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As we’ve mention a couple of times now, Billy Johnson’s raising funds via Kickstarter to produce a film he’s calling ‘Protecting Liberty.’ As he puts it, “The right to keep and bear arms is preserved in the United States Constitution. The media-fed misperception that we are less safe, and that guns are the cause, has been used repeatedly to deny that constitutional right. To push our political leaders and our fellow citizens to demonize that right.” If you’ve seen any of his excellent AmidsTheNoise videos, you know the voodoo that he do so well . . .

A full-length documentary in support of the Second Amendment, presented as a clear, lucid explainer laying out the facts on guns and their value in keeping us safe and free, would, as Martha Stewart might say, be a good thing. Any help you can provide to make that a reality would be appreciated.

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  1. Billy’s got a long way to go. If 6,218 more people can each donate $25 he’ll reach his goal. I just pledged $25 myself.

  2. I started at $25, but kicked it up to $50 when I saw how far he was from his goal. I think I can swing kicking it up to $100. He’s got a long way to go in 6 days.

  3. Needed a longer clock. I considered tossing in 10 Gs, but it wouldn’t make a difference at a rate of less than $500 a day… Nobody cares, apparently.

  4. Hey Nick- How many page views each day on this site? Even $10 from each visitor would make a difference. They have 852 contributors, donating about $80 each on average. Those are some committed people. 15k people at $10 each would make up the rest.

  5. I just upped mine from $50 to 100. I may go up to $250. It is a worthy project.
    To all the people that bitch here about how we need to be better at PR, here is your chance to put your money where your mouth is. Billy is one of the most brilliant advocate for liberty.

  6. +1. Am already in and crossposted a couple places, bumped again. Pretty surprised there arent A LOT more, already.

    Clearly, the anti’s are throwing whatever they have in bogus claims into amici briefs, and the spin is in at the coordinated campaign, to spread false memes, via the progtard echo chamber.

    While the facts are on our side, thats ONLY clear to the well read POTG
    If we want to reach the independent thinkers, we cant just preach to the choir, nor expect NRA or SAF to do it, either, cuz they have the same mailing lists.

    Of, yeah, …stats is not sexy. So you need a message that gets to the point, NOT tl;dr.
    AND reaches independent readees, via social media.

    Johnson has already DONE this in a shorter clip that went viral on Youtube, so he clicks on the how to do social media. He has also done film work for NRA, so he is a proven videographer, but if you go to NRA on youtube, its clear just the brand turns off non-gun viewres, even tho its beautifully done.

    Check his bio for more, all very professional, across the board on many topics, including some more ‘progressive’ interest type stuff.

    . Bottomline, an accomplished film-maker who gets it and speaks to the new generation, with passion, no BS, AND a personal brand tgat doesnt scream OFWG Gun Nut, omg omg NRA!

    In short, an end around MDA/PuffHos, MSNBC/TPM, and Bloomturd/Hollyweird blacklists and bogus stories by SJWs on Raw Story, Rolling Stoned, and Media Matered agit prop fed to NYT/WAPO embed Jornolistas….

    Without facts, there is no cintent, without content and context, there is no stiry, no news…

    If we POTG, each individually can’t cough up $25, ie the equivalent of giving up one pizza and a six pack, poor, out of work relying on the EBT or not,

    Well..then I’m gonna be pretty disappointed, old guys, new guys, womyn, colors, creeds, diverse or not….
    its ALL our civil rights here, we can agree on…

    Money talks and you know what walks.

    C’mon TTAG lurkers. Get off the porch and run with the big dogs…spread the word, too.

  7. P.S: cmon TTAG…any corp $$$?

    How about TTAG ad sponsors? Schwat? GunMedia?
    Gun makers?
    Glock, Ruger, Smith, Rem? $10k to be the lead at SHOT? Thats chump change….in ad $$$, right?
    Even if this fails, just announcing you are in now gets you street cred….
    I know who I’m going to favor with my future $$$ if you do…remember we POTG have long memoties…

  8. I’m in for $25…for now. I have it on my calendar to check again next week. I’ll up it if need be.

    If he doesn’t meet his goal, you will not be charged.

  9. Bummer – looks like Billy Johnson didn’t make his goal for “Protecting Liberty.” Just got word via Kickstarter email that the project fell short, and all pledges have been canceled.


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