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So Nick and I were hanging out in TTAG’s top secret above-ground bunker, messing around with a new Kinetic Development Group forend and stock for my FN SCAR-16. When Nick finished the install, our newly svelte Svengali lit up a Cuban. I fired-up my Ligua Privada. As we contemplated the sleek perfection that is my newly-pimped “assault rifle” I asked Nick about optics for the gun. “What do you want this gun for?” he enquired through a fragrant cloud of blue smoke . . .

Good question.

My first reaction: the SCAR-16 is my SHTF outside gun. Should society break down, the Belgian battle rifle would be my go-to weapon to, um, defend myself and my family? I put the question mark at the end of that sentence because I don’t really anticipate this scenario.

Unlike my former digs in Providence’s tony East Side, my Texas home isn’t encircled by questionable neighborhoods. It’s a suburban enclave mostly populated by Asian and Indian information tech execs and their families. The kind of resourceful, civilized people who’d I’d turn to in a crisis. I reckon I’d be working with them, not against them.

OK sure, Zombie apocalypse. Total SHTF. But even that kind of dramatic (not-to-say cinematic) doomsday scenario takes a while to develop. (Hint: the garbage truck is MIA.) As of this writing, I’m more concerned about something sudden, like an asteroid strike or the Yellowstone caldera exploding (wiping out America’s breadbasket). Which would also take a few weeks or a couple of months to make daily life more . . . problematic. Unless the asteroid hits home. Then who cares?

In short, running out of cigars is a more pressing issue than gearing up for SHTF or TEOTWAWKI (extra water supply excepted).

At the same time, I’m something of a fatalist, one of those people who believes that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. If I didn’t have a SCAR-16 at hand and needed a gun, I’d use another gun (I have a few). If I didn’t have a gun, I’d use a knife. If I didn’t have either I’d do something. My father survived Nazi enslavement with nothing save the clothes on his back. I’m made of the same stuff.

So … what’s my SCAR-16 for?

My housekeeper just this second sat down, checked out the rifle, laughed and said, “GI Joe?” Actually, yes. I fully and freely admit that I enjoy taking my Blue Force sling-equipped SCAR out to the range and playing “pretend” soldier. Running around. Shooting from behind cover. Coordinating with my comrades. Doing combat reloads. That kind of thing.

I know this admission will give the antis ammunition for their endless, wrong-headed campaign for civilian disarmament. These pro-gun control elitists view this militia-style activity as a sign of paranoia-infused infantilism (even as they insist that the Second Amendment was designed for citizen militias, not individual gun rights). But if I needed to use my SCAR in an armed confrontation, my pseudo-military “play” might come in handy.

Again, if.

Anyway, what the hell’s wrong with having fun with a gun? Do people drive high-powered sports cars just for fun? Do people cook exotic meals with restaurant-quality equipment just for fun? Yes. Yes they do. And I shoot an expensive Belgian rifle for fun. It relieves stress, creates fellowship, engenders appreciation for armed professionals and puts a mile-wide grin on my face. In fact, I challenge an anti to come and shoot it and not have fun.

I know some of my readers won’t have made it to this point without screaming at the computer YOU DON’T NEED A REASON TO HAVE A SCAR! True dat. As stated above, the right to keep and bear arms is absolute. I have no need to justify owning and [legally] shooting my gun. Period.

What Nick was really asking: do I want an optic on top of my SCAR for close-quarters work or one that helps me shoot accurately at longer distances or something that does both. To which the only possible answer is. “yes.”

God bless America. Now, what else for my SCAR?

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  1. My SHTF fan gun is my M1A. I can across the same question regarding an optic. I am currently using an EOTech with a flip to side magnifier.

    • Well, RF is a Texan (by adoption counts too, btw). Among true Texans we have a common saying: “Too Much Ain’t Enough!”. Enough said?

      • No, the housekeeper outs RF’s house as “TTAG’s top secret above-ground bunker”…

        You’re way above the ‘one percent’ if your bunker has a housekeeper…

        Although it’s a really good idea on contemplation…

        • Yeh, for real. I can only dream bout a bunker….or housekeeper. Or scar. Or optics. Or cigar for that matter……

  2. Well, if its for a full on SHTF scenario then don’t worry about any battery powered optics. Or lasers, or lights. Just good properly zeroed iron sights. But since that is very unlikely, feel free to deck her out with all the gizmos you want.

    • Dumb argument. Batteries last longer than bullets and are cheaper, lighter and easier to stockpile than ammo. In SHTF you will be using the flashlight attached to your gun long after the gun has run dry.

      • Oh really? How many SHTF scenarios have you lived through there tough guy? There’s so much wrong with your statement I don’t even know where to begin.

        • AllAmerican has a good point.

          In a SHTF situation, given a choice, do you feed the gun or the housekeeper?

          Think carefully before responding… 🙂

        • Depends on what precise scenario the SHTF. You might need to feed the gun and eat the housekeeper!

          And for $20 you can buy enough batteries to cover $5000 in ammo. Cowitness sights don’t cost a lot, either.

        • I agree. My shtf rifle has a red dot, but mounted quik detach so that it can be removed in a hurry if needed. I leave it mounted to the gun in the case, and I find that it works up close w/o even turning it on. just get your cheekweld and put the target in the center of the glass. Close enough for close up work. That;s the only gabget on it. No lasers, flashlights, cell phones or microwaves. I like my carbines light and nimble. The place for a flashlight is in your hand, NOT on your rifle. Think about it, if its dark and dangerous, where is the bad guy going to put his first rounds if he chooses to fire at you? At the light that’s where. And if its on your rifle that means he will be shooting directly at your chest. Good ‘tacticool’ move, perhaps, but not very intelligent. OFC, if you are a member of a team and have 4 others there to return fire when you are hit directly in the flashlight, that might get the team the bad guy, but at a cost. I might be considered merely “collateral damage” by the team leader, but I’m more important than that to me.

      • I don’t think there’s enough research to support that conclusion. Cr123a batteries by surefire guarantee 10 years shelf life, and with very little drop in capacity after 10 years.

        However, I’m not sure if there’s stats out on if they last 20, 30 years just sitting.

        Cartridges, on the other hand, we have ample experience with decades old, some near a century old, working fine, or working with a few duds.

        If you’re talking in terms of actual CONSUMPTION of ammo going so fast that you’ll be out of bullets before you drain your light…

        That’s what remote area denied access areas are for. Can’t imagine doing SHTF in the middle of a city that was easily accessible. I suppose you’re right in that scenario, but… really?

        • Lithium batteries can last over 20 years without problem. You can buy Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries today that have an expiration date somewhere in 2036.

          So yeah, eventually, it’ll go dark. At which point you’ll take it off and use the iron sights. But if you can get 20 years of using the red dot, why not do so?

    • Pretty sure Meprolight’s M21 and Trijicon’s Acog don’t beed batteries. The M21 is even tritium powered at night. During daylight, both use fiber optics to collect ambient light to light the reticle.

    • Not all optics are battery powered, not even red dots (consider Meprolight M21 or 1P76 Rakurs).

      Then again, a good red dot will work for several years off a single battery – if I remember correctly, CompM4 can last 8 years on medium setting on a single AA. That’s 8 years of considerable advantage; you’d be a fool to not take it. It’s not like you won’t have iron sights when the battery finally does run out.

  3. Not so fast, not so fast… what are the modifications you’ve made? What’s that optic? I’m thinking a clickable infographic would be the way to go. Figure 30 hours of work, max. Plus video.

  4. ACOG all the way. If budget isnt a concern 4x for long shots, or run it with both eyes open for close range. Used one for 5 years in the Marines and it’s one of the few pieces of issued gear I ‘loved’

    • I have a Trijicon Accupoint, and find it somewhat more versatile: it’s 1-4x, with tritium / light fiber illumination. At 1x it’s basically a red dot; at 4x it’s as good as ACOG. The only advantage ACOG has is a bullet drop compensator, and it’s slightly more compact, but Accupoint is also cheaper (can be had for under $900).

    • I second this Robert. However, for a 5.66 I recommend the TA44s. Feather light, small, ridiculousLy good eye relief, no batteries. This optic is lightning fast up close (BAC) but 1.5x power is more useful than you think at ranges out to 400m. A lot of people poo poo this misunderstood optic and, yes, if you want to see if a bad guy has acre at 1000 yards then this is not your optic. But for a true fighting rifle optic this is the one you’re looking for.

  5. Do you have good eyesight? Stick with a low powered (1x to 2.5x) fixed power optic. Poor eyesight? Get one of those fancy 1-6x scopes. That is my opinion. But then, I am a 21 year old with great eyesight who shoots a K31 at 1000 yards with open sights.

  6. “As stated above, the right to keep and bear arms is absolute. I have no need to justify owning and [legally] shooting my gun. Period.”
    Exactly. It’s nice to see people who can afford the housekeeper exercise this undervalued right. I went with a Colt AR10 but I wonder if I should have got the SCAR instead.

    • Assuming you mean a SCAR-H since you went with an AR10, I think you made the right choice because SCAR-H mags are 50$ a piece and are relatively scarce compared to AR10 mags. Unfortunately FN designed in the SCAR-H to use its own unique mags unlike the SCAR-L.

      • Where are you even seeing those prices? MSRP is $41 and plenty of online retailers are selling them for barely a few dollars over dealer cost. They are widely available now too.

      • SCAR 16s use standard mags. SCAR 17’s use the propriety mags but you can buy aftermarket lowers made of milled aluminum which are more ergonomically correct and accept standard mags.

        And you guys talking about SOF guys not being impressed with the SCARs It would be nice to know why. Usually, the reason SOF gets rid of stuff like this is because of the difficulty in getting it supported. If a SCAR needs repair you can’t go to the closest FOB and get it repaired. I’ve heard that there was a stock breakage problem with SCARs in theater. Read somewhere that the Army didnt want the aftermarket type stock replacements so they could use mil-spec stocks.

        • Should also point out that stock SCAR Triggers suck as bad as the MIL Spec triggers in M-4s. Put a nice 4-5 lb trigger on both and the SCAR will outperform the M-4 hands down (my opinion of course).

  7. I guess the SCAR is all right if you don’t have access to a good AR. But that’s about it. It does NOTHING better than what a good AR will do. Except of course, cause cash to flow out of your wallet. But for some folks, that is indeed what it is all about….

      • And neither should the AR owner. I had to clean my issued MK17 far more often than my MK18. The idea that gas pistons can go longer without cleaning, or are more reliable than a DI is a joke.

        • How is that a joke.

          I’ve done carbine classes with a high quality AR (LMT upper and home built lower) and with my SCAR 16.

          The SCAR is much cleaner than the AR. MUCH cleaner.

          Also, about 5 years ago the army did a reliability test of an AR/M16, SCAR, and a HK rifle. The HK XM8 was the most reliable. The SCAR was second. And its mean shots before a failure was like 4 times (!!!!) what the M16 was.

          • XM8: 127 stoppages.

          • MK16 SCAR Light: 226 stoppages.

          • 416: 233 stoppages.

          • M4: 882 stoppages.


        • @Don from CT, which is why the Rangers turned in all of their SCARs….because they were just oh so shit hot.

        • From what I’ve read the rangers abandoned the SCAR because of cost. It wasn’t worth the extra money for a rifle that basically did the same thing, though it was more reliable. I think that’s what happened with the XM8 too. The army isn’t going to get rid of the AR platform anytime soon. They won’t switch until there’s a revolutionary new development in individual portable weaponry, whatever that is, and I can’t blame them. Going from one 5.56 assault rifle to another for increased reliability alone just isn’t worth the cost when you have the advantage of good training. If I had to guess, I would honestly say the military will probably stick with the AR platform until firearms are replaced by some kind of energy weapons in the distant future.

        • @AllAmerican, well let’s study that…hmm….the Rangers had already purchased those SCARs that they ultimately dumped. But the rest of your post is solid.

          When I first encountered a SEAL carrying the SCAR-H in Afghanistan, I “axed” him how he liked it…his quote: “Well, it ain’t exactly all that and a bag o’chips.” Kinda sums up the SCAR to me.

        • Governmentknowsbest, I figure if SHTF, I’ll fire fewer than 100 rounds of 5.56 before I have an AK and several hundred rounds of ammo, already clipazated.

        • @ EL Mac, I agree. I don’t think the SCAR is really worth the $$$ or the hype. I’ve got a buddy with one that’s solid decked out and I can do everything he can with a plain jane M16A4 style AR. Except I can also mount a bayonet and he can’t 🙂

        • Don from CT: The test you reference used an M4 that was set up badly. True, probably most AR-15s are set up badly, with weak extractor springs, too-light buggers, slightly weak action springs, and so forth.

          I’ve long found the AR design reliable. My M16a1 (70-71) was very reliable. It’s certainly easy to put together a high-reliability AR. Slim, light, accurate, reliable….I really don’t see what’s not to like. The AK? Guys have been willing to put up with so many shortcomings because, deluded, they believe from old news that the AK is much more reliable. It simply isn’t. I think Mike Panone did a good job of isolating the points that matter for an AR, much as Seans does below. Panone can be read here:

        • >> The idea that gas pistons can go longer without cleaning, or are more reliable than a DI is a joke.

          So why do most other armies in the world not use DI? Aside from Canada, for whom it’s kinda obvious because if SHTF they’ll be operating alongside American units anyway, the only ones I can think of who used such a platform recently are IDF, and they went to gas piston with Tavor, presumably based on their experiences with M16.

        • @ El mac…or you could grab a piece of Russia’s finest and wave goodbye to reliability problems. If SHTF grab an AK

        • @Govermentknowsbest, I have done enough FID, watching brand new AKs experience widespread problems. Recovered enough AKs off dead insurgents that couldn’t fire a mag without malfunctioning, to give up the idea that a AK is some magical instrument of death. I have more faith in my issued MK18MOD1 than any AK variant.

        • @sean sorry man if you think an AR based platform is more reliable than an AK then you don’t know jack about guns. The AK has been proven in combat time and time again, it has killed more people than ANY other weapon in the WORLD. It may not be “magical” like you said, but it’s pretty darn close. All weapons jam, including the AK, but it’s reliability has been proven so your claims mean jack. Don’t get me wrong, the AR is a fine weapon, and I’m not dissing it, but to make the claim that you trust an AR more than “any” AK variant shows ignorance on your part sir.

        • @M9A1Man. How many USSR/Russian maintenance reports/schedules have you read. Chinese? What amount of large scale training have you done as Cadre with forces that utilized the AK. What armorers schools have you gone to? The reason I ask is cause I would love to know if you have a source of a accurate maintenance schedules that the USSR/Russia used. Cause I have yet to see any of those figures. Not many people I know have. The reason I ask about training, is cause I have done a lot of FID for other countries “Special Operation Forces” if you would call them that. And myself and others in my line of work so far more issues with Russian made AKs than with AR style weapons. The reason I ask about if you attended a armorers school, is if you ran a AR, when did you replace your gas rings? At what length would you replace your action spring. At what point would you replace your extractor.

        • Ehhh.. LIke many of us I have both ARs and AKs and they’re both very reliable firearms overall. Although I really prefer to shoot AKs, a good quality AR should function with minimal lubrication and should digest even cheap steel-cased ammo with ease.

          Problem with the AR world is that there are so many manufacturers and levels of quality, you can easily assemble an AR that is unreliable and picky beyond belief.

          The reputation of the AR is unreliable is largely untrue, while the reputation of the AK as inaccurate is likewise largely untrue. I would not want to be downrange of either, and I would also not hesitate to grab either type of rifle if it was the only one I could take with me if I were ever forced to leave my home.

        • There are many objective reasons why AK is more reliable that have to do with basic physics. Loose tolerances and overpressured gas system, most importantly, but also the overall receiver design with plenty of empty space and few contact surfaces between it and BCG (unlike AR with its tight tube). Loose tolerances mean you can stuff more dirt into the receiver without adversely affecting function. High gas pressures mean that bolt is driven back with considerable force (way more than is needed to actually cycle the action), which gets rid of any dirt that would be in the way.

          Of course, you pay for that in recoil impulse (and hence spread on full auto) and overall accuracy, but for an infantry rifle both are well within acceptable “minute of bad guy” range at realistic engagement distances, as anyone who shot a quality AK-74 can testify.

        • @seans, I have access to the original AK-74 maintenance manual (and being Russian, I can actually read it). Are you asking because you want to know some of the things there? I can translate if you’re interested.

        • @sean look brother, first off I never mentioned russian AKs, I am mentioning AKs as a hole, like you stated in your original post “I’d trust my MK18 over ANY AK variant” emphasis on ANY. As im sure you know, there are tons of different makers of AKs, not just russian. Second, I don’t need to dick measure back and fourth on what training/experience I have and so fourth. The AK is a more reliable platform than the AR, that is a FACT. You would be crazy to say an ARs overall are more reliable than AKs. Now again, I am not bashing ARs, I love ARs have out thousands of rounds through them, but I give credit where credit is due, and AKs over all, are more reliable than ARs, history has proven it sir.

    • @ Sean…bud I too have collected AK’s from expired goat lovers and said nothing about magic…that out of the way an AK is absolutely more reliable than an AR. More accurate? No, but most engagements are under 300 yards (that I have been in). An AR is a Ferrari…an AK is a 4×4

  8. 45 degree side mount with a pistol red dot….against an ACOG.
    Illuminated reticle FFP 1-4 or 1-6 with true zero mag.
    A backpack full of batteries for SHTF.

    Sucks to be me…..the first stop in SHTF situation would be a pharmacy for asthma supplies.

    • Yah, I know. When I’m expired upon not finding anything I’ll give you may address, you can have my hardware.

  9. When SHTF, I’ll be killed first and the hooligans will find a stash of really nice guns when they ransack my abode.

    SHTF Optics: Think “I’m out of batteries and my glasses are broken.” I have bad eyes and 3 rifles sporting ACOGs. I can shoot them all with both eyes open, with or without my glasses.

    Robert, if you shoot with your glasses on, stay away from the standard TA31 4×32 ACOG. Eye relief is less than 2″ and your glasses will interfere. Think TA33 3×30 ACOG. For wider field of view, try the slightly larger TA11 3.5×35 ACOG.

  10. In my humble opinion, it’s the shooter, not the weapon that makes the difference. A unskilled shooter with the world’s best rifle can be token out by a skilled shooter with a 20 dollar single-shot 22. Not tooting my own horn, I am rusty and need a lot more practice. I spent 7 years in the Army and got expert in the M-16 rifle, M1911 pistol, M3-A1 sub-machine gun. That was over 30 years ago. Not sure how I would do now. Also remember the weight of the bullet makes a big difference. For instance… With me and a 357mag with 158 grain bullet couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn, But with 150 grain bullet, I could knock sticks out of the ground. Bullet weight makes a difference. Find the one that suits you.

  11. My question still revolves around me. I have one lower remaining. Stick with my choice of 6.8 spc like that other two, or build a 5.56?

    • My input should be taken with a grain of salt. My LGS swears by 6.8, but I seem to already have 5.56 and .300 blk. The idea of even more calibers in identical magazines, wherein a mixup can result in an explosion, is a scary thing. Imagine what you are going to do about that, before you make a decision.

  12. Back in the old days, mountain men carried a “possibles” bag. All the stuff you needed to make a smokepole run. Questions – where is YOUR possibles bag RF? What do you carry in it for that SCAR? I see battery devices of various kinds. I see screw on lights and EOtech Sights. You have batteries and screwdrivers/allen wrenches of the proper sort close to hand? If you are in an extended “on your own” situation are you going to be depending on your Indian neighbors to come up with the right “possibles”?

  13. After you accept the fact that you are not a black ops SOCOM special forces mercenary that will likely not be rolling around in the dirt, upside down firing your rifle with only an index finger-thumb grip, nor desire to be a mall ninja or arfcom armchair commando, it frees you to pimp out your chosen rifle any way you see fit without justification or pretense simply because you choose to.

    It looks great, functions well and runs. That’s the only reason I need.

  14. RF, that SCAR isn’t “pimped out.” It’s “suitably furnished.” It’s obviously set up for your most likely threat, which is civil disorder spilling out from Austin. It isn’t your problem until it gets close to you. The optic you have on the thing is perfect for your need.

    If, however, you feel a desire, or call it a need, to acquire some high-end glass, fine. Pick up a top-shelf scope of high enough magnification (3×18, 6×36?) such that it can also be used as a backup spotting scope or monocular. Perhaps, who knows, you may become a hunter in old age. If so, you’ll have more use of it. Pick up a Swaro 1-6 or similar for those days when you feel like shooting at widely varying distances precisely. Put both scopes on Badger rings.

    How can someone profess a feeling that a SCAR may be expensive, excessive, while escorting Wilson pistols to barbecues? I’m nonplussed. The SCAR is cheap, a value item, by comparison.

  15. My SCAR 16s is staying mostly stock. I dont need an extended rail as i dont add too many extra options to my rifle. I had an Aimpoint PRO in a LaRue M68 mount on it which worked great. I’m now using a Nikon P223 3-9 with a bipod temporarily. I want to crack a 1 inch group at 100 yards. So far with steel cased ammo I have been hitting 1.5 to 1.6 inch groups. I bought my rifle used so I got it for about 2/3rds the new cost. Eventually I want an ACOG 4x as it will fit what I want to do with the rifle. If i had the money it would be an Elcan Spectre DR.

  16. I like pimping out. I hope I don’t run out of money before I am able to tiger stripe my SHTF gun. One of them shiny BCGs (not the birth control glasses) would also be invaluable in the great cataclysm.

  17. Well no SCAR for me, though I would love to have one. I have three store bought AR’s, a Armalite AR-10 with 16″ SS barrel is my “Big Iron” it is DI. A Daniels Defense DDM4 also DI. Colt Competition 1516, DI. Four semi-home made ones, a no name Melonite upper, Noveske SS upper, Armalite upper, all DI. My only piston a PWS upper, I got faith in DI myself. I did not have a civil AR till four years ago, a model 94 suited me till then. I had a M-16 no letters in Vietnam in ’65 and again in ’66-’67, a M-16 A1 in ’71-’72.
    They worked.

  18. Great article.

    Silly anti logic is so shaky it often falls apart the moment they go shooting and realize it’s quite fun.

    Sounds like you need to get a T&E of that new Leopold D-EVO. It would be a pity if it got lost in the mail, tee hee hee.

  19. No love for the Steyr A-3? Gotta tell you, I’ve shot AK, AR-15 piston and blowback, AR-10, G3 delayed roller blowback, and more. There are only a few of those that even come close to the convenience, portability, function, and reliability of the Steyr (and it is piston). If you haven’t tried one, you should give it a whirl.

    Haven’t shot the Tavor yet, on the list of things to do at some point.

  20. So … what’s my SCAR-16 for? Should society break down, the Belgian battle rifle would be my go-to weapon to, um, defend myself and my family? I put the question mark at the end of that sentence because I don’t really anticipate this scenario. I do. Look at where Venezuela is going under scientific socialism; a complete collapse.

  21. “I put the question mark at the end of that sentence because I don’t really anticipate this scenario.”

    That doesn’t make it any less wrong.

  22. Can we have 1 year moratorium on mentioning “zombies” or the “zombie apocalypse” it’s old, silly and very much a cliche……..

  23. What since does a scar make for a shtf weapon? Other then the common 556 round, yiu have nothing. you need a rifle that will be abundant in finding spate parts and cross compatibilty for when field repairs and scrounging for doner parts from found rifles becomes a necessity. See n any scars ariund?

    • You may have a point. which is why I think the Remington 870 would be a much better weapon in the USA. Over 10 million served.

  24. “Now, what else for my SCAR?”

    If you are going for just fun & cool-factor then I highly recommend vernier sights; if not for this rifle then another.

    Seriously, when was the last time someone even talked about vernier sights let alone seen one. It’s kinda like “cahoots” in that way.

  25. Swfa 1-6 scope. If you don’t know it look it up or you just won’t understand. Put it in a quick detach BOBRO mount. Try several different types red dot before you buy. Some are better than others for both eyes open shooting. Elcan is built like a tank for 1x or 4x. There is nothing wrong with multiple optics with QD zeroed in your rifle.

  26. I built my AR as a general purpose, rather than an all purpose rifle.
    Aero Precision receivers, Cason Engineering X 39 bolt, Magpul MOE and ACS-L stocks, and MBUIS rear sight. Vortex muzzle device, YHM flip-up gas block/front sight w/ rail at 6 o’clock. A Streamlight TLR3 fits nicely on the rail.
    For optics, a PA red dot, and as an alternate an old Simmonds fixed 4X that has served well for many years on my SKS.
    I had to tweak the mags a bit to improve feeding. (Case taper the X 39 cartridge is one issue that is difficult to remedy in the AR IMO.)

    As I gain more confidence in this rifle, I am encouraged by its performance. I do not feel under-gunned for any application I can envision. There is not much I would do differently.
    Maybe a 1-4X scope, and a premium trigger.


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