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The above ad grouping Barack Obama with some of the great mass murderers of the twentieth century appears on the (ammo with attitude) main page. An unapologetic Trace Williams, USAammo’s director of operations, told, “Obama and his various czars are infringing on the rights of Americans to own guns.”

Make the jump to view USAammo’s four minute video that expands on the point and ends with a commercial for some scary-looking black rifles…

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  1. While Barack Obama may not be the best friend of the 2nd amendment, likening him to a series of mass murders responsible for millions of innocent lives is just wrong.

    • While Barack Obama may not be the best friend of the 2nd amendment, likening him to a series of mass murders responsible for millions of innocent lives is just wrong.

      Worse, it’s stupid. It won’t persuade anyone, and it makes USAammo seem like reactionary bumpkins. But golly, I’ll bet they feel sure good about themselves for making the video! Success!

  2. Gun control IS scary. The fact of the matter is that banning guns removes the last standby check to balance an unjust government. All of those above were unjust regimes. As simple as that. Everything else about them was unique and horrifying in its own right. The only common and facilitating factor was the lack of armed citizenry.

  3. I voted for Obama, not because I’m a huge fan but because he was so much better than the alternative. I was planning on voting the non-incumbent ticket this year. However, given the current crop of people running, I may not not be able to stomach going to the polls at all.

    • I encourage you to save your vote for someone who is worthy of it. If you give it to someone just because he’s marginally better than the alternative (i.e., lesser of two evils), you affirm your vote isn’t worth much.

      And no, I don’t have someone in mind. I simply encourage everyone to do their homework, then vote their conscience. Voting for political expediency is what’s gotten us to where we’re at: the precipice.

      The Republicans will nominate a sleazy establishment type (Romney, Gingrich, Perry, etc.). If what you want in 2016 is another slate full of sleazy establishment types, then by all means, demonstrate that in the 2012 election. If, on the other hand, you hope for better in 2016, save your vote.

      Imagine what would happen if Romney/Gingrich/Perry got only 25% in the general, because most Republicans didn’t cast a vote for POTUS. The establishment would get the message. And so would the principled candidates. The 2016 slate would be very different.

      • Philosophically I agree with Splashman, and so did the 6th President of the United States:

        “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

        -John Quincy Adams

    • I’m just as shocked as you are. I had no idea that when he wasn’t making movies he dressed up in an African dictator’s uniform and fought for gun control. Learn something new every day. 😀

    • I guess they couldn’t find a picture of the real Ida Amin, or maybe they just thought Whitaker was more photogenic?

  4. Thank you, USA Ammo, for making me look like a crackpot when I try to encourage shooting sports or explain gun rights.

  5. Stupid music selections? Check

    Typos? Check.

    Poor product photos? Check.

    Gratuitous comparison to Hitler, Stalin & Mao? Check.

    4th 3rd 2nd-grade production values? Check.

    Congratulations, USAammo! This ad has everything!

  6. What you guys love to do is confuse “gun control” with “gun bans and confiscation.” They’re not the same.

    Dan said it right in the first comment. I can only understand the unreasonable Obama-hatred as being racist. Nothing else could account for it.

    • Look at signs, placards, and bumper stickers decrying George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George HW Bush, Reagan. They got pilloried just as bad as Obama by their shrill detractors, not because of their heritage but because of their real or perceived ideology. Why would you expect Obama to be treated any differently than them?

    • Baseless conjecture your honor. Overruled. Strike that comment from the record. The jury will disregard.

    • Wanting to keep my guns does not make me racist. It honestly does not matter, the color of their skin or the country of origin, in me opposing gun grabbers. I guarantee you that this sort of rhetoric would be magnified if a rich white guy like Michael Bloomberg (God forbid) were in the white house. Would you still call it racists and claim it is because he is a Jew?

  7. I believe that being armed makes me a better citizen; I believe that unarmed citizens are subjects. But, this is just loud, over the top, and juvenile, and will only pander to the base. Comparing Obama to Pol Pot makes this video look like the local lunatic asylum’s weekend project.

  8. I thought gun control was imminent if Obama got elected in 2008, since there was a Democratic Congress? Is it ‘extra’ imminent now for some reason I don’t know about?

    • It’s because this election is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN HISTORY!!!!!!1!!

      (You know, just like every other presidential election)

      • I’m beginning to think that maybe this is just a ploy by USA Ammo to get people who hate Obama to buy ammunition from them…

  9. I thought the viddy was an exercise in self-control. Is there a harsh ad to follow?

    Almost 50 years ago, Barry Goldwater observed that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. He was right then, and he’s still right today.

    To those who feel that criticising the administration might alienate the sheeple, please get over yourselves. You’re trying to sneak around gun control by kissing undecided ass, and it’s not going to work. The antis and their media allies are too good at controlling the weak minded, and the strong minded will make their own decisions with no help from you. Thinking that you personally will have any real influence on the mass of humanity is hubris at its most melodramatic.

  10. I’m sure USA Ammo is deeply concerned about the erosion of all of our civil liberties. I expect their next ad to decry the power of the executive branch to subject anyone (including U.S. citizens detained on U.S. soil) suspected of supporting “terrorists” to indefinite military detention without charge or due process. No doubt, they’re very worried about the militarization of police departments and the use of extreme force against people exercising their First Amendment rights.Especially ironic is the example of Guatemala, where the atrocities they cite where committed with U.S. supplied weapons (and ammunition!) and the complicity of the U.S. government.While I agree that the principal of an armed citizenry is valuable, the notion that everything would have been just fine in all those despotic countries if only more people had had guns is laughable. In this country, most of the people with guns are complacent about or supportive of creeping fascism and authoritarian control by political and economic elites.Fear is a great sales tool.

    • I said that was the common facilitating factor. Those countries were culturally different and third world in some cases. Third World meaning more issues than just government perpetuated violence. Guns don’t fix things; they are a tool by which one can effect ones will forcefully without permission.

  11. Whether or not the ad is good, bad, or indifferent, USA Ammo has the right (remember the first Amendment?) to express their opinion on the current President and his party.

    What troubles me about this discussion is that a fair number of commenters want USA Ammo to practice self-censorship. This is the ultimate goal of all of the “political correctness” enforced on our speech and writing over the last 40 years. “Don’t give offense to anyone” is an underhanded way of requiring people to censor their thoughts and their speech.

    The Constitution does not contain a “Right To Not Be Offended”, anymore than it contains a “right to FEEL safe” that the anti-gun groups frequently cite as a reason to prohibit open carry and concealed carry.

    You don’t like USA Ammo’s ad? fine – don’t buy from them. But don’t try to censor them.

    • Dude, no one tried to censor USA ammo here. Who or what are you responding to? Agree or not, all the comments (except yours and the racism one) have been either reasonable or lighthearted.
      I plan not to buy from USA Ammo, because I believe that gun owners and their image should remain respectable, USA Ammo disagrees.

    • The president (any president) is just a person like everyone else. And unless people live in a strict dictatorship, they have the freedom to bash anyone in office they want…or ANY person for that matter

      • Actually, we don’t legally have the right to criticize the President anymore, George W. Bush took care of that with “The Military Commissions Act of 2006”. This act is just an updated version of Abraham Lincoln’s “Sedition Act of 1861”, under both of these Draconian measures no citizen possesses the right to verbally criticize or slander any sitting President during a time of war, and under these acts any citizen can be arrested & detained, without cause or warrant, for as long as the powers that be desire, you have no right to know why you’re being arrested or where you’re being taken, no right to an attorney, no right to face your accusers, and are denied the use of ‘Writ Of Habeas Corpus’, not to mention a number of constitutional amendments that are rendered null & void in the process.

        And to my knowledge, the only President that has used this power thus far was President Lincoln during the Civil War, although it might have been used during the first & second world wars against any American supporters of an enemy power.
        This means that should he desire to do so, the Obama administration could designate any individual or group as ‘enemy combatants’ simply for criticizing him as a person, or as President & have them arrested & detained for as long as it pleases him. George Bush left Obama with a good many ‘Executive Acts’ to use as he see’s fit that most American citizens have no knowledge of, and the Patriot Act makes almost any abuse instigated by the federal government to be lawful & just.

        Think on that for a bit if you will………..

  12. As for all the Obama gun control fears everyone’s had, he’s been in office for 4 years and nothing has happened (aside from prices going up…mainly due to everyone’s mass hysteria)

  13. Every citizen of the United States should have the right to ‘keep & bear arms’ in the defense of themselves, their family, property, and country, unfortunately, the second amendment doesn’t address the need for the rational & responsible interpretation of gun ownership. If our country was set up like Switzerland then we wouldn’t be constantly having the arguments of gun control, nearly everyone in Switzerland is armed, but then they require all of their citizens to serve a mandatory two years in the military, and even after wards they serve as a form a reservist. The crime rate there is quite low for obvious reasons.

    In America we’ve got too many guns in the hands of the wrong people, people who are all too ready to use them as the exclamation point to end an argument or against any real or perceived threat. When I was growing up back in the 60’s, I was taught like most other kids to accept the responsibility for my actions, and to respect the rights & opinions of others as much as I expected them to reciprocate in a like manner. Sadly, children in these modern times are taught to point the finger of blame in any direction as long as they don’t point it at themselves. I still remember when gun & hunter safety courses were a part of growing up, but now you’ve got kids killing one another with automatic weapons who aren’t even old enough to have had their first date.

    Kids use to settle their problems on the playground with a fist fight, now they just shoot each other to solve whatever petty issues they might be having. Owning a gun is a major responsibility & not something to treat so lightly, and if we lose our second amendment rights, it’s because we failed the Constitution & our founding fathers, not because the federal government failed us or took our rights away just because the belong to one political party or another. We’re our own worst enemies, and our rights are being stripped from us because we either won’t stand up for them as a people, but also because we’ve become arrogant, lazy & self-serving & won’t work towards deserving the rights & freedoms that those who came before us fought & died for.

    And as I said earlier, owning a gun is a responsibility, and a privilege, but for it to be a privilege means that it’s something that a person earns. So if we want the privilege of owning guns then we better start working for it.

    • isnt it your generation that raised us?
      “And as I said earlier, owning a gun is a responsibility, and a privilege, but for it to be a privilege means that it’s something that a person earns. So if we want the privilege of owning guns then we better start working for it.”
      your right that its a responsibility, but is in no way shape or form a privilege to be “earned”. Its a RIGHT, that is why its in the BILL OF RIGHTS, not the BILL OF PRIVILEGES. everyone, even lazy people have the right to defend their lives. Also were are these kids getting autos? I sure would like one.

      • I don’t agree with the Ghost Pony assessment of the generations. I don’t like that lamenting how much better it was in the good old days. But he makes good points about the responsibility thing.

    • And as I said earlier, owning a gun is a responsibility, and a privilege, but for it to be a privilege means that it’s something that a person earns. So if we want the privilege of owning guns then we better start working for it.

      Actually no. You have that wrong, Ghost Pony.

      Driving is a privilege. Gun ownership is a right enumerated in our Constitution. Just like speech, assembly, property rights and all the rest.

      As the document clearly lays out, we’re born with these rights.No one has to work for them, earn them by overcoming arbitrarily constructed hurdles or demonstrate to a designated bureaucrat that they’re somehow worthy of them.

  14. Is obama a muslim? Where was he born? Find out a lot about obama and the new world order at and 11-24-11 What do we do to traitors? Investigate this moron and find out what years of research digs up on our muslim `president`. Also watch Spread the word_ lets get rid of this moron. We the People have to do it before we become a third world nation! Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!

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