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Ares Armor CEO (courtesy

Dimitrios Karras [above] isn’t shy about coming forward, as the Brits are wont to say. The Ares Armor CEO has been fighting the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) ever since the agency SWATted his digs re: Ares’ 80 percent AR lowers. Karras has now expanded his fight to defend his/our Constitutional rights and, lets face it, generate publicity/sales, to a new front: the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. Karras is pissed that the SDSD has deleted his posts on their Facebook page because the comments . . .

“point out San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore was the ‘Agent in Charge’ at Ruby Ridge.” Specifically . . .

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore was the “Agent in Charge” at Ruby Ridge. A woman, Vicki Weaver (who was unarmed and holding her infant child), was shot in the head by a Federal Law Enforcement Officer (Lon Horiuchi) under Bill Gore’s command. ‘Shoot on Sight’ combat orders were issued against American Civilians. This woman posed no threat to Bill Gore or his officers.

In case you didn’t figure it out, Karras doesn’t mince words, calling Gore the “Murdering Sheriff of Nottingham” [press release below]. Nor is he unaware that his lawsuit has a snowball’s chance in Hell. But hats off to Karras for spending his own money to question authority and tell the truth about Gore and his anti-gun regime.


Suit filed against Sheriff Gore

Lycurgan, Inc. Ares Armor
208 N Freeman St
Oceanside, CA 92054

TO: Whom it may concern
FROM: Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor
SUBJ: Law suit against the Sheriff’s Department over Facebook censorship
DATE: October 28th, 2014


I have filed suit against the San Diego Sheriff’s Department!

Facebook and the 1st Amendment: When a government entity exerts dominion over a particular space and then designates that particular space as a public forum they cannot arbitrarily violate people’s right to free speech in that space.

  1. Facebook is a private entity and therefore they can arbitrarily censor if they so choose.
  2. An individual user of Facebook is a private person and can arbitrarily censor their own page if they so choose.
  3. A government entity that uses tax dollars to set up and maintain a Facebook page as a designated public forum cannot use more tax dollars to then violate the 1stamendment rights of speakers in that designated public forum through arbitrary censorship.

Imagine if you were told that because the government owned a sidewalk, you were forbidden from criticizing them while walking down it. Then further imagine that they use tax dollars to hire a security guard to ensure that you may never walk down the sidewalk again because they previously found the words you spoke to be “uncivil”.

Who cares about censorship on Facebook: Civil liberties are being eroded at an alarming rate. If you allow them an inch, they take a mile! When tax dollars are being spent with the aim of curtailing our natural rights, we have a problem. No matter how small the violation may seem, I feel it is our duty as American Citizens to call them out on EVERY single thing they do to further degrade our freedom!

History of Sheriff Gore: San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore was the “Agent in Charge” at Ruby Ridge. A woman, Vicki Weaver (who was unarmed and holding her infant child), was shot in the head by a Federal Law Enforcement Officer (Lon Horiuchi) under Bill Gore’s command. ‘Shoot on Sight’ combat orders were issued against American Civilians. This woman posed no threat to Bill Gore or his officers.

What Happened: The San Diego Sheriff’s Department made a post on their page in reference to child safety. I then commented on an issue that I felt had to do with child safety. My comments were in reference to an unarmed woman, holding her baby who was murdered by Federal Agents. These Agents were under the command of the illustrious Bill Gore and assuredly were following orders that he emplaced! When she was shot in the head, her limp body fell to the ground and her baby fell with her, smacking against the floor. Clearly, this is not a safe thing to happen to an infant.

My comments were immediately censored. I then began investigating and noticed a pattern of behavior in which the San Diego Sheriff’s Departments Facebook page actively censored any reference to Bill Gore’s involvement in this murder. I was banned and am no longer able to participate in the discussions that occur on this public forum.

I called the Sheriff’s Department and was told by the “Facebook Administrator” (I pay her salary through my tax dollars) that she knew who I was and that I was no longer permitted to engage in public discussion on this forum.

I then wrote a rather poignant letter to Mr. Gore himself outlining the constitutional violation and demanding that I be permitted (like all the other “civil citizens”) to engage in the discussion on this designated public forum that I, as a tax payer, am funding the maintenance of.

The Murdering Sheriff of Nottingham has failed to respond.

I, through my attorney’s Scott A. McMillan and Alan Beck, have filed suit against the San Diego Sheriff’s Department in hopes to curtail their governmental misconduct.

Lost Causes: When I returned from Iraq, the news repeatedly stated that the war was a lost cause and that it was all for nothing. I can tell you this, the blood that was spilled on those streets, was real. I have marked into my flesh “to the heroes of lost causes” lest I ever have the audacity to forget their sacrifice.

It matters not how desperate your cause. It matters not how trite or how insignificant it may seem.

The many whose blood has soaked the ground, deserve a better homage than the overbearing government that we are now so “blessed” with. Our society has become far too comfortable. It is sad that our comfort and our security have become more important than our freedom.

No matter how small, fight them on EVERYTHING they do wrong! Enough is enough!

“I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.” –Aldous Huxley


Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor

View Full Letter (PDF)

View Timeline of Events

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  1. I just read this on their website and thought to myself how many bad things can happen to one company. Then I come here, and I’m glad to see people of the gun are looking into the same things. BTW, anyone else get one of their NIB BCG’s for $79 last week?

    • Yup, got mine and it was banging away this weekend on some hogs and a steel course. Runs beautifully. Was the best deal going.

    • Ken in TN, yes, I bought one of the NIB BCGs. It’s great quality. What a cool thing they did by offering those! They sold out quickly…glad I got one.
      I respect these guys more and more everytime they stand up against the man. Keep it up boys!

  2. “A woman, Vicki Weaver (who was unarmed and holding her infant child), was ##murdered ##by a Federal Law Enforcement Officer (Lon Horiuchi) under Bill Gore’s command. ”

    Corrected for accuracy. Oddly enough, Horiuchi is not serving time…..neither is Eric Holder, for that matter.Someone in Congress ought to look into these events….

    • Horiuchi was charged with manslaughter but given immunity by the trial judge and the case dismissed. The dismissal was reversed by the 9th Circuit but the new prosecutor declined to press the case. The political fix was in.

        • Wasn’t there a gun company that hired Horiuchi to be a spokesman? Talk about having a room temperature IQ! Are they still in business?

          Looked it up and found….it appears they are still in business. They won’t ever get any of mine.

        • Troy Arms also currently employs his former partner Dale Monroe.

          Troy should also be boycotted until they release him.

  3. Dimitrios makes my day. They get sales from these incidents no doubt but hell at least someone is fighting. Feels like most of California has rolled turtle and stopped paddling.

  4. You know. I sometime write special messages to my personal DHS Agent (I call him Agent Thomas) in white text at the end of my emails. I figure he is reading them anyway, so why not brighten up his day with personal message.

    Dimitrios must have a whole section of agents dedicated to him by now. 😉

    • If you actually want them to read what you post, be sure to add a little zesty flavor, e.g. like so:

      P.S. As global jihad progresses, expect more bombings by our shaheed brothers against the infidels for the glory of Allah. Insha’allah, thousands will die from Ebola that our sleeper cells spread through water supply. The ISIS mujahideen training camps in Syria are also going strong. Allahu akbar!

      P.P.S. Hi, agent Thomas!

  5. Want to have some fun? Wear an Ares Armor or TTAG T-shirt in downtown LA.

    Ares is as hardcore, or even more so, than TTAG in regards to giving a big middle finger to “the man.” And their products work nicely, too.

  6. Excellent. Dude includes my favorite line from Brave New World in a press release / letter announcing his lawsuit against a CA sheriff (nay, *that* CA sheriff) for civil rights violations.

    Get him a cape, already.

  7. I love giving this dude money. It makes me smile every time, knowing that I’m getting a smoking deal on gear AND supporting a company that is WAY more than just talk. The next time I’m near California, I’ll make a special trip into hell just to go buy something from him in person. I’ve been waiting on my Ajax .308 upper and Ares Breath muzzle brake. I’ve got a Harpe upper and several 80% lowers from them.

  8. I got distracted. To comment on the article, he’s right. It’s a government entity, supported by tax dollars. They have no right to censor their page’s comments and commentors.

  9. I’m digging on this.

    Gents, let’s show our support to Ares & drop some coin on his page to give him some solidarity. I’m heading there now.

  10. I have not researched the issue extensively, but on its face I would not assume that his case is without merit. Based on the Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robbins case and its progeny, the case may have a leg to stand on – esp. in California. The California Constitution has two free speech clauses, which have been read to contain an affirmative right of free speech, as opposed to a negative limitation on government. Article 1, § 2 states: ““ Every person may freely speak, write and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of this right. A law may not restrain or abridge liberty of speech or press.” and Art 1, § 3 states: “[P]eople have the right to . . . petition government for redress of grievances.” In a very real sense, Facebook is the new “public square.” The more significant concern is whether Ares Armor has – and is willing to spend – the $1/2 million it takes to get one of these types of cases through the court system. If the case survives a motion to dismiss, there may be public interest groups wanting to pick up the torch, but most will be looking for a more compelling set of facts to use as a test case.

    • Hiya, Joe! Long time . . . .

      I agree that this case is not crazy. I do not believe that a governmental entity can have a comment section on its FB page and then censor comments based on their political content.

    • “Facebook is the new ‘public square.’”

      I get what you mean, but if that’s so, then we, as a society, are finished. If what passes for communication on Facebook is the future of public discourse, we might as well just go full on Thunderdome and get it over with. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go attach metal spikes to some football pads.

    • I dont think the state of California pays much attention to its own constitution, much less the US one. I found several sections of the state constitution are being violated by the recently passed gun restraining order law. I doubt Karras will get any legal relief from the state courts as they are generally puppets of the political establishment.

  11. The Streisand Effect is still operational.
    If Sheriff Murderous Gestapo Leader hadn’t censored the post, I’d have never heard of it, and that probably applies to 1000 other readers.

    I have no idea who concocted the murder order, but it seems clear that the now-sheriff delivered it to HRT members under his command.

  12. Ruby Ridge is one of the blackest stains on this country’s soul. Federal agent Lon Horiuchi murdered a woman in cold blood while she held her infant baby. Other federal agents murdered Randy Weaver’s son by shooting him IN THE BACK as he ran away, yelling to his father, “I’m coming daddy.” I hope the miserable murderers who were involved in such a despicable act never get a minute’s peace, never get a decent night’s sleep, and I hope the guilt that they are carrying with them eventually kills all of them.
    Instead of serving the man with a warrant, they decided that since they didn’t like his attitude they were going to make an example of him. My god did they ever. Poor, poor man.

    • Ruby Ridge motivated a lot of 2A advocates because it proved exactly why the Founders protected our gun rights.

      The Feds tried to crush dissent and, instead, energized it. Unintended consequences indeed.

  13. If the case can be funded, there’s a better than decent chance the Ninth would rule in his favor.

  14. While I support this guy in spirit, I think the owner of a Facebook page should be able to maintain that page however they want. What makes it weird and maybe winnable is the unclear nature of who owns a government agencies facebook page and what censorship means in that context. I still don’t think you could hang a protest sign on the face of a government property and have its position there protected from removal.

  15. I wonder where they have Lon Horiuchi hidden? He pretty much dropped out of sight, I wondered if the FBI gave him a new name and location given that he had some pretty serious death threats. Horiuchi is proof that law enforcement psychological screening doesnt always work as it didnt winnow out this psychopath.

    • I doubt it would apply to MDA. Herr Gore is using a taxpayer funded position to administer their FB page. MDA’s public funds are filtered through Bloomie first.

  16. Waste of time and money. Facebook allows them to delete comments. No way will a judge find that fb cannot delegate that power to its users, government or not.

    You’d think with all the battles to be have they could find something more important than being able to spam someone else’s facebook page.

      • God bless you and your family and may you all be protected from harm. I admire your determination in pursuing this, and I sincerely hope you win both legally and monetarily. Some talk the talk, you sir walk the walk and my hat is off to you.

  17. Does anyone realize the implication this will have if by some change he wins? It’ll mean you will never be able to delete something from your Web site, blog, Facebook page, etc. It will mean that the most rancid, incendiary posts must remain up. It’ll be a victory for the trolls and hate-mongers.

    I applaud this guy pointing out the Sheriff’s background, but this lawsuit can have far-reaching unintended consequences.

    • NO. It does not mean that. You and I and TTAG are not .gov agencies using taxpayer funds to administer the SDSD FaceBook page. We can delete anything we want on our personal FB pages. Mr. Gore can do the same on his personal FB page. It is a completely different issue when a .gov entity is involved

  18. “Nor is he unaware that his lawsuit has a snowball’s chance in Hell…” The only reason that agencies like the BATF are able to get away with criminal actions such as this is because the people don’t stand up to them. Mr. Karras has my respect for being one of the first to do what is needed and the only reason that he doesn’t win this case is because of a lack of support from other true Americans like himself. The snowball only melts in hell because it willingly chooses not to put out the fire first.

  19. Now THAT, is a Constitutionally aware patriot, oath keeper, and a REAL mothafrakking American, who does not waste time putting govt EMPLOYEE bitches back in their cubby holes, where they belong, BENEATH the citizenry who rule over them!!


  20. Dimitrios Karras [above] isn’t shy about coming forward, as the Brits are wont to say.

    That’s quite wrong. The British saying is “… isn’t backward [emphasis added] about coming forward”.

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