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Mike Rogers of Lone Star Arms, a man who knows a thing or two about Russki semi-auto shotguns, forwarded a YouTube link to a mind-numbing work by video auteur evlblkwpnz. The point of the video, we think, was to demonstrate the beneficial effects of a prototype screw-on “booster” that apparently raises the pressure in a short-barrel smoothbore enough to make it cycle correctly, even when it’s fed crappy, rusty old ammo from a drum mag. But in the scene above . . .

our demonstrator stares down the barrel of his fully-loaded shotty in order to install said booster. We half expected to see his hat fly up in the air along with most of his frontal lobe. Thankfully not.

The video is six months old, and while you might expect mad gun handling skillz like those to prematurely end an otherwise promising career, we see that evlblkwpnz has uploaded his most recent effort only a month ago. So apparently he’s still kicking. A good thing, too, as someone is going to have to sign for the IGOTD award he has coming his way. We think we have a pretty good idea at what he’ll be pointing that VEPR 12 pretty soon.

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  1. You know, I’ve had lots of issues with different types of guns, many at home and on the range with issues of rounds being stuck in the barrel or bolts being stuck with a live round- not once did I ever think, hey, maybe pointing this thing at my face while I try and fix it would be a good idear. You know where I learned that common sense? At age 5 watching cartoon characters blow their heads off doing that kind of thing. Those old cartoons taught us allot more than people give them credit for.

  2. How about a time stamp so that I don’t have to sit through a 20 minute video to see it happen?

    I’m active on the Saiga-12 forums, both of these guys are on there. One of them takes themselves a little too seriously, and I won’t say which one.

  3. What’s that saying about God looking out for fools and drunks again?

    I had almost decided someone was just being a safety Nazi until I hit the 12:00 mark.


  4. But he put the safety on first, so that means it’s safe to look down the barrel of a loaded gun. Right?

    We need to introduce this guy to the guy who shot his refrigerator last week. Maybe together they can bring up humanity’s average IQ.

  5. Watching this moron point the barrel at his face not once, but twice in less then 30 seconds left me utterly gobsmacked. Even knowing it was coming, my brain didn’t want to process the tsunami of stupid. Yet another bit of my faith in humanity has died tonight.

  6. Ever heard of a safety? It was on. If you actually pay attention, you will SEE AND HEAR that I engaged the safety before adjusting the gas regulator and nothing was inside of the trigger guard while I was adjusting. So seniors (oops…. I meant Sirs), put on your glasses and crank up that hearing aid. The safety was disengaged after the adjustment was made and I was ready to fire. Since having a loaded weapon pointed at a ones self WHILE THE SAFETY IS ENGAGED is such a dumbass move, maybe all of you should start carrying your pistols with no round in the chamber since it might blow your tee-tee off. If the weapon would have somehow mysteriously decided to fire all on it’s own in spite of the safety, the muzzle was not pointed directly at my face and the shot cup wouldn’t have opened enough at that point to have any measurable spread.

    Mike is just butthurt that I surpassed his accomplishments with the Saiga 12 platform while I was just an enthusiast. Step up or step aside…. shine or live in my shadow.

    • Dont worry man, the people who frequent this blog love to criticize other gun owners and bash cops as well. Dont let the criticism bring you down. Some people are just safe queen pussies.

    • Sorry buddy, that doesn’t cut it. Even in the sandbox, where we play real rough, you won’t catch a single swinging dick pointing a hot to trot rifle at his cranium. If you were in my unit, I would have slapped the shit out of you for that.

      • Exactly. Being a “safety queen” would be freaking out about having someone flag your foot or something while carrying at the ready. Not scolding someone for pointing it at their face. That’s a whole different kind of stupid.

        • well at least he would only darwinate doing that, rather than victimizing someone else.

    • Sorry, little boy, but if you keep on doing stupid shit like that you are never going to make it to seniorhood.

      Well, maybe that’s best.

    • Do you know why they put quotes around the word “safety” in gun manuals?

      Cuz it might make you safer, but it sure as hell doesn’t make you safe.

    • Before someone can be eclipsed, by your “shadow”, I think they better not be within 300 yards of it. The way you toss that muzzle around, I would not want to shoot at the same range with you. But if I did, I would have a trauma kit ready in my truck bed, for you and anyone who is stupid enough to shoot with you, or is who is foolish enough or dumb enough to get within range,

    • I’m about as far from a safety Nazi as it gets but there is just no comparison between a holstered weapon that no one is screwing with muzzling some body part and intentionally pointing a loaded gun at ones head while installing accessories. Can you do the latter without getting shot? Sure thing, you did it. However, given enough time you’ll eventually shoot yourself that way. Know what wont lead to being shot in the head no matter how many times you do it? Making sure the gun your working on is unloaded before working on it.

      I understand your tone, if that pic at the top was me I’d be feeling a little embarrassed and defensive too. What you did wasn’t just actually foolish, looks dumb too.

    • As they repeatedly taught my 9 year old daughter in hunter safety this fall: “Safety is a mechanical device that can fail. The real safety is the space between your ears.”

    • i think you can tell alot from the avatars of the users on the forum….

      lone star arms, mugshot
      evl, his accomplishment…

      staring down gun barrel, ill advised, but i dont care whether or not evl says “ya caught me!!!” thats what folks are wanting here is to say, oh dear interwebs please forgive me, and hes not going to. it still might be bad press, as folks arent gonna wanna risk sending a gun to a guy that might accidentally kill himself with it while hes working on it. sure nothing should happen, but murphys law is always in play….

      as you were

  7. the angle looks to me like it would probably have very narrowly missed his head.

    irresponsible videographer of the day: Gopros are good for a lot of things, but catching audio isn’t one of them.

  8. At about 4:00 he is muzzling his right hand as he starts the device onto the barrel. A discharge at that moment would have taken his entire hand and wrist.Yes, the slide is “locked” back, rounds in the mag.

    All I’m going to say is that mechanical devices fail.

  9. The safety was on. The muzzle pointed slightly away from his face from what I saw. I don’t know what Mike is trying to prove here by sending this kind of link to a blog.

      • If you are going to quote me, please use the entire quote. The shotgun was on safety and the muzzle was pointed slightly away from Evl’s head. This is a non issue and I would suggest Mr. Zimmerman take this entire failure of a post down.

        • dude, this post is hilarious AND maybe, just maybe educational for someone out there. Maybe someone will read some of the comments about this dingus, and not point a loaded gun toward, at or anywhere near their own head thus saving their life.

          I see no reason to defend this unsafe and just, *obviously* stupid behavior.

  10. You should never look down the muzzle of any weapon whatsoever IMO (except when fitting the gun to someone). The safety was on, I will give him credit for that.

    By the way, did I get it right? evlblkwpns=evil black weapons.

    • You nailed it. You would be surprised at how many people have no clue what it means.

      Others, keep it going, I am getting new subscribers who are sharing the video and increasing awareness of the Vepr 12 shotgun and the fact that there is a builder out there that has the skill to build a tasteful looking and extremely short (sub-8″) Saiga 12 SBS that will run bulk ammo. There is no such thing as bad press. Thank you!

      • I will be honest, I like short weapons but I don’t get a shotgun with a 6 inch barrel from a ballistic perspective. Would you mind running some chronograph tests? Preferably with different loads with some common barrel lengths. Was thinking 24, 20, 18.5, 12, 8 and 6 inch barrels with buckshot, birdshot and slugs. To see how they compare. I know there is little difference between a 10 and 24 inch barrel since shotgun powder is similar to pistol powder, just wonder how it is when you go even shorter.

      • “There is no such thing as bad press.” You might be right, but then again, there is press that will make a whole hell of a lot of people laugh. Congrats on the 2700 views! How much are your sponsors paying from your youtube vids?

  11. Sorry to break it to you all but ( YA JUST CANT FIX STUPID ) and just hope it isn’t producing offspring. Sad part is this crap gets posted for all to see and Young ones to witness these acts. There was a saying about such I believe it was ( that one was jerked off on a stump n the Sun Hatched It Out)

  12. Hey, if the safety alone is good enough for when I clean the loaded shotgun at home, its good enough for clearing jams….

    • ….I clean the loaded shotgun at home…..

      Your days are numbered fella….just say’in….

      I would school you on clearing an AK platform, but at this point…why?

      • That was evlblkwpnzzz not evlblkwpnz more z’s it is an impersonator stirring the pot. No one actually cleans a loaded weapon (or at least I hope not).

        • So you guys don’t polish the barrel of your (loaded) shotgun with a rag while talking to your daughter’s boyfriends?

  13. I like the part where he tries to convince everyone that pointing a loaded weapon at himself is smart because “the safety is engaged”. This is truly a sign that he has achieved a level of proficiency in firearms that we mere mortals can never hope to surpass. I will take his word for it.

  14. The right thing to do is to say, “Yes, I screwed up.”

    I’m glad you tested the device, it looks like it makes a big difference, and to be honest if I ever get a SBS on a VEPR/Saiga platform I will definitely investigate it.

    Nevertheless, your gun handling is unsafe and if you depend on mechanical safeties instead of safe gun handling you will eventually get a ND. The only question is what you’ll end up hitting.

    The rules of safe gun handling have been developed not out of a sense of killing the fun of firearms but because people died in preventable ways. Nowhere in those rules are the words, “Depend on a mechanical safety” because millions of collective hours of shooting have shown the futility of doing so. You are aware that mechanical devices fail, because the device you were testing was intended to reduce the FTF/FTE problems you were having. Being task-focused on FTFs and FTEs can leave you less attention to pay to the other failure modes that firearms have, and one of those is a failure of a safety.

    I’m probably not going to change your mind, much less your habits. I think your chances of a bad outcome are much lower if you do maintenance on unloaded weapons with the chamber open, FWIW.

    • best post in this whole thread, but will the fellow see reason and admit his mistake?

      I’ll be taking bets in this sub thread, 5 to 1 odds against, get your money out!

  15. evl? big? Let me assure you both that neither of you would be handling weapons on a firing line I was running. Period. Full stop.

    Guys? Go check out their “vids”. Looking down the barrel of a loaded shotgun twice in a minute is nothing compared to what they are doing at other times. Good googley moogley!


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