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Shelter-in-Place sign in Boston (courtesy

No disrespect to the law enforcement officers chasing after terrorist Dzhokar Tsarnaev. They’re doing what cops gotta do. But let’s think about this. Nearly 10,000 heavily armed cops and soldiers chasing after one guy with a million-plus Bay Staters in lockdown. The bad guy’s image is all over the media. Mass transit? Shut down. Businesses? Closed. Colleges, schools? Empty. Street traffic? Non-existent. And yet Tsarnaev’s nowhere to be found. Now imagine a few thousand armed Americans resisting government tyranny. What are the odds that militarized police could hunt them down? Wolverines? Well exactly.

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  1. Careful there, the guv may get the idea that it would be better to loose the Marines onto Mytown USA next time.

    • Nice use of the word ‘loose’! So many internet people use that when they mean ‘lose’ that it’s usually just irritating to see.

      • Most publicly-schooled kids are not able to handle homophones – “to”, “too”; “through”, “threw”, and so on.

        Usually, it’s blamed on a poor educational system, which is true; but, at some point, people must accept responsibility for their ignorance. They ARE NOT banned from public libraries, not barred from checking out and reading their books; NOT prohibited from doing internet research.

        I’m going to lay this on the line: If people are ignorant and poorly-educated, THEY HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES.

        I had a very good public school education, in the fifties, and sixties. My high school civics (probably called “government” most places now) was a living, breathing strict Constitutionalist , and he taught me more than I could ever impart upon others. He was sort of a segregationalist, but when schools were integrated, he respected it. He won numerous Virginia state girls’ softball championships. He was so committed to the team, he would drive girls home after practice or games, if they didn’t have a ride. Black or white, he regularly drove them home, and I’m sure it drove fifty miles a day, doing just that.

        Sorry; never mind. I was just visiting my memories of the Rev. Floyd T. Binns….

    • The Marines would be more level headed and less trigger happy. They’d probably do a better job and alienate fewer citizens.

      • Probably true, at least they’d have a respectable muscle to bodyfat ration… Guys go into the marines cause they are patriotic or want adventure, the guts and glory stuff, guys go into Law Enforcement all to often cause they are on a power trip. I’ve known all to many sociology/criminology majors with aspirations of LE and most of them fit the bill.

      • TO: Rosecoe
        RE: Send In the Marines!

        The Marines would be more level headed and less trigger happy. They’d probably do a better job and alienate fewer citizens. — Roscoe

        You’re sounding like Robert A. Heinlein in his classic work of political science……Starship Trooper

  2. I’m the first to claim that police are “generally” over-armed for their day-to-day business. SWAT raids on non-violent criminals or “neighborly tips” are way overboard.

    With known terrorists, confirmed armed suspects etc. I’m happy to see the tanks come out. So far, it appears that Boston area police have a bit more trigger discipline and target identification skills than the LAPD.

    Side note: I don’t think EVERY police department/LE agency needs to be SWAT ready. Local/transit police should be armed for day-to-day stuff. The big guns should belong to the county/state/federal boys (and girls) in blue, or black, or camo…

    • Lose the camo!

      There should be no ambiguity when viewing a copper whether he’s patrol or swat, city, state or fed., that he is in fact, a cop. If he’s non uniformed, (s)he should have a tac vest with p-o-l-i-c-e emblazoned all over it.

    • Thats’ what the national guard is for. These are just a bunch of monkeys playing with cool toys.

    • Personally, I don’t think any limits on armament or defense for any outfit, be it LEO or civilian, need to be in place in America.

      If a local PD has the funds and budget necessary to allocate an armored vehicle, good for them. I mean, if someone’s rolling through Anytown, USA tossing grenades out of their getaway vehicle, it’s not the best time to WAIT for the state boys to get there.

      That said, local governments aren’t any better at spending money than the Federal, so most smaller PDs can’t afford the heavy duty stuff.

      • >funds and budget necessary

        All money spent by the government is taken by force from the people.

        There are very few situations where employment of SWAT is needed; and almost none where an armored vehicle is needed for police work. This is an example of unreasonable spending.

        However, it is certainly practical for the police to have “patrol rifles” as there are numerous situations where they would be useful. This is reasonable spending.

  3. Same thing with the Dorner case, Millions of dollars are spent on one or two individuals. Given our current financial situation in the U.S I think they would have a hard time squashing an armed resistance of any sort.

  4. Well if they did unleash my fellow Marines you can rest assured that they are better marksman than the majority of the police.

    • I would hope those Marines remember their allegiance is not to a man, a government or even a Military leader. Their allegiance ‘should’ be to a document containing the principles on which this country is founded and run.
      An illegal order will still get you executed at a War-Crimes/Human Rights tribunal.

    • Agree, JPT. I told my wife I would be more frightened of the militarized “police” shooting me by accident than the crazy teenager. She looked at me as if I was nuts.

      • I had the same experience with my friend. I said I would rather the cops not come to my house and force their way in to search for these people, regardless of their danger level. I’ll take my chances that probability says he is not in MY trashcan, thank you.

  5. Has anyone noticed? Boston bombers, Lanza, Holmes…..all have something in common. None of them can afford a haircut, or own a hair brush. Here we go, PROFILING!!!

    Our government should IMMEDIATELY restrict anyone with unruly hair from buying pressure cookers! IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN……….

      • I like my unruly hair and full beard. Some of my contemporaries are pissed because they got little to no hair and I rock the Jerry Garcia look.

      • I’m wondering… What type of hair counts, and how unruly does it have to be to get you profiled?

        I gots no hair to speak of left on my head, so it’s shaved bald…but I’m rocking a beard that can’t be tamed by man or beast. (Google Kirk Windstein and you’ll see what I mean.)

        I just want to know what me ‘n my beard should be prepared for, that’s all.

    • Reminds me of what my father used to say back in the late 60s. “Get a haircut, you hippie!”

    • Listening to CNBC they had some MA politician on the phone (did not catch the name) who said it was time to think about deploying the same 2 million+ surveillance cameras like they do in London to every major city in the USA.

      • I think that is what will be the major fallout from this incident. Not more gun control or explosives regulation, but this will mark the birth of the full-blown surveillance state in America. They already do it to a large degree, but now they’ll be open and unashamed about it.


    • Reminder from Joe, the double barrel is designed for defense, such as shooting thru doors, not for hunting terrorists

      • Well he can’t use an evil black rifle in MA…that would be illegal! What’s a hero to do…?

  6. Here in North Carolina we would not need the police, we would be hunting him. Unlike MASS, we can still own weapons & are willing to use them to protect ourselves.

  7. Yeah I have to say this is concerning. I don’t believe in false flag attacks or anything, but this is still borderline orwellian. They’ve effectively declared martial law, and they can leverage this incident to add in more and more “security measures”.

  8. The classic anti-gun argument is that citizens could never overthrow a tyannical government because of modern military technology, how a revolution/insurrection could never be successful. Well, this and the Dorner situation prove them wrong. One man shut down parts of California for days. Two men bomb a city, and the one living suspect has an entire town locked down. Imagine pockets such activity all across this country. If we face a second war for independence in this country, I believe these situations prove that those fighting for liberty and freedom will not simply be wiped out by our advanced military and overly armed police.

    • Plus, not all of those military and police will be on “their” side. Many of them will still uphold their sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitution, and the freedoms therein.

      • You are right on that Marcus-look at Syria today, even if the opposition is being infiltrated by outside terrorists.

    • So RF, if this guy is a terrorist, what political goals was he attempting to further by these attacks? Cause you know, to be a terrorist requires that to happen, otherwise he is just some guy with a bomb.

    • There was a tweet from the living brother who said he would kill everyone. That looks to be confirmed via MSM.

      • People are making fake Twitter accounts left and right. I don’t know how that would be “confirmed” as coming from the surviving brother.

        • Exactly!

          And why if you’re on the run, why would you stop and Tweet everyone that you’re going to Kill Everyone?

            • TO: jwm
              RE: In a Word….

              You’re expecting rational behaviour from these bombers? — jwm


              BUT you need to understand the background of their behavior before you’ll recognize and prepare for it.

              They don’t intend to ‘survive’ this business. They expect to rest in their idea of ‘paradise’ at the ‘end of the day’.

              The challenge on the part of the police is to prevent them from achieving their goal.


              [Know your enemy…. — Sun Tzu, the Art of War]

      • “confirmed via MSM”. Come on DS-when does the MSM get it right, particularly the first time around. Oftentimes they cannot get the story straight days later.

    • The admins and educators would still be there, despite Spring Break. But they aren’t now.

  9. TO: All
    RE: Indeed

    Now imagine a few thousand armed Americans resisting government tyranny. What are the odds that militarized police could hunt them down? Wolverines? Well exactly. — Robert Farago

    Not just a few thousand armed Americans. Consider all the Paratroopers, Rangers, Marines and Special Feces amongst them.

    And don’t forget how the New York state Police Benevolent association is telling Governor Cuomo they don’t want to be the ones going up against the armed citizens they have to disarm.

    I say….

    Let Governor Cuomo lead by example….


    [A martial nobility and stubborn commons, possessed of arms, tenacious of property, and collected into constitutional assemblies form the only balance capable of preserving a free constitution against the enterprise of an aspiring prince. — Gibbon]

    • Did you intend on writing RF a email? And the military would not be on our side, no other organization has deliberately killed more US civilians than the US military. And they have been more than willing to grab the guns of US civilians in the past as well.

      • Are you thinking of the First American Civil War? Over 600,000 Americans killed by American soldiers.

        Otherwise, please provide your evidence supporting your claims.

        • From the Whiskey Rebellion under Pres. Washington to Abdulrahman and Anwar al-Awlaki under Pres. Obama. How about the 2 women and 9 children burned alive at the Ludlow Massacare? The 20 killed in the Thibodaux Massacre, or the 10 killed in the Reading Railroad Massacre. How about when explosive and chemical air strikes were used in the Battle Of Blair Mountain? The military is even willing to attack veterans with rifles, bayonets, tanks and chemical weapons, and demolish their homes as demonstrated by the 1932 Bonus Protests in Washington DC. The incidents were the US military has deliberately killed US civilians are too numerous to enumerate.

          And for grabbing guns see the Johnson County War or the Harlan County War.

          If you want more info look up those incidents on wikipedia.

        • TO: Matt
          RE: Your Evidence

          From the Whiskey Rebellion under Pres. Washington to Abdulrahman and Anwar al-Awlaki under Pres. Obama. How about the 2 women and 9 children burned alive at the Ludlow Massacare? The 20 killed in the Thibodaux Massacre, or the 10 killed in the Reading Railroad Massacre. How about when explosive and chemical air strikes were used in the Battle Of Blair Mountain? — Matt

          Nothing compared to 9/11.


          P.S. The Ludlow was done by militia. I live a few score miles from the site.

          P.P.S. You left out Waco…..

        • First off, stop writing things with to, from and subject fields. This isnt email.

          How is 9/11 relevant to our discussion in any way at all? And 9/11 is nothing compared to the 50,000+ non-combatant causalities in the civil war. And as much as people like to harp on about the holocaust here, look at the picture of this guy who was a POW during the civil war, he is more emaciated than most people in concentration camps. This is how the US military treats their fellow countrymen.

          As I said before, the military would not be on our side, they never have and never will be. Please provide evidence to support your claim that active duty military have supported American civilians against domestic despotism.

        • TO: Matt
          RE: Grow Up

          First off, stop writing things with to, from and subject fields. This isnt email. — Matt

          In this environment, you wouldn’t know who was talking to whom after the third indentation of reply.


          [Good communication skills are essential to blogging.]

        • TO: Matt
          RE: Heh

          How is 9/11 relevant to our discussion in any way at all? And 9/11 is nothing compared to the 50,000+ non-combatant causalities in the civil war. — Matt

          It’s all mass murder.

          As for the Civil War non-combatant causalites, they’re irrelevant to the modern military. Most of them were committed by guerrillas, Eastern Tennessee, Bloody Kansas, etc.

          RE: Relevancy

          You ever served in the Armed Forces of the Untied States?

          I have. We’re not the bloody mass murderers you want to make US out to be.


          [God is alive….and Airborne-Ranger qualified.]

          P.S. So am I…..

        • TO: Matt
          RE: Addendum

          As for the Civil War non-combatant causalites, they’re irrelevant to the modern military. Most of them were committed by guerrillas, Eastern Tennessee, Bloody Kansas, etc. — Chuck Pelto

          If you were REALLY ‘afraid’ of the US Military, the state militias and white males in general, you’d be afraid to go outside.

          Why? Because we’re everywhere!

          So, if you do go out of your residence, you can’t be so afraid.

          Nobody really thinks whites [including we military types] are as evil as portrayed by white liberals and black demagogues. If they really thought so, they’d be too afraid to ever leave the house, since a) there are a lot more whites, b) those whites are much better armed, c) they’re more likely to be veterans of the Army’s and Marine Corps’ ground gaining combat arms, and d) they have an historically demonstrated cultural aptitude for mass, organized violence. — Some wag in San Fran


          P.S. If you REALLY fear your own military, you’d better ‘gear-up’ and be prepared to resist them. Either that or kowtow to me and my comrades-in-arms……

        • We’re the only ones talking, they know who were’re talking to moron. Do you see anyone else here doing that?

          The subject wasnt mass murder. And the civil war is relevant to the statement that the US military has deliberately killed more US civilians than any other organization through out history. And no they weren’t due to guerrillas, they were due to scrotched earth tactics employed by the US military.

          Once again, you being a welfare queen by joining the Chair Force is in no way relevant. And if they’re not mass murders, why do they kill so many through out history. Even when they were still part of the US Army they would deliberately target German civilian farmers as demonstrated by this video

          And contiune to do so today.

          You must be really raging to post 3 times. I never said I was afarid, and you must be new here if you dont think i’m a white gun owner. Your posts just reek of butthurt.

          And since you avoided my question. When has active duty service members ever aided US civilians against domestic despotism as required by the Declaration of Independence which is the very first law in the US Code? Oh right… they haven’t.

        • TO: Matt
          RE: Moron? Moi?

          When you get yourself elected to be the LocSec, i.e., chair, of a major metro chapter of Mensa, THEN you can call me ‘moron’.

          Otherwise, you’re just ‘projecting’.


          [Am I getting ‘smart’ with you? How would you know?]

        • TO: Matt
          RE: Really?

          When has active duty service members ever aided US civilians against domestic despotism as required by the Declaration of Independence which is the very first law in the US Code? Oh right… they haven’t. — Matt

          Did you fail American History? Or are you just mentally deficient?

          Forgot the First American Civil War?

          The Confederacy fought against what they inaccurately perceived as the federal government overstepping its authority vis-a-vis slavery when they thought Blacks were less than human. Their ‘understanding’ is another matter. But they organized and fought against the federal government.

          Well….maybe you are neither a ‘failure’ nor ‘mentally deficient’. Maybe you’re a recent graduate of the vaunted American public education system which hasn’t taught History or Civics since the 1980s.


          [Used to be that education replaced an empty mind with an open one. NOT ANY MORE!]

        • TO: Matt
          RE: Raging?

          You must be really raging to post 3 times. — Matt

          You’ve never seen me in a ‘rage’. My First Sergeants and some troops have. But not very often.

          Things get ‘broken’ when I’m really ‘angry’. Not heads, but other things to make a point. Lost a great walking stick beating it on a fuel truck to get the driver to stop moving it when I needed the contents to support my mech infantry battalion as the battalion logistics officer during REFORGER ’81.

          I’m not ‘angry’ with you. I’m just very ‘disappointed’. And trying to educate you.

          Comes from my Christian ethos. I’m slow to anger.


          [A wrathful man stirreth up strife: but he that is slow to anger appeaseth strife.]

          P.S. At this point of the day, I’m preparing supper. Got time on my hands to educate you.

          P.P.S. My love of food comes from going through that ‘spa’ the Army operates, known as the Ranger Course. They give us 1.5 meals a day and only about 4 hours of sleep a night.

          Went in at 170 pounds. Came out looking like an escapee from Auschwitz….with a VERY bad attitude.

          You should try it some time. Visit your local Army recruiter and ask to go Airborne-Ranger…….

      • Using the Civil War to support your cause is pretty weak when you’re trying to predict what might happen in 2014 or later. Maybe look up the letter that 11oo Green Berets signed that says they would be on our side. That’s a pretty good clue, I think.

        • To: Matt
          Re: Clarity


          I personally kinda like it. It is clear to whom it addresses and the format is easy to read. I think it has its use.

          “We’re the only ones talking, they know who were’re talking to moron. Do you see anyone else here doing that?” -Matt

          I however am lazy, young, and not as disciplined as Chuck so I am only borrowing the format to irritate you. Just because the way a person wrights a message annoys you is no call for you be an ass.
          As a point about your comment it takes intelligence to use and appreciate the clean and clear format that Chuck employs.

          Good day sir,

        • I fail at utilizing HTML tags. I think I figured it out as I ran out of edit time the missing quote should be.

          “First off, stop writing things with to, from and subject fields. This isnt email.” -Matt

    • Why are they closing down the city for one guy. Granted he most likely will be armed with weaponry. But it is, afterall, one guy. It sets a dangerous precedance for other cities to close.

      • TO: Cold Frog
        RE: Good Point!

        It sets a dangerous precedance for other cities to close. — Cold Frog

        As does burning down a house to get at Dorner.

        Look for these precedents to be followed elsewhere in the future. After all, the burning-down-the-house precedent was established at Waco, with the Davidians. And followed shortly thereafter in Denver when the PD did to some poor sap what the LAPD did to Dorner. And they, as did the Feds at Waco, claimed the guy did it to himself.


        [The Truth will out…..]

  10. If this is their response to a 19 year old dumb-@ass, I cant imagine what they’d do if there was an actual threat.

    • The 19 yr old was probably trained in Chechnya by jihadists. Don’t forget we train our young men and women in the military at that age as well. In Syria the “rebels” army is made up of many youth in their teens. Never minimize your adversary.

    • Wet themselves.

      Perhaps all these Barney Fife/ Rambowannabes should call up the local FD for the use of a Thermal Imager. Spend a bit less on nifty black hardon crap and buy a tool that will let you inspect a room for a warm body in about 10sec. 2013 and sending a stack of overarmed fools into every house in Boston for a basement to roof room by room search?

      Howabout the homeowner that doesn’t want them barging into their home? Tell the cops NO get a warrant Abdul isn’t in my house? Likely would get you shot.

      • Thermal isn’t magic. It can’t penetrate walls – that’s Hollywood.

        They detect those pot growing houses with it because they are 10 degrees hotter than every other house in the neighborhood – not because they can see the plants through the walls.

  11. Very poor Robert. They are doing the best they can, no matter if they got Rambo gear or Osifer friendly/Barney gear. Seriously man… your mind set. Whatever.

    • TO: Rydak
      RE: Heh

      You’re missing the point, buckie.


      P.S. You a paratrooper? Ranger? Marine? Special feces?

      If you were, you’d understand his point.

    • It’s not an indictment of the job the police are doing, it’s a wake up call to those who think the principles behind the 2nd Amendment are just fantasies.

      Just thousands of determined free men, especially with even a smattering of military personnel as Chuck mentioned, could thwart tyranny. Remember, a single bee can drive away a grizzly bear with a sting on the nose.

      • Chuck: FOAD,

        Shen, yes, I understood that the first time I read it, and anyone who knows police, knows that they would be the first to rip off their uniforms and join any resistance, since they patrol their own communities. their own neighbors, friends and family members. If tyranny were to come on mass scale, it would be from military units, chosen to not have relations in the area, a known and common consideration already used by the military in some/limited deployments already.

        The point has not been lost on me, but Rob is a skilled and experienced author, he could have made the point in any one of a dozen ways and using other language. He chooses, as he so often does, to belittle and degrade LE, talking about militarizing and crap like that. Everything they have is protective gear, the vehicles, the helmets the vests…all protects them and their is no reason they should be debarred such equipment. The only offensive stuff is their handguns and rifles….of which I bet every reader here has the same dam shit and for the same dam reason, cause its the best tool for the job. Meh, doesn’t matter….piss poor attitude people are gonna hate.

        Never mind that these “military” dressed officers are literally dying for the protection of their fellow citizens, as rob types his hate out into the blog. Sometimes I wonder if this blog succeeds because of him or in-spite of him.

        • anyone who knows police, knows that they would be the first to rip off their uniforms and join any resistance,

          Because they did this during Katrina? Ruby Ridge? Waco? Because they dont grab guns from Americans on a daily basis? They dont try to grab guns via guilt tripping and buy backs? Oh wait they did all of that.

        • Matt, Katrina, that was and still is the most corrupt police dept in the nation, has been for years. They, the chief in particular paid a price for that action, as well he should have.

          Ruby Ridge and Wacko were criminals, receiving their just do, and as is tragically the case, in both instances, innocents got hit in the crossfire, seems to always be the case. Laying out instances of police conduct, good or bad, neither strengthens or weakens the point I am making.

        • If they were criminals, then they must have been convicted before those incidents took place right? Being burned alive is their just do? Extra judicial execution is the proper way of dealing with people suspected of violating firearm laws?

          What about all the videos we’ve all seen of people OCing being detained and their guns garbed, and even sometimes arrested?

          So where in 2A does it say felons cant own firearms? How about serial numbers? What about evil black guns in places like CA? How does the supremacy clause in the constitution fail to overrule federal/state laws? What of the oaths LEOs take to uphold the constitution?

        • TO: All
          RE: Rydak

          Ruby Ridge and Wacko were criminals, receiving their just do — Rydak

          Got that folks?

          Shooting a woman armed with an infant is people getting their ‘just do’.

          Same thing for all those women and children blown-up by a satchel charge and/or burned to death at Waco.

          Rydak is evil. But that’s typical of leftists.


          [The Truth will out…..]

        • Matt, in both cases 5/0 was attempted to serve an arrest warrant, if they had surrendered they would have had their day in court. You choose to fight it out with the fuzz, you get your just do. Again, it always seems that innocents are the ones who get hit in the crossfire. And always the innocents they throw up in the face of the police. But somehow forget to mention the bad guy who has a warrant for selling illegal machine guns or SBRs or molesting children who actually brought the hurt onto the house where his so called “loved ones” live…..yea. Like that and all…

        • Matt, this also kinda reminds me of the situation we see come up from time to time. Where some nutjob refuses to let a police officer give him a ticket for not putting money into a parking meter. The nutjob then flees, starting a vehicle chase, then pulls out a gun and starts shooting at the police chasing him, then ends up getting ventilated by the fuzz when they catch up. And the next day what do we see on TV news “They killed my baby over a parking meter!!!”

, the police killed your ‘baby’ because he was firing a 9mm rounds at their heads…over a parking meter. Context…always about the context.

          PS: IS Chuck typing Inter-Office Memos or something?

        • Matt, oh dear lord, hell yea. I remember one in Chicago for a meter (thats the one I was thinking of) and there was one in LA over something else stupid. Ill search for links, but seriously… never seen a new story like that?

        • Due. Not do. Not even “just due.” They got their due, as in their just desserts. Whatever was coming to them.

          This big discussion, and all I got out of it was a homonym error and a mixed-up idiom. It’s what comes of being a copy-editor, I guess.

    • Rydak,

      I guess I kind of look at it this way: if I wanted people to like me, I would have been a firefighter. You can chop throw the front door, demolish a house with water, and get thanks every step of the way. If I so much as knock on a door in uniform, nobody is happy to see me.

      I think part of Robert’s intention is to point out the massive amount of hardware being brought out to face a single person. Granted, that person is armed with guns and bombs, but it is a single person nonetheless. You and I would be looking for that guy with everything we’ve got – Kevlar helmets, ARs, armored vehicles, etc. After all, the bad guy can kill with a single shot, and he is hidden amongst a sea of “good” guys.

      This is not a fight where uniformed forces meet up on a battlefield. As such, I would not describe the police as impotent either. If I had all that hardware after me, I’d be crapping my pants. If I was looking for the bad guy, I’d be using all the tools at my disposal. And if I was watching from the sidelines, its easy to observe the massive amount of equipment, resources, and personnel tied up in the search for a single person.

      • Accur81,

        Well put indeed. Kinda reminds me of the time we had 15 to 20 of us looking for a 12 year old kid who didnt want to be found, and he wasnt, until one of his friends ratted him out. I remember everyone remarking…”how many cops does it take…” The answer is that there is no answer. It takes whatever it takes. Sometimes just one sometimes an army.

        My displeasure with Rob’s and I do say Rob, because he is the only author here who pulls this crap, is that instead of making the argument and bringing up what could be a great discussion point, he has to enter his slander of so called “militarized police” into it. Normally that would roll off my back, cause he does it so much, its like listening to Michael Moore talk about gun control. What pisses me off is… apparently all that military gear, that he doesnt think we should have, wasn’t enough for one brave officer who is now dead and another one who is believed to still be clinging to life and resembling a piece of Swiss cheese.

      • You cops just can’t get over reality. When they want a problem solved (any problem) the public calls the Fire Dept. When they want a report filled out they call the PD.

        Ask yourselft WHY the FD is trusted and the PD is not. I mean by the general (lawabiding) general public.

      • To: Rydak

        I think you may need to read up on the events of ruby ridge and waco.

        Setting aside the personal beliefs of the people involved the issues that lead up to these massacres were based off of unconstitutional (tyrannical) laws that we all should be fighting to eliminate.

        That is the problem with the militarizing police force. They kill without justifiable cause and get no repercussions. (not always but so often as to worry)

        In both these situations women and children were not killed in the cross fire but were targeted as “the enemy”. You said it yourself,

        “You choose to fight it out with the fuzz, you get your just do. ” – Rydak

        Who cares if it is a “no knock” swat team or an army out side shooting at you with full auto firearms and lobbing incendiaries from armored vehicles. Just know (magically) that they are cops and you should just give up because they told you to.

  12. Leftists deny that because, like anyone living in a fantasyland, they base their entire perception of reality off movies, fiction, and their own perception. Their only exposure to violence and firearms is fiction, and in fiction, the “good” guys always win. The military and police are always sharp and intelligent and godly shots, their intel is always right, and the “bad” guys are always cookie cutter cutout fodder.

    One need only look to the middle east to see ragtag groups causing trouble for the world’s most powerful military. Now have them imagine that same war going on just miles from their homes, with people who have access not only to superior technology and education…but also walking distance from their own little gated communities and military bases.

  13. The terrorists have again accomplished their goal…….TERROR…and the media is their willing assistant.

    • Because it’s the Police State who are the Terrorists and their political aim is to advance the Security/Police State! Just look at Boston, it’s a clear as day the Cops/Police/Military are terrorizing more people than these two pasty dupes.

      WAKE UP!

  14. I feel very bad for the poor family or individual this sick jerk is likely scaring the daylights out of right now, or even killed already. These people think he’s somewhere other than holding hostages waiting to find some sort of out? Insane. I just hope he doesn’t kill them before he is found.

  15. Its simple if thousands of gun owners were resisint the govt they would blow the city the eff up with missiles and arty.just like in Iraq. Then get the media to blame the “terrorists” for the casualties.

    • Because destroying your own infrastructure en masse with artillery is a great way to fight a civil war.

        • Did either side every doing anything like that, besides burning crops, in their own territory?

        • matt, so you’re saying that the American military which according to you never misses a chance to murder Americans would hesitate to blow up some roads or bridges or other infastructure? Especially if the infrastructure got in the way of the murder and rape they had in mind?

          Using your reasoning they wouldn’t bat an eye at wrecking your section 8 housing to get at you.

  16. “Now imagine a few thousand armed Americans resisting government tyranny. What are the odds that militarized police could hunt them down?”

    I like to think that when TSHTF the hunter will become the hunted.

    • TO: USMCVeteran, et al.
      RE: Not To Worry Too Much

      I like to think that when TSHTF the hunter will become the hunted. — USMCVeteran

      As part of a city/county commission, some time back, I sat in on a seminar on prep for a bird flu pandemic.

      During a break-out session involving two members of the local PD, I heard the senior guy, i.e., LT bars, say that in such an event of social breakdown, the PD would gather up their families and hole-up in a large public facility. In other words, the rest of the community could go to Hell-In-a-Handbasket for all they cared.

      I had captured the comment on my iPod, but because it was in plain view—I was ‘naive’—they forced me to delete the discussion. I should have told them to ‘go to Hell’ and walked out. But I wanted to hear more.

      Frankly, I don’t expect much help from the ‘government’ entities when TSHTF. Ever read Tuchmann’s A Distant Mirror? It was the same when the Black Death swept across Europe.

      The previous ‘hunters’ are going to be running like scared squirrels, to some suggested hide-out. The gang-bangers will take them like Reavers in Serenity.


      [History repeats itself. That’s one of the problems with History.]

  17. Yep this is Chris Dorner two. The two are Muslim Russian immigrants, and liberals. SO im glad that few where hurt and they got these mad jackals cornered.

  18. Just minutes ago, at 9:15 a.m. mst, ABC news reported that there are 9,000 police officers involved in this manhunt, not counting Armed forces personnel. Yes, and the Blackhawk helicopters are now landed. For real, this is no joke. The ABC newsman sounds shocked. “They’re landing in the parking lot of the Best Buy!”

    How bizarre.

  19. Media is also pushing the whole where were they trained questions etc.
    Can we call them Muslim terrorists now?

  20. What’s less wrong: shutting down public transportation or having one cop with a brief lapse in attention allow this guy to slip into a crowded transit station with a bomb? The fact that this is beginning to resemble de facto marshal law is not good, and the alternative is not good.

    Win for the terrorists either way, unfortunately.

  21. If only the guy who was driving the car they hijacked was a CC holder….He could have killed those bastards from the back seat, and given Chris Mathews a huge ulcer.

  22. Entire city on lock down with 10,000 heavily armed Police State Thugs looking for 1 guy…can you say OVERKILL!

    This whole thing is such a False Flag and now they are out to kill pasties because Dead People don’t talk. Not to mention the only group using violence and intimidation to advance a political Agenda is The Security/Police State.

    Not to mention the bill being introduced to require background checks for black and smokeless powder.

  23. Every citizen should be out on their porch with an AR and a picture of the guy, or even better, going about their business with their AR slung over their shoulder.

    This is exactly why we’re supposed to all be part of the militia.

    • Imagine a quarter of all the trained Paratroopers, Rangers, Marines and Special Feces doing such.

  24. Our enemies are taking notes on how they investigated, pursued, and engaged these two. The next bunch will be harder to catch.

  25. I’m really struck by the graphic for this story: Shelter-in-Place in Effect in Boston.

    What does that mean? As the media is reporting it, does it not equal defacto martial law without having to use the phrase martial law?

    Further, as the search continues the reports suggest that law enforcement is going door-to-door in their search efforts. As solid citizens we all want to be helpful, but at what point does such a search begin to violate your own civil rights? What happens if you say no to a search? Is there a judge in a van outside ready to execute search warrants?

    I agree that you have to turn up the heat and get creative in your search methodology, but to me this scene raises some troubling long-term questions as to police powers in a local/regional/national crisis and may set a difficult precedent.

    • This is what I am wondering. House to house searches? Come back with a warrant!

      I wonder what would happen?

      • BStacks, I was in an area where the police did house to house searchs. They knocked on the doors and when you answered they asked a few questions. They were satisfied by the answers and that was that. I watched from my window as they looked thru landscaping, into and under cars, peoples yards. I don’t know what they did if nobody answered. I saw no evidence of them making forcible entry to any of the homes.

  26. If militarized police have unhappy wives and no children, that would prove their impotence. Boston merely proves that they can’t do sh1t.

  27. Would you rather:

    A: “Shelter in place” unarmed?

    B: “Shelter in place” with a loaded firearm at hand?

    I’ll go with option B.

  28. Anyone have a problem with police searching your house, but it’s for your safety? I think the police could widen their search if they could be assured the average homeowner is safe and not subject to being taken hostage.

  29. All that effing equipment, thousands of officers, and ….nothing. Can anybody realize cops always show up AFTER a crime? This “manhunt” isn’t what they do. And the fact that the ONLY business allowed to be open was Dunkin’ Donuts says a lot.

  30. I’m with you RF.

    The cops need less tacticool, more awareness, simple rangetime, and a shot of some old fashioned policework.

    Sometimes I imagine these cops sweating the fact that they don’t have the latest multicam, like teenage girls at a shopping mall.

  31. So the police took the 2nd suspect into custody pretty quickly, given the area he could have been in… are the people who posted about the ‘impotence’ of the police response going to admit that it seemed to work pretty well?

    No, of course not.

    • 10,000 cops flood metro area and have no idea where suspect is but go out to terrorize an unknown number of citizens, can’t find suspect.

      Citizens advised to go about their business.

      Citizen walks in his yard and finds suspect.

      I think that should be the textbook example of “impotent police response.”

      Google or Youtube search for “Police perform house-to-house raids in Watertown MA ripping innocent families from their homes” to see this in action.

  32. Boston adds new definition to the words “Chicken S**t”, what a bunch of cowards, RUN,RUN, HIDE,HIDE there is a 19 year old boy on the loose.

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