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LIVESAY NORAMÔ  neck sheath (courtesy

You gotta think that hanging a .22-caliber pistol around your neck with the muzzle pointing under your chin is a bad idea. In their defense, the folks at LIVESAY NORAM aren’t the only ones to whom it seemed acceptable. Make the jump for a gallery of upward-facing derringer neck holsters, including one for an even bigger gun . . .

NAA derringer neck holster (courtesy


Neck Holster NAA Mini 22LR (courtesy



Neck holster (courtesy

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        • The thing about Darwin Awards: the recipient usually gives them to themselves!

          …..only time will tell. 🙂

      • This really doesn’t seem much worse than shoulder holsters that leave you muzzling everybody behind you or pointing straight up into your arm pit and either way typically involve muzzling your torso or arm or others to holster or draw. I don’t like the idea of carrying a chambered Glock or the like that way. Same with appendix, where you’re guaranteed to have the muzzle pointing at important things during the day, including major blood vessels.

        At least the NAA Mini is a single action revolver. However, I pretty darn sure still wouldn’t carry this way. At the least not with a holster like that one that doesn’t cover the trigger or hammer. A semi-auto only without one in the chamber.

        HOWEVER… I do have the NAA belt buckle “holster” and recently wore my mini-revolver (unloaded) to a cowboy-themed charity event. I thought it fit with the theme and look pretty well! Here’s a pic w/ the wife cropped out.

        • Unloaded or not, either way aren’t you still muzzle sweeping your wife? Cool buckle, though. I was expecting it to be a concealed carry buckle, though. Now that would be something.

  1. I’m kinda not liking the retention depression touching the trigger… especially when you holster it by aiming it at your head.

    • I laughed so hard that my wife wondered what was so funny. She did not get the joke though.

  2. Alright… do you know how those NAA guns work?!?! They are SAO and the hammer rests on a notch in between the rounds. There is nothing unsafe as long as you practice your draw and don’t cock it until it’s not facing you.

    The Keltec I can’t speak of, but the NAA mini revolvers are perfectly safe this way.

    • I like a holster that doesn’t blow my brains out if I make a mistake. A round in the floor is better than one in my skull.

      • There’s no problem with the NAA mini revolver at all. it’s SAA and the hammer rests on an empty chamber. Hell, just loading the thing is more dangerous than carrying it in a neck holster. I have one and every time I load the damned thing I’m nervous. You have to pull the trigger and make sure you carefully lower it on the half cock notch, which is tricky.

        That’s why I don’t shoot mine much. I carry it a lot but I bet I’ve got less than a hundred rounds through it.

    • It appears that Christina Bond, a low-level GOP official from Michigan, managed to disprove your point. Seems she caught the exposed hammer on her .22 revolver on her clothing while manipulating such a holster and managed to fatally shoot herself in the eye.


  3. NAA are single action so one would have to train not to cock it while it is still pointed at the noggin

  4. At least the one for the Kel-Tec covers the trigger. Seeing as the ones for the mini-revolvers don’t do that, I don’t even think those can be accurately called holsters in the modern sense of the word. Just accidents waiting to happen.

  5. You’ve gotta be shittin me. They couldn’t design it to point downwards?

  6. Uhmmm… Why? OK, so maybe a necklace holster is a novelty people want, whatever. But why the hell would they design it so that it points toward your freakin head? Why not, you know, have the muzzle point down like every other holster on the planet?

    • Assuming you were wearing this under your shirt, I suppose you could tie another cord on the bottom of the holster and loop the other end around your nuts or something else down there to keep the holster from riding up when you draw, I reckon.

    • This holster was designed especially with gun-grabtards in mind. 🙂 Give one as a gift to gun-control advocates TODAY!!!

  7. Everyone is sure getting wrapped around the axle about this…

    How is this any different than appendix carry or shoulder holster carry?

    Carry with a shoulder holster and you’ll flagging everyone behind you.

    • Spent some time around cops “open carrying” in shoulder holsters. I felt like a long-tailed cat amongst the rocking chairs on a Cracker Barrel porch on Sunday morning. I musta looked like it, too. More than one person said: “Are you dancing?” “No, I have allergy to looking down the barrels of loaded guns. Especially those of cops.”

  8. It’s a good thing that the crowd here doesn’t know about the Flash-Bang holster.

  9. Please recall that the NAA has been safely carried in by females in, uh, their private place.

    • Brilliant idea. ~facepalm~ smh

      I think I’d rather have some meth shoved up my butt than a gun up my vagina (if I had one)…… this woman managed to do both.

  10. Is that safer than the gangbanger carry in the waistband? With his glock brand glock pointing at his junk?LOL

    • If you think about it, carrying in the small of your back is not much safer either. If you fall backwards on the gun (solid metal object), it could strike a vertebrae in your spine and leave you paralyzed waist down. Both aren’t really good options in my opinion.

  11. i’d generally like to think of myself as a logical person. i know that firearms don’t spontaneously discharge (though bloomberg and his cronies would probably like me to believe otherwise). that having been said, there’s something seriously wrong with this picture. considering all the viable holster options out there, i see no reason why i’d be remotely inclined to “invest” in this rig. history repeats itself. learn from jfk. (yes, i realize that has nothing to do with anything and is probably in poor taste. meh.)

    • Yeah, probably won’t go off by itself, but might go off on the sap who somehow manages to pull the trigger while drawing it…..I’m not going to be the one to find out.

      • sure. that or a number of other freak accidents. for example: it’s a necklace.. what if it gets snagged somewhere at a weird angle? couple that with a revolver that goes “BANG!” every time and you’d be in a world of hurt. i may feel more comfortable carrying a kel-tec in it though. the odds of failure are in my favor. 😉

      • Pulling the trigger on those does nothing until you first cock it and I don’t think you can accidentally cock it.
        At least I can’t accidentally cock the one I have had for ten years.

        Having said that I can’t see the need for this and wouldn’t use one.

  12. I could understand how they might think it’s a good idea if you look at the bra holster and knives/knife holsters that already come with this design (, but they should at least add a snap to keep it from falling out. We don’t need people dropping their pieces in Wal-Mart and causing hysterical mothers yelling “Gun! Gun! It’s a Gun! We all going to die!”

    The only thing I can see this as being good for, is as a gift to people you don’t really like….. for obvious reasons.

  13. I honestly don’t have an issue with the NAA revolver neck issue. Lets be honest here, as long as you you put the hammer in a safety notch It’s not going to go off. I’d say that I believe that for men a NAA revolver around the neck like that is a much better option then a semi auto that is appendix carried, since even if it’s set up so it some how doesn’t muzzle your manhood, if you suffer a negligent discharge, the escaping gasses would probably still rip that area apart.

    • So it’s better to shoot yourself in the face, than to be left alive without your junk?

  14. I laughed so hard I think I broke a rib! Let’s see, barrel pointed at your noggin, exposed hammer, exposed trigger, in a pouch that’s swinging around between your shirt and moobs. What’s not to love? It’s perfect!

    This would be the perfect solution for many gun owners I know. Sooner or later… BANG!! Problem solved. This will make the perfect gift for that special someone.

    Concealed Cleavage!

  15. Since NAA mini revolvers are getting some coverage here, Id like to post a safety tip for all who own these fine little guns.
    If you get a FTF, DO NOT cock the hammer, thinking that you can retry the unfired round on the next go around. Wait one minute before advancing the cylinder.
    I have seen photos and read the story of a guy who thought he had a miss fire, when in actuality, it was a “hang fire”. The round went off just as the cylinder had rotated far enough to put the unfired round out in the open. There is no recoil shroud on these mini’s, and believe me, you don’t want a round going off, with nothing to back it up.
    The hang fire messed up his hand pretty good, so, if you get a FTF, WAIT before rotating that cylinder!

    • I’d like to add a little that I left out on this story. The round that went off when the cylinder rotated. was not “entirely” out in the open. The back of the case was supported on the inside by a small margin, by the revolver frame.
      Apparently, this allowed pressure to build up enough so that eventually the case just tore it’s self to pieces all at once, as the pressure forced the unsupported part of the case rearward.

  16. It is a single action revolver. As long as you don’t cock it then there is no problem.

    Still would like a piece of steel or titanium in front of the muzzle, though.

  17. I remember Rick Gallagher (of Galco) telling me the story about Don Johnson wanting an upward-pointing ankle holster for the show.

    Galco declined.

  18. With the NAA it’s probably really not any more dangerous that many other things, but there is just something about the concept of having a gun pointed at my head all day that makes me just say no.

    I’m not a safety Nazi, but when I get to the part in the instructions were it tells me that proper use of the product will result in a gun being pointed at my head I have to wonder about the safety of the product.

  19. The North American Arms mini revolvers are all single action, which means, if the hammer is already down, if you pull the trigger on drawing, nothing will happen. One must cock the hammer manually, THEN pull the trigger for the gun to fire. Yes, the setup looks a little creepy, but with SA revolvers, it’s probably safe. (Now watch some cretin make a liar out of me!)

  20. This “article” is proof yet again that you really should change the name of this website to BULLSHIT ABOUT GUNS, because it’s clear my sabre-toothed crotch crickets know more about guns than many of your “writers.”.

    NAA MiniMag revolvers have a notch in the cylinder BETWEEN THE CHAMBERS that the hammer normally rests in. When the gun is “safed,” the hammer sits in this notch, between two chambers, not atop a cartridge. So it could not be made to ignite a primer, accidentally or otherwise, even if Barry Bonds hit it with a 30-lb sledgehammer. It completely safe until it’s cocked, and you can’t cock it while it’s in the holster because the rotation of the cylinder is impinged by the kydex.

    So in the case of the NAA, the neck holster is a brilliant design, perfectly executed in the context of the NAA revolver. It only appears otherwise to those who are ignorant of the weapon.

    The Kel-Tec? Don’t carry one up the spout. It only costs you another quarter of a second to rack the slide when producing. Danger averted, problem solved.

    I can’t believe dinosaurs had to die for me to straighten this nonsense out.

  21. Just received my Stellar Rigs neck holster for my NAA 22lr. It carries firearm at an angle away from head to address the creepy factor. Fit & finish is superb. 3 days from ordering to delivery. Talked to the owner himself! Great guy. Inherently safe firearm,very secure holster! Nice option for carry. Now, a small auto? Not so much. Call Edward at Stellar Rigs. Peace.

  22. Update on Steller Rigs neck holster. Still like it very much. Mine is for my 22 LR NAA mini revolver only. This rig with this gun does not point at head! And this firearm is intrinsically safe as designed. SA only, hammer would never cock itself. A word about para cord. Never put that around your neck! 500 lb break strength? Stick with ball chain it comes with. M

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