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That’s the most hated man in Canada, not to mention a decent portion of the US these days, too — NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Generally considered the worst head honcho in professional sports, he’s hacked off hockey fans by presiding over the league’s second lockout in seven years. So a British Columbia gun range has printed up targets with his image to let Canucks with more time on their hands than usual this time of year bust a few caps and work off some pent up frustration. “It seems to be one of our more popular targets. It’s actually been a pretty big hit for us,” DVC Indoor Shooting Center owner Wes Yen told Yahoo Sports. “It’s good for my business. When there’s nothing on TV, people will come down to the range and start shooting,” said Yen. He shoots, he scores!

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  1. Not in Seattle, he isn’t… David Stern of the NBA gets the “Most Hated Commissioner in Pro Sports” award around these parts for the part he played in moving our beloved Super Sonics.

  2. I guess shooting at targets imprinted with an image of a public figure is frustration relief. Personally, I wouldn’t do it except for fictional characters. There’s something about using a real-life person that just seems wrong.
    Truthfully, in this case, my first glance impression was that the image was Barak Obama, which I found very distressing. I don’t want the guy re-elected, but I’d never wish him or his family any harm literally or symbolically. Anyway, the second look corrected my initial impression, and I don’t have a real passion over Hockey, so I cannot relate to the Canucks’ apparent hatred of Gary Bettman. I recall that we’ve had several Canadians loudly criticize us Americans for our gun ownership, “obsession with gun violence” and avid defense of the Second Amendment here in these blogs. This seems to belie those “lofty self-righteous sentiments”…Just sayin’,,,,

  3. This might be in VERY POOR TASTE but he is slowly killing the game and doesn’t seem to care about the league or actually doing the work needed to get it back in business. He brought this on himself by being a horrible leader.

  4. “a British Columbia gun range has printed up targets with his image”

    At first, I thought it was the caricature of a gun-grabber street activist from Chicago known for his big ears.

  5. So let me make sure I understand this. Shooting at a very recognizable caricature of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is good to go.

    But shooting at a target picturing a generic male figure dressed in a costume similar to the ones that law enforcement wear is as good as a borderline felony. And will be whined and worried about in every single news outlet that’s made aware of it.


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