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Reader Brian K. writes:

It appears that Lord Farqaad, aka Michael Bloomberg, is piling on to an easy opportunity to take out a pro-gun sheriff in a liberal county. Apparently he is dumping 150K in ads on top of the rich county executive’s 300K to get Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark out. In total, Clark is facing more than 600K in money against him by our liberal establishment to put in place a liberal mouthpiece lieutenant from the MPD, who will harp about more gun control laws, joining the MPD chief, mayor, and county DA in pointing fingers at someone else to cover their failing, soft-on-crime philosophy.

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    • Simple. Donate. Donate as much as we can until it starts to hurt, no matter how little or how much that is. Then, get the word out to all the other advocacy groups that will listen. The NRA, GOA, NAGR, SAF, etc. We could easily match if not over-match our opposition.

      They keep pissing and moaning about how motivated and how supposedly well-funded we are. We constantly brag about how much more politically active and how much more grassroots we are.

      Let’s live it up to it, Paul. Whaddaya say?

      • I will definitely donate to this guy.
        If only to be able to say, I helped beat bloomturd

    • Not involved with this issue. I live in Washington State. However, you can find their site and donate money to him.

      • We are all involved with this issue. If we don’t all stand together, we shall all surely fail together one local election at a time.

    • Do what the unions do.

      Get a hotel room in Milwaukee for long enough to vote.

      I’ll be voting on Tuesday. If you know anyone who can legally vote in Milwaukee County, make sure they vote in the Democrat primary for Sheriff Clarke.

      • IIRC, Wisconsin has same day registration. Not that I’d encourage anything illegal, mind you…

        • We do have same-day registration, but you need to be living at your address for 28 days. Same-day registration doesn’t affect this or affect voter fraud vs. non-same-day registration.

      • In for $50. I have deferred purchasing any guns this year to contribute to the campaigns. Lets hope gun owners in the district now do their part.

    • Spread the Word. Sheriff Clarke is not just a forthright Sheriff on 2A issues, which when combined with being black, is a threat to others who are soft on crime, and unwiling to speak fra

      He is also a distinguished intellect, with deep experience, and , and demonstrated high performance. That makes him a real threat to the progressive agenda, both in Michigan, and nationally, in the Democratic Party, where black voters are waking up to the fact that the Rev Sharptons, Jesse Jackson’s, Jeremiah Wrights, and all the community organizers they’ve spawned have hustled blacks for decades, into dependency, and slavery to the government masters who give the handouts.

      When true leaders like Sheriff Clarke emerge, with a message of individual responsibilty, and achievement, is what works, become popular, its a huge threat, not just locally, but also nationally, to the Progressive Agenda, which is crumbling everywhere, and that cant be allowed among black voters.

    • This is easy, claim Bloomturd is a racist. He is white, and the sherif is black, Bamm done. Call Sharpton and Rev. Jackson and let them do the work. Man, politics is easy. If that does not work scream global warming…cooling? Crap, what is it now climate change? Anyway, there has to be a hot button issue we could put behind this…Oh wait how about, how awesome the 2nd amendment is?

  1. Such a shame that people still think gun control is grassroots.
    The money might not make a huge difference. They can’t buy enough votes and advertising to stop pro-gun people from showing up at the polls.

    • Yes, Michael Bloomberg really is racist, isn’t he?

      I mean, I would really like to think not, but, gun control itself is in fact racist and he supports it so…

      • Sheriff Clarke is black. Bloomberg is against him. Bloomberg’s main squeeze, Shannon, also hates blacks, esp men (yours truly). Bloomberg wants people defenseless. Clarke wants them empowered. Bloomberg wants the police to have the power. Clarke wants power to the people. Ergo, Bloomberg is racist.

        • In an alternate universe you are holding hands with Shannon at an intimate candle lit dinner for two. There. Feel better?

        • why spend $$$ and waste valuable time on dinner? Hell, I would spend it on a room at a seedy motel, with fifth of jack daniels and a bucket of take-out fried chix,

        • ok, I confess, I have this image stuck in my head of the Monsanto Mom lying back against the head board, smoking a cigarette, saying “its twue, its twue” in her best Lilli Von Schtup accent…

          does that make me a misogynist?

        • Broken headboard. And she has the small waste basket liner filled w ice on her head as a makeshift ice bag to keep the swelling down before she goes home w the $20 in cab fare I left on the table. 🙂

  2. Love the lord Farquaad reference! I’ll be voting for Clark in the primary on Tuesday. Have since I moved to Milwaukee county. He’s the only Democrat I’ll vote for.

  3. Can you guys come up with anything other than ” He be rayciss yo”. Your reasoning is only “I had better show how Not racist I am by showing my support for some black guy”. Where is your unconditional support for everyone else?

  4. Can’t vote there, but Clarke is the only Police Chief I’ve ever heard who sounds like he understands his job and isn’t playing politician. His honesty should be rewarded. The insidious spread of Bloomberg’s meretricious minions should be resisted.

    • No. Wolf Pac is a leftist/socialist group, and their vague “amendment” petition would not eliminate Bloomberg’s large political contributions. However, it *would* eliminate any group like the NRA-ILA, 2AF, etc., from working or lobbying against anti-gun laws. To go further, it would require that all people running for office be at the mercy of a government bureaucracy that would finance their campaigns.
      Could you image: a pro-gun politician would need the approval of the federal government to run campaign adds.
      Not a good idea at all.

      • I don’t know where you go that idea or information from, they want to start a convention to draft an amendment (with input from all the states legislatures). I would like to see a first step toward curbing out of control campaign financing, If a proposed amendment (or any number of ) is as moronic as you imply then it would not get ratified.

      • How about no campaign ads? Wouldn’t that me nice? Have everyone have debates and meet the constituents.

  5. Quick! Someone please reassure me that it’s only the GOP
    or worse (real conservatives and constitutionalists) that use
    quasi-corporate shills and the extremely wealthy to influence
    local elections!

  6. Mike Bloomberg net worth = 34,400,000,000 US Dollars. 150k to him isn’t even a rounding error. It is the spare change on the night stand.

  7. When did ex-Mayor of New York Bloomberg suddenly start caring enough about people in Michigan to get involved in some county election?

    When a well respected black law enforcement leader told citizens to arm themselves for self defense.

    This is simple abuse of the democratic process, by a rich liberal white elitist, to punish a black Democrat for daring to leave the Progressive Plantation.

    Wonder how black Independent and Republican voters feel about that, some rich white guy taking away their freedom?.

    I wonder how other black democrat voters feel about that? Does this kind of news even get reported in the local media in Milwaukee?

    I’m sure Obama’s former clients at SEIU and the various spinoffs of the corrupt ACORN are out buying votes among the clueless low info voters, via the corrupt community organizers and race hustling cons that hang off them like the bloated blood-sucking ticks they resemble.

    But are there no black business groups, churches, or other influential thought leaders that can speak to this obvious bullying and repression of the law abiding comunity by gun grabbers from out of the area?

    Its like Everytown, MDA, and MAIG ought to be riding into town with burning crosses and goofy white robes and pointy hats.

    • rlc2,

      You do realize that Milwaukee is a large city in Wisconsin, not Michigan, right?

      But since we are talking about Michigan and Bloomberg, I want to make sure that everyone knows Michigan’s incumbent Republican Governor Rick Snyder recently accepted a fundraising dinner that Michael Bloomberg sponsored for him.

      • Thanks, no idea how that happened…blaming my dyslexic autospelling kindle…

        Wisconsin is in play, the birthplace of Progressiveism, including Oberlin.
        Lefty heads in Madison exploded with rage when new Gov Walker spanked the unions, and their payback recall also failed with Wisconsin voters.

        So I have no doubt why Bloomberg is pitching in to punish a black democrat Sheriff who dares to depart the plantation…

        The question is, what will the voters say?

        Like I have said, there is a great sea change underway…and 2A right are just one aspect, for freedom of the individual against thd tyrranny of the State, and we’ve seen plenty of that top down tyrranny from this Left-progressive Admin and Congress this last six years.

        Lose a key midwest state like WI, by losing black voters, and the tide has turned…but this is not the time to be complacent, but step up the effort, for you can see tge progressjves are going all in, and have nothing to lose, but the final chance to lock in the progressive agenda they have sought for thirty years.

  8. Man Bloomie is cheaping out here. The munchkin spent $2000000 in a primary getting Robin Kelly in instead of the other gal with an A from the NRA. I too like Sheriff Clark. Beats the hell outa’ Tom Dart. If you can help do so. The Milwaukee County voters need to do the right thing against bloomie.

  9. From the sheriffs campaign website:

    Meet Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr

    In my world, local activity always surpasses Hollywood fiction when it comes to a great story.

    Born and raised in the City of Milwaukee, I played on the championship varsity basketball team at Marquette University High School. I went on to earn a degree in Criminal Justice Management from Concordia University Wisconsin, having graduated summa cum laude. As part of my ongoing educational studies, I have also graduated from the prestigious FBI’s National Academy and the National Executive Institute in Quantico, Virginia.

    Over the course of the past three and a half decades, my career in law enforcement has spanned multiple working assignments. Beginning in 1978, the current journey of service began with the Milwaukee Police Department, where I helped protect the city for 11 years as a Patrol Officer on the streets. After receiving the promotion to Detective in 1989, I was assigned to the Homicide Division, investigating close to 100 homicides a year as part of a team and making arrests in over 80% of cases.

    1992 was the year my leadership became recognized even further after being promoted to Lieutenant of Detectives, then promoted to the rank of MPD’s Captain of Police in 1996, with assignments as Commander of the Crimes against Property Division, Department’s First District, and the Intelligence Division.

    In 2002, I won my first election as Sheriff with a margin of 64%. In 2006, I garnered 73% of the vote, proceeding to then win 74% in 2010.

    The fight has always been in the primary election that tends to be hyperpartisan.

    The Office of Sheriff is a partisan election. Like me, most people question why. I have never asked a person to vote for me because I run as a Democrat. I ask them to vote for me based on my 35-year commitment to keeping citizens safe. Most voters get it when it comes to public safety. There is no Democrat or Republican way to be a sheriff. The enemy is not the opposing party; the enemy is the criminal.

    The line between security and privacy is as thin as it is sharp. Early in 2013, I received an M.A. in Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security, completing my thesis on domestic intelligence operations and protecting privacy and civil liberties. The co-existence of freedom and safety may be the greatest challenge any leader will ever face, yet the balance is attainable. As an elected officer, I’ve devoted my entire life to finding and implementing this balance.

    I firmly believe law abiding American citizens do not deserve to be treated as random statistics. The Milwaukee Sheriff’s web page features an electronic Citizen Complaint Form where an officer from Internal Affairs will contact you to ensure those in authority are held accountable, reading, “Your input is a valuable tool that we use in order to provide the exceptional service that you – the taxpayer – pay for and should expect.”

    My wife and I continue to make our home in the City of Milwaukee.

    To carry on my personal safety initiatives, where criminals remain locked up and law abiding citizens retain the rights afforded to them by the constitution, please read more about how you can contribute to my re-election as The People’s Sheriff.

  10. I’ve met him and he’s the real deal. Not above making a traffic stop personally. This from the other day:

    A classic quote from the guy he pulled over-
    “The Sheriff’s Office says a 30-year-old Milwaukee man told Sheriff Clarke his girlfriend was in the other vehicle — saying if he would have known the sheriff was nearby, he wouldn’t have done it.”

    • Wow, what a story. This poor woman needs to follow Sheriff Clarke’s advice:

      “The Sheriff’s Office says the 35-year-old woman said she feared for her life, and the lives of her 12-year-old and 15-year-old children — who were with her in the car.

      The Sheriff’s Office says the woman reported her ex-boyfriend had been following her for 30 minutes — coming close to hitting her and trying to cut her off — when she dialed 911 for help.

      Milwaukee police officers responded to the scene — and arrested the 30-year-old man for disorderly conduct/domestic violence-related.

      The man had an outstanding municipal warrant for operating after suspension, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

      The Sheriff’s Office says the man was cited for operating after suspension, not registering his vehicle and unsafe lane deviation.

      His criminal history includes several manufacturing/delivering cocaine convictions, resisting/obstructing an officer, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage to property/domestic-violence related.”

      Revolving-door enabled, predatory slime like the accused are exactly the reason Sheriff Clarke sides with People of the Gun. I don’t know if Milwaukee deserves this man, but they really need this man.

  11. Seems we should all kick $5:00 to his campaign! There has to be at least 30,000 of us that can match Bloomysbucks.

  12. Here’s hoping Bloomtard’s bucks are every bit as effective in Milwaukee as they were in Colorado.

  13. After reading here for a while, I registered just to say that I am donating what I can to Sheriff Clarke, though it won’t be much. However I’m sure many of you remember the “DEFOLIATE” online, unorganized movement that caused House Speaker Tom Foley to be deposed during the Clinton era. This was part of what Newt, Dole, and Rush would later refer to as “The Republican Revolution,” but I don’t recall that party as ever having a program, a plan, or anything much to offer. What happened was one of the then rare examples of true bottom to top political action. People from all over America contributed money and energy to rid the nation of a Marxist establishment poster boy. Things online are much better organized today. It’s great to see this effort on behalf of Sheriff Clarke. We the people, supporting real patriots in key elections will make a difference. On the other hand, NOTHING can be expected to happen if we rely on established party leadership. Anybody with local political players in need of removal might take a lesson from this and go for outside contributions as well.

    • Mr. Bloomberg has a *general* problem with the 99%, but he has a *special* problem with minorities in the 99%. Sharpton and Jackson are clearly in the 1%, so go figure.

  14. $50 sent. I’ve always liked what I’ve learned about Sheriff Clarke; I’ve never liked what I’ve learned about Bloomberg and his tools. It’s worth it to keep that man at his elected post.

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