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“I wonder what the world can do,” the Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets’ rapper admits in the video above. “I have no idea. I have no clue.” And that, friends, is the problem. While gun control advocates sell the idea that civilian disarmament is the answer, no, it isn’t. So what is? Stop shooting, start living? That’s the dictionary definition of feel-good fatalism. Far be it for me, an OFWG, to tell urban youth how to stem the tide of gangland shootings (which account for the “gun violence” they decry). But gun control ain’t it. Someone ought to talk to these citizens about . . .

viable educational, political, spiritual, economic and law enforcement solutions. If they want to see a music video that lays it out for reelz, I recommend Stevie Wonder’s You Haven’t Done Nothin’. “We want the truth and nothing else,” Mr. Wonder opines. Copy that.

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    • “Failed culture” assumes it’s mostly their fault. It’s partly their fault, but the failing of their culture was orchestrated from outside of it long before the people in the video were ever born. Destruction of the nuclear family, total dependence on the government, et. al.

      The part that is their fault is that they haven’t woken up to that fact.

      • If you look at the inner city areas, look at who the city Council members are. Look at the school board. Look at the city bureaucracy. Look at who the teachers in South Chicago public schools are, making 70K+ per year. In communities where the median household income is less the 30k, in school districts in which the vast majority of the few kids who graduate high school are functionally illiterate. And they keep striking for raises and higher benefits, and lobbying against school choice. These are members of the affected communities (at least until they win a place at the public money gravy trough, at which point they move to nicer neighborhoods). Yes, we can blame voters for not waking up. But I disagree that they are mostly getting pushed around by outside forces (at least in the last 50 years or so). They are electing (and re-electing) many of their own oppressors.

      • Sure, but it was like this in Africa before and after whitey left. The first civilized explorers to visit Africa found genocide, child sacrifice, and cannibalism. The men don’t stay with the women. They take pride in having as many male children with as many women as possible. Right now, in some parts of Africa, the men rape infants because they claim it innoculates them against AIDS. Blacks were enslaving each other before and after Europeans made the immoral and disastrous decision to import them for cheap labor.

        The ACP, with their “black liberation movement” (rebranded “Black Lives Matter”) and the Democratic Party (considerable overlap at points) were racist and they owe America for the thousands of white and black homicides every year due to their uprooting blacks and recruiting them to move north en masse in the 40s and 50s.

        The Democrats were racist, and they did (publicly announce their) plan to use welfare to hold blacks politically captive “for 200 years.”

        However, the savagery we see in the US is mirrored (or worse) in Africa, even in polulations that never experienced colonization (which was often a big net positive for Africans despite western Marxist propaganda; many black South Africans publicly wish the whites would come back and restore order and prosperity).

        The communists/Democrats’ guilt lies in organizing and manipulating blacks as pawns in their war against whites/civilization, and the liberals/Democrats’ guilt lies in creating public housing and means testing policies that seemed sensible at the time.

  1. Who cares what criminal gene bearing “dindu nuffinz”, products of a failed “community” of misfits, ne’er-do-wells, and woefully uninformed illiterates have to say?

    • And not to a similar neighborhood in a similar urban cess-pit. And don’t bring your “thug culture” with you.

  2. Obvious answer: Free drugs. If they’re stoned out of their gourds, they’ll be too lazy to conduct shootouts, the reason for which is mostly turf wars for drug sales. US invades Mexico, takes all the drugs, and distributes to the youths. What could be easier?

  3. Well, if you have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the sanctity of human life and, by extension, other people’s property, then you get the urban cesspools of crime and nastiness that we see today.

    And how do you get to a point where people have no respect for the sanctity of human life? It happens when people grow up without a mentally and spiritually healthy family. Saying it another way, it should not be a surprise when a person who is a savage adult grew up as a savage.

    Note: there is no veiled racism in my comment above. I don’t care whether you are white, black, yellow, red, pink, brown, purple, striped, polka-dotted, or paisley. If you grow up a savage without a healthy family that provides structure, stability, values, encouragement, and accountability, you will be a savage as an adult.

  4. Well then….
    Stop abandoning the babies you father…
    Stop living off the government tit…(aka the hard working folks)
    Stop blaming everyone else.
    Start looking in the mirror and realize you are responsable for your success.
    Get a Job!
    Work hard!
    Give a shit!
    Don’t blow money on drugs.
    Be a positive example for others.

  5. Name your kids something other than Jadavioustyronius and Shauntayenubinia for a start.

    Have dad live at home with his spawn–AFTER he comes home from his job.

    What will you hear then?

  6. I grewnup also often hearing gunfire. Or, rather “occasionally” and “sporadically.”

    Before things built up it would roll through valleys that were otherwise quiet enough to register a shot from three round ridges over.

    It never made me twitch. The steady rythm n pause of target practice, the easy bangs of plinking, the lower, rounder boom clusters of shotguns, the definitive boards slamming note of a rifle hunting all sounded different, and none like a threat.

    You heard all the time of work accidents, less often of cars. You’d rarely hear of a gun accident, always some city or town knucklehead, more excited than aware out in the woods, all exotic not home. The locals, never. They were far too canny. You keep your bod away from in the thin end n always point it at something expendable and you are good.

    I wonder if spending large chunks of your time with sharp, or spinning, or chomping, dangerous things just gives you a sense for dangerous things.

    So, rap-guy doesn’t know what to do about gunshots all the time in his terrain.

    Maybe that’s because in his territory guns are used dangerously.

    How they are used is not the guns; that’s the people. Maybe fix that.

  7. Nice song reference. Sort of. Mr. Wonder was railing at Nixon (shortly before he resigned) and other politicians and do-gooders who claimed to be doing something but were doing nothing. It was not directed at the black community.

  8. Has anyone else noticed this liberal bull crap that somehow writing or playing a song is going to change things? After the Paris terror attacks, that goofy editor for the Harvard newspaper writes how fitting it was that some dude set up a piano at the scene and started playing “Imagine” by John Lennon (yet ISIS still is in business). I’m pretty sure that crap only works in the movies right? Send the YOSOS in the video out into the most dangerous part of the city, and when they are accosted or otherwise challenged, let them start singing their song. The gang members with the guns probably aren’t going to say “Well I never thought of it that way, durrrr.” The only time I remember a song influencing my behavior was in kindergarten when the teacher would sing “Clean-up, Clean-up”.

  9. “In My Neighborhood All I Hear Is Gunshots” ….
    The key is to make sure that the shots you hear the most are the ones fired in defense of your community. After that reality, the gunshots will die down….

  10. I hear gunshots from my neighborhood all the time too. From the nearby Izaak Walton League shooting range.

    It warms my heart.

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