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Batman v Superman? C’mon. That’s a no brainer. Kryptonite or go home. How, pray tell, would Batman position himself on that teeny tiny little platform to get off a steady shot? Oh wait. He’s Batman, half-acrobat, half-middle-aged grouch. And the bullets could be made of Kryptonite! Only they’d hit Superman and bounce off. Correct me if I’m wrong . . .

but doesn’t Superman have to be in close proximity to the mineral for it to kick his buns of steel? Never mind.

It’s good to see the previously gun-free Caped Crusader exercising his natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep arms, subject neither to a G-rating or the antis’ whining. Until the network version arrives and the CSGV gets their civilian disarmament knickers in a proverbial twist. I’ll bring the popcorn.

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  1. It’s probably a reference to Frank Millers ‘The Dark Knight’ where Batman used a similar rifle to fire a line from one building to another.

  2. “Boy, you don’t know nothing! Mighty Mouse is a cartoon. Superman’s a real guy. There’s no way a cartoon could beat up a real guy.”

    — Stand By Me

  3. Somehow with both iconic characters getting together on this one being showcased or risked as your perspective may be, I would think before the show develops too far, the Man of Steel and Dark Knight (thanks to my grandchildren!) will be teaming up to fight a foe which will require both their abilities and efforts? Or maybe it is just me surmising or imagining. I know I will be going with those aforementioned grandchildren.

    • Ain’t nobody need bullets able to shoot through the man of steel. They think he’s gonna go rogue and enslave humanity with his powers? Like he’s done like a dozen times in the comics? Thats just the paranoid extremists thinking that. Batman is the 1%!

  4. Has anyone seen the Justice League episode where they’re all under mind control except Batman and it turns out he has a special belt just in case of such an occurance?

    • I have not seen it. It makes sense, though, because Batman seems to be (by far and away) the most intellectual of the superheroes. If anyone would have planned ahead for this contingency, it would be Batman.

  5. That has to be a photoshop job. Batman has never used a gun except for shooting lines or tranquilizer. Or maybe it is a tranq gun that just looks like a rifle…

  6. If I’m not mistaken , Bob Kane originally had Batman carrying a 1911 .45acp . Maybe it’s a throw back Thursday thing.

    • Mike Oregon and Pulasto are correct. Bob Kane, who created Batman, had him using a .45. Don’t believe us, check it out for yourselves.

      Also, during the Denny O’Neal Adams era (some of the best stories and artwork on the Batman franchise IMO) Batman used a rifle to shoot at something across the river. I don’t remember what and why right now. Someone else remember?

      And, yes, I’m a geek who loves guns. 😀

      • IIRC, he also had twin machine guns on the bat plane. He shot some guy who was transformed into a giant by an evil dude who used the giants to rob banks, etc..

  7. Even in Gotham, only billionaire vigilantes and the politically connected can get concealed carry permits, its like Gotham is new York or something… Wait a minute, I get it

  8. Yup, a very cool looking reference to the Dark Knight Returns, the same scene as my Gravatar pic.
    The book is a favorite, and it shows just how torn Batman really is on guns. He uses them at almost every opportunity, at one point rattling off a round from a M60 to take out a kidnapper, but then complains about their use at least twice. Sometimes even right before or after using a gun.

  9. RF you’re not keeping up with the latest Superguy incarnation. There is NO kryptonite-he’s allergic to the air itself…yeah I think it’s silly but that was the Man Of Steel narrative.

  10. “And the bullets could be made of Kryptonite! Only they’d hit Superman and bounce off. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Superman have to be in close proximity to the mineral for it to kick his buns of steel?”

    Wouldn’t the kryptonite bullet (being a crystalline material) shatter when it hits Supes, thus covering him in a cloud of kryptonite particles? Second shot oughta take him out after that.

  11. You know, nobody ever bats an eye when Iron Man or Captain America shoot random goons. The Marvel movies have never shied away from arming their heroes. All the Avengers (and a couple of their love interests) besides Hulk and Thor have gotten in on the gun play and lets be honest every second Hulk spends shooting instead of smashing means less dead Ultron drones.

      • I liked that scene in Avengers where they regroup in the street as the aliens attack. Thor readies Mjolnir, Iron Man powers up his blaster-thingys, Cpt America readies his shield, Hulk flexes, even Hawkeye readies his bow. Black Widow? Reloads Glock 26.

  12. There’s a good reason why Punisher has been my favorite comic-book “hero”; the Punisher Armory issues alone helped a lot.

  13. Go back to the roots, in the Silver Age comics.


    “But more to the point, the very first rendition of Batman in the Bob Kane comics he not only wielded a firearm but he also murdered people in cold blood.

    When I say murdered, I don’t just mean shoot with a gun, I mean snap a neck w/his bare hands, hang someone like an actual hanging, stab with a stake, push to their doom, etc.”

    But here’s the thing.

    Expecting any movie “adaptation” of a comic book, SF novel, Teen Paranormal Romance, etc. to be anything like the original story is just asking to be disappointed these days. Hollywood will make the movie in a way that they think will sell, that’s the only criterion. If they can make a peripheral tie-in to some well-known pop culture icons, all the better.

  14. Metallo shot Superman with a Kryptonite bullet. Superman’s body healed over the wound. The only way they could save his life was to have the Flash go to Japan to get a scalpel made out of Kryptonite to reopen the wound.
    Apparently Kryptonite is very hard.

    Also, Batman collects all the Kryptonite he can, and he always keeps a piece on hand. He has contingencies in place for all of the JLA members.

    • Almost the only way.

      In the JL:Doomsday movie, while they were waiting for Flash to get back w/ the scalpel, Batman gave Cyborg a piece of Kryptonite and told him to focus his laser through it which cut through SM’s flesh. Then Martian Manhunter used his shapeshifting to dig in the cut to get the bullet out.

  15. Not to go all geeky, but the best Batman vs. Superman story is the “Red Son” alternate timeline graphic novel. It’s a brilliant imagining of what would have happened if Superman had crashed in the Soviet Union as a baby instead of in Kansas, complete with a Russian Batman anti-communist freedom fighter.

    • The best Superman stories are invariably the ones where he loses his powers, or he is clearly the bad guy. Hence why Red Son is so awesome.

  16. Guys. In the end of the trailer, it shows the Hulkbuster … uh, I mean, Batman armor. Just like in Dark Knight Returns. AMAZING story, by the way.

  17. Easy PC answer is – it’s bizzarro Batman

    Question for the nerds out there:

    Don’t some of the Bat vehicles have guns on them?

  18. Sadly, a lot of comic characters get the Roy Rogers treatment.
    Shoot the deathray out of the bad guys hand, shoot the chain holding the hopper of sand closed, etc.


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