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As the video above reveals, the idea that a violent criminal/terrorist may be too drugged-up to feel pain is nothing new. Back when PCP was the bête noire of the anti-drug set, Rhode Island cops advised aspiring gun owners to empty their guns into an attacker, just in case. So when trumpets REVEALED: Factory that makes ‘Terror Potion’ turning ISIS fighters into drug-fuelled Jihadi junkies, it’s best to understand that plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose (same sh*t, different day). It’s still shoot — and keep shooting — until the threat stops. That is all.

[h/t DP]

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  1. Its a known FACT, that the .45acp will, if shot anywhere near its intended target rip the time space continuum apart. Thus sucking the soul of the hapless target into a black timeless void from which there is no escape.

    • If you are a good guy with a gun and using it appropriately, then their soul is already in the black timeless void.

  2. Both sides of pretty much every modern conflict have been on something. Which is why the Afghan war was so convenient for the ground pounders.

  3. ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters have routinely been using Captagon to fuel their fighters (and drive them into addiction/dependence). Makes them easier to control (and less likely to have any compassion). Use of this drug, along with the religious fervor indoctrination, and the approval of Aloha Snackbar–well, some may “feel” invincible. Similar affects are experienced by the use of khat by the Somali Skinnies and the Al Shabaab douches.

    • Hopped up may make them feel invincible but it does not make them bullit proof. If the human computer (brain) goes blue screen & human pump (heart) explodes ability to function ceases. Pain is not necessarily going to stop a committed adversary but inability to move will. Ask anyone with a broken arm/leg to move it, they can’t even if not in pain. From one who broke a hip last summer and broken upper arm years ago. But, just in case, might have add 45 caliber to the collection

      • I agree with you – up to a point. Yes, if they’re coked up, eventually that broken bone will slow them down. But it isn’t like you seem to think. Take pain out of the equation, it’s amazing what the human body can do for tens of seconds. or even minutes.

        If they’re on PCP, all bets are off. You can shoot out both kneecaps and they’re still coming. You can have 6 decent sized guys on them, they will sometimes throw them off like a blanket. They will break their wrists to break the cuffs – they don’t feel a thing.

        Yes, eventually they will stop, but no pain makes that point a lot different than a normal person.

    • Time for everyone to re-watch “Black Hawk Down” and remember it was Hillary’s Husband that refused to give our guys the armor that they requested…and they got hosed, as a result. As SOS, Mrs. Clinton left our guys out to dry in Libya…don’t forget that in November…and if she wins, don’t let your children join the military to become more cannon fodder for the next soldier hater in chief. Imagine if the Democrats had a military, and no one joined.

    • To paraphrase what the 4th Circuit court of appeals said yesterday, you need them because it don’t matter why you need them. They are covered.

      • While I agree with that decision, I don’t always have time to explain the importance of the Second Amendment. I do occasionally want to convince an acquaintance that my home defense tools are more than righteous, they are pragmatic.

  4. Heh, nice video link.

    Don’t forget both the Muslim Moro and general non-Muslim resistance against American occupation of the Philippines happened because militarist hero TR lied about liberating the natives from the Spanish and instead turned the islands into his personal colony.

  5. LOL, that video was a complete crock. Seriously, I like the part where he makes it sound as if a .45ACP was more powerful than a .30 Krag. The Krag may only be .30cal, but it’s a rifle bullet. If one had hit the target right in the head like the .45cal had, it would have stopped him just as quick. Also, the Moros were never on drugs. That’s utter myth. And I can’t really blame them for fighting the US; religion had nothing to do with it. We promised the Philippines independence if they rose up against the Spanish; they did, but when the Spanish left, we changed our minds and decided WE were going to be rulers instead. So they just turned the insurgency on us, and they proved themselves a tough nut to crack. Both sides did discreditable things, but at least the Moros had the moral advantage in that that land did belong to them, after all, while we were invaders who wanted an empire. “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does often rhyme.”
    Also, I had to point out that the .45 was not developed to fight Moros. They’ve been using the . 45 caliber for a long time. They developed the .45ACP to fight Moros, which was an attempt to fit the performance of older .45s like the .45 Colt into an auto-pistol friendly package. The .45ACP is not “The .45”, in spite of common misperception

    • The allegation that the magic ‘flying ashtray’ is, well, “magical” always tells me that the author knows just about sweet FA about firearms and ballistics.

      The Krag was north of 1800 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, the .45ACP was around 500. It’s always sad (and funny) when fanbois try to ascribe a very mediocre gun, with a decent round, as somehow imbued with ‘amazing powers’ or whatever.

      What was the next evolutionary step for Browning? The Hi Power…

  6. Here’s a pretty comprehensive article on the Moro Warriors:

    Fierce and Formidable Moro Warriors of Mindanao
    In the early 1900s, U.S. forces battled the Philippines’ fiercely independent Islamic Moros.
    This is a history of an obscure colonial war in which both sides fought bravely, suffered cruelly, often behaved horribly and accomplished little.

    Called Moros by the Spanish because they reminded Europeans of Muslim, Moroccan Moors, the Moro tribes occupied—and still occupy—Mindanao, the second largest Philippine island. They were accomplished seafarers, to whom piracy and slavery seemed natural rights, and their small, speedy ships were remarkably elusive. Ruled by local Datus whose arbitrary decisions were law, Moro tribes were rivals who often engaged in internecine warfare. The Spaniards had never been able to pacify, much less govern, those keen warriors, not even on the much smaller islands of the Sulu Archipelago…”

    • Technically they occupy (ie live in) only the west coast of Mindinao; the north, south, and east coasts, along with most of the interior are dominated by Roman Catholics, much like most of the rest of the country.

      However, there is a definite silver lining to the Moros in the Phils: they have the absolute best initialism/acronym of any political or terrorist group (at least from an American perspective): MILF. I think anyone can appreciate a good MILF when they see one!

  7. WW2 German troops in the Heer, the Kriegsmarine and especially the Luftwaffe, were amped up on Pervitin, an early form of methamphetamine. Before the War, it was available OTC in Germany and was very popular. Some submariners also received a drug called D-IX, which contained cocaine, Pervitin and a morphine-based painkiller. It must have been quite a potent feelgood cocktail.

      • No kidding. I’ve been aboard one sitting on dry land, and I cannot imagine how those men did it. Even when no one was trying to kill them.

    • I remember a book I read where the US Infantryman was always commenting on the German Soldiers drinking Schnapps for liquid courage.

  8. Well yeah-Thugees were drugged up as the murdered folks hundreds of years ago. Part of the reason the evil white cop shot laquane(?) McDonald in Chicago 16 times was (so it was reported) the 17 year old perp was PCP’ed up. The ISIS boyz need a little chemical help for their allah inspired crimes. Islam is not enough…

  9. Y’all not have to read the writings of Jeff Cooper as a kid? The .45 is a superior cartridge in any inkling because of it’s weight and width. However you usually give up capacity and on a battle field ounces are like pounds to civilians. In todays world the middle ground is our ideal goal and the .40 plays great at that. Out of an auto, save a 10mm, of popular rounds, the .357 sig is probably the best there is

  10. I have read that the .45 ACP was not super effective in the Philippines and the preferred weapon to kill off the Moros was a .30-40 KRAG or 12 Gauge Shotgun. The shotgun usually worked when other weapons did not.

  11. The narrator is Michael Savage (PhD), radio host of “The Savage Nation”, out of San Fran. He is the author of the phrase, “Liberalism is a mental disorder, and it will get us all killed.”

  12. Keep in mind that The Sun is basically part National Enquirer, part Fox News for the UK market so you may want to take that with a grain of salt.

  13. Around 1960 I remember reading an article about the U.S. war with the Moros where the writer had interviewed some Veterans of that war. They were issued the Smith and Wesson Hand Ejector Model of 1899 chambered in .38 Long Colt, later known as the Model 10 in .38 Special. They said the Moros would attack from ambush with their “swords” and hack you to pieces while taking multiple hits from their issue S&W’s. So, the Army reissued Colt SAA’s in .45 Long Colt and the soldiers would cut an “X” into the head of the bullet to make them expand better and that stopped the smallish Moros effectively with one or two shots. More likely knock the little fellers Pyanggang-hole over a$$-hole.
    The interviewee’s stated they were berserk and usually attacked alone, but did not suggest they were drugged. They said the attacks were sudden, close range and vicious which made a pistol the better defense weapon over their rifles, if you got the chance before being hacked-up, so they moved around in two’s and three’s for better defensive posture.
    The SUN article about drugged ISIS jihadi’s just goes to show how perverse ISIS’ leaders really are. Also, clarifies why these guys are so willing to execute their suicide missions. They’re drugged out of their freakin’ minds!
    Many of us remember the horror stories about PCP crazed people in the U.S. when that drug was popular on the street in the 80’s. I think Massad Ayoob eventually recommended the .44 Magnum as the most effective pistol round against PCP berserkers.

    • “They were issued the Smith and Wesson Hand Ejector Model of 1899 chambered in .38 Long Colt, later known as the Model 10 in .38 Special.”

      .38 Long Colt and .38 Special are different rounds. The article is wrong.

      • No, I added the note about the later change in the Model 10 from .38 Long Colt to .38 Special. Sorry if that was confusing, but I thought it would be more confusing to say the first iteration of the model 10 was .38 Long Colt and leave it at that, since the model 10 is so commonly known to be .38 Special.

  14. “Back when PCP was the bête noire of the anti-drug set, ”

    really, Fraggo? You think PCP was over blown as a drug problem? I would have paid good money to watch you pee your pants as some PCP scum bag tossed you over a few parked cars.

    • Almost everything the government tells us about drugs is a lie. The War on (some) Drugs is really a war against the American people.

      • You losertarians are morons. The WAR ON DRUGS may be ill conceived, bu allowing free use of drugs like crack and PCP is suicidal, and THE CONSTITUTION IS NOT A SUICIDE PACT.

        I can only wish the same on you. Let your family be addicted to crack and sell their rear ends on the street to pay for it, and may your fat self be jumped by a guy on PCP.

  15. The new drug is flaka.. it makes the rest of them look like Flintstone chewables .. Google the stories of people on this stuff..

  16. What the hell would you do if the US of A were invaded by another country. Sit back with your finger in your ass or pick up a gun and fight.

    • See, this is a thing. Lots of countries have been invaded. Seems to be pretty much the history of the world. Being willing to leave your farm or trade and take up guns doesn’t seem to stop an invader from making the effort.

      What stops the invader from the effort is a strong military. The US hasn’t been invaded since 1812. It would seem that if we wish to keep our country secure from the threat of invasion we need to make sure we keep a strong military.

      And pols that don’t see a strong military as an excuse to meddle around the world.

  17. you guys obviously didnt read up on islam much, it forbids drug use. yes they use it to subdue their captives but that doesnt mean that use it themselves. besides, anyone with a high school education should be able to put together that NOTHING deadens more minds and nerves….than religion. is there even an EVIDENCE to suggest that ISIS uses drugs in combat?????

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