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My name is Robert Farago and I approve of this animated recreation of the Lonato Moran-Allen’s manslaughter at the hands of gun owner Galen Hawk. I reckon it’s not enough to know that a gun owner’s negligence caused a fatality. The written details of a negligent discharge – available for this tragedy at – don’t seem to have sufficient power to alter dangerous firearms-related behavior for some irresponsible owners. Some people have to fully imagine, to visualize the carnage and heartbreak caused by a negligent discharge, to let it sear their subconscious, in order to remember to practice all four safety rules at all times. That said, tens of millions of American firearms owners, the vast majority, are responsible gun owners. They would no more point a gun at a child than throw them down a flight of stairs. Still, if this sort of video saves one life, it’s worth it. Yes? [h/t SD’I]

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    • How they can play that narrative of “the gun went off” when the man pulled the trigger. No different than saying that “the car drove into the pedestrian” when a drunk driver commits vehicular homicide.

  1. I hate drunks and drug addicts. This is why I am not a supporter of marijuana users and guns. Anyone that gets drunk or high has no right to handle a firearm while intoxicated. While the act of pointing a real and loaded firearm at anyone let alone a child is as irresponsible as one can be, the fact he did this action is most likely related to him being drunk or high. So sick of weak-minded people who need booze or drugs to live life. Here he was babysitting, would it have been so hard to abstain from drinking while he took care of the child? I don’t blame the gun because the gun is an inanimate object with no power of choice or the ability to affect one’s choices. Where as the person, and the booze is responsible. Shooting while intoxicated should be a felony by itself.

    • “the gun is an inanimate object”
      “the booze is responsible”

      Your argument is there, but your logic is lacking.

      • A gun is not a mind altering substance. Alcohol and marijuana is. Do you stumble around and lose cognitive thinking ability when you pick up and handle a gun for too long. No the booze is not directly responsible, someone still has to drink it, but in my mind the two are not equal.

        • Only the person is responsible for his actions, whether that’s abusing drugs (which includes alcohol, btw) or being negligent with tools. If we assign responsibility to anything other than the actor, we cede the “evil guns” argument to the antis.

        • I don’t share lars’ strong dislike of either drugs or alcohol but I completely understand his stance. Ultimately it is your responsibility when you do something terrible. Even if you were so far gone you can’t remember the act. This is why I first limited my recreational abandonment of the senses to groups of friends and controlled my intake strictly, then eventually stopped smoking/drinking almost entirely. I only drink lightly with my wife a few evenings a year and at special events. It’s really nice actually not having to work out safe ways to get home or think about having to remove my firearms for a given period. But I have always been a control freak and unable to let loose however smashed I got.

  2. If a person allows him/herself to get so drunk as to not be able to handle firearms correctly, and too stupid to lock them out of sight before getting that drunk, then they really have no business owning firearms. “Grownups” are responsible enough to not get that drunk and out of touch with reality. The poor parents who probably thought that Galen was ok to watch their kid no have to live with that decision as well. Sad story all around.

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