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Security footage of eight-year-old boy robbing a Florida convenience store (courtesy

“Eboni Alls said her 8-year-old wanted to go to the park Wednesday night,” reports, “but after she told him to go, she later learned he was up to no good.” Copy that . . .

The boy, identified as Jaden, rode his bicycle to a King Foods grocery store in his West Palm Beach neighborhood. Security footage shows him entering the store wearing a bike helmet and baggy clothes that were concealing a loaded handgun.

Jaden walked inside and looked around the front of the store for about a minute before heading toward the checkout counter and approaching the cashier.

“I saw the boy take the gun. He said ‘give me the money’,” said employee Robert Espinal.

[Note: “take” as in pull the gun from his pocket and aim it at the clerk.]

One employee said he wasn’t sure if the gun was real or fake in the moment, but that he took the threat seriously. Several workers reacted quickly, and one reached Jaden, twisted his wrist, and took the weapon away.

You could say that Ms. Alls is irresponsible for not teaching her boy the difference between right and wrong. You might also say that a parent shouldn’t let an eight-year-old boy go to a park at night unaccompanied.

It might also be possible that Ms. Alls has what some people would describe as a “bad kid.” And/or that she was somewhat to completely powerless to stop him from “falling in with a bad crowd” that influenced his choices.

Be that as it may, Ms. Alls was a gun owner who failed to keep control of her firearm.

“When I grabbed my purse, it was so light … I knew I was missing something. I said ‘where’s my gun?’ The first thing I thought was I hope Jaden doesn’t have my gun,” said Alls.

What was it I’ve said about off-body carry? Oh yeah: don’t. “Alls said that, if she could do things differently, she would have kept the gun locked in a safe.” Don’t be that woman.

[h/t AM]

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  1. So much parenting fail. And also culture fail…

    I would put money on the assumption that the family is already forcibly taking money from other people’s pockets on the first of every month…. though the IRS is the one doing the strong-arming for them. Does welfare lead to a sense of entitlement to other people’s things/money? The anecdotal evidence points to a strong yes.

    I hope the family is able to straighten this young man out before he hurts someone.

  2. Who taught this kid how to knock over a fracking gas station? This is not something you simply ‘figure out’.

    • Seriously, you think a a modern kid in a low income household hasn’t seen a store being held up on a television screen several times at least? Probably seen murders, sex, drug use, the works, by the time he was seven. “I don’t know HOW my little angel ended up so bad! I done tried to raise him up good an’ all…where he gets these ideas, I have no notion!”. Etc, etc. Television is probably one of the biggest factors in our society’s downfall. That’s why I’m glad our father didn’t even let us have a TV and VCR until I was 8 (the same age this future convict was robbing a store). We never had actual TV.

      • Yes, I am sure it is the exact same television shows that literally billions of people watch all over the world that caused this child to go astray.

        Care to rethink your statement? Or maybe you would like to blame video games and rap music as well.

  3. “Alls said that, if she could do things differently, she would have kept the gun locked in a safe.”

    The gun isn’t going to hold up a store by itself. She should keep that little thug locked up instead. Oh, well, the state will do the job and lock him up in the future.

    • What he did, the Cook County (Chicago) State’s Attorney would only consider a misdemeanor if committed by an adult. And he’s a juvie. No consequences for him.

    • “Oh, well, the state will do the job and lock him up in the future.”

      And let him out! Then lock him up, and let him out. Then lock him up, and let him out. Then lock him up, and let him out. This train keeps going until someone is dead.

  4. Hey, how’s an 8 year old supposed to get beats headphones and jordans and all the other cool stuff other kids have?? On the bright side he’s well on his way to become a crime reporter, senate member,congressman,governor,mayor, etc.

    • If Ben Carson is to be believed, this kid could become the head surgeon at a major hospital before mounting an unsuccessful presidential bid.

      • you mean that presidential bid that tweets out that they are going home to florida? but somehow decides that it was only to pick up some clothes (say what?) and then 2 days later fires half the staff due to money issues. hmmmm. I think he did better in Iowa then he expected.

  5. Wow just wow…does Eboni speak Ebonics? Uh yeah letting your 8 year old run wild does mean you’re a bad momma…and this is a mite bit worse than stealing $ from mom’s purse. Breaking news! TSA finds Taurus Judge in carry-on luggage at Chicago’ Midway Airport. Hilarity ensues…extremely clear pics too.

  6. Not to worry. In the report I saw the mom claims she will be making some serious changes in her parenting.

    • Yeah, and the rest of society is worse off for it. Should’ve put him down now before he becomes more of a problem. Oh, but he could grow up to be president! Uh huh…

  7. Who in this day and age lets an *8* year old go wander to *anywhere* alone at night?
    Serious brain trust here. Idiocracy.

  8. Perhaps Ebola’s young sprout might qualify for the program to pay him $9000/year to not be a gangsta?

  9. Whatever happened to ” be home before dark” for grade school age children? And was predicated on having done all your homework!

  10. Just throwing this out there, what if the kid was only doing what momma asked? Perfect crime, even if he gets caught, it’s only juvi…

  11. “You could say that Ms. Alls is irresponsible for not teaching her boy the difference between right and wrong.”

    Yes. Yes, you could. And I would.

    • The ghetto mindset is to believe it is the state or school’s responsibility to teach right from wrong because there is no structure to the family.

  12. A growing trend I’m afraid. Was in a local Wal-Mart the other day and a kid in a school uniform walked past me out the exit with a cart containing several items that had obviously not been paid for. I was shocked into immobility at the brazen action. Could only shake ny head at the decline in public morals. Very sad.

      • Quite true.
        And while a typical 8-yr-old may not understand the difference, an 8-yr-old with a moral compass would know that both are wrong.

    • I would see older dudes do that with shopping carts full of groceries and electronics at a CA Central Valley Walmart when I was stuck up there. Not my stuff, not my business, but damn the way they just do it like they’re owed it. I only went their because target loads were cheap.

  13. Sad to say it. My girlfriend is a juvy prosecutor in a midwest metro county and this kind of stuff is a lot more common than most people think.

  14. Good thing it turned out this way, as opposed to him flashing it at an officer, and officer having to use deadly force on an 8 yr old. Imagine the hood frenzy! Riots galore, etc.

    • Thanks to Rice, the officer would delay his action and might actually get shot first. The 8 year old would become a thug hero in the hood and we would see vines and youtube vids of uneducated folk giving their prepubescent offspring their gats with the hashtag #FutureJadenAlls.

  15. I’m surprised they focused on the fact that he attempted to commit a robbery instead of making more “getting guns off the streets” laws

  16. People should count their blessings. If somebody had shot the little thug dead the black splatter movement would have burned down florida. After they looted the entire state.

    • ” After they looted the entire state.”

      Not with number of guns we have here.

      If it comes down to that, you will see more ‘You loot – We shoot’ signs spray-painted on a sheet of plywood…

  17. “Eboni Alls”? “Jaden”? With names like THAT are we really surprised? Notice there’s NO last name given for the 8 year old, odds are it’s different from the idiot that birthed the criminal gene bearing bastard and sperm donor (likely a felon) who contributed his defective DNA to the creation of this little monster.

  18. Off-body carry does not mean you do not carry it, The firearm is either connected to you, or it is in a locked container,

  19. “You could say that Ms. Alls is irresponsible for not teaching her boy the difference between right and wrong.”
    “Ghetto family values !!”

    I knew a couple of brothers. one an eagle Scout, one peddled pot. the pot peddler was better company
    I knew a couple of sisters. one a drug abuse counsellor, one a hooker.
    I knew a couple of brothers. one a business owner, the other still lived with mommy at 38. the business owner was better company.
    I have worked in a highly specialized electronics field my entire life. my brother still lived with mommy at 60.

    I have known countless families where the children are in no way alike. same parents, same parenting, vastly different results.

  20. God help us all. My grandson is 7 and in no imaginable world can I envision him in this scenario. Just frightening…

    • An obvious omission of civilized parenting.
      Care to guess just how many generations of welfare it takes to a social engineer an 8 year old armed robbery gansta?
      Please note that Social Justice Warriors will never tackle the root cause of racism within. That would open the door to healing and LEARNING to Move On dot org.
      Hey Sorros followers, ask the new recipient if the Black community can FEEL the Bern.
      Bernie for SJW of 2016

  21. Since stupidity is still legal, arresting the mother for child endangerment is still on the books in Florida.
    Please follow up on the court date, or better yet, the local Prosecutor/Police Admin contact info. City/County contact might be a start.
    Public “honestly” open records please 😉
    Thank you
    Add on. I support Responsible Ownership. Which includes punishment that protects “our” moral obligations to live free.
    Respectfully of course.

  22. When I was five years old, I snagged a candy bar from a display at the corner grocery store while my mother wasn’t looking. When we got home, she saw me with the candy and knew she hadn’t bought it. She marched me into the store immediately, candy bar still in my hand, and proceeded to apologize to the store owner (whom she knew well), make me apologize, and then set up with him just how I might pay for the candy. I was too small to push a broom, but he thought I might be able to sweep a little with the brush and dust pan he kept behind the counter. He patiently taught me how to do that without raising a cloud of dust, and lifted the lid of the big dumpster out back, holding me high enough to dump the pan of dirt. Mother waited patiently too, and then took me home. No violence, and not even any loud recriminations. She talked to me about it, in terms I could understand, and I very much suspect I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life that afternoon. I was never tempted to steal anything again.

    The problem I see here is that the ghetto mother never learned this lesson herself, and probably her parents had no idea either. The entitlement mentality is a very deadly poison, passed down through the generations. I’m not optimistic, given that she is surrounded by so many with that mentality, that she will even get a glimmer of that lesson here, nor that the boy will learn it either. You have to understand a thing before you can teach it. She most likely has zero understanding of personal responsibility for her choices and actions. Neither will her children. Such a tragedy – and the major fallout of welfare and the socialist creed.

    • I remember those days with fondness. I suspect you will agree with me that this was not considered “good” parenting. We just called it “my parents” (will be done!). Sad that this is now called responsible “good” parenting.
      My folks would have been charged with child abuse for disciplining my visiting friends. While today we’d need written permission from the visiting children’s parents to appease the gODS of man’s LAW(s) with the lack of common sense Sad really.

      • Bottom line is that nobody can teach what they don’t know. As for today’s parenting, I can’t influence any but my own family, of course. My children learned integrity and non-aggression as they grew up, and now their children are learning the same. As for other people’s children, we expect to have a relationship with the parents first, so those who don’t share at least a minimum of our standards don’t visit our homes. And our children don’t visit in theirs.

        They don’t go to government “schools” either. That is the source of the PC nonsense and all of the stupid indoctrination that makes them prone to be dependent idiots who think the world owes them everything they want… including your life if you object.

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