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Grass Roots North Carolina press release [via]:

It’s a phrase that you’ve probably heard many times: “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” Of course, this is not a criticism of police officers, but simply a cold, hard fact of reality. The technology to instantly “beam” law enforcement into the heart of an emergency isn’t quite there yet, and on Monday, Harnett County Sheriff Larry Rollins acknowledged this reality. During a public discussion on a recent spike in crime rates, the Sheriff explicitly recognized and reinforced the fact that, in emergencies, citizens are their own first-responders. Specifically, Sheriff Rollins said . . .

“Even though I’m a cop, I don’t go anywhere without a gun. I want my deputies to get there just as fast as they possibly can if you’ve got a problem. But you better be able to take care of business before we get there if you need to protect your family.”

Most reasonable adults already know that they must take personal responsibility for their own family’s safety. Yet, there are still some who need reminding, and for taking on the task of reminding them, we sincerely thank Sheriff Rollins.

His plain-spoken recognition and support for the armed citizen who is prepared to “take care of business” when his or her family is in danger is a refreshing dose of reality in a world where the truth is often carefully evaded.

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    • I second that; well spoken both by Sheriff Rollins and by Robert Farago.

      I also hope Sheriff Rollins trains his Deputies accordingly.

    • Well, I can say that I currently have a XDS-45 with extended mag on my hip, and a 12 gauge UTS15 loaded with 00-Buck in the next room. Fortunately, for the criminals, the ambulances here have a quick response time. But, then again I have an even quicker response time, because I am prepared. I trust the cops here, I just don’t trust them to be here 24-7.

    • Good luck. Harnett County is about as rural and Red State as you can get. Ain’t nobody taking Bloomberg’s money there.

      • Indeed.

        There are a few counties in NC Bloomie’s money MIGHT be welcome, but out of the 100, you could count them on one hand.

        The rest?

        They’d tell Bloomberg to suck it, and hard.

        The LAST thing people in this state want is some New York elitist telling them what to do.

        • You must have a weird hand.

          34 counties voted for Obama in 2008 and 31 in 2012.
          Obama squeaked by in 2008 and Romney squeaked by in 2012.

          The Gimme-Dat party has a base here that we can’t write off.
          Quite a few sheriffs refuse to sign off for NFA items…. but we can bypass with a trust.

        • Voting for Obama is not the same thing as accepting Bloomberg Northeast money to effect policy and/or change in NC.

          Do you live in the state? If not, you may not fully appreciate the mindset in play here.

  1. Bloomberg better be careful next time his plane lands in town for a fundraiser. . . . suspect he will be pulled over for speeding and being an uppity New Yorker

  2. I like what I’m hearing.

    I just hope he’s not simply paying lip-service and actually means what he says. Too often do LEOs do that.

    • Same here, since cynical by nature. Seems convenient that the Sheriff gets pro-2A and shifts the citizens’ security burden back onto them just at the same time that crime is spiking and people are holding his feet to the fire to do something about it. But I’ll take it, anyway. It’s good going into a crisis that people get the message up front that they are their own first responders.

  3. Everyone needs to send a thank you to this officer, and everyone from NC need to also send an email/letter to their local sheriff and ask if they stand with this fine officer.

    I did.

  4. Harnett County Sheriff Larry Rollins just joined the ranks of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and Detroit Police Chief James Craig who actively encouraged their residents to arm themselves for self protection. I applaud their courage and message.

    • I almost forgot to point out the similar message of Spartanburg County South Carolina Sheriff Chuck Wright urging women to get concealed carry licenses and be armed in public.

      So Sheriff Larry Rollins is in good company with people like Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Detroit Police Chief James Craig, and Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright.

      Did I miss any others?

      • “Did I miss any others?”

        We have to remember that they may not be getting the “press” we’d like, but I’m sure there are more of them than we know.

        CO Sheriff’s deserve a big “thank-you” for the public statements of not enforcing the Boulder BS.

        I do find it interesting that the county Sheriff is the “true” (elected) LE figure, and we see a LOT of them standing with us.

        There’s a message / lesson there …

      • yeah you missed Hopkins county Sheriff Matt Sanderson & the entire McClean county sheriff’s department who stayed on our ass about opening a gun shop in their county (in a good way i.e. constantly tellin us to hurry the hell up)

  5. Btw, the only time the cops will be on scene when a crime starts is when they are on patrol and just so happen to be next to it, or if it’s at a police station. Aside from off duty cops.
    Nothing wrong with that; they can’t be anywhere and no one should expect that. But the people who think police can show up in time to stop a robbery (or assault) in progress need a serious reality check.

    • “Btw, the only time the cops will be on scene when a crime starts is when they are…..” committing it?

  6. Take care of business= “Pack heat, so that when we arrive we’re cleaning up the bad guy, not you”.

  7. A local Plaid Panties got robbed one night. As soon as the bad guy ran out the door, the clerk hit the “I’m being robbed” panic button. When some time passed and no one showed up, he called 9-1-1.
    After I got there, (I was about 6 blocks away), I was getting a description and direction of travel… ADT called our dispatch center to report it.
    9 minutes after the event.
    So yeah, even with phones, alarm systems, a police station/9-1-1 dispatch center 6 blocks away, you are your own first responder.

  8. As a former NC resident of 26 years who relocated to AZ 3 months ago, all I have to say is that GRNC is a great organization and that the state is very much moving in the right direction. Lots of pro-firearm rights sherriffs, McRory a good elect as governor, and we just passed a bill last Oct allowing restaurant/bar carry, movie theater carry, parade/funeral carry for CHP holders.

    There is legislation introduced almost annually for Constitutional Carry…it hasn’t gotten through yet, but I’m optimistic.

    I will return one day; just not yet.

  9. This would be newsworthy if the sheriff was in Maryland or Massachusetts. If a NC sheriff didn’t take a pro-2nd position, he would be looking for work after the next election.

    • I agree with the Sheriff and I do think he is being honest; but it would be much more note worthy if he was from a gun control paradise making that statement.

    • It is still newsworthy. These guys that stand with us MUST be recognized in the positive. Thanked. Ataboyed.

      Too, NC has it’s “moments” when it’s not acting like the southern bastion of freedom a lot of folks think it is. There are pockets of DEEPLY believed Statist thinking here. Luckily, they have not taken over (yet).

      Without being vocally thankful for Sheriffs like this one, we run the real risk of losing ground we currently hold. The cancer spreading throughout the nation has to see it will be fought.

  10. It’s a shame you still have to do Universal background checks for pistols in NC and don’t forget your 25 dollar bribe to be “Permitted” to own a gun

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