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  1. hope he had one eye closed, then he may still have one. sounded like they said the top was a blowgun. clearly the older boys expected trouble , they got away from it . not nice

  2. Any update on this kid? I’m guessing there’s no way he didn’t go blind or get some serious damage due to this nonsense.

  3. was his name Timmy or Ralphie? -certainly wasn’t a bb gun, nor did the poor kid have to dress up in a pink bunny suit.

    looks like the kinda stuff I did as a kid, long before the gray matter kicked in and “survival mode” became a mantra.

  4. Wow.

    I remember doing some stupid things when I was younger that involved black powder, firecrackers and other things…But we always did (or at least tried to do) the stupid things Carefully.

    Hope this kid is ok and I hope his stupid buddies get their asses stapled to their kitchen floors.

  5. I almost blew my hand off when I was a kid screwing around with fireworks, and I’m sure glad I never thought of making one of these silly rifles (I would have most likely made one and died). I hope he didn’t get hurt because that looked pretty bad.

  6. Whoa… did that blow his hat off? Is anyone else picturing Tom the cat in blackface at the center of a daisy right now?

  7. I lost count of how many times my older brother got me hurt with one of his smart ideas. I’m not sure if they were accidents or if he was really trying to kill me. 😉

  8. Let’s take a vote. Everyone who did something this stupid when they were young, please raise your hand. Or prosthetic. As the case may be.

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