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Charles Daly used to be a well known and well respected name for their line of high quality firearms. The MP22R .22lr bolt action rifle I use to teach new shooters bears their name on the side and is a thing of beauty. About two years ago they disappeared from the U.S. market altogether, much to my dismay. However, today comes some good news that Charles Daly is about to re-enter the U.S. firearms market, bringing with them some new handguns and “modern sporting rifles” that they’ll show off at SHOT 2012. Make the jump for the full presser…

HARRISBURG, PA — After a two-year absence, the Charles Daly® brand and its tactical subsidiary, CD Defense™, have re-entered the American marketplace, with distribution by Trans World Arms LLC of Harrisburg, PA.

TWA President Michael Kassnar said the CD Defense™ product line will include six modern sporting rifle and carbine models, a trio of new shotguns and several handguns, including three all-steel models and six pistols with polymer frames in two versions, a full-size and a compact in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

“We’re really excited about serving American shooters once again with quality firearms under the Charles Daly® and CD Defense™ brands,” Kassnar said. “Shooters familiar with these firearms lines can rest assured that they are as rugged and reliable as ever.”

Of particular interest is a new shotgun entry in the home defense arena, the 12-gauge iTAC™ tactical shotgun with an inertia-driven action and rotating bolt design, synthetic pistol grip stock, ghost ring sight and Picatinny rail. Kassnar said it is chambered for 3-inch magnums, has an 18.5-inch barrel and durable matte finish. The other two CD Defense™ models are both pump-action shotguns, chambered for 12-gauge, 3-inch magnums.

TWA acquired the license to market under the Charles Daly® and CD Defense™ trademarks, enabling the company to re-introduce the Charles Daly® and bring back the CD Defense™ line.

“We will be exhibiting at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas,” Kassnar confirmed, “so retailers can examine the entire CD Defense™ line.” The new website at will launch just prior to the show.

Trans World Arms LLC is located at 5480 Linglestown Road, Harrisburg, PA 17112, telephone: (717) 635-8200; FAX (717) 635-8203. Email: [email protected].

Linglestown Road? I think that’s right next to my favorite wings & beer restaurant in the whole world…

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  1. My problem with Charles Daly was that the line changed too much. They weren’t a producer, just an importer. And some of it was pretty good. But unlike Interarms, which never hid the fact that it was importing Walthers, you never knew what you were getting without doing some research. And a couple of months later, the original company would have a deal with someone else and you’d have to go to them for parts & service instead. If they were still being imported at all.

    Where are these rifles, shotguns, and handguns going to be coming from? Will they still be coming through Charles Daly/Trans World Arms by SHOT 2013? Or will it be just another orphaned Turkish/Filipino/Argentinian/Israeli product?

    • The issue with the Tavor is that without changes to statutes, or import approval from one or more regulatory agencies, it cannot be imported for sale.

      However, *some* of the parts may be imported, and when mixed with sufficient quantities of U.S. manufactured parts, a rifle of the original specs (albeit without select-fire capability) can be legally sold on the open market stateside.

      Another example of the same issue is Saiga shotguns — they are imported as “sporting” shotguns, and can be converted to the originally intended configuration once stateside.

      • Before the previous incarnation of CD went under, they had a US made semi-auto Tavor almost ready to go. They were not importing Israeli semi-auto Tavors (I’m not even sure such a beast exists) and making them 922r compliant after the fact or anything like that. They were US made, with a bespoke semi-auto only receiver, which was helped by the fact that a lot of the (real) Tavor’s parts came from the US in the first place via US-Israel military aid funding. There was a huge thread about the gun in the bullpup forum back in the day.

  2. Was the Charles Daly bolt action .22lr, the Remington 5 bolt action? I would actually be interested in that gun if it was less than the CZ513?

  3. Dear Chuck,

    Please bring back the Zastava Mausers and Mini-Mausers. Remington and EAA efforts were disasters.

  4. The phone number for TransWorld Arms Co. is a joke….. The phone rings, after several rings it is answered by a recording telling you to leave name and number and brief message at the tone…. the tone never happens, another recording comes on telling you that your call is being forwarded…… and then you get the original recording again….. and at the conclusion….. it tells you your call has ended. Not very professional for a company handling something as serious as firearms….. Come on people….. this is not a joking matter.

  5. I have a Kassnar model Churchill 12ga made in Japan. I can not find chokes, any suggustion?

    • Yeah…..shitcan that club & get a Browning Superlight Citori Upland SPL., , Dickinson SXS Plantation, or L.L. BEAN by Rizzini

  6. I have tried to contact the above contacts to no availed. I want to get a tactical stock for my CD 12 ga field pump. Any sugestions?

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