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The local news video on the confrontation between Iowa landlord Johnie Eakins and his tenant Westley Vaughan pretty much tells it like it is. Shows it like it is. A gun owner is approached by a man – not threatened – and goes all citizens’ arrest on him, complete with no trigger control whatsoever. Eakins brings dishonor to us all, publicly proclaiming that his concealed carry permit gives him the right to hold a man at gunpoint . . . because guns! This may not be the best place to point this out but . . .

the cop in the video’s right: Iowans is not a stand you ground” state. Iowans have a “duty to retreat”  during violent confrontations; they can’t use deadly force in self-defense if they can avoid grievous bodily harm or death by retreating or escaping.

So Eakins was acting unlawfully when he didn’t back up when his tenant approached him  – considering the fact that Vaughan was not posing a threat of death or grievous bodily harm. The video clearly shows that Vaughan didn’t have a knife as Eakins claimed.

This is NOT to say that stand-your-ground laws are wrong. They’re an important part of armed self-defense that protects law-abiding citizens who are violently attacked. Every state should be a “stand your ground.” And every idiot like Eakins should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. [h/t Mark N]

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  1. Eakins brings dishonor to us all…

    B.S. Eakins brings dishonor to no one but himself. I’m not responsible for his actions, nor do I condone his actions. His actions are not a reflection of me, or anyone else but Eakins himself.

    • +1

      What brings dishonor to us all is the assertion that Eakins brings dishonor to us all. That’s highly insulting.

      • What’s your opinion of Democrats? What about non-gun owners? Or Wall Street bankers? Or the oil industry?

        Like it or not, people get judged by the actions of those they are affiliated with, right or wrong. Sometimes, we don’t get to choose to be affiliated with certain morons, but we are. For years, I left the specifics of what I did for a large bank off my resume. Why? I managed our security filing records, making sure we were maintaining our responsibilities over the CDOs we were involved with. People assumed I was a Wall St money maker because of that and had any involvement with the decisions that led to the financial problems of 2008.

        Point being, his actions reflect on those who own and carry guns. In the eyes of the average viewer, he confirms every assertion Moms For Gun Violence In Action makes about us. When you carry, you don’t just represent yourself, you reflect everybody who carries. When you own, you represent every owner.

        • his actions reflect on those who own and carry guns.

          A big load of crappola right there. Unless you are a MDA Idiot, in which case it’s gospel.

        • If I may…

          Is it rational that we be judged (stereotyped) by another person’s actions.. Should we just suck it up and pander to that neurotic lack of logic… I don’t think so… This dipsh*t owns his stupidity (repeatedly). IMHO it’s our duty to wise up the sheepl to the difference between guys like this and the rest of us… Truth is on our side and should never be sidelined…

        • I take it this means you have no problem with airport security targeting grandmothers. The fact that many terrorists come out of the Middle East should have no relationship to security checks for brown people. After all the action of one or a few is no reflection on the others.

        • Everyone take a powder. Katy and RF are not saying we should be judged by the actions of one or a few, but like it or not, this is the reality. That’s why we have an IGOTD feature: to disavow these maroons and hold them up as an object lesson to the rest of us.

    • Seriously. Let’s not play the left’s collectivist game by having one person define everyone.

  2. Idiots like this, ruin it for the rest of us law abiding gun owners. Just another reason for the gun hating liberals to take our rights away. Now what if said another law abiding citizen witnessed this, they could have legally shot that dumbass because he was technically breaking the law by holding another person hostage at gun point.

    • Idiots like this, ruin it for the rest of us law abiding gun owners.

      Really? Because I don’t feel ruined in any way.

      • That’s not how the antis see it, and they use these kind of idiots against us all the time.

        • The antis don’t need this kind of thing because they make sh1t up. In fact, the only group that’s presently contending that one jerk reflects badly on us is — us.

        • The “antis” see it any way they can to impose some as best a burden on us as they can. For the most notable ones like MDA PR shill Shannon Troughton/Watts it is very plausible that it is merely a “ends justifies the means” exploitation. Exploitation of any and all tragedies, no matter how rare to raise money and pressure people that don’t know the issue. We have to divest ourselves of the individual cases of irresponsibility and taking on some sort of irrational guilt and focus on the overwhelmingly large amount of responsible and good that law abiding gun owners represent. Come on, real common sense is that there are over 300 million firearms owned in the US and antis have to scrape up suicides and intentional criminal homicide, in order to inflate the number of “gun deaths”. In societies where there are no guns, they find other ways to kill and harm, it isn’t the gun. Antis have to desperately wait for the next PR presentable “gun violence” moment to jump on it to guilt extort money from kind hearted gullible people. Go to the MDA website and you will see that generating outrages any way possible so they can get donations and pressure people to vote for their corrupt candidates is the agenda.

    • I get what you are saying in that it “ruins it for the rest of us”. However I disagree with the sentiment because it seems to say that we all should be punished for the odd and irrational a behavior of a irresponsible individual.

      I don’t think anyone would reasonably make a claim that if a automobile driver did something irresponsible, like get drunk and drive, that that would somehow reflect poorly on all automobile drivers. Nor should it be in this case with actual law abiding gun owners.

  3. Herein lies the problem, “I’d do the same thing again!”.
    An idiot who won’t bother to learn beforehand, and learns nothing from experience.
    At least read “In The Gravest Extreme” by Ayoob before you start toting a gun around.

  4. Behold, fellow gun owners, the often-mentioned but rarely-videotaped “I wish a m-fer would” guy. This specimen has likely been waiting quite a long time to engage in a situation such as this, and can be seen almost literally jumping at the opportunity to draw his firearm in order to force compliance upon the, in his mind at least, “perpetrator” who has dared to question what he has said. “I wish a m-fer would” guy can then be seen poorly attempting to take the “perpetrator” down, and upon completion of aforementioned poor takedown, he can be observed awkwardly straddling and caressing the “perpetrator” in an effort to ensure that the “perpetrator” knows that he, the holy embodiment of righteousness and justice (in his mind at least), has complete control over the proceedings and that the “perpetrator” is at the mercy of his every whim and/or fancy. The “wish a m-fer would” guy can be observed visibly relishing this opportunity that he has had the good fortune to stumble upon, and has clearly given no thought to the idea that he may perhaps have gone about this all wrong. Take note, fellow gun owners, this is NOT a situation in which a drawing of one’s firearm was necessary, and certainly not how to handle said situation of drawing one’s firearm HAD it been necessary.

    TL;DR this guy is a tool who did literally EVERYTHING wrong, who is a power-trippin’ mofo, and who should be sent to jail for behaving in such a way.

  5. This moron’s action harms all of us because anti-gunners, fence straddlers, and politicians will use this as an example of why CC holders can’t be trusted. This feeds right into their narrative.

    I find the news coverage to be professional and impartial, although I wouldn’t have minded a “what a f*in idiot this guy is” from the commentators.

    • This moron’s action harms all of us because anti-gunners, fence straddlers, and politicians will use this as an example of why CC holders can’t be trusted.

      The only people using this right now is us. Us. And it’s appalling.

  6. Just to be clear, even in stand your ground states this man would have been charged with a crime.

    And what an idiot, lying so blatantly to the press afterwards. This will only make the judge give him a harsher sentence.

    This guy is in a world of legal hurt.

  7. This derp head gets all of what he deserves, I imagine this was just the worst of many bad decisions he made on a power trip.

  8. Regardless of any reflections, there is nothing to to about it but take satisfaction that a bad egg will likely rendered less of a menace, for a while at least. Hopefully he will either be medicated or imprisoned.

  9. In Florida, the SYG part of the Castle Doctrine has always stated “who is attacked.” This dumbass was not attacked.

  10. Wow. All that was missing was a stern pronouncement, in his best Stallone voice, that “I am the law!”

  11. Bloomberg plant, most likely. False flags are the preferred method of social engineering for fascists both today and last century.

    And if it’s not…who cares? Antis make up their facts, why can’t I?

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