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Armed man at mall shooting scare (courtesy

“During the height of the confusion on Saturday afternoon, witnesses say they saw police detain a man who came to Crabtree Valley Mall with a rifle after the initial call went out,” reports. Let’s think about that . . .

A man “wearing military-style clothing and carrying a large rifle” shows up at a mall where police are already investigating the possibility of an active shooter. Never mind the “large rifle” part. Who in their right mind would do that? Don’t get me wrong . . .

There are plenty of examples of armed civilians helping police (who are also civilians) apprehend a fleeing felon or stop a crime in progress. Click here for no less than 20 documented cases. That’s not exactly what happened here . . .

[Witness Gavin] Stone says the man indicated he wanted to help police with the situation.

Dan Bullard, who took photos of the incident, described the man as wanting to help and said the rifle was an M4. [sic]

Stone describes what happened next.

“Police officer confronted him, pulled his gun out on him, told him to put it down. He starts taking it apart, put his hands down on his knees and got detained,” Stone said.

Stone says no one was injured when all of this happened.

Police have not identified the man involved and it is unclear if he faces any charges.

The unidentified NC rifle-toter ‘wins’ TTAG’s Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day award. Not to discourage The People of The Gun from helping police. As a reminder that there’s a time and a place — not to mention an appropriate outfit — for everything.

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  1. Yeah…not the sharpest tool in the shed, this guy. Nothing wrong with helping the police — but an incident like that was no place for random volunteers. If they want your help, they’ll let you know.

    • Unless Federal law has changed in the last 40 years, other than just piling more laws on, if a cop asks for your help and you refuse you can be brought up on Federal charges. Don’t have a clue as to state laws in this matter.

      But honestly, when was the last time the cops called for a posse?

      • Unless Federal law has changed in the last 40 years, other than just piling more laws on, if a cop asks for your help and you refuse you can be brought up on Federal charges.

        Um, yeah. I’m calling BS on that since slavery ended a few centuries ago.

      • Columbia County, GA. They have an ATV volunteer unit for event parking and crowd control, search and resuce, and for example in 2014 an ice storm downed hundreds of trees on roadways, the S.O. used a citizens “posse” to assist with maintaining road closures and traffic assistance.

        Maricopa County, AZ has the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse assisting in off-road search and rescue and such.

      • The last time I remember it happening in my neck of the woods was about 7 years ago. If I remember correctly, a couple of gents checked out of a state hotel (about an hour away) early and were seen in our area. Local cops strategically placed some volunteers to help locate them, long stretches of railroad tracks, etc. But, we are veeery small town. I lived in the country15 years ago and if the local cops needed to make a stop on the road we lived on, they tried to do it in front of our house. It didn’t happen much and I never minded keeping an eye on the situation, but was concerned about stray lead if there was a problem.

      • That’s totally messed up when you consider that any on-duty cop can stand by and watch a criminal kill an innocent civilian and if the civilian’s family presses charges against the coward cop, the defense will plead no legal obligation to aid any civilian under any circumstance and they will win.

      • Call BS all you want. I was shown the law under title 18 US code by a Deputy Marshal.

        What? Your BS doesn’t even make sense, since when do the feds even have “cops”? So you’re saying that Federal law has penalties for not assisting state and local cops? Under what jurisdiction? You’re so sure about it, but can’t dig up a specific statute? Even the a wiki entry someone posted only referred to customs officers. Hint: what police powers do the feds have?

        It’s one thing to say “I believe this to be true”, and another to say “This is absolutely true” when you don’t actually know but think it’s likely. Thanks for illustrating what can go wrong.

    • Well, 18 USC is published in several places on the web. You could find the law, and post it, and shut up the h8rs.

      • 1 of the haters is a troll. Anybody else don’t believe can look it up and prove me wrong. Cause I don’t give enough fucks to waste time researching it myself.

  2. Wow. That’s a good way to get killed. There is to many people who think they are John Rambo just because they own a firearm. Pure stupidity.

  3. Never go looking for trouble. That’s not the mandate of the armed citizen. Our mandate is to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and if we happen to be in the right place at the right time and we feel we can make a difference, then there is nothing wrong with stepping in on a situation where an innocent is being threatened.

    I carry. My wife carries. We train weekly and if we found ourselves in a situation we would respond accordingly. Same thing if I am there and a cop needs help. I’ll give it but I’m not going looking for it. period. This guy was clearly a wannabe.

  4. Ho wore “military-style clothing?” That’s insane! Never, ever go to the mall in Service Dress Blues. Just don’t do it.

    Let’s face it — the media wouldn’t know military clothing from a girl scout uniform. When they want to make something scary, they call it “military-style.” And the sheep tremble in their cowardice.

  5. Well, it could of been like the Florida nightclub shooting were many died while the police waited.

    Most of the above postings are what pompus jackass’s would say.

    • Oh please. You do realize that someone dressed like a soldier sporting an AR is going to be shot and then shot again? Unless you’re 007 good freaking luck.

  6. So was he at home watching the news when he learned of the active shooter investigation? Did have his tactical gear at the ready like he’s awaiting the Bat Signal, just in case? Then he rushed to the scene?

    Dude. It’s gone too far. You need help.

    • This is what the Antis say about us – we’re just a bunch of “gun nuts” walking around with our John Wayne hero neuroses hoping to find someone to shoot to make up for our small…um…calibers.

      So instead of the Bat Signal I was visualizing what the “OFWG Gun Nuts” signal up in the sky would be. And now that I have THAT image in my head I think I need to wash my brain out with Ballistol.

  7. Only gun control law I can support is a blanket law against excessive stupidity while in posession of a gun. This would be exhibit A.

  8. Honestly, kudos to the cops in this situation. The guy clearly was either stupid or mentally not right. In a lot of communities they might well have shot him (and in NYC numerous bystanders and dogs as well.)

  9. Reminds me of the time I just happened to be in the spot where a drug crazed zombie went after his girlfriend in a Midwestern resort. Security and police were called and after two taser shots the officer asked if I wouldn’t mind helping keep the guy on the ground. The dude was crazy violent and I was the 4th guy on the monkey pile. I was packing my heat but never thought about it until afterward. This guy came so fast and wasn’t comprehending commands to stop. I might have taken out my metal to club him on the noggin but I’m glad I didn’t have to make that call. It reinforced the notion that crime can visit you or the person next to you anytime and you better be ready with a reasonable defense. My conceal carry instructor told us to be mighty careful about using our weapons because of the potential negative consequences. Stay wise and vigilant.

  10. I guess I should never ever wear my chucks again, ever, those crisp ironed lines just might trigger someone.

  11. Hey flat foot, don’t stand so close to your cover! You’ll take a couple of chunks of brick to the face if things get real.

  12. I am quite surprised that nobody yet has offered the following observations:

    “He was openly carrying in a state where it was legal! He was being profiled for his choice of clothes! This is clearly an act of oppression! The Second Amendment is unconditional!”

    Except when it’s not. Sometimes exercising your Second Amendment rights is a great way to at best hinder law enforcement in their duties, or at worst to get shot.

    Don’t be “That guy/gal”. Just wear a Batman/Batgirl suit and your trusty utility belt instead.

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