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    • Good call. Plus advertising your arsenal to home invaders smart enough to case the joint thoroughly.

  1. I dunno…this Sign says to me “Make sure you come in shooting if you want to find-out for sure.”
    No thanks.

  2. I’m not an attorney to give legal advice yet I have read advice by others not to post such signs for two reasons:

    1) It might seem imply and advertise that you probably have a gun on the premises thus tempting burglars to break in and steal it maybe when they think you are away.

    2) In anti-gun liberal areas an anti-gun prosecutor might attempt to portray the posting of such a sign as your tempting and baiting someone to enter your home because you actually wanted to shoot your gun at a person. A twisted argument I agree. If you are a middle age white male and shoot a minority 15 year old who breaks into your home at 3AM it may not help your case. Then the 15 year old’s mother sues you saying that he was a good boy just needing to see the insides of a nice house for once and you shot him…

  3. The only advertisement i want at my place is the sign pointing to my non gun owning neighbers house. But that would probably mark me as a gun owner, so maybe not.

  4. How about this sign?
    Free lead 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

    The best home sign that I’ve ever seen was a large sign on an Oregon farmer’s lawn facing the highway.
    It read: ‘You loot. We shoot.’

  5. These signs are probably as effective as those fake private security signs some people put in their lawns.

  6. to all of you that don’t like the sign…don’t hang it…here in my part of the country (texas) we have a thing here called the castle law and with that being said i have a sign much like that on my fence facing the alley it tells the bad guy go ahead and roll the dice ………so there it is………….take your chance

    • If I was so inclined I’d take my chance on waiting for you to leave so I could break in and steal your guns…

    • @ready,fire,aim, here’s my argument against such signs — they don’t do what you want them to do, which is to keep bad guys away. If the signs worked, we wouldn’t need the guns.

      The real purpose of signs like these aren’t to protect against bad guys stealing from you — it’s to enable signmakers to steal from you.

      • ralph… with all respect.. you have it wrong when you said “they don’t do what you want them to do, which is to keep bad guys away. If the signs worked, we wouldn’t need the guns……ralph it is the combination of the 3 1. the sign… 2. the right for me to have a gun…and most important and i can’t stress this enough 3. the “castle law” which gives me 100% right to protect my family and positions i suggest you pull up some DGU here in texas as extra reading material so you know that we don’t blow smoke down here 🙂

  7. Love the idea, but my problem is that there are plenty of hours in the week when nobody is home but the dogs — and they don’t have the combo to the gun safe.

    I’ll consider putting up something like this when I can add an auto-targeting turret loaded with CS and OC rounds to my perimeter defenses. Last time I checked that wasn’t offered in the ADT catalog.

  8. I love the concept of the sign but I agree that it’s probably not the best idea. I still want one though.

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