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.27 caliber fastener (courtesy

“A loaded handgun was reported missing last month by Albany police Officer Christian M. Mesley, who is a longtime firearms instructor for the department,” reports. “Mesley, formerly president of the Albany Police Officers Union and its umbrella union, Council 82, filed a report with the Bethlehem Police Department on April 10 saying he may have lost his gun two days earlier at an old quarry that’s used as an outdoor gun range by police officers . . . Mesley told Bethlehem police he recalled having the .27-caliber Glock pistol at about noon that Tuesday and couldn’t find the gun more than six hours later ‘when he went to locate the item.’ The firearm was loaded with 10 rounds of Speer Gold Dot Blazer 180 grain ammunition.” Yowzir! 180 grains out of a .27-caliber GLOCK? I reckon he was lucky to lose that gun. Even so . . . not cool.


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  1. I think they mean 270 GAP, a bottlenecked 40 S&W derivative. Gaston was tired of chambering a cartridge with Sig’s name on it.

    • What’s with the @’s showing up all of a sudden all over the place?
      Is that linking to twitter?

      • For some reason TTAG seems to have lost the ability to reply to a specific comment on mobile devides, or maybe just android. So to respong to anonCT he had to start a new comment and point out who he was responding to and used ‘@’ to mean ‘at.’

        • It’s the mobile site in general, there doesn’t appear to be a “reply” option for individual comments, only the article. That’s why I like the desktop site better and always switch to it.

  2. Wow the advances in police force weaponry. I can only imagine the penetrating capability with 180 grain at .27 caliber. Besides the fact that it took him 6 hours to go “maybe I left my gun at the range, maybe I should go look for it.”

  3. I want one of those .27 caliber Glock automatic pistols…

    Ten round, assault ghost, clipazine version, of course.

    • If it isn’t made of porcelain and costs more than I make in a month, I am NOT in.

      Oh, and it needs to be in the 40 watt range.

  4. No surprise another police officer is the irresponsible gun owner of the day. Again!

  5. Seeing how 180gr. Gold Dots only come in .40 s&w, and a Model 27 is 40 s&w, what was he drinking?

  6. Somebody should calculate how long a .27 cal bullet would need to be to reach 180 grains. Just for a laugh.

    • The answer is (assuming a .277 bullet that is twice the length of a 90 grain .277 bullet, I know, it would be a bit shorter, but work with me here) … 1.702″.
      It would in fact be a bit shorter, what with an increased bearing surface, etc … but would have a Sectional Density of .335. Just a bit under a 650 grain 50 cal bullet.

    • A more interesting thought experiment would be to figure out what material the bullet would have to be made from to get a 180 grain bullet in a .27 caliber cartridge.

      • You would need a bullet with twice the specific gravity of lead to make a 90 grain bullet weigh 180 grains but be the same dimensions.

        Lead’s specific gravity is 11.9 (a lump of lead weighs 11.9 times as much as the same sized blob of water). So you will need something with an s.g. of 23.8.

        Depleted uranium comes in at 19.1 Tungsten and gold come in at 19.3. Platinum is 21.45. There are a few other things out there denser than tungsten, for example rhenium (21.02), plutonium (19.8), neptunium 20.45, iridium (22.56) and osmium (22.59) but nothing on earth exceeds 23.

        And by the way all the things I listed would be ridiculous to use for bullets for all sorts of different reasons. (Plutonium and neptunium are radioactive and expensive, almost all the others are hard enough to wreck your barrel, and expensive. Tungsten is just hard, though it can be used as a bullet core in a sabot or as shot. Gold would probably work well physically–it’s soft enough not to destroy your barrel rifling and/or cause an overpressure–but is (duh!) expensive.

        By the way, raw platinum nuggets HAVE been used as shot! That was before there was really a market for the stuff, in Russia in the early 1800s. The stuff was lying around on the ground here and there and not good for anything, so why not?

    • My .27 cal semi-automatic Cobra fires a 2-1/2″ long steel penetrating projectile. Don’t know how many grains it weighs.

  7. The timesunion is my paper, I live and work in the Albany area. The timesunion is rabidly anti gun so it’s no surprise to anyone around here they would screw something up that’s so basic too gun ownership.

  8. I have hundreds of those .27 caliber rounds on ten round clips for my semi-automatic Cobra…

    You can get a permit from the Fire Dept in NYC for them.

  9. Must of been those new 6.8mm Remington GAP rounds I’ve been hearing about……………

    • I flatly refuse to carry any caliber that doesn’t start with a .1 (i.e., the .10 mm), and the rest of you are pussies for thinking anything else can be adequate.

  10. I think Mr. Farago needs to reread the article that he references here. It doesn’t say .27 caliber, it says “a .40-caliber Glock 27”.

  11. Why do ladies with testicles have to be so dumb? .27 caliber…yay! Almost as cool as the new .380 Glock. Maybe they’ll make babies and we’ll have factory pink Glocks FINALLY! Go My Little Pony! YAY

  12. I don’t get it. It’s obviously a Glock 27. I mean the bullet weight is even correct. How on earth does this make him the irresponsible gun owner of the day?
    Sure he lost a gun, but really?

    Blame the writer of the article, not the officer for the caliber stupidity.

  13. Jared: the irresponsible award goes to the cop, and firearms instructor, who LOST a firearm, and didn’t even notice it was missing for 6 hours. It’s not awarded because the article was faulty.

  14. He is not irresponsible, how dare you. I searched the range myself and the only Glock I found was a .40 S&W. Whoever stole this officer’s gun was a professional, they were so thorough that they even picked up all of his .27 brass. It was like that gun was never there.

  15. They do, apparently, make .27 caliber bullets in 180 grain. For .270 Weatherby. Now, making a handgun that will shoot it… well, does “Sons of Guns” have anything going on?

  16. I can’t keep up with the Glock model numbers, but I think the Glock 27 is the extended barrel, over-sized grip version of their sub-compact .40.

  17. Sounds like this was most likely a written report and the glock being reported as a model 22 which most officers carry and the second 2 looked kind of like a 7 as they often can. Someone read it and though it would make for a good story especially if it were a .27 caliber instead of .27 model or the truth of it being a model 22.
    Real stories PLEASE!!!

  18. Why is that I never seem to be around at the local gravel pit after the PD firearms instructor has visited? Or never seem to use the bathroom in the courthouse right after a plainclothes cop has left his service auto on the TP dispenser? Poor timing …

  19. Can someone calculate the number of clips there are in 10 rounds of 180 grain .27 caliber?

  20. That .27 cal Glock cartridge in the picture looks like it has lipstick on its mouth.

  21. Im a 30/32 myself. Should be a 30/30 but my left leg is slightly longer than my right. Since they dont make a 30/31 Im stuck. Shoot! Anyone seen my belt? Its about ya long, black, SOE brand, has a gun attached to it. Last seen 6 hours ago in a fitting room at Sears. I really liked that belt. Sure gonna miss it. No worries on the weapon. Its completely insured. But those damn SOE belts can take up to 8 weeks to get! DangNabit!

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