Does the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Have Enough Firepower to Take Down Texas Wasps?

bug-a-salt 2.0 wasps

You may know the Bug-A-Salt saline-slinging gun as a fun alternative to traditional fly swatters. Who’d want to swing a rudimentary badminton racket at flying pests when you can pull a trigger and blast them out of mid-air?

Tom in Oregon reviewed the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 and pronounced it “handy” and a good way to get in a little wingshooting practice while he barbecues. Fun times!

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 fly swatter

Courtesy Amazon

But what if the flying critters at your house are more menacing than common houseflies? Does a Bug-A-Salt 2.0 pack enough of a ballistic punch to take down flying insects that can inflict some real pain should you fail to neutralize them?

Paper Wasp insect bug-a-salt 2.0


Rob Fox, who writes for our sister publication, set out to see if a Bug-A-Salt 2.0 is of a high enough caliber to take care of a budding wasp problem.


Short answer: no.

If flies are buzzing around you, a Bug-A-Salt 2.0 is enough to dispatch them. But if something with more oomph is flying in or around your home, you’ll probably have to do what Rob did and resort to conventional chemical weaponry. It’s the only way to be sure.


  1. avatar Steven Lynch says:

    I don’t know but WD-40 will, not PB blast

    1. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

      Lol true. Brake Cleaner too. That’s what we use at work.

      1. avatar rosignol says:

        In my experience, damn near anything that has a ‘Dow Chemical’ logo on it will kill bugs.

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          Not just bugs if you do it right…

      2. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        “Brake Cleaner too.”

        With a lighter, every flipp’in time.

        That goes double for ether-based starting fluids. I treat stinging insects like the Japanese on Iwo Jima, or the other islands in the Solomon chain…

        1. avatar ozzallos says:

          So politically incorrect its funny.

      3. avatar CA ST says:

        Hairspray. When it dries, they can’t move. Works good on all insects, including roaches.

        1. avatar Stan M says:

          Use hair spray all the time when it drys they stop!

      4. avatar Snake Plisskin says:


    2. avatar Hank says:

      I had a huge wasp nest on a shed once. I was young and too smart for my own good and recently back from Iraq. So naturally I decided I was going to hit that bitch with an IED. It worked. But I spent the rest of the summer repairing that shed.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        There actually is such a thing as too much fire power.

      2. avatar Big Bill says:

        Many, many years ago, when you could still buy M-80s by the box without anyone asking any questions, we had a wasp nest that had 8~10 wasps on it at any time.
        Tied an M-80 to the end of a long stick, lit it, and placed it next to the nest.
        It did the job.

  2. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

    Well thanks for the review. I was considering the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 for a wasp problem I have. Can’t keep the fuckers out of my hummingbird feeders and obviously wasp spray is going to poison my hummingbirds.
    Seems I’m forced to continue to hunt down the nests and get them at their source.

    1. avatar John Memoli says:

      I have used my Bug-a-salt to take out wasps, but you have to creep up very close to them and take them out one at a time. Once down, 3-4 shots will dismember a wasp. If you have them on your hummingbird feeder, they will work. Just pretend you’re sneaking up on a skittish dear and have fun.

      1. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

        Ok good to know. Gonna get one then, nothing more satisfying than taking out the stinging beasts.

    2. avatar SoCalJack says:

      I have one but use them only on flies. Effectiveness varies, i’ve seen flies obliterated and some fly away. Not sure yet, but chambering salt while held horizontal might help ensure max salt is loaded. Not effective at greater than 2′, but flies will let you get 6″ close. My aim is good, but maybe I need that laser attachemnt sold on Amazon?

      1. avatar GapharmD says:

        Spiders. Every single spider I see!!!


    3. avatar Hank says:

      .410 bird shot.

      1. avatar troutbum5 says:

        My uncle always said that the .410 was rendered obsolete when Raid hit the market.

        1. avatar Marty says:

          Your uncle was right, at least until the Judge and the Governor came on scene.

    4. avatar jay y says:

      There are some good homemade wasp traps. This is one that worked for me.

    5. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

      Look up Shawn Woods on yutube, or search for mouse trap Monday. He has done some wasp/hornet traps reviews for both commercial and home made wasp/hornet traps and they work very well. The home made ones are baited with meat so the humming birds shouldn’t be attracted.

  3. avatar jwm says:

    Off topic but apparently the ‘Deplorable Murder Fantasy Movie Pushed By The Left” has been shit canned.

    1. avatar Manse Jolly says:

      I think it will be back, don’t think Hollywood will toss it for good. $$

      Having watched the trailer, Deplorable Southern white conservatives are the only stereotype allowed it seems.

      Imagine the same movie but the above group traded out for another.

      1. avatar John Memoli says:

        This would be a great time to hunt clothing or souvenirs with the movie’s logo. Fifty years from now, the tale of this movie and it’s non-release might make for some interesting collectibles.

        1. avatar KenW says:

          Only problem is the daughter will be pushing 90 and I’ll be pushing daises in 50 years.

      2. avatar Manse Jolly says:

        Re-watched trailer…Suspension of belief..I get it, but sometimes..

        People by box full of gear…woman asks what was that? Man says he thinks a rifle shot.

        Next scene shows bunker with rifle flash and sound. Some 5-6 seconds later bullet goes Hollywood zing by woman and man, hits box.

        Maybe someone else further out was shooting but the math ain’t adding up from what I can tell.

        `just sayin

      3. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        “I think it will be back, don’t think Hollywood will toss it for good. $$ ”

        Yeah, I actually *want* to see it now.

        I just hope the movie ‘pirate’ release scene has a digital copy socked away somewhere and it shows up on Torrent tracker somewhere…

      4. avatar Will Drider says:

        Off the rail but…… Dont the Deplorables turn the tables and kill all the Lefty Elitists? Pretty crap plot if there just a one sided turkey shoot. Maybe thats what hellywood wants a happy Left ending.

      5. avatar Pacer says:

        If they made that movie, it WILL be back. Maybe straight to Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. They’re not going to lose all their money.

    2. avatar Nanashi says:

      I suspect it was never intended for release, just a trailer they had in case they needed a distraction (like from Epstein).

      1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        Yeah, well, Epstein got his early ‘release’ by hanging himself in his cell.

        I bet there are a whole lot of powerful people ecstatic he killed himself, and Bill Clinton is probably one of them.

        The best we can hope for with Epstein is that he has a burn list triggered by his demise…

        1. avatar Victoria Illinois says:

          Most of the Clinton’s friends who fall out of favor usually die mysteriously.

        2. avatar ROBERT Powell says:

          it is going to take a certified electronic copy of the camera shot of his room to convince me that clinton did not buy the killing ..he was going to turn states evidence,HE WAS IN A MAX-MAX CELL FOR SUICIDE WATCH,MUCH LIKE THE SUPER-DOPER EXCAPE ARTIST.. 24/7 video maned by trained cop??????? bullshit ,the body counts go’s to 147….

        3. avatar Hannibal says:

          When someone has been trying to neck themselves (because they’re going to spend the rest of their life in prison for being a kiddy diddler) and finally succeeds it’s hardly mysterious.

        4. avatar LazrBeam says:

          Betcha he was Arkancided.

    3. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      They dropped it, not surprising.

      Over on Ars Technica, someone dropped an interesting comment about the movie :

      “David T. Ars Praetorian
      Aug 8, 2019 2:02 PM


      We are already in a “cold” civil war with flaring hotspots. This can’t help.”

      Ya think?

    4. avatar Anonymous says:

      Check out the Reason piece on it. Conservatives were the sympathetic characters.

  4. avatar Jim says:

    Wasps. Ugh…best to use 20ga shells with the shot dumped out. The wads make the nests go away…

  5. avatar pwrserge says:

    For flies, I use Windex. They tend to land on windows and going all Verdun on them is a quick way to knock them down AND clean the windows.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Winded works great on ants too!

      1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        Is it the ammonia in window cleaner that acts like a neurotoxin on insects?

        1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

          Maybe? Probably. But it works wonders on those little black sugar ants that come out every spring. It’s almost immediate.

  6. avatar SoCalJack says:

    Also off topic:
    I hope we have some good data points from this experiment.

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      Data point #1: Dmitriy Andreychenko is a goddamn fool.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        No, he is a Ukrainian!

        1. avatar Ejharbet says:

          Nope hes a commodity worth much ramen

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      The social experiment was dumb but the legal experiment is just beginning. He’ll probably plea out. But if not, maybe he’ll get off? Even in that case, it helps to remember: you may beat the rap, but you don’t beat the ride. Guy is gonna have to pay out the wazoo for this little stunt.

  7. avatar Dr Schmancy says:

    And the purpose of murdering a fellow biological species is what exactly?

    1. avatar Specialist38 says:

      Easier living for me…..duh!

    2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Just curious Doc. What foods do you eat?
      If you’re a vegan, the machinery used to harvest vegetables kills millions of subspecies. (Not to mention all the chemicals used to kill the bugs before they eat the harvest).

      If you’re a meat eater, you’re paying someone else to slaughter your food.

      If you’re a self sustaining farmer, I tip my hat to you and apologize for any gruff words.

    3. avatar Brainman says:

      The purpose is fuck wasps.

  8. avatar DrewN says:

    If you have a garden,wasps are your friends. Yeah, they can be annoying when they are in scavenger season, but they don’t like beer or tea near as much as soda. Just take the meat inside when it comes off the grill.

    1. avatar Troubled Soul says:

      Wasps are never your friends. Lol
      They don’t pollinate anything, they are mostly scavengers, and if they make a nest in your attic, they will eat holes in your drywall to get in your house
      They will also attack my hives if they get weak.
      Kill them, Kill them all.

      1. avatar Marty says:

        Not true. The wasps that nest in the paper multi comb nests are not your friends and need to die. The wasps which nest in the mud nests (mud daubers) are definitely your friends and will never sting you. Yellow Jackets are never your friends and will sting at will.

        1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

          Mike Rowe dubbed yellowjackets as the ‘a**holes of the insect world”.

        2. avatar Marty says:

          Yea, several decades ago, we had an unused large dog house on our deck. We now had a Chocolate Lab pup. We were on the deck and decided to pull out the bed in the dog house for the new pup. We upset a yellow jacket nest and out poured 100’s of yellow jackets. They attacked all three of us stinging the pup so many times he was forced to the deck. We ran for the house and slammed the door behind us. A dozen or more made it into the house and kept stinging. I went on the war path. I didn’t know they were called yellow jackets, we always called them meat bees or sweet bees. I obtained literature from the county on different wasps and bees. Yup, yellow Jackets, devil bees. That’s also how I learned the difference between the Mud Daubers and the devil wasps, and unlike honey bees, these honeycomb wasps can sting you over and over again.

        3. avatar Marty says:

          Update. Yesterday while cutting down a tree, a yellowjacket got up my sleeve. Stung me and somehow got stuck inside the shirt sleeve. Stung me 2 more times. Always wondered if those devil bees could sting multiple times. Found out the hard way.

  9. avatar Kendahl says:

    Wasp spray lets you stand far enough away not to get stung while you hose down their nest.

    Carburetor cleaner, with the straw inserted in the push button, works spectacularly well on individual wasps at a few inches distance. They stop flying instantly and drop straight down. I expect just about any solvent will work equally well.

    I’ve also used it on crickets hiding in crevices. The unending chirp, chirp, chirp is annoying. A quick shot of cleaner results in a few seconds of rapid scratch, scratch, scratch (Take that, MF!) followed by blessed silence.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “They stop flying instantly and drop straight down. I expect just about any solvent will work equally well.”

      Not sure about *any*, but organic solvents can act like neurotoxins. As to why they act so quickly on insects, I’ll hazard a guess it has to do with the dose as a percentage of body weight, and the minuscule physical distance from where the toxin was ingested and the brain (?) of the insect…

    2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      stp and wurth carb cleaners used to be formulated with mek; dropped flyers in flight. the new formulation will probably do the trick. but combined with methanol and trichlor the old stuff really got the gunk out of pilot circuits.
      the one percent oleo dog sprays will wipe out any stinging insect nest, and the remaining oily residue prevents them from any utilizing that site in the future. i would return to the same locations (exterminator in the literal sense, not professionally) monthly for years and no fliers attempted to build on an old site even years later.
      only bug i hit with dog spray that survived was a cicada killer. i’ve since learned how neat their symbiosis with the hatchling cycles is, and that they are not human aggressive.

  10. avatar Manse Jolly says:

    Ground dwelling bees are the worst..was hit last weekend after mowing over a hole…still have a knot on my arm. Usually after I locate I’ll sneak up with some gasoline oil mix and burn the bastages out..light and run like hell. lol.

    1. avatar Victoria Illinois says:

      Probably wasn’t a bee. Yellow Jackets are ground nesting hornets. They will chase and sting you if you disturb their nest. They send out a signal (pheromones) if they are in distress. Their friends and family come after you. You can’t outrun them. Paper wasps are fine….cool houses, too.

  11. avatar Josh says:

    Propane torch for wasps and hornets. The bug-a-salt works great on flies and spiders. I’ve killed a few dozen black widows with mine so far this year.

  12. avatar billy-bob says:

    If I put a stock on it will it need a stamp?

  13. avatar RGP says:

    Water with dishwashing liquid works on wasps.

  14. avatar MLee says:

    I don’t do bugs at all, but while I was on vacation the last two weeks, invariably a variety of flying insects get in my class A and fly around the flat screen or the florescent lights. I just start the generator and plug the vacuum cleaner in and use the hose and suck em up. God that’s satisfying. Nothing better than seeing a mosquito on the white ceiling just waiting for me to sack out and it where it would be sucking my blood. Instead, it’s sucked into the whirlwind of death!

  15. avatar daveinwyo says:

    Did not know about the salt gun till I picked up my .410 at my FFL.
    His wife got it for him. He and I had a hoot while he killed flies.
    This would be the logical answer to rock salt in a 12 gage.
    The question is, will it work on the woke? And can I get it in black?
    Great review!

  16. avatar Flying Fish says:

    Had an infestation of caterpillars on my tomatoes. After exhausting all other less drastic measures, finally had to use a pocket butane welding torch. They ended up reproducing faster than I could torch them. Finally got rid of them when they chewed the tomato and neighboring Habanero pepper plants to the roots. With nothing left to eat, they finally left me alone. I just feel sorry for the poor unsuspecting bird who sees a 6 inch fat juicy caterpillar who has been feeding on Habaneros.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      birds are immune to capsaicin. i’ve seen video of birds eating chiltepins like berries.

  17. avatar Fudds McKenzie says:

    Unethical hunter. Those wasps he shot but didn’t kill may have wandered off to die slow, painful deaths, and maybe into traffic. I hope he ate the one he got.

    1. avatar RGP says:

      My thoughts exactly. Typical slob hunter, probably a poacher too.

  18. avatar Chris says:

    One of my earliest memories was my grandfather dealing with wasps in the outdoor garage, his method was to wait until they’re all asleep then blast the nest with insecticide.

  19. avatar Everyday +1 Carrier says:

    I just use bug spray or something equally strong. Like fire. One wasps nest? Time to move. One spider? Time to burn everything in a 10 mile radius.

  20. avatar Bill says:

    Bug-a-salt will kill wasps. But it has to be point blank range, one at a time. I would not recommend trying to take out a nest.

  21. avatar Karl says:

    There is a John Deer colored “Farm and Ranch” version with a larger shot and higher velocity.

  22. avatar SkorpionFan says:

    The ultimate wasp nest destroyer:
    TF-19 WASP Flamethrower Drone Attachment from company Throwflame. (Most accurate company name ever.)

    Actual flamethrower attachment for your drone, designed for burning out wasp nests. (Not for use inside.)
    Watch the 2-minute video, includes demo of burning wasp nest.
    Legitimate product for only $1,499.00
    You know you want one. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    TFB should do a field test and review of this. Dogfight individual wasps with remote control unit with flame cam video.

    1. avatar Marty says:

      Sounds like a major fire hazard to me.

      1. avatar SkorpionFan says:

        But Does the TF-19 WASP Have Enough Firepower to Take Down Texas Wasps? Most definitely.

        1. avatar Marty says:

          Sounds like you have firs hand experience.

    2. avatar Ranger Rick says:

      This is da shit!

  23. avatar Pat Yates says:

    I use my Bug-A-Salt with a magnum load. Kosher salt, much larger and heavier grain size, maybe half again as much range on wasps and black widows. Still have to get pretty damn close to the wasps. Especially the tarantula wasps here.

  24. avatar Steven Lynch says:

    those Ciciada killers in Texas !!!!! 000 Buck is it

  25. avatar adambomb286 says:

    If your salt gun isn’t enough, step up to some CCI .22lr shot shells.

  26. avatar Hannibal says:

    These things are fun but more expensive than I’d expected.

  27. avatar Model 31 says:

    Dawn dish soap in a home car wash sprayer with the soap magazine attachment powered by the garden hose. Doesn’t take much soap and it will knock them out of the air and DRT where they fall. Wait till evening to get the whole nest in 4 seconds or less.
    Then turn of the soap and rinse the overspray off.

  28. avatar Doctor Evil says:

    Dawn dish washing liquid mixed in water (1 to 6 ratio) put in a spray bottle.

    You can even knock them out of the air because it gets on their wings and they can’t fly. Once they hit the ground you spray them one more time and it covers their body (they breathe through their body) they can’t breathe and they die.

    It’s non-toxic readily available and affordable.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      Some ‘Doctor Evil’ you are, suggesting something non-toxic.

      Doc. Evil better be suggesting a toxin made with mercury, dioxin, or other horrible nasties… 😉

    2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      works very well to rid spider mites from your arbacola too.

  29. avatar Oregun cannoneer says:

    Pro tip: choice of salt matters…… table salt may as well be #8 birdshot….. kosher salt is like 00 buck, I only use kosher salt in my big a salt, huge difference. Some of the other course varieties of salt may work even better, worth a try but rock salt is def too big

  30. avatar Toltepequeño says:

    When I was a kid we had tons of red wasps, lived in the boonies (60’s). We would throw gas on a nest of them and that ended it.

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