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Australia data shows gun controls a huge success 20 years after mass shooting – provided correlation equals causation. Which it doesn’t. Unless you want it to. Proponents of civilian disarmament do. That’s why they do the voodoo that they do with crime statistics. My journalism teacher told me never to put stats in the first ‘graph of a story, so, suffice it to say, rubbish. Australia has more guns than before Port Arthur massacre. Next up, another op ed piece saying Ms. Clinton screwed the proverbial pooch by allying herself with gun control . . .

Clinton Doesn’t Get It on Guns – “She won Connecticut in spite of her stance on manufacturers, not because of it.” The National Shooting Sports Foundation poll showing public support for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act strikes again!

Editorial: Why not smarter guns? -Reacting to the Obama Administration’s plans to push for “smart guns” for law enforcement, Albany’s asks a stupid question. And provides a stupid answer.

Anne Arundel Sheriff Ron Bateman (courtesy

Anne Arundel Co. sheriff facing charges wants guns back – Second degree domestic abuse charges, no less. Sheriff Ron Bateman (above) wants his shotguns back to go hunting with his sons. He made the request by text.

Russians, Their Guns And the StateThe Moscow Times reports that Russia’s “tolerance” of civilian firearms ownership may be over soon. “On April 14, President Vladimir Putin, announced the formation of a new National Guard, and declared one of its key fuctions would be to control firearms. “We are creating the National Guard to limit the circulation of weapons in the country.”

Cops have to assume a fake gun that looks like a gun (with or without an orange tip) is a gun. Amirite?

The army to set our nation free’ – That would be Constitution-respecting law enforcement officers, according to Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, Oathkeeper, and his fellow members of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. I wonder what Connecticut gun laws would be like if they hadn’t ditched popularly elected sheriffs for politically appointed police chiefs.

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  1. Hillary is going to be bitter and angry (ier) when she concedes the presidential race to Trump. Bill told all to stay away from gun control. If she chose to ignore him………

    Russian’s gotta Russian. They loves them a strong arm strong man.

    • Yup, William “BJ” Clinton said that going after guns cost too many seats in both houses.
      Apparently the hildabeasts head injury is keeping her from remembering history getting ready to repeat itself.

    • Look, I despise her with a fiery passion but pretending that she isn’t going to win in a historic landslide is just being stupid. We need to be preparing for all out war next year, not pretending that she isn’t going to be appointed president in a few months. Wishful thinking never helped anyone.

      • I don’t like Trump. But it’s him that’s doing the landslide. You’re falling for the msm’s attempt to shoe in hillary. The people, all of them, are tired of the list of usual suspects, and they want something different. Trump is exactly that, right or wrong.

        I live in the heart of the liberal homeland. The San Francisco bay area. I drive as a job. I get to Berkeley and Oakland on a near daily basis.

        I have seen none, nada, zip, signs, bumper stickers or posters claiming hillary as the favorite. None.

        • I may be wandering off into “Tinfoil Hat” territory here but my worry is: Trump wins, so Obama uses “N. Korea’s missile launch test” (or whatever “crisis du jour” is) to declare a national emergency so he can appoint himself “Chancellor for Life.”

          Oops, did I just “Godwin” this thread?

        • Timmy, I’ve been expecting that for 7 years. To begin, he has never stopped campaigning, even for a moment, and never started leading, just commanding ridiculous things.

      • You have to remember ’94 (I think that was the year), after the AWB was passed, and congressional elections were approaching, the absolutely positive predictions of a landslide victory from both sides. One side was absolutely correct, and the other, apparently, had deluded itself so completely that the trouncing really did take them by surprise. There really is no further reason to lie about the expected results, when the polls are closing. When results began coming in, the Dem experts were completely shocked. They had convinced themselves that their own BS was the truth.

        I think that is where we are headed again. Hillary is so ENORMOUSLY unpopular, including within her own party, the number of votes Trump will get from Dems may approach the number she gets. With independents he will crush her. And, yes, part of that is because he is not an extremist fanatic, which Cruz is, and which she portrays herself to be, at least. Thinking people will actually consider the issues and choose between the candidates, and Clinton will lose essentially every one of those. There will be those who cannot imagine life without Hillary, those who hold their nose to vote for free stuff. And those whose preachers tell them to just stay home, since a Trump presidency will likely end their power within our government. But in the end, I’d bet money Trump will absolutely crush her, and I’d bet she knows it. Her campaign is increasingly irrational, like doubling down on promising firearm confiscation, which even moderate Democrats realize is promising an unconstitutional, unaccountable, outlaw administration, at best.

  2. Russian “civilian disarmament” story is bolshevik. Putin’s just going after the illegal, non-registered guns in the hands of legitimate criminals, of which Russia has plenty.

      • Heck, I’d rather have a Saiga-12 or a Vepr Hunter than a “proper” AK. The handguns, I understand, but I thought they were loosening laws around those.

        • Saiga or Vepr? Sure, right after your local police department issues you a certificate saying you’re of a “good moral character”. And you get a psych exam. And… And…

          Oh, and you’ll also need to be an owner of a smoothbore firearm for 5 years first.

          And forget about mags larger than 10 rounds.

      • Depends on who your friends/relatives are.

        If they are the ‘right’ people, it’s no problem at all. Just like getting a flashing blue light for the top of your car, or the license plate that allows you to do whatever your want.

      • News flash
        You could not own an AK 47 in the great old days of the USSR either. But it was a socialist country that many American socialist loved. And American socialist don’t believe in private gun ownership.

    • In a vicious, murderous kleptocracy, identifying any elements as criminal is laughable. Putin has enriched himself by stealing billions from the megarich oligarchs, whom he threatens with death or life in prison, so he is now the richest man in Russia. Ordinary thieves, kidnappers and gangsters are pikers by comparison. Dealing with Russia as though it is an ordinary country with a democratic government is stupid. Of course he wants all the guns removed from citizen hands. The net result will be trains heading to Siberia filled with dissidents, an economy raped by the thieves in charge, and the countryside filled with packs of ravenous wolves, which is what happens if their numbers are not checked by regular hunting, as has happened during war time. At least they will have Europe on side as captive recipients of their oil and gas. Don’t go there as a tourist. Don’t buy their products. Send Obama there to sort it out, like Blair was sent to the Middle East after he was dragged kicking and screaming from office. And look how well that turned out.

  3. Good luck trying to pry AKs out of the hands of rugged Russian men.

    And here I thought they saw their civilian use of Soviet arms as a source of pride. Come on Puty, don’t neuter your citizens.

    • “Rugged Russian men” have never been allowed AKs as civilians. And even for a Saiga, you have to be licensed to own it, and your local police department can block it simply by saying that you’re not of a “good moral character”.

      Oh, and you have to own a shotgun for 5 years without “violations” first, before you can get your hands on any rifle. That includes .22 LR.

      Handguns? Forget it.

      Carrying, open or concealed? Hahahaha.

      • At first I thought you were talking about Kommieforniastan but then I realized it was that other Communist regime.

      • Yet, if you have the right “friends”, it’s no problem.

        I remember seeing a rather current Russian vid of some guys who decided it would be amusing to roll through Moscow with AKs in full display. Obviously not cops, nor FSB, yet no one messed with them, as it was assumed they were connected.

        Many folks will continue oiling a certain part of the garden in their dachas.

    • All totalitarian scum, regardless of race, religion or political persuasion, share a common interest in disarming those they aspire to subjugate.

    • Might have been a purposeful pun but c’mon, routers are useful tools in both woodworking and networking; Reuters is not (useful).

  4. I don’t care if a gun is real or fake, I only care if the person holding it presents an immediate threat. If a cop shoots a citizen for mere possession of a firearm, I can only hope the cop dies by lethal injection after a trial, an appeal, and a few years in prison.

    • I saw a picture of that “gun” posted somewhere earlier today and it looked exactly like a Beretta 92 or a Taurus. If some kid I didn’t know pointed it at me I would at the very least draw on him and depending on what followed immediately after that he may end up shot.

      This should not be so much about the cops shooting a kid (lots of very dangerous gan bangers are “just kids”), but what he was doing with his replica pistol when they arrived on scene and what his response was to their presence. Can’t say for sure, but I doubt they simply rolled up on site and started shooting.

      • Is there any evidence besides their testimony that this child actually pointed it at them? Cuz I haven’t seen any, he was dead so fast after they showed up, you’d have to have a pretty close-up video to tell anything. I tend to think it should not have happened, but I don’t have enough knowledge to get real excited about it one way or the other. I do know that your description was in fact the description given at the time, the cops drove up and shot him dead within about 2 seconds, literally.

  5. Just tried to read Times Union article, it was made a subscription only piece. One wonders if there were too many dissenting comments.

    • Go to www dot times union dot com, click the menu tab in the top right corner, click “Opinion” then scroll down.

    • I have no idea where you’ve got that impression, but it’s 100% false. The topic of loosening gun control very rarely even comes up in Russian politics; but when it does, all the big wigs (including Putin himself) dismiss it out of hand as leading to blood in the streets etc.

      • Between two world wars and the fall of the great and glorious Soviet Union, there are so many guns in privat hands, the government doesn’t stand a chance. Regardless of what Pupin says.

        • Yeah, but as int19h has noted in the past, those guns are watered with motor oil and tend to stay buried.

          I suspect the reality for a non-connected Russian found with a Makarov would be along the lines of what a US citizen could expect if found with an un-registered NFA device…

        • Many probably don’t bother putting their guns in the ground. Russians don’t generally care what is and isn’t legal, as videos on YouTube of them driving on the sidewalk show. What’s more important is what they can get away with, and with a drunken inept police force you could probably get away with a makarov in your sock drawer.

        • I don’t disagree, you can get into deep shtuff, if you don’t know someone. I’m just repeating what I read from various sources, and from ex-pats I know.

          As to the cops, yeah, it’s different. Very different. Back in the day, one of my ex-pat friends dug up a bunch of WWII mines and grenades. After his father made him take them out of the apartment, they took them to their school (which had a small museum of war artifacts).

          Long story short, one day the fire marshal discovered the ‘items’. In the US your kid would be doing 20-life. In former sattelite? Calls were made, favors exchanged. he got in “trouble”, but only from his father.

    • Nothing could be farther from truth. The closest thing to CCW accessible to Russian civilian is 9×22 PAK rubber-bullet piece. Guess it is perfectly normal for a country with exceptionally rotten legal system.

  6. “That would be Constitution-respecting law enforcement officers, ”

    Constitution-respecting, or law enforcement. Can’t be both.

  7. Nonsense.

    The country[Australia] has had no mass shootings since.

    There has been 10 major mass killings since port Arthur. They were generally not inflicted with a firearm. So mass killers switched weapons. Reuters of course doesn’t mention this – because they want people to think a problem has actually been solved- which hasn’t happened.

  8. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur Massacre. Also known as “wave the bloody shirt day”.

    Still no Coronial Enquiry into the event. Probably because the truth would be politically very embarrassing.

    But 27 years ago over 95 people are crushed to death at a soccer stadium in England. And the police attempted a obfuscation and cover op. But it doesn’t even raise an eyebrow because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

  9. Take a look at this in that usnews article on Hillary and guns:

    “And speaking of The Bern. Have you seen the bro-crush in development? Donald Trump, #winning, complimented Sanders multiple times during his braggadocios Acela Primary victory speech, saying Sanders should run as an independent if he can’t become the Democrat nominee. Trump then went on to say in interviews that “Bernie Sanders has a message that’s interesting. I’m going to be taking a lot of things Bernie said and using them.”

    Bernie for Veep? With Trump? Why not, America?! These two New Yorkers have a yuge amount in common, and we’re already in the political equivalent of an end-of-the-world party where lampshades are on heads and someone just ate the tequila worm. So. Yeah. Trump-Sanders, 2016. Let’s party (politically) like it’s 1999.”

    Now that’s interesting. The youth vote wants Sanders, the dissatisfied middle-class wants Trump.

    Trump-Sanders 2016…


    • That’s actually kind of shocking. A socialist government doesn’t leave a lot of room for someone to become a billionaire real estate mogul.

      On the other hand, a socialist government would be a very good environment for someone who was already a billionaire real estate mogul AND the chairman of said government to retain his billions….

      • I don’t think it’s gonna happen that way.

        I expect it to be Clinton – Sanders, because the HildaBeast needs the Sanders voters.

        Or Clinton – Warren…

  10. “I wonder what Connecticut gun laws would be like if they hadn’t ditched popularly elected sheriffs for politically appointed police chiefs.”

    Connecticut would be pretty much the same. How hard is it to understand that elected Sheriffs are politicians, too? The whiny socialist voters who elect whiny socialist politicians would elect whiny socialist sheriffs.

    It’s the voters.

    In my county, we have a pro-2A sheriff. Our largest city has a pro-2A mayor who appointed a pro-2A police chief.

    See how that works?

  11. If the kid was running away and didn’t point the real looking pistol at the police do they have to shoot him? Do the police have a right or procedure that they do shoot in this circumstance? What is it? Do we get to shoot a perp when he is running from our house and we aren’t in imminent danger?

    • There’s this body of things called Case Law, one of which is called Tennessee v. Gardner. You should look it up. Like it or not, the cops can shoot fleeing people in the back. As long as there is a resonable belief that allowing them to escape would cause further harm.

  12. Hey, lets conveniently google the “List of massacres in Australia” via Wikipedia and note the number of mass murders since the implementation of their gun ban in ’96. The roster includes death by arson, acid, bludgeoning, stabbing, and of course, the firearms that were supposedly banned. In fact, arson seems to be the most effective, claiming 46 lives across three separate incidents; 11 more than port author.

    No calls as of yet to ban fire, unfortunately.

  13. You’d a thunk the po-leece would be a little slow on the draw in Baltimore. 6 million to Tamir Rice’s relatives-and they want the dead kids family to spend some of it on “edumacation”. Why don’t you armed up/armored up/ amped of cops know what you’re shooting at? 4 rules don’t apply I guess-or just to us “civilian mopes”…

  14. States—or more accurately the politicians who run states—want to make gun ownership illegal and want to confiscate guns because they don’t trust their own people. The more a state’s leadership feels illegitimate, the more they fear citizens owning guns. The relationship between state anxiety and gun ownership is virtually one-to-one.

  15. Just to clarify: so-called “National Guard” (which was already renamed to Rosguard) will probably inherit gun register databases from Russian police, and could, in theory, play ATF on crack.

    I am sure it is at the very bottom of task list, though. The whole agency is being created as Putin’s knee-jerk reaction: an above-the-law paramilitary outfit under direct control of presidential circle, an ultimate tool to keep the throne safe. And gun owners, both legal and illegal, are very minor concern to the ruling bunch.


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