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Amy Schumer is the second cousin once removed of Charles Schemer (well done auto-correct!) make that Schumer, the New York Senator who crusades against guns while celebrating the employment provided by Remington in Illion. In this sketch, the anti-gun rights comedienne does her shtick for universal background checks. Despite a caller’s concern about having “several violent felonies,” and another admitting he’s “a suspected terrorist on the no-fly list,” Ms. Schumer assures them  “You can absolutely get a gun… as long as you buy it on the internet or at a gun show.” Agitprop for sure, but funny? Maybe in Germany.

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    • Hahaha. I know exactly what you mean.

      I do enjoy good comedy, but this is probably bad comedy. And I won’t drive the click count by watching it. I can’t stand her, her positions or little chucky either.

  1. Here jokes about her anatomy aren’t funny anymore, guess she’s in search of a new topic. Move along, move along.

    • First, it’s her vagina, not her anatomy she’s always joking about. And second the jokes never were funny, but they were just a little less repulsive before she gain the extra hundred pounds.

  2. It really wasn’t funny, it was just – lies. And the bit at the end ruins whatever lighthearted mood it might have had going for it.

    I guess it was bought and paid for by MDA/Bloomberg, so they probably had some ham-fisted executive involved with an attitude about “guns aren’t funny, make sure it ends horrifyingly like all gun stories do.” Which just sucked out any possible humor that might have been garnered by the co-host’s performance (although, isn’t the whole “I’m not really gay” thing not funny anymore anyway?)

    So, no, a pack of lies is not funny.

  3. Dumb anti-gun B.S. aside, I am not sure the video was supposed to be funny? Everything seemed to be exaggerated so I was expecting some gags but then the actors somewhat woodenly just went through a series of talking points like they were going through a list. Talking points literally popped up on the screen. It felt really forced. The whole thing ended up feeling more like a lecture like those D.A.R.E commercials. Maybe Schumer is being meta and this video is meant to be a parody of a bad parody?

  4. Sorry folks, I laughed my ass off, I was hoping for a head shot on the porker though. A fat chick has to do all she can to get attention.

  5. After watching a dozen or so funny or die videos die a painful (to watch) death I quit clicking. They’ve never made a funny video. Ever. I’m sure this one is just as bad.

  6. She is firearms sports hater Senator Schumer’s niece. No surprises.

    Caller, you bite your tongue you silly goose, you can absolutely get a gun, if you have several felonies, as long as you buy it on the internet or at a gun show, and caller, guess where you are right now? Bam! You’re at a gun show!

    1) The rules outside the gun show don’t change when you walk in the gun show. There is no special exceptions to the rules just because you entered a gun show. This little skit is 100% political propaganda.

    2) Murder is illegal. But people still murder people some with guns (others with something else – but those don’t matter). So… Lets make it illegal for felons to buy guns right?? So it’s against the law for felons to buy guns, but… people still buy guns (illegal) and kill people with them (illegal). Amy Schumer thinks that because the laws in place are obviously working, we need even more laws and more state control. So then we can have this: So a person sells a gun to a criminal without a background check (illegal). Person turns out to be a felon buying a gun (illegal). Felon goes and kills someone with a gun (illegal). But i’m sure after that… Amy Schumer will want even more rules, laws, regulations, legislation, and more state control over our lives.

    These are great for any age group

    No they are not. That said, parents are much more likely to know the capabilities of their children long before Amy Schumer or the legislative branch. I think it’s best to leave that up to them.

    Even a blind person can buy a gun. Totally legal.

    Amy. Blind people are aware that they are blind. They are aware of their limitations, and they are blind… not stupid. I think it is prudent to leave to them to best assess their situation.

    You are fine sweet potato fries. the no fly list…

    73 Airport workers are on the no fly list. Senator Kennedy was on the no fly list and couldn’t get off for weeks. You can get on the watch list if you have the same name as a potential terrorist. Someone can make an anonymous call and get anyone on the watchlist. The terrorist watchlist is a ‘guilty until proven innocent” bag of garbage. Zero due process. It really shouldn’t even be used for people simply trying to travel by plane. Only makes sense Schumer would want to expand it to harass gun owners.

    Mass shooting!… The government is going to come for your guns. They never have… but they might!

    The government has been restricting gun rights over and over again since 1934. There are lots of guns that I can’t buy today because the government went after them. This statement made by schumer is fictitious and dishonest, made merely to paint a facade over gun owners to make them look like loony conspiracy theorists with no credibility.

    When we come back we’ll discuss congressmen for sale

    You mean like hillary’s superpac? The majority of congress don’t take action, not because congressmen are for sale per se, but because their constituents don’t want it. Gun owner haters don’t want to admit this point.

  7. Is it bad to wish that there’s an SHTF scenario exclusively centered on Hollywood? And maybe the LAPD just decides not to show up a la the 1992 riots?

  8. OH GOD!!! THE STUPID!!! IT BURNS!!! Too bad that last shot didn’t hit her in the V… now that would have been funny

  9. Inside Amy Schumer is the most disgusting place imaginable. I’d rather shave with a rusty blade in a tank full of saltwater.

  10. Wasn’t funny in the slightest. I don’t find much of what she does as really that funny. She tries to make offensive funny, and fails in most things I’ve seen (which to be fair, is not too much). Also every time I see her, I think she looks like a live action Miss Piggy. I keep waiting for her to start having a tantrum and going all diva. That would be about the only funny thing she could do. Act out someone else’s funny work!

    • George Carlin once said that every joke needs one exaggeration, one thing to be WAY out of proportion, then you can joke about anything.

      Most modern comedians are too busy trying to shock and offend to take the time and craft an actual joke.

      • That’s why guys like Carlin, Bruce and Pryor were so great. They could take the time to come up with a joke that would have some exaggeration and in some circles is offensive but there was a finesse to it.

  11. Had an interesting conversations my very anti gun boss a while back. He thought this agitprop was 100% true because it was on all the TV shows. Buy guns over the internet and have them delivered to your house. No background check…

    Finally had enough and explained that he can’t. If he wants to buy he needs to have the gun delivered to a dealer, fill out some paperwork, get a background check and pay a small fee. It isn’t exactly Amazon. Same rules applies to gun shows. So silly.

  12. She is just another self hating white reform Jewish woman who has private armed security and wants to take guns away from law abiding black people.
    If you can just disarm the blacks her world will be so much safer.

  13. Her 15 minutes are over. They ended summer last year when it came to light she made a career of stealing material from lesser known comics and thought her connections would insulate her.
    Since then she’s been floundering about trying to establish a new persona and the best she has been able to cobble together is partisan choir-preaching nonsense which certainly plays well on a stage in NYC but when broadcast to a more diverse audience falls flat.

    She’ll be a bitter faded memory 90% of the people asked about respond with “who?” in no time flat like Mencia, Lopez, Frankin and Garafalo if she stays this course.

    • Denis Leary is a huge thief, has been caught and called on it in a million times – still working. Hell, he’s a persona thief Mencia’s doing fine.

      I don’t see there being any actual consequences. Those of us who care will decry it, the majority will never even care. They like her, she’s very much the ‘it’ girl of comedy amongst those in charge. She’ll be fine.

  14. I am an avid consumer of comedy, including live shows at clubs. Amy Schumer is not funny. I don’t understand the appeal. Her comedy persona is that of a watered down, goofier, and dumber version of Sarah Silverman’s character from 10 years ago.

  15. Her audience is mostly drunk middle-aged white middle-class women desperately trying to cling to some semblance of their 30’s. Her “comedy” (as is most modern American comedy) is nothing but crappy improv. There are kids making Vine videos that are funnier than her.

  16. Fun fact, I work for the TSA.

    Easy there, because I have another fun fact for you– You would not believe the number of clueless looks amongst my coworkers when I had to explain to them the process involved to buy a firearm, specifically over the interwebs. They boggled at the fact as I detailed how you had to go through an intermediary who would likely charge you a fondler’s fee and run a background check on you, while they in turn had to cough up $200 for the FFL. In essence, most of them believed this comedy piece in an organization where you would think there would be slightly more awareness in terms of firearms.

    And in AZ no less, where the police are just as likely to slap you on the hand for taking your gun across the checkpoint as they are to courteously store it for you until you get back (AZ police are awesome in that regard).

  17. I’ll pass on the video. Yes, let’s make jokes about terrorism, murder, rape, & domestic abuse (the implied felonies). It’s not like anyone is getting hurt, right? I thought these people were all about feelz. Way to be insensitive to the numerous victims of violence. Congratulations, Hypocrite.

  18. Ummm……. I’m curious to know what model of Glock they were selling…….. Apparently it’s the only Glock in the world that isn’t drop safe…….. Bug or Feature?

  19. I’m kinda of an asshole (especially on the internet)… and I don’t think much of either Schumer. But stooping to a level of name calling and harm wishing is about the least gentlemanly thing you can do. It petty. Especially knowing that in your heart that if either Schumer were being physically attacked in front of you’d feel the need to defend them. At least I hope that any of us would. Because if you didn’t you’d stop being the good guy with a gun.

    That said, I think she’s crude and she’s made a living out of being disgusting. People like gross humor, I guess. This video is another case of a person using their celebrity to push an agenda with the intent to sway the weak minded.


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