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OK, hold on. Previous rumors of the advent of the long-awaited single stack 9mm GLOCK have ended in many tears and much gnashing of teeth. But once again, the interwires are abuzz with hints, photos and speculation. Smyrna clearly has something up their sleeve if the countdown clock is any indication and media members, including those of us at TTAG, have been invited to an event the night before the NRA show opens in Nashville. Is the wait finally over?

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      • Glock sold millions of .380s, and will sell millions of this single stack 9. But if they came out with the 9 first, they would have sold millions of 9s, and zero .380s. It’s marketing genius.

        • I love my 42. It’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything. And I’m not a fan of most glocks.

        • Yep I would wager at least 80% of people who bought a g42 will be lining up to buy the 9mm version. Add that to people like me who were waiting for the 9mm and you have a lot of money going to Gaston

        • “But if they came out with the 9 first, they would have sold millions of 9s, and zero .380s. It’s marketing genius.

          Agreed. I mean, not zero .380s but way less than they did. Nearly all the people who bought .380s will still buy the 9. However, if the 9 was first only a small fraction of those people would have bought the .380. It was the perfect business decision.

        • On the other hand, if they’d come out with a single stack nine several years ago they could’ve sold even more. I love glocks, but my single stack 9 is a shield and and that won’t change just because glock makes one.

        • Not long ago all people wanted was a high capacity carry gun, now everyone want a skinny 6 shot because they can’t get use to carrying a 10 shot 26. Sorry I’ll take the higher capacity.

      • I just shot a Ruger LC9S pro today. I used to own an original LC9 an got rid of it because of the trigger. Not the case with the LC9S. The trigger is flawless. Great shooting pistol. I own an M&P Shield now, and now the LC9S? I love Glocks, but they will have a hard time beating either one of these in the single stack 9mm game.

        • Except for the suckers that are so hung up on Glocks that hey do not even try another brand. They are definitely missing out.

      • You act like that is a fact or something. It’s just pure speculation.

        The reality is that Glock 42 is now one of the most popular handguns out there. For a ‘test run’ they made a shitload of money from it.

      • The CM9 is slightly shorter. I laid mine on top of a G42 to check. And the CM9 is controllable at that size.

        • That’s why I used the term “almost”, here are the numbers:

          Kahr CM9- Glock 42
          Length: 5.3″- 5.94″
          Width: 0.91″- 0.94″
          Height: 4.0″- 4.13″
          Unloaded Weight: 14.0 oz- 13.76 oz
          Loaded Weight: 18.3 oz- 17.29 oz

        • There is no ‘should’ at all.

          there is already a huge number of tiny 380’s out there. Why does the world need another Kel-tec-sized clone? Ruger and S&W both already has ones the same size and are probably the best ones on the market.

          Just like how M&P made different size guns from the Glock 19 and Glock 26 to differentiate their products, Glock made theirs different sizes for a different type of customer.

          Not everybody wanted a 380 as a last ditch belly-gun. There are quite a few people out there that really just wanted a small 380 that is really shootable. That is something you can’t get from existing single stack 9s or from most existing pocket-friendly 380s on the market.

          • @natermer

            I’ll second this one. I’m not just a “Glock Fanboy” and have carried quite a number of different pistols. For disclosure purposes, I did carry a Glock 21/30 combo as my duty/backup weapon my entire law enforcement career. My first handgun was a Colt Gold cup 1911 when I was in my teens and used it to shoot IPSC. I also have several Beretta’s (including a PX4/CX4 and love them), an XD-M, a total of 4 1911’s, and a variety of other items.

            Last summer, I did purchase a blue label G42. I didn’t want a “pocket .380” (I have a KelTec P3AT and am on my 3rd magazine catch, probably will trade it in for an LCP at some point). Here’s what I like about my 42. It is smaller than my XD-S but still “shootable.” I can easily run it through our standard 2-25 YD qualification course and score 176 out of 180 or higher. I’m a tall, thin person. I can carry it when wearing “business casual,” and it is more comfortable and less obvious than trying to throw my G30 or even the XD-S on my ankle. Certain suit pants fit tighter around the ankles than others, and the larger guns just don’t work. If I’m wearing 5.11’s with a tucked in shirt, then concealing my G30 is a breeze. I bought a PPK/S back in 2005. The double action pull is in the 12-14 LB (it maxes out my Lyman 12 LB scale) range. It’s a fun gun to shoot, but that first shot is horrendous.

            Now the “why” I bought a Glock in this case instead of an M&P or something. Since I’ve put close to 100,000 rounds through my duty weapon over the last 13-14 years, I am very used to the trigger. For carry weapons, I try to keep everything as consistent as possible. Under stress, the more changes you make, the more likely for failure or error. I’ve shot M&P’s, and they are nice, but I have never gotten used to the trigger (I personally get a lot of front sight movement when dry firing. I know it works well for others, just not for me.). I own several XD-series weapons and love them. Since I’ve put the majority of rounds through the Glocks, I try to keep it consistent that way. I also have the Trijicon night sights on all of them, so the sight picture is the same.

            Compared to the PPK/S’s sights, well, there is no comparison. Whether I pick up my G17, G20 (my backpacking hot-loaded gun), G21, G22 (with .40 or .357 barrel in it), G30, and now G42, they all shoot the same, and I don’t have to “adapt” from weapon to weapon. If I had originally started LE with the XD platform (it was just hitting the market under the Springfield name at the time, and agencies didn’t tend to approve the HS2000 platform until that Springfield name was stamped on it) I would probably be buying a Springfield variant. The same would be true with the M&P.

            It cracks me up how many people get really “hurt” over this, like it makes shooters “less competent” that they would “dare” purchase something other than a “1911” or “insert your favorite brand here” model. How “dare” someone have personal preference or just try to keep a consistent carry platform. I’m amazed how many people are even “upset” that a company would introduce another option (how does more competition hurt anything)! I am still an active instructor and do it now for hobby. Most people I teach are friends/family. I don’t push one brand or another, instead, what fits their hand well and what they shoot best.

            My parallel example is my cordless tools. I personally use Dewalt and have for two decades. There are some nice Makita and Milwaukee cordless tools that have some features on them that I really like. At the same time, I’ll still only continue to add to my Dewalt platform. Why? I don’t want to have to support a whole new battery platform system (currently I run their 12 and 20 volt systems and only need one charger platform for everything). It’s just not something I’m willing to invest in. Do I get upset when someone buys a Milwaukee or a Makita (oh, they must just be a “Milwaukee Fanboy”)? No. That’s silly. My Dewalt stuff has worked well for me including when I used to do certain types of installs.

            When this new G43 comes out (whatever it turns out to be), I’ll look at it and evaluate it. It may or may not fit another “niche” I’m trying to fill. If it fills it, I’ll purchase one. If it doesn’t, I’ll move on. It’s not a top priority and I have a different purchase planned out for this year, so it probably wouldn’t be until next year anyway (and no, stop speculating, this other purchase isn’t a Glock).

            Just my 2 cents . . .

    • …Because clearly, one should only ever have one gun.

      I’m actually in the exact same situation as you. I’m a very satisfied PM9 owner – I prefer the long Kahr trigger in a carry gun, and wouldn’t have been in the market for the Glock 43 in the first place.

      I’m just saying that just because they’re late to market doesn’t mean they won’t sell like crazy, and I’d wager there are plenty of people lining up to buy it once it’s out, regardless of what they already own.

      • I have many, many pocket guns already: Tomcat, P32, P3AT, P380, Colt Mustang Pocketlite, CM9, P938. I don’t need essentially another CM9.

      • When it comes to small carry guns, having one can be a good thing. You carry that one every day, you know it, you snuggle it….

    • Really? How many studies need to be done before this antiquated way of thinking is a thing of the past. I think I would trust the advice of one of the true experts in the field. (I.E. Massad Ayoob) over another internet expert. I bet it needs to be a 1911 to.

    • Wow … It took five new threads for this to show up … Usually it happens a little faster.

    • Yeah, that’s why there are multiple confirmed police shootings where the attacker was shot over a dozen times with a .45 and kept coming.

    • Balderdash..I carried a Sig P220 for 20+ years in LE and I now carry a P320/CZ P07/PT111 G2 in 9mm now that I’m out of the game. I don’t feel any less vulnerable or outgunned at all. Bullet technology has advanced in the last 10 years alone to mitigate any significant performance differences.

    • And only real men carry 1911’s, too, right? I work for a guy who swears up and down that Glocks are dangerous pistols, despite the fact just about 90% of LE agencies issue them, because they don’t have a manual thumb safety. His favorite pistol? Guess.

      He also can barely turn a computer on, but that’s besides the point…..

    • Ahh the ignorance.

      Please provide with information that shows just incident where a 45 worked and the 9mm would not.

  1. I predict all the single-stack talk is just a head fake, and the new ultra-super-capacity “triple stack” Glock is what will be unveiled.

      • Or bring on what every guy that is tired with his ar15 wants… Glock carbine! Kel tec sure seams to sell a bunch of their 9mm and .40 carbines. Glock just needs to be more creative. “New pistol! Make it square, yes yes like the last few dozen we designed. Safety? You mean like the safe action trigger? Well of course it will have that!” That’s how I see their designer meetings going.

  2. Glock f$&@ed up by waiting so long. I’m not nearly as into Glocks anymore, and some of the other models such as the Shield are looking pretty legit.

  3. I must admit I’m a huge Glock fanboy. I do enjoy apendix carry, but my Glock 26 was just too thick…so, I went and bought a slightly used diamond black Kahr PM9. It’s been doing great, however if this is really gonna be a single stack subcompact 9 from Glock…..I will trade my PM9 ASAP no questions asked. In all my years of shooting I have never once experienced any malfunctions with any Glock pistol I have owned…and I’ve own/have owned alot. Looking g forward to the NRA meeting next month in my home town. Woop !

    • I bought a Gen4 GLOCK 17 when they first came out. When it wasn’t jamming, it would fling brass to my face. I’ve had people tell me that I’m limp wristing blah blah blah. They’d run the gun and experience the same thing. That experience left a very bitter taste in my mouth. I have the pistol but don’t trust it.

      I’ve moved on to a Walther PPS.

      • Yes they had issues. A new recoil spring and extractor fixed for free, and the issues are gone. Now for 3 years.

        All gun companies have problems from time to time. I have two friends that have both sent their M&P 9’s back because they were so inaccurate. They came back fixed and for free. Both got new barrels.

        That said as widely as Glock’s are deployed, if there were constant problems the world would know.

  4. Naaahhhhh. The G42 was to exploit the market for a Glock .380 which, believe it or not, trumps the market for 9mm. So, Glock sold a years worth of single stack .380 pistols to folks who will now re sell or keep the .380 and buy a new 9mm single stack from Glock.

    My Wife loves her G42 as do 1/2 a dozen folks we know locally. Me? I finally get my single stack Glock 9mm if it happens. I shot the Kahrs, and the Sigs, and the Shields, and the XD-S and passed.

    I want a Glock single stack 9mm. I love my G26 but it’s too fat after carrying it 12 hours. And I’ll wait until it’s available. Bet me that it doesn’t happen in 2015 and that it won’t sell ooodles of guns. Go ahead…bet me.


      • I don’t think they’re really in the same class. No Glock will ever be that svelte, it’s just not in the Glock DNA.

    • The trigger might be better on the Glock. The lack of all frame or slide mounted safeties will be a huge plus for many people. I guess a lot of buyers like the looks of them(glocks)…?

    • Nothing at all. If you like M&P and have invested in them, then I would not suggest getting one. For Glock people this will be their single stack option.

      One thing I would never suggest people do is have two different types of guns for carry/primary use. I have friends that have both Glock 9mm’s (17 or 19) and then a XD 45 (3.5inch). The switch back and forth for whatever reason and wonder why they never get good at either. My point stick with your M&P. Controls, grips, triggers are the same between M&P models.

  5. Will it be thinner than the rest of Glock’s 9 mm line? If not, what’s the point? Kahr is the standard to match or beat.

    • That’s the idea, if it truly is single-stack design. (As opposed to the staggered “double-stack” magazine design used in all existing Glock 9mm models.)

  6. What if this is all just a smokescreen and they introduce the Glock Carbine instead!

      • You have no idea how much I want this. I’d also dig one in 357 sig. Legal minimum barrel length, 33 round magazine…Please Glock!

      • I too would love this. It would first come out in 9mm, where Glock started. Make is take a Glock 17 mag standard.

      • I can’t do that math, so I think you beat me.
        But, heck Yeah! Glock carbine in 10mm!
        Then I’ll begin to shorten it to suit my needs/wants and pay the appropriate fee

  7. I live in CA. A mag limit state. I have a sigma which was built for 16 round double stack mags that I can’t use. With a full CA compliant mag the pistol has an “off” feel to it.

    I also have a single stack mak that feels ‘right”. I’m not a glock fan boy but if they came out with a single stack 9 I’d at least give it a look see. Glocks work. I just don’t see the need for another neutered pistol in the safe.

    • Sorry you will have to come with me to AZ to give this a “look see.” Remember no new models in this wretched state thanks to micro stamping and the approved roster.

    • Well Ralph, it’s like I told all the Glock hating dumb@$$es back in the day that used the lame “yea but it’s ugly” line of bull$#it as the argument of last resort once it became evident that none of the other bull$#it anti Glock propaganda held water, when a bad guy goes down to rounds on target from a Glock, his last thought might be “Damn that was an ugly gun he shot me with”. 

  8. Ya, despite all the gnashing of teeth here about it being ‘too late’, Glock will sell a metric ton of these things. I could be wrong, but the single stack 9mm market seems to be as brisk as it ever was, with Shields, XDs’s and many others selling as well as ever. Does anyone really think that the new Glock 43 sitting next to these other offerings will somehow sit, because “too late”?


    I just picked up a Gen 4 19 – my first Glock in over a decade and a half. I’ve already got an XDs .45, but if the 43 actually happens, I see it being a part of my rotation.

    • You’re exactly right Dave. The only effect the late arrival of Glock to the single stack 9mm market is that competitors were lucky that Glock waited so long.

      Once the new Glock hits the market, the sales numbers of the competition will take a noticeable dive.

      It’s not hard to spot the news stand and window shopping experts who base their opinions and evaluations on what they’ve read or heard from the kid working the gun counter at Gander Mountain as opposed to serious hands on rounds down range experience. Some imbecile actually posted comments touting Taurus, too funny.

  9. The field is full, but options are good and these will sell. I’d rather late on the scene and reliable than early and worthless. You know, like mainstream media.

  10. Bringing the .380 out before the 9mm may have garnered lots of angst, but it was sheer marketing brilliance. Many of those who bought the .380 will buy the 9mm as well. If the 9mm had come first, I’m willing to bet that a significant number of those .380s wouldn’t have sold. Not bashing the .380, just an opinion.

    • An opinion that hinges on the premise of most GLOCK owners being gullible saps, but an opinion nonetheless. “Gee, a .380 really doesn’t meet my needs, but I think I’ll just plunk down $400 on it anyway because the Glock people told me to.”

      I still have a niche to fill for a slim 9mm, and if that’s what GLOCK is really doing here (the article picture is a fake) then I’ll get one, but I never even considered getting the 42. I already have an LCP as my last-ditch weapon, and one .380 is plenty enough.

  11. All I want to know is if the Gaston integrity of dishwasher safe and shower worthy standards are maintained.

    Marketing, marketing, marketing. = Sales, sales, sales.

    Late to the party or not.

    Thankfully, at least it’s not a reinvented Remington pistol. Oh wait. Sorry.

  12. Taurus PT709. Taurus PT740. Stainless. _Not_ shaped like a shoebox and impossible to conceal or draw from concealment… Glock is about a decade late to their own party.

    • I’m with you Dustin. And for next to nothing…If they had magazines available 709 or 740 would be perfect…

    • I’ve got a 740 stainless that’s never missed a beat. There may have been problems with the 709 but the 740’s been solid as anything. Also I got it used with 2 mags which was great.

  13. Who cares what anyone bought, planned to buy, thinking about buying, talked about buying, looked at, Glock opinions, or any other biased manufacturer amatuer reviews. This reminds me why I can barely stomach gun/shooting forums. “Too late, I already bought an LC-9, etc.” Who cares, the article is about speculation about an awaited handgun model.

      • Ha, “butthurt”, but juvenile hipster slang aside, I often ask myself the same question…

  14. It would be late to the party but this party doesn’t end. Each day after the release of this pistol there will be people turning 21 as well as older first time carriers that will be showing up even later to this party. There are people carrying something right now that doesn’t quite work for them. New models give me something new to test. Choice is good.

  15. Come on, people. Glock will sell boat loads of these things whether you think they screwed up with .380 or not. It’s like buying the next Apple… They’re going to sell a ton of them because people are addicted to them like crack babies.

    • They’re going to sell a ton of them because they have a good reputation for going *bang* when you squeeze the trigger. Each time. With boring regularity.

      Folks like me in the sub-tropics like ’em because they’re low maintenance even when drenched with sweat on a daily basis.

  16. I’ month much for Glocks but if it hits the market in the $400 price range I’d probably buy one.

    • I do not know what the iPad’s auto-correct has against conjugation but I meant ‘I’m not much for Glocks’

  17. I own a Kahr PM9. That ish is a pipedream. It’s nowhere near as reliable as a Glock 26. I wanna see a flawless SS9 from Glock.

  18. Since the Kahr CM9/PM9 and the Glock 42 are almost exactly the same size, IF the new single stack Glock 9mm is as small and priced like the 42, I’ll probably sell or trade my CM9 eventually and upgrade to the new Glock with night sights AFTER the new wears off and dealers back off full retail plus price tags.

    If the new Glock 9mm turns out to be just a thinner version of a Glock 26, I’m not interested.

    Honestly, when you consider that a Kahr CM9 offers reliable 9mm power in a 380 size gun with a decent trigger in the $350 price range, the new Glock 9mm single stack would just about have to be the same size as the 42 to be competitive with the CM9.

    Sig could have made a dent in the micro 9mm market with the P290 but blew their chance with a really $#itty trigger and ridiculous pricing before word spread about just how bad the trigger was.

    If the new Glock turns out as we hope to be a 42 sized pistol in 9mm, there will be huge demand for the pistol as a back up for law enforcement and equal demand in the civilian market for what arguably could be as close to perfect for concealed carry as you could ask for.

  19. Soooo……I am assuming that the single stack Glock is smaller and more easy to conceal?

    • IF the new Glock single stack 9mm is the same size as the Glock 42, using a Glock 26 double stack for comparison, it will be .35″ shorter in length, ,24″ narrower in width, and most substantially, over 10 ounces lighter in loaded weight, so yes, it will be significantly smaller and easier to conceal with the key word being IF the new pistol is as small and light as the Glock 42.

  20. So what will be the average price of a used Glock 42 once the 43 hits? Should be some good deals.

    • Probably in the $300-$350 range for a used 42 IF (and that’s a big if) demand declines drastically once the 43 becomes available. The current reasonable civilian retail price for a 42 is in $400 range. The current law enforcement/military retail price is $319. Since there aren’t a ton of Glock 42’s out there to start with, the used guns won’t flood the market like used Glock 22 law enforcement pistols have, so the $300-$350 price range is a reasonable estimate.

  21. Lets get the G40 to the dealers first go gosh sakes! Getting tired of waiting, about ready to bail on the stupid thing, loosing interest..

  22. I love my Glock 33, but am selling that for a single-stack and that will either be XDs or Glock, guess I’ll wait a little longer to see if Glock does come out with it and then compare the prices…whichever is lower cost will be my choice.

  23. “But if they came out with the 9 first, they would have sold millions of 9s, and zero .380s. It’s marketing genius.

    That is why I turned to the SW MP9 Shield. No .380 pee shooter for me.

  24. Do not neglect trying a Ruger LC9S Pro before you go out and purchase a Glock like this, if it ever does come on the market. The Ruger will put a smile on your face.You won’t want a Glock, unless you’re just one of those “gotta have a Glock ” types…

    • “Do not neglect trying a Ruger LC9S Pro before you go out and purchase a Glock like this”

      I don’t like DAO guns with added safeties. A DA revolver doesn’t need a safety and neither does a DAO pistol. The other problem with Rugers is that spare mags are expensive.

      The S&W Shield is available without the safety and that would b my choice unless this new glock is more compact than the Shield.

  25. I’ll try to contain my excitement until I actually see one or I’m able to read the full spec sheet because I suspect that it’s just a narrower G26 rather than what I’d be more interested in which would be something that was BARELY larger than the G42 and closer to the size and weight of a keltec PF-9

  26. My Wife will be keeping her G42 but I’ll be buying a G43 based on my experiences shooting her Glock 42 .380 – I think the gun is fantastic and Glock sold over 200,000 of these in about a year. I’d say the G43 will break that record.

    And, yes, I already shot all the competition single stack 9mm pistols including the illustrious Shield and passed. I have a feeling we’ll be a 3 Glock family in the very near future with a G42, G26, and now a G43. I’m stoked and can’t wait to buy and shoot the new G43.


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