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An ad for React Training Systems clipped from the Bend Bulletin. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of snark.

[h/t J. DeFord]


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  1. Its gonna get expensive. I mean, how many free 6 month paid vacations can they hand out to people that hit the wrong targets?

    • I just fell out of my chair from laughing so hard, I needed that thanks. How can people consciously, if only subtly, argue that “If cops can’t shoot accurately then how could civilians do any better?” It’s like these stooges believe that upon graduating from the police academy you are granted magical powers by the gods of authority that make you better than any civilian at everything along with a nasty case of moral infallibility.

      I’ve become a lot more aware of my surroundings and I don’t know how the fvck I missed the mental train to police dependence land when I was in high school because in retrospect there were nuances to it everywhere. Needless to say that’s one train I’m glad I skipped riding.

    • Why do most of the shoot pictures feature them firing one handed? And why is there a picture of a woman groping her breast while shooting her gun?

      • My guess is they’re practicing the injured one-handed drill. In both pictures they have one hand pulled up to their chest. In the picture of the left-handed shooter, her holster appears to be on her right hip, so she’s drilling as if she was injured in her strong side.

        If you click on the picture, it blows up, and you can see someone’s drawn a zigzag over her belt rig with a paint tool. Wonder why that is?

        • I don’t know, with all the OFWG who frequent this blog, I’m sure that breasts abound. <>

          I keeed, I keeed!

  2. I guess they could not spell “Police” either. At least they did not opt for “Pigs” because that would have reflected poorly on thier choice of advertiseing. “Ahh Irony where ist thine sting?”

  3. I think we’re misreading. It’s actually two sentences: Learn to Shoot. Like the Cops. The first is highly desirable. The second is highly unlikely.

  4. That’s awesome, sure glad there are people out there willing to take the responsibility of helping good citizens get some proper training, people that have never served their country or the served in public safety will always make silly comments and will continue to do so, but at least the credible people are still working hard to preserve a safe community and protect the rights, concerns and well being of even those that like to complain about it.

  5. I was just in a defensive handgun course and out shot all four LEO’s in the course.
    I don’t wanna shoot like them!! You can’t make me!!

    • LOL, that is pretty sad, good thing most aren’t like that eh?
      But of course those out there in real confrontations don’t get to practice and shoot at still targets, while standing still and comfortable, have you ever “outshot” anyone, or even attempted/practiced shooting while the target is moving, and you are moving at the same time, under high levels of stress? most people don’t, yet in a real confrontation not being able to hit a moving target accurately while moving themselves is realistic and shooting any other way is just target practice, which simply is not any training that will develop any useful skills for self defense.
      Stating “I shoot well, or accuarate, or better than someone else” while not involving movement, both threat/target and defender, as well as around cover, or while getting to cover and then both, is just wasting rounds, if there is any intent of training for self defense purposes.

      And yet that is what most “shooters” go out and do.

  6. I went to the website in the ad. These are serious people. The guys who commented here on the topic of training can’t be drowned out by all of those clever post-adolescents blogging away in their mothers’ basements.

  7. The older man in the picture instructing the shooter is Steve Eichelberger and he is a serious firearms instructor (and attorney) with a long list of experience to back it up. I’ve taken multiple courses (instructive and live-fire) from him and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone interested in improving their firearms skills and education, especially about carrying concealed and the implications, concerns, and ramifications of doing so.

    Here is his website:

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