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Tyler, a zookeeper from California, sends his off-duty carry set-up, courtesy of Everyday Carry.

I’m not sure what the laws are on California thanks to that state’s “may issue” carry laws (hopefully soon gutted by the SCOTUS case from NY State!), but kudos on Tyler getting one of those permits.

Ditto on handgun purchases.  Doesn’t Cali have some list of approved guns back in 1897 that are okay to purchase today if one jumps through enough hurdles and promises not to use it against any marginalized persons?

Seems that the GLOCK43 must either fall into that approved list somehow, or Tyler’s one of the special class of people who can buy guns that are not on that list.  And the SigSauer V-Crown hollow-point ammo?  Why that might actually hurt someone or cause harm to the environment!  Did Tyler have to go to Nevada to buy that?

Tyler’s knife looks pretty tame.  Almost like a UK-approved blade of sorts.  An Eafengrow D2.  Hmm.

He also has some unique items including a Folger Adams key head, a Chromatic multi-tool and General Grant token.  At least two of those must have sentimental meaning.

The ThruNight TN12 flashlight looks impressive, but it’s price is a little impressive.

An interesting bunch of stuff he carries, to say the least.  In a state that’s not the friendliest towards gun owners or those who wish to protect their families.

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  1. A zookeeper is part of the ruling class. He gets to have a carry gun because he might have to shoot the escaped lion. That might eat the children of the mayor or the city councilman.
    Those kids need protection.
    I’m not a fan of Glocks. I prefer DA/SA guns.

  2. Glock 43. Okay. Thought about buying one myself a time or two. Give him the benefit of the doubt on a holster. No spare mag. Thumbs down. Weird knife. Did he break off half the blade? $129 for the light. I’ve spent more. If it’s a good light I see no problem.

  3. You don’t see too many people rocking a sheepsfoot style blade these days outside of SAR, especially not one that aggressive in it’s spine curve.

    It’s not a bad blade design within it’s intended uses but I’m not sure how that fits with a folding pocket knife made from D2…

    Still, kinda neat to see that someone carries one even if it is a cheapo.

    • Strych9, I didn’t see it, but I guess that could be a sheep’s foot blade. A sheep’s foot is something my grandpa carried on the farm for working stock. Never thought of it in the context of how we usually think of blades on this site. But hey, the guys a zoo keeper. I guess that’s stock. In a way.

      • Farm work is what the sheepsfoot blade was meant for. Specifically shaving down hooves. The idea is to have a knife that slices well with good control, particularly near the point, but is blunt enough that if you make a mistake it doesn’t easily stick you or the animal.

        So your grandfather picked arguably the best tool for the job without going to a specialty item.

        I’d agree with your other post though, this one is a bit of an odd looking knife with those dimensions since it kinda looks like the blade snapped cleanly. It’s a strange choice IMHO for an EDC knife in both design and materials but I have no idea why he picked it and it is dirt cheap, which is a plus if it’s a beater.

        • I actually have a sheep with a foot problem. My wife is away and can’t fix it by myself. Not sure why I’m commenting but what the hey

        • wharny was for whittling. sheepsfoot for hooves. these days they are both blended with the reverse tanto to the point where all three styles are very similar.
          nice to have one for tip work, complimented by something with plenty belly for edge work. neither of which is very good at stabby.

  4. Cops should have no special privileges. Either the G43 should be sold to the general public or it should not be sold to anyone in the state.

    • S., L.E. has to have some powers not allowed the general public to effectively do their job. Owning a handgun that another citizen can’t own ain’t one of them. You need to relocate. Nothing gets a politician’s attention like a voter walking away with their money.

  5. “I’m not sure what the laws are on California thanks to that state’s “may issue” carry laws…”

    So, although a majority of California’s citizen are screwed when it come to CCW permits due to the policies of the major population centers, for most of California geographically, it’s not that big of a deal, though it is a bit pricey.

    Here is a map of CCW policy by CA county:

  6. Lots of counties in CA are CCW permit friendly, until you get into the major cities and down south.
    You can usually find “off roster” pistols for sale used, as those who are exempt from roster requirements (i.e. police) will often buy something new knowing if it doesn’t work out they can get a premium price for it.

    • You nailed it on the major cities part. Most of the U.S. thinks we’re ALL Dem liberal voters. Most of the U.S. forgets CA has the most military bases of any state, thus a lot active duty, reserves, and even more, veterans, and retired vets. With at least 2/3 of us voting Republican. Unfortunately the cost of living is driving out the republican voters.

    • I never noticed the gap before. Now I dislike Glocks for more than just their butt-ugly aesthetic. Now I’m gonna see that every time I look at photos of Glocks…

    • There are about 15 things that trigger me for no reason about Glocks… darn things work tho!

  7. I personally don’t buy that may issue laws will be affected by the NYC case. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see it.

  8. If you click the link to the Everyday Carry site, his listed occupation is “corrections”.

    Therefore, the “zoo”.

  9. Unsafe 3rd gen Glock? Cause in commie kalifonia, our overlords say so.
    Ain’t Freedom and Liberty great? Well, for some it is.

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