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Welcome to 2017! In this week’s podcast, I discuss the finer points of password management and filing joint tax returns. I also cover shooting my new 7mm Remington Magnum, changing the cyclic rate of the AR-15, and going to media events with my clown shoes on. As always, thanks for listening and let me know what you want to hear about next week.

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  1. Good stuff. Sounds like a great price for that shooting course. Less than half for what they charge up here.

  2. Typical clownshoe bloghole blood mouth carnist shit. Actually I’m just wishing I could join you in GA!

    What cigar and what rye?

    I’d like to know your opinion and findings on thumb placement while shooting for precision. I see lots of cooler bros than me running their thumb along the side of the rifle’s grip — even on an AR or the like — instead of wrapping it actually around the pistol grip. I have some thoughts, but would love to hear what you think on next week’s “show.”

  3. Glad to have the slightly buzzed more enthusiastic Tyler back this week. Last week it sounded like you hiding from someone.

    Re scope mounts: I have had pretty good results with the Talley Lightweight alloy scope mounts. I run them on my current hunting rig and on an old savage package rifle to replace the garbage mounts that came on the rifle.

    I’m also pretty sure Gunwerks uses them on the tuned up factory rifles they sell (and maybe the custom ones too?).

    For a field rifle they are hard to beat as the ring and the base are one piece, fewer moving parts and you can bring the optic down a little lower since you don’t have to account for the rail thickness and ring mounting hardware of a traditional setup.

    Unless your optic has an objective >50mm you could probably get away with a set of low mounts. I run mediums on my go to hunting rifle and with my 50mm Vortex HS LR there is probably just over 1/8″ clearance at the closest point on a Remington sendero/varmint profile barrel. The lows are 1/10″ shorter so it would probably be just about perfect with a set of those.

    I don’t know what the deal is but it seems like a lot of picatinny rails for Savages are way too tall.

  4. Really digging the podcast Tyler. Complement sandwich time.
    I like hearing some of the inside stories of being a gun blogger/journalist. Your side hustle is my dream job.
    You need a mute button for when you cough.
    I like that you don’t mind calling stuff out as being average. Kind of a rare thing in gun/ammo reviews.

    Question though. You were asking for criticism. What kind of podcast are you shooting for? I like the casual, somewhat conversational nature of your current productions but are you looking for something more polished? Or shooting for just more listeners? Let the tens of us know more about what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best.

    Keep it up blood mouth

    • Thanks! I got started writing with TTAG after I submitted a little piece five and a half years ago. I’d encourage you to do the same!

      My original goal with the podcast had been to do something, anything, related to TTAG once a week. I’d found that if I took longer than that off, my focus started to drift, and I’d get into a vicious cycle of not being able to start or finish anything. I wanted to organize my thoughts a bit and talk about what was on the table, what was new, and give a bit of a behind the scenes look at what my “practice” looks like. Talking about it was just the easiest format and if I’m recording a podcast, talking to myself becomes socially acceptable.

      What I’ve found over the past few months is that my favorite thing to talk about are questions and comments provided by readers, so I’m always looking for new and exciting things to ponder, research, or discuss.

      As the podcast is a side hustle of the side hustle, I don’t know if I want to try to chase production quality by buying soundboads, mics, etc. Right now, I record it on my laptop in my shop. But I will be more diligent about muting out the coughs and scratching noises. I dusted off my copy of GarageBand so I might make a stab at cleaning up the audio a bit as well.

      Longwinded answer to a short question.

      TL;DR – Tell me what you like and I’ll do more of that. Tell me what you hate and I’ll do less of it if I agree with you. Find things for me to research or ponder and I’ll talk about those.

      • I actually think the sound quality is surprisingly good.

        Speaking of mics…was listening to a bunch of random music on the ol YouTubes today, and the audio quality of this setup is pretty freakin amazing (you have headphones or good speakers?):

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