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  1. You are doing ads disguised as news now? Sounds like some other “news” sites I no longer follow.

    BTW, there is nothing “tactical” about a 22. It’s not a serious gun, it’s a toy.

    • Not to mention it is a Mossberg but not a shotgun and therefore crap.

      One of these days Mossberg will figure out what everyone else already knows about their stuff and and stop bothering making other types of firearms and stop trying to invent new accessories.

    • I know of a chicken-killing possum who would disagree. He WOULD, anyway, if he could.

      Do we dishonor the memory of squirrels, rabbits, and other small game who for over a century have nobly filled the stew pot, having been harvested with “toys”?

    • CCI Velocitor .22 LR will pnetrate 10-11 inches in ballistic gel. Nerf foam darts – 0 inches. The lowly .22 LR is pretty deadly for a toy, especially if it accurately placed.

    • ” You are doing ads disguised as news now?”
      Above the title (GUNUP) is the word Advertisement.
      Nowhere do I see any attempt to portray this obvious “advertisment” as news.

      I have read many foolish statements, but I believe without a doubt yours is the most foolish.
      For a gun owner (you do own a gun, don’t you?) to refer to any gun as a toy is not only foolish but incredibly stupid. Anytime, but especially at this time.
      For your information many people have been killed with this “toy” ( I know of two (2)) and many, many more have been injured, some very seriously.

      As it is obvious you know little to nothing about ballistics and/or anatomy, I suggust, for the good of all, that you keep your mouth shut and your hands off the keyboard.

      • My “toy” comment was not about all .22s. I was referring to the “tactical” part. I have a few fine 22s that have slain plenty of squirrels and assorted other critters. I know what they can do. What I was referring to is that these are not weapons for serious “tactical” use. These are for overgrown boys who want to play at the range.

        As a gun owner of some serious hardware and one who has been entrusted with quite a bit of Uncle Sam’s hardware in unfriendly parts of the world. I have a GREAT deal of respect for what all weapons can do if mishandled.

        I stand by my statement. A “tactical” 22 is a toy for overgrown boys to play with (hopefully safely) at the range. You won’t find me strolling the streets of (insert sand country here) with one of them.

    • Hey man, a guys gotta eat. Also, tactical or not, a .22 is the best way (or at least most inexpensive way) to improve tactical marksmanship.

    • I wish they made those in a caliber that allowed them to compete with Ruger’s Gunsite Scout. I like the Scout, but I don’t think it’s a $800+ gun.

    • +1

      I’ve got one of their ATR with a wood stock in .243 and it a very nice gun. Heck the ATR was even given a good review by this site. Quit hating on the Mossberg.

  2. If it had AR controls I’d consider it since it’s roughly in the same price range as .22 conversions but with a cross-bolt safety? Nah.

  3. I bought at gander mountain. Cheap purchase, cheap ammo, and fun to shoot withthe $30 red dot. I also bring my AR and 30-06 100 ATR to the range and I have an awesome day all around

  4. I consider the ad a service, especially in light of the current market. I have spent the past three days trying to find anything that is remotely tactical with high capacity mags. The mags for this lightweight Mossy are selling for $150-$200. I bought one of these for my 12 year-old daughter. Would I want to be in a firefight with one if I had a choice? Of course not. But, I would rather have it than a sharp stick. Now, if I could only find a couple of mags at anything near a reasonable price.

  5. Thanks for the heads up – just bought one. Now, any ammo recommendations for this one? I know little about AR-type rifles, including .22 caliber ones.

  6. Hi d38runner,
    I own one (1) .22 semi auto rifle I purchased over fifty (50) years ago and have not fired in over ten (10) years, so I am sure there are many others who could advise you better than I. But since no one has I will make a few suggestions based on the little I have learned.
    You didn’t specify what you want to shoot.
    I’m a “plinker”only with .22 and any ammo will do for that. However, I prefer a jacketed round in all my firearms because I feel like it helps to keep the guns cleaner than the RNL loads. I shoot only .22 long rifle ammo, no reason, just like it better . Any brand in .22, least expensive.
    I have a nephew who likes to hunt rabbits and squirrals with .22. He uses standard RNL and it does the job.
    So if plinking or small game is your interest any ammo will probably suit you.
    If you’re a serious target shooter, you may want to look at the target loads.
    I know nothing about these except they are suppose to be more accurate.

    If you will use it for defense, I know of only two (2) people who use .22.
    The first carries a two (2) shot derringer as his back-up to his back-up.
    He loads CCI Velocitor 40 grain HPs. To my knowledge he has never had to test them.
    The other uses a S&W 317 eight (8) shot revolver with CTC laser grip.
    I suggested this gun when the lady was no longer able to control a more powerful cartridge. Normally I would never recommend a .22 revolver for defense, especially as a primary weapon. Iam hoping, if ever needed, the sight of a J-frame revolver and the laser dot on his chest will be enough to send the bad guy elsewhere. If not, better than a hatpin or harsh word.
    I loaded it with Remington Viper 36 grain PTC.
    I subscribe to the 12″ minimum depth theory when choosing defensive ammo.
    For this reason I prefer a solid bullet to a JHP in caliber .380 and smaller.
    I also prefer the truncated cone shape to the round nose design. From my research it seems to be superior in wounding ability.
    It may be possible for a rifle to push a .22 JHP fast enough to expand and still penetrate the desired 12″, or more. I don’t know.

    When someone new to guns ask me about ammo, I suggest Speer Gold Dot in all calibers above .380 because you can be sure of getting a pretty good round in any caliber. If they later find a round they prefer, fine, but during the search they will have a good dependable load if needed.
    Using the Gold Dot theory, I think I would load my 715T with both the Velicitor and Viper rounds, alternating every round, until I could better research my choices.
    ONE THING. The Viper round has shown poor feeding characteristics in SOME semi autos.
    If you decide to go this route I suggest buying a 500 round brick (about $35.00 or less most places) and have some fun plinking the whole 500 rounds away before loading it for defense. A good idea with all ammo.
    One last thought. If I ever had to use a .22 for defense, I would put as many rounds on target as possible as fast as possible and I would not stop until the target went down. With 25 in the mag and one (1) chambered, you will have a fair amount of ammo. Still it is .22. I think I would buy a second mag (if you have not). I know many will tell you this is overkill. ” If you need more than five (5) rounds, you’re dead.” But I subscribe to the theory that it’s much, much better to have 50 rounds left after a gunfight than it is to be wishing for a 27th round during a gunfight.

    Like I said this advise is offered only because no other has.
    So take it for what you think it is worth.
    Or better still, maybe someone who knows more than I will see this and correct me.


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