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Guns makes homes safer (courtesy

More good news after the Senate shot down gun ban bills that would have infringed on Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Of course, that’s not the way spun the results of their own poll asking the great unwashed whether they thought a gun in the home makes their home safer. Still, we’ll take it.

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  1. My wife got into a discussion with a teacher after the UBC law was shot down in the senate. He was upset and stating that guns need to go. She calmly told him that she was a 5 foot tall grandmother. How was she supposed to fight of an intruder or intruders even if they were unarmed if she didn’t have a gun. He got quiet after that. And according to her 3-4 other teachers in the room agreed with her. In a California public high school.

    • I was talking to a lady from church and she said something simmilar. She isn’t short, but she is in her 70s or 80s and fragile. Fragile physically, that is. She’s one of the toughest people I know. She was a full time teacher until mandatory retirement, then an almost full time substitute until just a couple years ago. During that time, the principles made a practice of giving her the classes and kids no-one else could handle. She’s a wonderful and kind person, but I wouldn’t cross her, and even the older church leaders seem to feel the same.

    • @ jwm

      I would never accuse a progressive CA democrat of using logical thought on his/her own. They vote simply on the basis of following what the Dems and the MSM tell them is the fashionably liberal thing to do unless it somehow adversely effects them personally. Then the narcissism kicks in and it’s everyone for him/herself.

      As a same minded co-worker said to me today;
      CA is so f**k*d up 🙁
      G_d D_mn Sheeple…………..Drives me nuts!

  2. “Those who don’t see guns adding safety are predictably on the other side of the political aisle — mainly Democrats, liberals and those with higher education.”

    52 percent of those polled in their own poll are college grads who think that a gun in the home makes them safer – How can they say that those with higher education support gun control?

    • That is a very specific bar graph, 52% OF THOSE who said guns are safer were college grads, they don’t give the numbers for the total breakdown amoung college grads. I was wonding the same thing, too.
      That still doesn’t define what they concider “higher” education.

      • When constructing a ‘weasel’ sentence, you choose your words carefully.

        The way it’s worded, all it really says is that those who in the group who feel a gun is dangerous in the home are also predominately Democrats, liberals, or educated.

        It doesn’t mean that most Democrats, or liberals, or highly educated people necessarily believe that a gun is dangerous in the home.

        But it’s designed to evoke that feeling on a quick read. Which is all most people have time for.

        • Don’t say Democrats, liberals, and highly educated in the same sentence, please. What you mean is “highly credentialed.” Most of them don’t know enough practical information [math, economics, hard science] to qualify as educated.

      • I think you are reading the bar graph backwards. I think it says that of all the college grads 52% said that having a gun in the home make it safer. If I read it the way you suggest, then the % of people with guns in the home (75%) and those without guns in the home (30%) doesn’t make sense because it adds to more than 100%

        • Thanks, I got so mixed up in the body of the article I had to read the graph three times before I understood that it actually shows what it says. That’s what I get for trying to understand them.

  3. Gee, imagine that!

    I’ll bet there are more firearm owners out there today, too.

    Get busy NRA. Educate the masses like the NRA founders did.

  4. After the city-wide lockdown in Boston today, where people are basically trapped in their homes and helpless should this lunatic break in on them, I wonder how the results of a similar poll taken now in state of MA would look?

  5. They know they only have a limited window to work in, hence the rapid gun laws in some states before people come to their senses.

    Pretty bad.

  6. Since December all the anti gun hysteria has caused a backlash. In my personal experience, in the last 6 weeks alone, 4 retired, professional women, all college educated have purchased a firearm for personal defense. These woman belong to a dance group and attend the same church.

    Of the 4, two will be taking CHL class shortly. One is still thinking about it, the other says at home defense “for now”.

    Prior to Newtown, they were passively anti gun. Today, quite the opposite.

    • This.

      I keep shouting from the rooftops that the gun grabbers are depending on the status quo of the 1980s to win … and in the 1980s very few women were interested in firearms. Well let me tell you, women are tooling up AND getting their concealed handgun carry licenses in droves. This is the new reality. We have the momentum and will continue to have the momentum.

      Sometimes I wonder if the gun grabbers know this and that is why they recently went “all in” — because they know that we will have so many supporters that we will actually be expanding gun rights in the next five to ten years.

  7. I bet all the scared citizens of Boston wish they were armed…heck, the police are armed with guns illegal for citizens to own…

  8. From the linked article: “…Those who don’t see guns adding safety are predictably on the other side of the political aisle — mainly Democrats, liberals and those with higher education.”

    How rude. If those gun toting idiots were as smirt as us the would rationally see the common sense of removing gun saving the lives of children in a responsible adult manner…..

    Wapo.. FOAD.

  9. It is not amazing, that these polls have these figures when two months ago other polls were stating most Americans want to do away with privately held firearms. Point I am trying to make any poll can get any pre-desired result. Rig the questions, then ask a group of circa 1,000 people (the average poll) within a population of 330 MILLION plus. MSM was telling us cops were against civilians having guns, then a police website poll of 15,000 officers tells us the opposite. NRA holds polls of its members, whose info they keep private and get results not favoring BGCs, then we see anti gun ads stating NRA members support BCGs by 74%, really? How were the results obtained if the NRA keeps its membership list of near 5 million private? I do not trust media sponsored polls, as there is always an agenda……….

    • Yes. No doubt, there is always an agenda, no matter who runs the poll. But in this case at least, WaPo’s poll seems to have failed in its mission and come out exactly opposite the way it was supposed to.

  10. Mazlow’s Hierarchy of needs…Most of these people think they are at the top of the pyramid (self actualization) and are beyond the first few levels of basic survival, etc. These are the libs who think they are smarter than us working stiffs.

    • Ooohhhh. That is an outstanding line for the gun grabber who spout-off about guns making homes more dangerous. I am going to file that away for future use — and use it shamelessly.

  11. A quote from the WaPo article cited above:

    The gun-safety coalition is led by Republicans, with about seven in 10 saying firearms make the home safer. Conservatives, white men and Southerners are all broadly supportive of the idea that guns make homes safer.
    Those who don’t see guns adding safety are predictably on the other side of the political aisle — mainly Democrats, liberals and those with higher education.

    As a Nuyorican with some Conservative and some Liberal leanings-depending on topic, I feel disenfranchised when I read their conclusions. Then again, their conclusions mean Squat to me, my home is safe-because I make it so………

    • “… my home is safe-because I make it so …”

      Not possible because the government didn’t do it.

  12. one change I really think would’ve improved this poll, especially the bar graph on the bottom is “do you have hands on experience with firearms?”

    I think we all agree once people get their hands on the gun and realize how it functions they’re inclined to recognize that the owner of the trigger finger deserves the blame rather than the tool. Unless you’re immune to logic which before Newtown the rest of us were able to refer to as “common sense”…a term that by itself is now pretty much a four letter word to me.

    • “Unless you’re immune to logic which before Newtown the rest of us were able to refer to as ‘common sense’ …”

      Excellent … I am still laughing!

  13. Those who have more education, are liberal, and female believe the opposite; that guns in the home make the home more dangerous? Well duh, that group isn’t noted for having real-world common-sense and the ability to logically argue outside the classroom.

    The One-Million Dollar Quetion: Guess who you think an anti-gun liberal wife and/or mother expects to risk his life defending the family from an intruder even after she was the one adult whom demanded that there be no guns in the home?

  14. Good work getting this up Robert.
    TTAG is making a difference, and the facts speak for themselves.

  15. Notice how the poll does not state what percent of all women believe having a gun in the home makes one safer…only white women. How racist is that? Don’t the opinions of all women matter?

  16. Tucked away in the WoPo poll is this little gem, which will no doubt be used to proclaim 86% support universal background checks:

    Q: Would you support or oppose a law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows or online? 86% Yes 13% No

    When the question itself is deliberately flawed, the answer becomes meaningless & I dare the WaPo to say this was unintentional because if they do, they’re damn’ liars.

    The whole poll is here:

  17. I thought I would poke them a bit:

    April 2013 Post-ABC poll – economy, gun control, and immigration issues
    Sunday, 21 April, 2013 0:13
    From: “MICHAEL STERLAND” email address redacted
    To: [email protected]
    Why has this poll used a question that can be called disingenuous at best & a deliberate move to skew the results in reality?


    “Q: Would you support or oppose a law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows or online?”

    This question looks fair to the uninformed but fails to mention that ALL guns bought online must pass through a Federal Firearms Licensee, with the purchaser having to pay for & pass the existing NICS background check.
    Heck; I’m British & live in the UK & I know this, so I doubt very much those who formulated the question were in ignorance of the law.

    You appear to be attempting to influence events, rather than do your job & report them.

    Michael Sterland


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