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Over at Borderland Beat Chivis Martinez reports that the drug cartels’ supression of Mexico’s press continues under the country’s new President. While the corruption [on both sides of the border] is beyond dispute, it’s also true that journalists are literally defenseless against the cartels’ reign of terror. The lesson for America is the same as it ever was: the Second Amendment protects the First.

“On December of 2012, the reporter and general director of the digital newspaper felt optimistic about 2013. “Well people, I feel happy and cheerful because I think that this year comes strong in my goals that I’ve been wanting to achieve and with all the effort in the world, I have achieved them, thanks to all the people that read the digital newspaper”.  Jaime Gonzales Dominguez officially launched the newest Ojinafa news website on February 18th. Two weeks later, on  March 3rd, Jaime Gonzalez Dominguez, 38, became the first journalist killed during the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto . . .

“Jaime was executed around  6:30 pm at the intersection of Trasviña and Retes Street, downtown of Ojinaga, Chihuahua. According to witnesses the sicarios took the reporters camera with them when they left. Carlos Gonzalez, spokesman of the General Prosecutor of the State (FGE), reported investigators discovered at the scene 17 shell casings of caliber 5.77 x 28 known as ‘cop killers,’  for the ability to penetrate bullet proof vest protectors.

[Note: the gun that fired the bullets was an FN FiveseveN. The ammo which gave the gun it’s reputation for vest penetration is restricted to law enforcement sales.]

“Identifying the motive behind the execution is difficult. Especially since the reporting by Jaime was seemingly that of commerce and city events. However, one can reach a logical conclusion that perhaps Jaime was providing information to a party that his executioners wanted stopped.  The fact that the sicarios absconded with the camera strongly supports such a theory.

“The Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights condemned the crime. ‘The Rapporteur expresses its concern and calls Mexican authorities to act with expediency to identify the motives behind the crime and use all the judicial instruments at its disposal to identify and sanction the material and intellectual authors,’ the Rapporteur said in a press release.

“The Knights Center states that Mexico continues to be among the most dangerous countries in the continent for journalists. According to a recent interactive map from the organization Article 19, Chihuahua has been one of the most violent states for journalists in the last twelve years

“The website founded by Jaime Gonzales Dominguez announced that this will most likely be the last issue.”

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  1. With the “quality” of reporting in the MSM in this country maybe the cartels would be doing us a favor if they started thinning the herd.

    • My sentiments exactly. In this country journalists are often just lackey’s for the detestable ruling elite that is attempting to disarm us. A pox on them, and a plague too.

    • Hell yeah. Lets start by “sharing” the addresses of the journalists and editors who published the names and addresses of concealed weapon permit holders with the cartel and tell them that they are about to start an expose on the Mexican cartels. Freedom of the press and all.

    • The “cartel” in this country, is the federal gov’t, why would they execute the mouth-pieces they control?

    • jwm, because the “quality” of reporting in the MSM in this country is not to your liking you believe that the cartels should start executing American journalists? Nice.

      Dear Anti-gunners,

      We aren’t all like this guy.

      Responsible gun owner.

      • What story are you reading to think that he’s suggesting the execution of journalists?

        He’s not saying that.
        He’s not even implying that.

        If he’s implying anything, he’s implying that they should be armed in order to protect their free speech; instead of being biased against the 2nd amendment as they are today in the US.

        How could you think that he was implying otherwise? Maybe you’re a paid shill for Obama’s campaign against the constitution.

        • “Maybe you’re a paid shill for Obama’s campaign against the constitution.” I laughed out loud at that.

          “He’s not saying that.
          He’s not even implying that.”


          “maybe the cartels would be doing us a favor if they started thinning the herd.”

      • Mister Joeboto, a lot of reporters and news outlets in this country are, demonstrably, traitors to the Constitution and the country.

        Most countries have severe penalties for treason.

      • M.J. when the reporters in question are part of a co-ordinated effort to deprive me and my family of our civil and constitutional rights then they get what they deserve. I lose my rights and freedoms whether an invading army from a foreign land triumphes against us or these MSM hacks do. Which deserves my hatred and retaliation more, the soldiers from another land or the “american” MSM “reporters” working to destroy my way of life as surely as any enemy soldier would?

        • I understand and think that they both deserve your (and my) hatred. Sorry, I got a little excited before. I get all wrapped up in trying to set a good example and not giving the anti-gunners any more fodder. The peeps who love to write about taking away our rights also jump at any chance to scrutinize us. I’d like to leave this alone and us go back to being on the same team.

    • The leftist media will continue to have “freedom” as long as they don’t stay off topic: more government is good, guns are bad, and tolerance is good (as long as it does not promote 2AM freedom or freedom from government).

    • I do, but you have to follow the money. Tragically, there are more media outlets acting as government sponsored media than not in this country, just like everywhere else in the planet – basically propaganda machines. That most of the MSM could be bought here in the U.S. was never foreseen by our founding fathers.

    • Print and broadcast news is the “Pravda” of the Liberal/progressive/socialist movement in this country for more and bigger government and less freedom for us citizens; the only “free press” we have in this country is the internet and sites like this.

    • Now, I also thought the differance was in the tip, not the speed. Guess you learn something new every day. Or are we talking about two different rounds? FN uses 5.7×28, was 5.77×38 a typo in the source article or is it a different measurement?

      • Typo. I’ll fix it.

        Sarcasm aside, help me out on the FiveseveN’s “armor piercing round.” What’s the exact difference between that and the civilian version?

        • To continue: the steel core is more of a cap,
          with the top 1/3 of steel and the rest aluminum.
          This allows for armor piercing but has added
          terminal ballistics. Since the round is front heavy
          the moment it enters soft tissue it tumbles.

          The civilian round is of standard construction.
          It does not tumble but is more likely to punch
          a clean straight hole into something.

  2. A bat stops a highway project and all the major news outlets go crazy, but the MSM is completely silent about Mexico — awesome!

  3. Mexico is not just dangerous for journalist, its dangerous for anyone. I work down here on the border and I stopped going over there years ago.

    • It has become a third world nation for sure. Which is a damn shame, the people of Mexico deserve better.

      • Slight correction. It’s always been a third world nation and a very violent place. Mexico is a bit like Russia in that both countries have so much potential but they never seem to be able to get their act together. It is a damn shame.

        • Damn shame is right. I did business there for years and in the past vacationed there four to six weeks a year. The people are great — the salt of the Earth — and the culture historic. I feel terrible for them.

          Cozumel was practically my home away from home. Now I won’t set foot on Mexican soil.

  4. I always love how leftists just assume free speech and countless other freedoms are a given, like they’ve always been there and can’t possibly go away. So ignorant of history and the outside world, so ignorant of the true nature of government. This is what happens to a populace that hasn’t had to fight for its rights in generations.

    You can tell someone what being burned feels like, but until they’ve had their hand stuck in a fire, they can’t possibly fathom it. So we have a nation of cowards and subjects who have been so distanced from the struggle for freedom that they willy nilly give up their rights.

    • + 1 Silver… If I may..I would also add arrogant. All they have to do is read how we became a free nations in the fist place to understand just how important our right to arms is. Thank you…

  5. Can we send Piers Morgan, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, well actually everyone from MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN down to Chihuahua to report?

    • They can go on the same plane with Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden, and BHO to spread the “gospel” of being a gunless ,violence free utopia.

  6. Couldn’t this whole thing be solved by the President of Mexico going out onto the capital steps and firing two blasts into the air?

  7. [Note: the gun that fired the bullets was an FN FiveseveN. The ammo which gave the gun it’s reputation for vest penetration is restricted to law enforcement sales.]

    Wow. Obviously, someone stole the piece from a Mexican law officer. RIGHT? Because Mexican police are PEACE OFFICERS.

    I’m waiting for that officer to be disciplined for losing his gun. I’m sure that’ll happen.

    • He (The Mexican Federale) may have been the trigger man. The cops have a predisposition to work both sides of the street down there, or so I’ve read.

  8. Weapons for the cartels are whatever they desire. When you have pallets of cash stacked in your home, buying the 5/7 and it’s ammo is a matter of finding a seller. They have the cash and the muscle to buy or intimidate anyone anywhere they choose. The only way this stops is removing the market then using teams to remove the heads of these cartels. The issue comes when you have the shot and the gov’t then decides you can’t take it.

  9. Your observation that the Second Amendment protects the First is spot on. The problem is that what passes for the press in this country doesn’t really care much for either freedom. They’ve subordinated their freedom to their leftist political agenda, and would be just as happy to be state-run to achieve that.

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