact that the War on Drugs is a taboo with little to no scientific substance? It started with Nixon’s war on his political enemies: Blacks and hippies. It continued with Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No!” campaign. And so, the DEA built its empire arbitrarily black-listing substances most of which are clearly less dangerous to public health than are alcohol, tobacco and Tylenol.

      Where are the randomized, double-blind clinical trials that show that each individual Controlled Substance lacks medical use? That it is dangerous or addictive? The process of prohibiting Schedule I Controlled Substances is simply Congressional or bureaucratic fiat. It’s “science” by Papal Bull (revealed by the likes of Cardinal Anthony Fauci).

      The one thing which should be clear by now is: Just about everything we do to “fight” the “War on Drugs” is back-firing! When will we, the PotG, open our eyes and recognize that doubling-down on this failed venture is futile? When will we become bold enough to take a fresh look? When will we begin to question the Commerce Clause pretext for “regulating” “interstate commerce” in mushroom spores which cross state lines by the winds and via underground propagation?

      • We ARE talking about ‘government’ working with ‘big pharma’ here so in response I would like to point out that THESE are the same sources that forced the covid shots on everyone across the board WITHOUT any due consideration on ‘individual’ health concerns even as other drugs WERE an option in many cases.

        But we were never even allowed to discuss such things. Your asking those questions?

    • “What will solve much of it is putting criminals behind bars and keeping them there”

      What will solve much of it is a swift and public application of the death penalty. Emphasis on SWIFT and PUBLIC.

      • for capital crimes, yes, like murder.

        The rest of the hooligans need to begin viewing life from the INSIDES of the grey bars in their new Hotel.

  2. It’s funny watching lefties make so many excuses and justifications for tolerating, accepting and even praising the mentally ill while simultaneously creeping ever closer to calling for a return to institutionalization.

    I imagine their endgame will look the inverse of how institutionalization used to be. With addicts, medicated degenerates and hysterical self-harming gender dysphorics outside the walls and stable, healthy people who just want to live in a functional society locked up inside.

    The problem, after all, isn’t that predators, schizos and psychos OD on street corners and victimize passersby. The problem is that people who aren’t predators, schizos and psychos judge them. If you bigots didn’t judge them as being predators, schizos and psychos they would simply cease to be predators, schizos and psychos. See how that works? Sociological magic.

    • Shire-man you are the typical liberal know-it-all. Tell me, just how many days have you sat through the mentally ill calendar in any jurisdiction? How many folks have you seen sitting in a chair with their arms all twisted around their upper bodies and the legs the same only not around their bodies but each leg, rocking back and forth while crooning a tuneless song to themselves? How many folks have you seen who every time they opened their mouth to speak had words pour forth in a meaningless stream at about the velocity of Niagra Falls? How many folks have you see who had to be physically restrained because if not so restrained they would pick at themselves creating sores all over their body in addition to which were unable to carry on a meaningful conversation’t. I don’t mean on the William F. Buckley Jr., level, I mean on a more basic level “Do you need the toilet?” “Do you want to eat?”

      When you tell me you have spent twenty years working on the wards at a mental health facility or spent twenty years in the mental ill calendar recording the proceedings, then maybe you will have some idea what you are talking about. Recently in this county a mentally ill man killed and partially consumed his mother.Tell me he is not seriously mentally ill.Last year a mentally ill man entered a restaurant and walked up to a father sitting at a table with his family and commenced stabbing the father, killing him in front of his wife and children. Not mentally ill? Think again psychoman.

  3. Aw stop treating the symptoms. Attack and solve the root cause: the utter destruction of the family unit. Not every single lunatic grew up without a stable family (mother AND father present, doing their primary job of raising and supporting their family), but it’s most of them. Read any news article on a lunatic, and somewhere in the article is a mention of “single mother” or “raised by his aunt” or something.

    De-incentivize single motherhood and debauchery. Problem solved.

    But they won’t do that, because personal responsibility and voting base.

    • That’s the problem in a nutshell. It isn’t too many guns. It isn’t too few mental health resources. It’s the breakdown of society. It isn’t even that the powers that be refuse to promote morality and the family unit. It’s that they’re literally doing the opposite of that. We’re reaping the rewards.

      Do you want a stable, happy society? Then promote one! So why aren’t they doing that? A happy, stable society is a threat to their power. How else are they going to have a slave class that votes for them in return for sustenance (and phones)? How are they going to motivate the sheep by promoting the very thing they’ve been fighting against for decades? They require desperate people that need to be rescued by Big Daddy Government. That motivates them to create desperate people.

      In the kid’s own words:
      “I don’t have any friends. I don’t have any family. I’ve never had a girlfriend. I’ve never had a social life. I’ve been an isolated loner my entire life. This was the perfect storm for a mass shooter.”

      He didn’t need a mental health professional! He needed family! We all do. It isn’t complicated.

      • You just described my youth. Funny how that changed once I grew up and got out in the real world. Now, I can’t claim I had no family. I had both parents and 5 siblings. But, being the youngest meant I was never the center of attention after the age of about 4. The older kids were getting into more things at school, beginning to develop social lives, get vehicles etc.
        I see some of these young shooters today and still wonder how I managed to not do some of the things these youngsters do. We had firearms back then. Lots of them. We had the same social issues any adolescent today has. The same confusion and depression. The same emotional issues etc.
        So, I have to wonder just what is the cause of the problems we see today.

        • Realistic violence became a regular feature on prime-time American TV in ’59 or ’60.

          The Era of School-shootings began in ’66.

        • There are several causes. In general, it’s the breakdown of society combined with constant advertisements of what to do when you’re in a position of extreme misery, envy, and loneliness without a family close enough to both notice your issues and help you deal with them. The shooters are all miserable, and they’re jealous of anyone who’s happy. They want others to be just as miserable. Even if one is miserable, they wouldn’t think of going on a shooting spree if they had a developed sense of responsibility, morality, and love for their fellow man. They also have to know the shooting is an option to begin with. All of the attention focused on these shootings is an advertisement for what is possible for some miserable, spiteful kid out there.

          It’s important for children to have a decent role model, a functional family, and moral guidance. Having an intact family doesn’t guarantee that, but it makes it more likely to have that as well as a sense of belonging that these kids all lack. It also matters who or what influences the children. Having involved parents means they’ll notice negative influences and redirect their children.

    • Many people would have been better off if the father(or male family lead) had left the nest. Dysfunctional families often have both parents there, the male head has problems and the female head backs him no matter what. She takes on the role of enabler and allows her mate to run roughshod over the family.
      Every family is different, but a single parent family run by a person with a backbone is just as good as some that have both parents.
      Beware of families that don’t want other kids coming over or those that won’t allow their kids to go stay with a friend. They are tying to hide their abuses and don’t want the kids realizing it.
      I realized it about 2nd or 3rd grade. Other kids parents actually cared about them and wanted them to do well in the pecking order that we all go through, rather than making their kids the butt of jokes for all their peers.
      It does matter how the child is raised. These years mean a lot about how the child thinks about him/her self, and that lasts a lifetime.

      • 40+ years of data say otherwise re single parent households ever being as stable as a reasonably not abusive 2 parent household. Jury is out on single parent mother vs 2 parent abusive but single parent father may outperform.

        • We have the data that show it’s the key to success. The government hides this because they need the government to be the key to success. It dispels the entire white supremacy/racism argument that politicians push to distract from their own failings. Asians have a higher level of income and education than white people. Take a look at their families and their culture.

        • Dude it’s not that we hide it, it’s in every year’s crime data and economic reports. We don’t call attention to it or fund anyone pointing it out. Almost the same thing honestly but we do record and report it.

        • (*They pretend it doesn’t exist, and instead push their propaganda.) I think it should be taught to children in grade school. Aren’t we teaching them so they’ll know how to succeed in life? Isn’t that the point? Instead, they’re teaching them CRT which only does harm. It’s flat out evil.

      • The term “father figure” does NOT mean a sperm donor. ANY male can supply that part of the equation for bringing fortn another child.
        What is needed is MEN who will act like FATHERS.. and God commands FATHERS to TEACH THEIR CHILDREN.
        Ever since the state goobermunt decided to start replacing sperm donors with money taken from the rest of us, mandating that whenever there is an adult male present in the home the mother can no longer receive any more slop dumped in her trough. Thus the male is incentivised to beget his children then leave them with the other half of the equation for HER to collect from the government teat and feed her brood.

        Once more gummit “help” is the exact opposite to the intended (advertised) result.

    • If only it were that simple. Unfortunately, in the real world, the problems of treating the mentally ill are complex and never simple. As a illuminating aside, in the latter quarter of the 19th century there were more beds in more mental health hospitals in the U.S. by actual count than there are today. It shouldn’t be necessary to point out that the population of the U.S. was far smaller then although the percentage of folks with mental illness probably was the same as today meaning even if we had all the hospitals open today that we had in the 1960s, we would still be short.

  4. This latest school shooting hasn’t got the usual “ban gats” whining. Likely because of the race of the shooter. And the good guy with a gat stopping the murderer. Anyone notice the AR supposedly used had no HANDGUARD?!? 🙄 RIP to the victims…

  5. If you think there are more than two sexes, or cannot define what a woman is, you might need to see a mental health professional.

    • Wait! You mean that person with the mustache and beard wanting the government to pay for having their 3 inch penis turned inside out and breast implants is not a woman?

  6. As I have stated many times the Far Right are always their own worst enemies. The Gangster Criminal Republican’s have consistently refused to improve the healthcare system in the U.S. They came damn close to destroying the Affordable Health Care Act altogether and if it had not been for the more sane John McCain who was the deciding vote with his famous thumbs down vote it would have happened. Of course when it failed that enraged the corrupt and demented Herr Drumpf putting into him into a maniacal rage against McCain that lasted even after McCain passed away. Despite McCain being a war hero the glazed eyed Far Right Trumpite fanatics sided with the demented Herr Drumpf screaming “Hail to our Leader” with the accompanying stiff armed salute.

    Universal Health Care is nothing new as it originated under Bismarck in Germany in the late 1800’s and in Norway in 1900 and in most of Europe at the end of WWII. To date not one nation in the world including some Far Eastern Nations has ever been dumb enough to go back to the insane American Style Health Care System based on blind greed and profit at the expense of human life.

    Over 150,000 Americans die every year because they cannot even afford preventive health care and millions go bankrupt over cancer treatments and heart operations. Even millionaires have been known to go bankrupt over health care costs so what chance does the workingman have when he needs the same? Answer: Zero chance. Between the gangster criminal drug companies and criminal insurance companies the workman is doomed to going bankrupt and often dying years before his time.

    What is even more pathetic is that the far right penny pinching Republican criminal extremists would rather save a penny today in taxes and then go bankrupt tomorrow over health care costs because they do not support Universal Health Care or reform of the criminal drug companies.

    Republican criminals give lip service to supporting 2A but they privately know its way cheaper to ban guns than fund a new reformed Universal Health Care System. As long as the Republican gangster criminals control at least one house in Congress you will never see health care or drug reform in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable.

  7. But, but, but democRats need blood and guts to justify their Gun Control rot. Pray tell what would democRats do if deranged criminals ceased being deranged criminals?

    Look at the joy democRats are getting from the perp that hammered one of their own. And to broard brush Republicans as loonies who would bother to waste time and money to be anywhere around the home of crazy nancy pelosi is as silly as it sounds. I already waste enough time having to use the TV remote control to keep sicko democRats out of my home.

    • Compare and contrast the coverage of that event with the 84 year-old pro-lifer who was shot for her views (as evidenced by social media posts and the verbal abuse). Also look at the arrest and charges. It took them awhile to even arrest the shooter. Then they charged him with assault that carries a maximum of only four years. He barely missed her spine! She’s 84! Where’s the coverage? Pelosi’s perp was immediately charged with attempted homicide. Justice is not blind. Your politics matter.

      • I find it difficult to muster a lot of sympathy for Pelosi. Her actions in the anti-gun war against law abiding citizens trying to remove their second amendment right, her actions in this have contributed to and facilitated many such crimes and increased deaths and injury and now those actions have come home for her.

        This is the type of crazy we people out here face, collectively, thousands of times daily across the country yet she doesn’t want us to be able to defend ourselves.

  8. We need more heinous killers, gang murderers, rapist, molesters, career criminals and drug traffickers/dealers EXECUTED SOON AFTER THEIR CONVICTIONS…Stop the free room n’ board and the cradle to the grave care they receive…Tired of wasting taxpayers money to grow these human scum in those petri dishes called prisons..

  9. What I took from Parsons is that we need more government. More government-provided solutions. More government spending. More government beauracracy.

    I also interpret: we need to give more money to our already over-bloated, corrupt healthcare system. You know, the system that pushed the ineffective (and dangerous) Covid jabs? The one that insisted on kidney-killing Remdesivir and on Respirators rather than early intervention with HCQ and the Nobel-prize willing Ivermectin. The health-care system that is still persecuting and removing licenses from physicians who dare to provide highly effective alternatives to the CDC’s poisonous protocols.

    NO! As Anner states, above: rebuild our families. I also add: shutdown propaganda that preaches hate and division (looking at you, CRT). Re-focus our education system on skills and critical thinking (hunt down and fire the pedophiles that seem to have gained so much control of our schools). Re- establish law and order AND train our police properly. Make the job attractive to our best people.

    Big government is a contributor to social disorder. Big health wants to remove choice and replace parental rights with medical system dictates. The system is openly anti-2A.

    Parsons does not want to get to root causes. He wants to feed big government and big healthcare. The very systems working to remove freedom and expand their own power.

    OK, OK…..I give Parsons points for being pro-2A.

    • Parsons sounds like a another cookie-cutter, government is the answer, politician. He doesn’t sound like a leader or a problem solver.

    • “shutdown propaganda that preaches hate and division”

      End sex/political flags and symbols (pride and BLM). End sex preference/deviant clubs. It’s shocking how fast that proliferated. All of this is done under the guise of “acceptance and inclusion.” That’s next on the chopping block. End all of the overpaid Diversity Inclusion Equity (DIE) administrative scam positions.

  10. What I took from Parsons is that we need more government. More government-provided solutions. More government spending. More government beauracracy.

    I also interpret: we need to give more money to our already over-bloated, corrupt healthcare system. You know, the system that pushed the ineffective (and dangerous) Covid jabs? The one that insisted on kidney-killing Remdesivir and on Respirators rather than early intervention with HCQ and the Nobel-prize willing Ivermectin. The health-care system that is still persecuting and removing licenses from physicians who dare to provide highly effective alternatives to the CDC’s poisonous protocols.

    NO! As Anner states, above: rebuild our families. I also add: shutdown propaganda that preaches hate and division (looking at you, CRT). Re-focus our education system on skills and critical thinking (hunt down and fire the ped0f1les (re-spelt because moderators) that seem to have gained so much control of our schools). Re- establish law and order AND train our police properly. Make the job attractive to our best people.

    Big government is a contributor to social disorder. Big health wants to remove choice and replace parental rights with medical system dictates. The system is openly anti-2A.

    Parsons does not want to get to root causes. He wants to feed big government and big healthcare. The very systems working to remove freedom and expand their own power.

    OK, OK…..I give Parsons points for being pro-2A.

  11. Gov Parsons put is just right. We have to start with our Leftist anti-gun radicals and get them the mental health help they desperately need.

  12. Hey, TTAG Team!!!!!

    Really??? You think this is a free-speech platform??? You have turned it over to a bunch of moderator hacks who strain at gnats.

    Check my comments for the past couple of days. Explain why they needed to be quarantined. Point out to me what was so objectionable or untrue in anything I posted. Tell us why you value the algorithms of WordPress over the satisfaction and free-speech of your readers.

    You are asleep at the switch.

      • It’s not happening yet, but you’re probably going to land in the “completely ignored” pile soon. We already have one paid shill and one mental defective here. I don’t think we have room for… what can we call you? Melodramatically obtuse? Recalcitrantly idiotic? Got it! A waste of time.

        • “We already have one paid shill and one mental defective here.”

          Damn, you’re in a generous mood today, huh?

        • @Strych. I am! Miner gets the recognition for sheer dogged determination and Lil D… Well, he speaks for himself, lol.

          I do hope you’re having a lovely day today though sir!

  13. What do you mean by mental health?
    Six unarmed guards? That’s insane.
    Four minute police response time. That’s too late.
    I can help you secure a school a lot quicker than treat every mental health problem on the street.

      • Locked doors at schools can, and have been, forced or shot open. Now what?
        The ONLY valid solution to “school shootings” is to simply train appropriately then allow the adult staff who are already there every day to, at their option, carry a concealed handgun upon their persons as they go about their everyday duties. WHO ELSE are dedicated, trustworthy, motivated, enough to stand as first responders? Many teachers live in fear they will be targetted by the misfits that DO break or walk in and start shooting. The perps want to take out the adult staff first to “get them out of the way” so they can work their horror upon the little ones. How many of those teachers and staff who have been killed in a school shooting incident WOULD have carried if allowed, AND would have fought wih everything they had to stop the shooter?
        I KNOW those who used their own bodies to try and cover those of their students would certainly have used the handgun they were not allowed to be carrying when they were murdered.

  14. Nobody needs more then 8 bullet rounds.
    You can’t build a wall high enough to keep out, keep out a, a, a, vacine.
    We will have peace in Vietnam, uh uh uh ? wrong war, wrong president, I’m Joe Biden.
    What war was it I saved the planet from?
    I need a nap, let the vice president Jill, oh , oh , Kamala it is , ice cream. My sanctions on Russia and mental Heath Bar resources until Pudding leaves Ukraine. My I uh lifted the towely ban and lowered the cost of living. Mental Heath Bar resources more of those crunchys on my ice cream, NO, I dont have to say please I’m the pope, I mean president, I’ve been president for 32 years, your full of sht I did not say illegal immigrants were illegal.
    Yes ,I’ve been tested for demolition and the Tess (her hair smells nice) came back neg, neg, mmm uhh, come on man, the Corona vaccine works.

  15. I don’t have much use for Cook County, Illinois and wouldn’t want to live there. However, the warden of the county jail made a statement that I believe. He said 25% to 30% of the inmates were there because mental illness left them unable to control their behavior. That tells me that we need one bed in a secure psychiatric hospital for every three prison beds. A quick internet search showed 35 thousand hospital beds and 2 million prisoners. The Cook County ratio suggests we need half a million hospital beds. In a number of mass murders by young men, their families have stated that they tried repeatedly, without success, to get psychiatric treatment for the murderer prior to his rampage. Many of the homeless suffer from mental illness and/or drug addiction. I suspect that many of the latter are self medicating in an attempt to relieve the symptoms of their mental illness.

    • “In a number of mass murders by young men, their families have stated that they tried repeatedly, without success, to get psychiatric treatment for the murderer prior to his rampage.”

      That’s true. When its talked about in terms of ‘gun control’ the anti-gun is quick to point out that there was not record of ‘mental health’ illness so mental health issues is not the cause of mass shootings but rather its the gun. Its a false picture.

      In reality all of the mass/school shooters examined in the last 30 years have expressed or exposed mental health issues that drove them to commit the crime they did. The reason there was no record of mental health issues (for most of them, some do already have records or mental health issues) was because for them you couldn’t force someone into treatment until they do something so as a result these never got treatment because they didn’t do something indicating serious violent mental health issues until it got to the point where it drove them to mass/school shooting – thus there was no record of mental health issues prior the mass/school shooting. The gun had nothing to do with it.

      • Even when the dangerously mentally ill act out and come into contact with police, they aren’t likely to be forced into treatment. Nikolas Cruz is an example.

        • As far as you took it, you may be correct on the Parkland shooter’s situation.

          BUT.. the law enforcement agents who knew this violent misfit already, and too well, FAILED to do their own jobs. He had, prior to this school shooting, committed at LEAST three felony acts any one of which, if one had even been brought against him, would have precluded his “lawful” purchase of his murder weapon. THREE FELONIES and he was left to roam about in public without quailfied custodian? Yes, this dirtbag was off his rocker, but those publicofficials tasked with ENFORCING the laws already on the books are the mental defectives whose sick perverted “judgement” allowed this freak to roam about in public.

        • Tionico: After Cruz’s rampage, Florida enacted some measures (I don’t know what) to improve school security. There is a video of Sheriff Grady Judd complaining that Broward County strenuously resisted the improvements.

    • My father says prisons are full of people who did think before they acted. Poor self-control and self-discipline with an impulsive nature, and a desire to save face at all costs for “respect”.


  17. ! of several things the Democrats supported while Regan was President was the closure of mental health facilities in favor of “Community Based” programs. Which freed up monies for them to waste on other things. Go back into the Congressional Record and see for yourself. The bill had broad support and Reagan signed off on it.
    So, the state mental health hospitals, that could have been brought up to date and the system repaired rather than scrapped, were shut down and most of the patients basically tossed out on the streets. Now we have nowhere to put those who need to be kept off the streets and get help other than jails or prisons that are not in the business of treating mental issues.
    Might be time to bring the state asylums and county facilities back and perhaps keep those with mental health issues out of prison in the first place and perhaps break down the stigma of needing a little help.

  18. He speaks with great insight! I’m a Retired nurse after several decades working in the ER. People wait weeks and months to get the help they desperately need. Psych care doesn’t get the financial support it deserves in America, and desperately sick people kill themselves, loved ones, or the current fad is schools. In the current system dangerously sick people are sometimes held for weeks in the ER waiting for the resources to become available!

    • Sorry Yeti, but financial support for mental health is a LOCAL or STATE issue. If yo bother to read the 10th Amendment you would see that those authorities or powers not granted the Federal Government are relegated to the states or the individual. Actually, his “insight” is not ‘insight” at all. It is his biased opinion.
      If someone is bound and determined to kill themselves, they don’t need a gun to do so. As a police officer my very first radio call for for a woman who hung herself in the crawl space under her home.

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