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Push Peace

The image above comes to us courtesy Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Facebook page (they’ve been invited to join). A man named Alexander Lahoz left the following comment beneath the ad, republished here for your dining and dancing pleasure: “An anti-violence event featuring a “reality star” best known for getting into drunken brawls on television, rappers (Maino, Fat Joe & Murda Mook) all of whom promote guns, violence and gun violence in their music and videos. Oh, and co-sponsored by a tattoo parlor whose manager is currently indicted on a gun charges.” ‘Nuff said? [h/t Alex]

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  1. Anti-gang community outreach event: good.

    Platform for civlian disarmament: bad.

    Booking a dozen hypocrites to push the anti-gun agenda: ugly.

    • If they want to solve the problem of violence, they should look at how rampant the problem of disenfranchisement is among those at the lower rungs of the social ladder. The problem isn’t giving them Welfare checks and EBT cards; it’s giving them an education and a vote …….. and THAT is something that the politicians and the banking elite will fight tooth and nail to prevent.

      Until then, the violence we see is the blowback from shitty population management by corrupt leaders and a miners’ canary for a system ripe for change.

  2. “How do we stop the gun and gang violence”
    Get’em off the streets, one way or the other, preferably, the other!

    • “How do we stop the gun and gang violence”

      End Nixon’s insane unconstitutional racist War on (Some) Drugs.

      Stopping incarcerating those who have done no harm (to others – whether they harm themselves isn’t really germane because, so what? Incarceratoin unquestionably does MORE harm than the drugs do) is NOT the same as endorsing what they’re doing.

  3. Watch half or more of their panel be about disarmament of non-violent civilians rather than gang violence.

    • Well duh – I mean if all us gun nuts didn’t have all the guns that the criminals could steal the criminals couldn’t have any guns. I mean really. it’s simple common sense logic.

      • Oh no, all the OFWGs buy all sorts of guns at the gun shows with no background checks, load them into semi-trucks, and give them out free to poor inner city honor students.

  4. They’re pushing for peace using a dozen or so known liars and two-faced, double-talking numbkulls, and these mixed in with a bunch of convicted felons and those with a history of violence, as the empty-headed mouth-pieces for their “message”.

    What else could this possibly be other than gun control lobby hypocrisy at its finest? Nothing else.

  5. You know Bloomberg is paying DoBlasio and Adams to do this, and probably everyone else. So stop on down to Brooklyn Borough Hall and grab some door prizes. Then get mugged on the subway on the way home. By a soon-to-be Interrupter.

      • California seems to have a lot who cross-over. Ahh-nold the Governator and Leland Yee come to mind. Criminal hypocrite progressive celebrity politicians!

  6. Down with hope, up with dopes…as I’m typing I’m watching “father” Michael Pfleger buy-back raggedy a##ed guns atSt. Sabina on the south side of Chicago. He looks a mite disappointed in the turn out-MAYBE folks want to keep their guns for protection 🙂

  7. Happening today for another couple hours, an open carry Bar-B-Que at the Vancouver PD east precinct. Washington.
    Sounds like a way better time

  8. The official Las Vegas odds on this “event:” One shooting = 6 1/2 — 5 1/2 pick ’em; the over and under on stabbings is two.

  9. On the bright side, nobody cares about those rappers. If more mainstream rappers were going to this then I would be concerned because more kids would go and hear this brainwashing.

  10. Lets see..

    Fat Joe a self proclaimed Cocaine dealer and Murderer.

    Maino another self proclaimed Cocaine dealer and Murder.

    Murda Mook another self proclaimed Cocaine dealer and murderer.

    This is the funniest shit I’ve read all day.

    You want to stop violence but have nobody but self proclaimed violent criminals on your “star” roster.

    Looking at their wiki pages they’ve all been involved in violent criminal acts.

    Maino did 10 years in prison for robbing and kidnapping a drug dealer.

    Easy to see the stae of some of these Black communities with heroes and leaders like this.

    I’d love to be able to sit down and interview these guys and hear their non violence bs when all 3 of them have released songs in the last couple months glorifying what they are saying they’re against for this event.

  11. In possibly related news, rapper Murda Mook has changed his name to Milk N Cookies Mook. More at 11.

    I’m glad Fat Joe is still around. He actually has some good songs.

  12. Is it weird that I’ve never heard of any of those rappers?? Who in blue blazes is Erica Mena what show is she from??? Articles like this make me feel old (I’m 27 btw) and totally disconnected from pop culture ( I don’t really do reality shows or rap music minus a few choice artists).

  13. Well, at least there will be plenty of people with gun experience there. Which will be a definite change for MDA.

  14. Event ended August 16 at 4pm, post made August 16th at about 4pm. In the future, please make this kind of post before the event is already over if possible. I happened to be in the neighborhood and would have gone if I’d known. I doubt there was anything like a counter-protest to join, but I would have gone to see what it was about and probably talk to some people. Looks unpleasant to me, but I would probably have braved it for 15-20 minutes. I’m sure I would have had some questions for the gun nonsense people. If asked I could even have made up some press coverage (photos, interviews, or article) for TTAG.

    JetBlue was one of the event sponsors, I see.

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