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Deputy Jacobson (left) (courtesy

“The Olmsted County [MN] Sheriff’s Office said Sgt. Jon Jacobson [above, left], 40, was conducting a training exercise Thursday about 8:45 a.m. at the Regional Public Safety Training Center at 2116 Campus Drive Southeast,” reports. “Jacobson took control of a .38 caliber revolver with blank ammunition after the training exercise.” To review: Sgt. Jacobson was training officers at the Safety Training Center using Simunitions or suchlike, when he “took control” of a revolver. And what, pray tell, does “take control” mean in this context? Take possession, unload, secure in a safe environment? As if . . .

He put it in back of his waistband, and when he went to retrieve his weapon, it got caught on something and discharged. The sheriff’s office said the reaction of the gun powder and gas of the gun did cause serious injury to his buttocks.

Let’s review again: Sgt. Jacobson was training officers at the Safety Training Center using Simunitions or something similar when he tucked a loaded weapon into the back of his pants. He pulled the gun – placing his finger on the trigger and pulling it as he did so – and shot himself in the ass.

At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking that Sgt. Jacobson’s days as a firearms trainer are over. Sgt, Jacobson violated all of the four basic safety rules. That’s not the kind of man you want teaching police officers how, when and where to shoot.

I guess you and I are less forgiving than the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office. Over at, Capt. Scott Behrns reckons the fact that Jacobson is a training sergeant “goes to show how easy it [a negligent discharge] can happen.”

Jacobson was transported to Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus, and is expected to be released on Friday. The sheriff’s office said Jacobson’s injury is not career ending and he’s in good spirits.

So, after tax-payer-sponsored health care (disability payments to follow), Sgt. Jacobson is happy. And why not? He’s still a key part of the Sheriff’s mission to “Attract, develop, motivate and empower people who demonstrate professional competence, conduct and courage.” Even so, I’m thinking that his IGOTD trophy won’t occupy prime real estate in the Sheriff’s office. Just sayin’ . . .

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    • That would be about like throwing a flash-bang into the crib right along side a baby. We all know how that turns out.

      It’s hard to spank just half a monkey…

      • Or choke half a chicken, flog half a bishop… God, I could go on all night. Ok one more… Put on a play with 1/2 a meat puppet. I should stop now before I get banned.

      • Instead this will make the rounds with all the cops in the shop someone will leave a pillow on his chair or maybe an extra large band aid. He will forever carry the nickname “Ole Half Ass.”

        He will retire the minute he possibly can, maybe with a disability pension.

  1. See? If someone as experienced as Sgt. Jacobson can have a negligent, excuse me, accidental discharge, that just proves that ordinary folks like you and me can’t be trusted to handle firearms without shooting ourselves in the ass… er, foot.

    • I’m pretty sure you’re safe to say Matt, that it was indeed, negligent. Unless my ignorance of the revolver platform is great, seems to be the only logical explanation of how one shoots oneself in the hind quarters.

      • Actually that is not the question I need answered. Try this; A guy shoots himself in the ass in front of a group of co-workers who (he believes) consider him an authority on all things gun, and we can report “he’s in good spirits” the next day? WTF? I’d be selecting the city and state I was going to move to tomorrow.

  2. I think that should be Olmstead county in MN. The TV station referenced is from Rochester, MN as is the hospital he was taken to.

  3. Am I seeing things, or do about half of the references in the article say “Sgt. Johnson” and half say “Sgt. Jacobson”?

    • I’m sorry; it’s probably splitting pubic hairs, but whenever I see IGOTD, I think ‘ignorant’, not “irresponsible”.

      If a “professional”, AND “Safety Training” Instructor is stupid enough to stick a firearm in his/her belt gangsta’ outlaw style s/he deserves the results that occur. Simply using a holster, or placing the weapon in a secured location after clearing it, without much thought, would have been the most appropriate and idiot proof action to take to secure the revolver.

      I’m sure ‘Sarge’ is now looked at amongst the troops (Deputies and any Cops who attend his training) as an idiot for having popped a cap on his own ass. Well, he earned the honor.

      As for the ignorant female prosecutor sweeping the jury while fingering the trigger of the weapon in evidence, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she was both an anti and a Democrat.

      • Story ended better than I was afraid of. Remember years ago, that idiot actor in some action TV show who used a .44 Mag loaded with blanks, showing off, put it up to his temple and blew his brains out on the set. As in, knew absolutely nothing about guns.

    • Great… I laughed at this one and my visiting Mother-in-law is sitting near me wondering what is so funny. Now I have to explain that an Officer shot himself in the rear and an relevant butt comment by a guy named Johnson.

  4. Ahhh…….there they go again, the law enforcement professionals, leading from behind, as it were. The alleged experts we’re beseeched and belittled in roughly equal measure into entrusting with our safety and security, while abandoning all pretense to self-reliance. Good grief.

  5. I can only hope, he’ll be the butt of jokes around the office.
    What an ass-anine thing to do.
    I’ll be the keeps the trophy near the back-door when he gets it….

  6. Great balls of fire, you’ve sure got one explosive ass, Sarge. Ya’ better stay away from fire.

    Soon to be promoted to Lieutenant.

  7. Funny thing, I went to to pile on, but the moderator(s), admin, whatever, decided to close the comment section pertaining to this particular article. One can’t even read the comments now.

  8. Regional Public “”””Safety””””” Training Center (Guess that’s just a title, not be inferred as an adjective)

    I feel safer already… knowing this joker will be laying on his belly for a while reflecting on what a dumbass thing he did, hopefully unable to sit at a desk or cruiser without the telltale ‘inflatable donut’ for a long spell.

  9. Ive tucked a couple smith revolvers in my waistband over the years, running to the dumpster or some 30 second errand, oddly, the double action trigger pull makes it relatively less dangerous, put it in single action and its easier for accidental circumcision. So not only would this sgt put the revolver in his waistband, but he did it in single action. Lucky he didnt shoot himself a new one

  10. I’m more inclined to agree with the Captain (except it was most likely a negligent discharge). Now, if the rest of us can get that sort of understanding extended, that would be good. When a man shoots himself in his own ass, he has paid a price. A bit of remedial training might be in order. If he does something foolish again then all bets are off.

  11. Sigh… Did we all forget that we are all human and sometimes we make mistakes. Are we expected to hold our police to some ungodly high level that they never can screw up. I bet everyone here has made some bone head mistake in their lives and most have fired a weapon when they did not intend.

    The safest person I ever knew with a fire arm was my grandfather and he still had two holes in his bed room ceiling from checking his fire arms. He was an avid hunter and always triple check his guns yet he still messed up. I have nothing but respect for the my grand father and the lessons he taught me. No mater how sure you are that it’s unloaded, always treat a gun as if it is. That is why those holes where in his ceiling and not in a wall, a neighbor, friend or family member. No mater how sure he was he always pointed his gun in a safe direction.

    If we want to be held as a community with respect, we should give others that respect as well. Even when they screw up since it may well happen to us too. No mater how diligent nor how careful we are we will make a mistake. That is why we have four rules not just one.

    • Oh, agreed. Agreed. But when one of the “only ones trained, experienced, responsible and mature enough to handle one of these implements of death safely without becoming a danger to the community around them” makes a booboo of this magnitude… We gonna laugh, and laugh, and laugh!!! Loudly!

    • I’ve been handling firearms for about 40 years, and have created NO HOLES in any floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, clothing or body parts as of today. And I was an NRA certified rifle instructor for about 20 years. The 4 rules are pretty simple, it’s not like we have to memorize 10,000 words to be safe.

  12. Given that it was not loaded with regular rounds I suspect this was some sort of training exercise simulating how bad guys carry.

    Probably shouldn’t have used blanks, even.

  13. I will also say that Sgt. Jacobson may not be a firearms instructor. Not that it makes a ton of difference, but the address listed is for the local community college, which has a law enforcement program that a lot of local county and municipal cops teach part-time for- but it doesn’t have a live-fire range. So the revolver and the blanks are likely incidental to another type of law enforcement instruction, not firearms-specific.

  14. And that’s why cops enjoy more gun rights that you or I, because they’re experts or something.
    (not to mention being more responsible and accountable than mere civilians)


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