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This is a tough one to write. Not because of the events, or the people involved; tragedies like this are tough for anyone to stomach. No, this is my first “Should’ve Been A DGU” post, a subject of internal debate for me. There’s a lot of wiggle room, conjecture and supposition in situations like this when we wonder what coulda, woulda, shoulda been. That said . . .

Barbara Preidt is dead. She was shot by a masked assailant after winning a few bucks at the penny slots in a casino on North Carolina’s Cherokee Indian reservation. She didn’t have to die. The thug got what he wanted — her purse — but that wasn’t enough. But he wanted her life, too, and he took it with a single round to Mrs. Preidt’s chest at close range. Her husband, lying on the ground near her, could do nothing to stop the horror. And that pisses me off.

I’m not mad at Mr. Preidt for not carrying. God no. Nor am I angry at Harrah’s Casino, or the Cherokee Indian police. What gets my goat is the attitude expressed daily by the anti-gun crowd, which spills into the mainstream, that burglars and purse-snatchers won’t hurt you as long as you comply with their demands. It’s an archaic argument to hang your hat on.

Every day, people like Barbara are murdered for no reason at all. But gun grabbers will constantly remind you that having a gun makes it more likely that you or a loved one will suffer the consequences of the inanimate object’s wrath. Bull. Guns save lives.

Barbara and John Preidt were married for fifty years. They enjoyed their retirement, traveling to visit their geographically-diverse family, and were on their way to their son’s home in Florida, making their usual stop at the casino. Located in the Blue Ridge hills of North Carolina, Harrah’s is a sprawling complex, including several restaurants and a “hotel row.”

From the enterprising criminal’s viewpoint, there’s a distinct chance of a big score if you can catch a happy gambler between the casino and their hotel room. That was the M.O. of the unknown killer, who grabbed Barbara’s purse as she got out of the car in the hotel parking lot. John rushed to her aid, but they both ended up on the ground. And that’s where this should’ve been a DGU.

First, the law: according to Benjamin L. Reed, Chief of Police for the Cherokee Indian Police Department, the Cherokee Nation honors all state concealed carry permits. Mr. Preidt would have been within his legal rights to arm himself.

Next, consider the situation. Barbara, on one side of the car, is attacked. The assailant grabs her purse. John’s on the other side of the car and comes to Barbara’s aid as fast as his 75-year-old legs can carry him. I see two opportunities for this scenario to end with Mrs. Preidt’s life intact.

First, she shouldn’t fight the masked man for her property. We all know that her life was worth more than the contents of her purse. But, again, that doesn’t guarantee that the bad guy won’t shoot you. It just reduces the chance. Probably.

Second, if Mr. Preidt had, at that moment, drawn down on the robber, odds are he would have turned tail and run. How can I say that? While MikeB won’t like hearing it, reports of successful DGU incidents show — time and again — that when a criminal encounters an armed victim, they get the hell out of Dodge. Also, many recently reported DGUs involved gentlemen of Mr. Preidt’s age group successfully putting lead into their intended targets.

My sincere condolences go out to the Preidt family. No one should have to face such a senseless, tragic death. The bad guy’s still on the loose, and was seen leaving the crime in a light blue or grey full-sized truck (contact info for the CPD detective is in the article linked above).

We shouldn’t have to live in a society where grandparents have to arm themselves before taking off to visit the kids. But we do, as the Preidt’s tragedy has shown. Before your folks head to Florida this winter, maybe it’s a good idea to take Dad to the range so he can knock the rust off his shooting skills.

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  1. This is NOT the kind of post you want to read at any time,much less when you’re watching Schindler’s List as I am at the moment.Surrendering to evil is tantamount to death.

    • Have any of you noticed how these types of crimes increase, when the commie-crats are in power? Why do the stats sore? Is it because the commie-crats encourage this to be done? Or could it be that the commie-crats know in advance that these crimes will go down? Could these crimes be pre-arranged with the low lifes that committ them?

      I am always pointing out these things, but NO ONE wants to believe that even commie-crats are that low. Well you better pull your heads out of your nether regions, and start believing it. They support illeagal alliens. They support and contribute to PLANTATION POLITICS, they yell about how prisons are unfair to the miscreant that ends up there. They have continualy allowed raghead terrorists to literaly get away with murder, and give them refuge.

      What is it going to take for you armchair warriors to WTFU?????? Gangs have increased under both parties! Why? The answer is very simple, the Govt. makes money on the illeagle drug trade. But it isn’t just the govt. Individual senators and reps are making money on this also. I can hear it now, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but unfortunately I do know what I’m talking about.

      I have had mob bosses such as confirm what I am telling you now. Mull this over in your little peebrain, if or when tshtf, who will be best able to survive the conflagration? The gang-bangers! The why is very simple, they are far more organized than any one of you out there in never never land. They have stock piles of ill gotten booty. They have been training since the age of 5 to be ready to defend their turf. They have signals, and a language you and I know nothing about. They work as a team, and have recieved military training.

      You guys keep wondering how this crap keeps happening. I have just given you the answer.

  2. Husband and wife for 50 years, and to have it end this way is beyond sad. I can’t imagine all the trials, and good times that couple lived through, survived, and enjoyed together. My heart and prayers go out to the family, and may the scumbag that did this die a slow painful miserable death alone in the dark. May he feel every drop of his own blood leave his body as he slowly enters the gates of hell.

  3. Begging for your life and hoping to keep it is a really bad way to approach an armed criminal. Especially with 3 strikes laws in some states that means life in jail if anyone testifies.

    There are a few other things that should have been done in this situation, like situational awareness and realization that when they walked away from the cage with cash they were officially targets. But that is just speculative suggestion.

    If her husband had been armed he might have been able to ventilate the SOB and at least keep someone else from getting robbed. He will strike again.

  4. Gun haters like Mikey love it when innocents die at the hands of criminals because they don’t have to acknowledge the fact that having a gun can save your life and that DGUs happen with much greater frequency than they want to acknowledge.

    To paraphrase an often used adage, they believe it is somehow more noble for someone to die at the hands of a criminal than to explain to police how their attacker got that fatal gunshot wound.

    People like MikeB DISGUST me.

    My heartfelt condolences to the Preidt family.

    • You really believe I “love it when innocents die.” That makes you the sicko.

      What you guys refuse to recognize is that purse snatchings that end up with the victim getting murdered are rare. This is the classic use of an anecdotal story to support a wrong agenda.

  5. RIP. Now the thug is on the loose to strike again. It stinks. Next her murder will be a happy statistical number waived by the gun grabbers claiming the solution is that all guns should be banned or at least cc made illegal. If all guns were confiscated (an impossibility) the thug could easily have gutted the lady with a knife knowing he would be safe from an armed response.

    Congratulations to mikeb and Obama. Another innocent person’s murder is partly on your hands. You are political accessories to her murder.

    • Yeah, because the federal assault-weapons and CCW bans that Obama implemented via executive order were clearly responsible for this tragedy.

      What’s that you say? President Obama hasn’t done any such thing? Clearly you aren’t getting your news from the right sources, because I heard on talk radio that he is planning to ban everything but air rifles Any Day Now! And the UN will be bringing in troops to disarm us!


      Ridiculous. This is right up there with Dave Mustaine blaming Obama for the Colorado theater shootings.

      • Innocent people are dead because of the political and legal actions of those such as Obama and mikeb. Guns save far more lives than they take whether they are fired or simply used to fend off an attacker(s).

        Obama has been voting and supporting the anti-gun movement and laws for decades. He even voted in support of an Illinois law that would have made it illegal to use a handgun in home self-defense. Access to owning and carrying guns would have saved many people from assault, murder, and rape.

        AlphaGeek, you are ridiculous and out of your league here at TTAG.

        • I won’t ever offer any argument regarding Obama’s track record in Illinois — it speaks for itself. You’re absolutely right regarding the effects of his work as a legislator in IL, and I disagree strongly with his actions there. Note also he would not have been elected to that office in that state during that time in history if he had not expressed, and acted on, that anti-2A position. He is a politician, after all, and his positions must reasonably reflect the will of those who elected him.

          I am speaking only to Obama’s last 3.5 years as POTUS. His track record there is quite clear regarding 2A rights. It’s almost as if he (gasp) is conducting himself as President of the entire US, not just the Democratic portion. I seem to recall the site owner expressing a very similar take on things over the course of the last year. Glad to provide citations if you doubt this.

          It is possible to engage in discussion without ad hominem attacks. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable by pointing out the weakness of your asserted link between Obama and this murder. Conspiracy theories and purporting to know his thoughts about future actions aren’t valid arguments, IMHO.

          Finally, I’m a liberal 2A supporter working to build support for 2A rights in the SF Bay Area by training new shooters and supporting pro-2A activism. I’m an ally, not the opposition. Just food for thought.

        • If it’s bad when gun grabbers exaggerate and mislead, how is it any better for pro-2A’s to do it? Let’s not add to the muddiness of the debate please.

      • AlphaGeek, Obama has been in politics long before he was elected to POTUS. He is a Chicago politician. His anti gun voting is well documented. A little Google Fu would serve you well.

        • See previous response. I abhor Obama’s IL voting record on 2A issues – but his record as POTUS reflects the fact that the calculus changes when the scope is national vs state politics.

          The Democratic Party has NOT forgotten the electoral bloodbath that followed the AWB. Why is it so hard to accept that things are going our way at the national level?

        • Alpha, Because difi just put forth a new AWB. Because of Kagan and Sotomayer. Because here in Ca. we’re still living with the old AWB and try getting a carry permit.

          As business men say, it’s all about the bottom line. If you’re supporting the dems then the bottom line is you’re supporting gun control.

        • If you’re referring to the “fast-and-furious” scandal, then I can honestly say I have no opinion on that particular matter. By the time I heard about it, the issue had been so insanely politicized (on both sides) that I concluded it would be impossible for me to reach an informed conclusion on my own.

          If you’re referring to the collapse of Mexico into a chaotic narco-terrorism state, the seeds of that were planted long before 2008. Our War On Drugs has been destroying lives here and, to a much greater extent, in Central and South American countries for the last 20+ years. The whole thing is shameful and I think both major political parties share responsibility for enacting and sustaining policies that have led to where we are today.

          I am somewhat perplexed that any adult who has lived in the US for at least the last 10-20 years can conclude that any one political party is responsible for the disaster that is Mexico, much less pin it on the current POTUS. Not everything is Dem vs. Repub — sometimes the problem is policy that looks good on paper but turns out to be a disaster when tried out in the real world.

      • Why has Hilary’s State Department blocked the importation of 775,000 M-1 Carbine rifles to be used in the CMP?

        Do you even know what the CMP is?

        How do you think Kagan and Sotomayor are going to vote on the next McDonald or Heller case to come along?

        • Answers in the same order as your questions:

          CMP import block: I have no idea the alleged import block was even a thing, but I’d like to learn more.

          Existence of CMP: I believe you are attempting to be insulting, sir or madam, and I respectfully decline to respond in kind.

          I’ve been studying Supreme Court decisions (as an interested amateur) for pretty much my entire professional career, as my livelihood is directly affected by developments in intellectual property law. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about SCOTUS appointees, it’s that it can take 5+ years for their judicial philosophy to fully emerge — and it is not at all safe to assume that the Justices will turn out the way you expect. They’ve also been known to surprise even their own clerks with their decisions on specific issues, decades after joining SCOTUS.

          Case in point: the current Chief Justice, nominated by a conservative president, believed to be a conservative judge, was very recently the deciding vote upholding the Affordable Care Act.

    • It’s more on your hands. The criminals like this guy get their guns from you one way or another.

      Until they perfect that Wiki Gun that everybody can produce at home, almost all guns in criminal hands start out the proud possessions of legitimate gun owners.

      Why are you guys having such a hard time holding onto your property. That’s the problem. You’re the problem.

      • Oh thats right, the evil inanimate object is alive, sentient and uses its voice to command people like Mikeb who hear and must obey the voices in their schizophrenic delirium.

        One of the non incarcerated for public safety people who believe said inanimate object is the only thing responsible for creating lust, greed, avarice, drug & alcohol abuse, broken family, units, pedophilia, rape, assault, gangs, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, to infinity of all the root causes of violence, god what a simpleton!

        Hey, bet you can prove everyone who had firearms stolen really wanted them stolen right?

        Bet you can prove criminals never cut open gun safes like they did to my fathers right!

        Why is it we see criminals breaking into gun stores and stealing from secure locked up areas on a regular basis!

        Gasp we even see some of NY finest being brought up on charges of selling firearms to the hoodlums.

        How about the refusal by the BATF to catch ANY person using a fake identification to pass the background check.

        How about the BATF refusing to prosecute more than 1% of the 1 mil felons caugth since 1994 attempting to buy from a licensed source, much less the 830,000 others rejected but not prosecuted?

        How about the BATF refusing to allow civilians access to the NICS system?

        How about the politicians refusing to fund resources for the mental health reporting into the NICS? Afterall there are only 1.7 mil records of those who have lost their 2a right by due process. All while mental health experts agree that 50% of the current 2.7 mil criminals have severe mental illness, and 7% of US adults (21.8 mil) are also have severe mental illness (most seem to be progressives and anti gun).

        Yeah, this insane blame it all on the law abiding gun owner when all the facts show so many others have their hand in being IRRESPONSIBLE or CRIMINALLY LIABLE and does nothing to stop or fix the root causes of violence is childishly pathetic.

        Quit blaming those not responsible, then again, we are demanding a lucid response from an insane person who doesnt even live in this country anymore due to what was it “legal issues”, do tell.

  6. The former Portland police officer who taught my CC class told us that home intruders breaking in to rob a home do Not want to leave witnesses. They want you dead. He also advised us that if anyone (especially a thug with a gun) tries to carjack us to offer the person your car and get out even if the thug orders you to stay in the car and drive, or get shot. The trainer told us to risk getting shot and possibly killed since the chance of surviving and being let go in a car jacking is small. The officer went on to say that there is white slavery going on in the Pacific Northwest (most people who live in the PNW are white). A death by gunshot in a parking lot is far better than spending weeks or longer being tortured and raped before being murdered somewhere.

    • BS.

      Statistics show that you stand the best chance at survival if you RESIST AND FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT. Many a potential rape victim walked away because that’s exactly what they did. Car jackings have been thwarted because the potential victim had a survival mindset and had the means at their disposal to “change the criminal’s mind”.

      • I did not write to cooperate. I wrote to exit your car and refuse to stay in the car and drive away with the thug who is armed with a gun. If a thug is armed with a gun and the car owner or driver is not armed then rushing at the thug to physically engage (or trying to draw your own gun when the thug’s gun is already in your face) will most likely get a bullet fired at you. The officer advised getting out of the car and in a non-threatening manner walk away from the thug and car.

        What happens when a law abiding citizen does not have a weapon to fight back with or having a one, say a gun is not realistically able to unholster it and shoot at the thug fast enough?

        I went on to write that it is better to risk taking a bullet in not cooperating than to ride away with the car jacker hoping to later be released unharmed.

        In writing that home intruders intend to murder and not leave witnesses that implies the best course of action is to fight back and even better secure your home knowing you’re probably dead if you play cooperative unarmed pacifist.

        Not sure how much more clear I can write it out.

    • Agree with those above, its a bad idea to cooperate with an armed crook.

      If he’s pulling a gun to take your stuff, you must assume he plans on using it. If I come out of the holster it means someone’s about to die , and I accord no less respect to someone else drawing down on me.

  7. I get the point behind these, I really do, but don’t you think it’s sort of exploitative and a bit tasteless?

      • I think that if it was one of your family members that was killed instead of a woman you never knew, you might disagree.

        This is dangerously close to tipetoeing through someone else’s blood.

        • But the blood dancers like Bonobo won’t tiptoe through innocents’ blood; they’ll bathe in it, quaff it, enjoying its sweet savor and its heady scent. It’s their food and drink, their unguent and incense.

        • Especially when the antis helped create and implement so many gun free victim disarmamaent zones where oh so many shootings take place. Then they refuse to accept responsibility for failing to protect those they disarm or intentionally enabled the shooter to do so. Of course then dancing in the blood of the victims EVERY SINGLE TIME as if it was the law abiding gun owners fault.

          Kettle, meet pot!

    • That’s one part of my conundrum when it comes to the SBADGU posts.

      I chose this story because of the wealth of information presented by Robert King, the news article’s author (man, it’s hard to find competent journalists, especially in small-town news). After reviewing the maps of the area, and confirming the CC reciprocity with CPD, I felt confident that this could be presented in such a fashion that it could inform other readers, without unduly dragging Mrs. Preidt and her family through the mud.

    • Actually no. Considering the size of the readership and geographical spread of the folks on here maybe just maybe someone on here might know something that could solve the case and bring closure to the family.
      Also it helps us pro gun/pro self defense people to relate to the anti’s on a more personal level why we need the right to protect our families and friends and others everywhere.
      Just my opinion!

    • Only when you do it.

      If Mr. Preidt would of had a gun with him he would of had a chance. The Gun would have given a man of his age a chance to defend his wife against a younger, stronger attacker and some times in life all you get is a chance. People of your ilk would take that chance from him and all like him.

      Is it hard for you to sleep at night?

    • Far less so than the gun grabbers who would use this needless death to “support” further gun control. The guy was committing a felony. Do you think the gun laws already in place made a bit of difference? Only to the law abiding people who end up like this couple, and not for the better.

    • It’s no different from the scores of news articles calling for increased Gun Control in the wake of any mass or spree killing involving a firearm.

      When debating policy, we have to use anecdote as well as data to be convincing. Unfortunately, when discussing this subject, there are very few well reported anecdotes that aren’t horrible.

  8. Indiana is a “shall issue” state. I believe that NC has reciprocity with Indiana. Thus, the Preidts were not denied their right to self defense. They made a choice.

    I lament the death of an elderly woman who did nothing wrong. As far as this being a situation that should have been a DGU, yes, I guess so, but it was their choice.

    • I believe that NC has reciprocity with Indiana

      It happened on the Cherokee Indian reservation, so NC laws would not fully apply.

      Tribal law accepts the authority of permits from any state.

      • NC laws would not fully apply.

        I know — but unless they teleported to the Res, they had to drive through NC, and they could have legally done so while being armed.

        They chose not to be armed. I’m not criticising their choice, I just point out that the choice was theirs to make. Had this been a situation where that choice was denied, I’d be enraged at the authorities who left these people defenseless.

    • Regarding the NC law and not the issues regarding a reservation, as of last year NC accepts permits from other states without first negotiating for reciprocity as the previous law required. This means that your MA or RI permits are good here in NC even though our permits are not welcome up there.

  9. My condolences to the Preidt Family, as well. This is a “day ruiner” story, made all the worse by the astute comments made above about how this tragedy will be twisted by gun grabbers to perpetuate their propaganda to the General Public.

    I think that it is better to be able to resist effectively and attempt to do so when it appears you are in a genuine life-threatening situation (and YOU have to be the judge of that assessment), than to see a loved one killed or maimed by an armed thug. No matter how it turns-out, the fact that you resisted as best you could would always be easier to live with than being a victim directly and/or indirectly, as Mr Preidt.

    However, I do see the sense of what Aharon wrote about the advice his CC class Instructor gave. Being an OFWG, I am not too worried about being forced into white slavery, but I am aware that in the home invasion scenarios here in So Cal the bad guys routinely leave no witnesses alive. Usually shot execution-style in the back of the head.

  10. This is why I carry when and where I am legally allowed to, this is such a tragedy and that a-hole that shot an elderly woman needs to be strung up.

  11. If it’s legal for you to carry. Carry. I don’t care if you hate guns and want to see them banned. Carry anyway. You deserve to die a natural death surrounded by loved ones at a ripe old age. Not to be mauled to death by a soulless predator.

  12. “Just give them what they want”.

    I thought Americans learned how silly this make-believe contract with amoral, asocial scumbags really is after 9/11/01.

    I’d rather die fighting on my feet than groveling on my knees.

    Too bad for the old couple. It didn’t have to be this way.

  13. The other part of carrying a weapon is having a weapon at all times; Gary and Linda Haas both had CC licenses but didn’t have the weapons on thier person when they were kidnapped from a NM rest stop and later murdered by three escaped convicts.
    The same with home carry; at least in public, someone might see or hear someone being attacked, at home, it’s unlikely anyone will hear you scream.

  14. How sad that a lived for seventy plus years is left on the ground to trickle away. The collerateral damage is just now having it’s profound effect.The gun didn’t kill Mrs.Priedt , the man behind it is soley responsible. Recompense is in the offing,these murderers never keep their mouths shout,someone somewhere will give him up.He’ll pay either the People of the State of North Carolina or the Government of the United States at USP Terre Haute.
    Aircraft hijackers used to tell their victims they will not be hurt ;the same thing the 9/11 hijackers told their victims as they flew into the WTC. Resistance is never futile, regardless of the outcome.

  15. “Every day, people like Barbara are murdered for no reason at all.”

    Actually this is not correct. People are, in fact, killed for reasons known exclusively to the murderer every single time — they just aren’t made public very often. But the truth comes out sometimes and we end up taking a long look into the dark part of the human psyche — that dark part exists in all of us whether we admit it or not.

    The first mistake people make is to assume murderers are inhuman or completely separate from the rest of society. Sorry, but they’re just like you and me. And for very human reasons, they commit murder and other atrocities every day — they just justify their actions to themselves and in many cases they see themselves as being righteous in their actions. I know, scary thought. No one wants to admit it though.

    I encourage everyone to pick up a copy of The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker and read it if you’re interested in human nature and predicting violence. It’s an eye-opener.

    I know that humans are capable of committing atrocious acts when they deem it necessary in their own minds. I’m not afraid of the boogeyman that comes out of the shadows with a knife — they are obvious and present themselves as an easy target. However, I’m afraid of the clever predator that blends in to society and wants to do unspeakable things to me and my loved ones and who won’t show his hand until the last moment when they reveal themselves for who they really are. And that last moment is what counts — which is why I carry a gun.

    • That’s comment of the day material, right there.

      Looks like I know what book I will be reading this weekend!

    • well that book does a good job rationalizing behavior like this, but rationalization doesnt make it any more acceptable (not that youre saying it does…obviously 😉

      Humans as a species are fundamentally insane. plain and simple. their propensity to justify anything to commit heinous acts is the exact reason why they are best dealt with by a bullet.

  16. What gets my goat is the attitude expressed daily by the anti-gun crowd, which spills into the mainstream, that burglars and purse-snatchers won’t hurt you as long as you comply with their demands.

    The other, just-as-ridiculous attitude is that burglars and purse-snatchers would cease to exist if there were no guns.

    In a gun-free utopia — a real one, not pretend like Chicago or D.C. — purse-snatchers, burglars, rapists, murderers, etc… have even more power over their victims.

  17. This couple reminds me so much of my own grandparents. They are in their 70s now, have kids and grandkids all across the country and frequently travel, often making stopovers at Indian Casinos (I couldn’t tell you why, but it seems like a lot older folks like them) en route.

    My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor and my grandfather was an MP in occupied Japan and Korea. Both have health problems and could never, in a hand-to-hand scenario, defend themselves from such an attack.

    Of course, it won’t be a hand-to-hand scenario, because the criminal will find himself staring down the barrel of not just one but two (both grandparents carry) Smith and Wesson M&Ps in .4o Caliber.

  18. This is why I was so happy to accompany my old man to the gun store to purchase his 9mm. The week after he bought it, he and his fishing buddies were cleaned out of their fishing equipment while camping in a “safe park”. He never had the chance to use it but I was very glad he had it with him.

  19. this is really a tragedy that made my blood boil for the same reasons.

    well anti-gun f–kers, here is a blatant example of why complying with robbers or thugs wont necessarily make them go away. That SOB should have a JHP through the tip of the nose.

    yet we see this asinine, idiotic logic over and over with those opposed to the right to keep and bear arms and carry concealed. “If you just comply, then youll be fine” is about as equally stupid, from a constitutional sense too, as the ubiquitous “well if youre not hiding anything then you have nothing to worry about”.

    • So true. You cannot be certain you’ll be left alive, even if you were to comply 100% – you simply can’t predict what a criminal will do. Therefor, you should always assume the worst, in a situation like that.

  20. Its getting more common attacks on the elderly. As they seem to be more easy targets. The elderly should carry even if its a 22. Something is better than nothing.

  21. This is the first time I have ever heard of a Native American reservation honoring or allowing concealed firearms (permits). It seems to be the common consensus in firearms talk forums that they are universally NOT allowed. If a traveller frequents reservations, and most reservations do not allow firearms at all, that makes it impossible to legally carry throughout your trip. I’m not even sure if the proposed national reciprocity law encompasses Indian Nations, in fact I’m pretty sure that it does not.

    • Depends on the tribe. Here are a few (full details at

      Creek Indians of Alabama: no CCW
      Hopi Indians of Arizona: CCW with tribal chief signature only, no reciprocity.
      Prairie Island Indians of Minnesota: no CCW, open carry on resident premises only.
      Kootenia Tribe of Montana: ccw okay with Tribal Council approval, state ccw reciprocity ok.
      Pueblo Tribe of New Mexico: CCW okay with Tribal approval, reciprocity only with other Indian nations.

      There are hundreds of different tribes, and it looks like each maintain their own regulations.

  22. The line that stands out at me the most was “many recently reported DGUs involved gentlemen of Mr. Preidt’s age group successfully putting lead into their intended targets”

    I’m always interested in DGU stories and that was essentially in the synopsis of Easy Bake’s report for October. Something like 10% of all the stories that made it into the media were by seniors. (

    My thoughts go out to the family and my wishes go out to people who read this and aren’t carrying. You are your families first line of protection. Be there for them.

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